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HeroKit (Easy Game Maker)

RPG, Adventure, Simulation, Interactive Story

⭐ MAKE YOUR DREAM GAME FAST! ⭐ Early adopter price is $28 until October. Get it while it's cheap! In minutes, build heroes, enemies, NPCs, items, loot drops, equipment, cutscenes, and ANYTHING else you need. And do it with or without coding. ✔️ Tutorials: We have lots of them. ✔️ Actions: Check out our huge list. ✔️ Community: It's busy. ✔️ Roadmap: See what's coming next. ⭐ HOW DOES IT WORK? ⭐ Hero objects are the core of HeroKit. A hero object is a blueprint for an item. Each hero object can have states, events, and actions. A hero object can be anything you want it to be. Create one, attach it to a game object, and hit play. It's that easy. ⭐ FUN FEATURES ⭐ • Hundreds of actions (full list here). • Give objects AI. • Save and load system. • Inventory and Journal system. • Dialog system (branches, portraits, etc). • Morph items into new items. • Pathfinding. • Player and camera controllers. • 50+ ways to move a character. • Use particle effects. • Play animations. • Wait (frames, milliseconds, seconds). • Mess with physics. ⭐ TECH FEATURES ⭐ • Use an action on one or many items. • Local, global, and group variables. • Conditions for states, events, actions. • Events for collisions, triggers, input, more. • Use our rigidbodies or yours or none. • Pooling. • Debugging. • Link hero objects to your scripts and UI. • Localize text and audio. ⭐ MORE INFO ⭐ HeroKit is unique. It is both a game toolkit AND a visual scripting system. You can create most games faster and with more flexibility than you can with those other tools. Out of the box, HeroKit is ideal for creating 3D RPGs, FPS Games, Adventure Games, SIMs, and Visual Novels, but you can extend it to create almost anything. If you don’t know how to code, you can drag, drop, and click your awesome game into existence. If you want to learn how to code you can script custom actions. If you’re already a coding ninja, HeroKit comes with full source code.

Yummy Drink Factory


Kids, we've made a game that we think you will love! Create chocolaty desert drinks and top them with an assortment of goodies, including whipped cream, cookies, and fairy dust. Yummy Drink Factory includes 36 recipes, lots of tasty toppings and flavors, and a blender to make cool summer smoothies. If you master all of our recipes, you can even make your own and share them with your friends at the Recipe Trading Ground! You can play the game in Story mode or Freedom mode and collect gems to purchase adorable decorations from the general store. Decorate your drink stand with moon beams, slug slime, and more!

Grimm's Hatchery


Adventure and SIM lovers, we've made a game that we think you will love! Explore villages in a beautiful kingdom, solve quests, find goodies, buy magical pets, breed magical pets, and create new species of pets! Your step father has died and left the kingdom to your evil step brother, Lord Boras. However, if you earn 100,000 gold coins in 100 days, you can kick out Lord Boras and take the castle for yourself. To get your kingdom back, you buy a run-down cottage called Grimm's Farm, where you can raise and breed new species of magical pets. As your herd of magical pets swells, you can buy new, more luxurious places to raise your pets and unlock new parts of the kingdom to explore.