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  2. This or That!

    HTML. Don't know what BBCode is. Why or why not?
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  4. Learning about cultures

    @Luz_Melian That sounds awesome! I like mushrooms, but I've never picked my own. All the ones I've seen in my area aren't edible
  5. This or That!

    1. HTML or BBCode?
  6. Ask Anything!

    Reading, writing, knitting Opinion on pineapple on pizza?
  7. This or That!

    21 since that's my age. 0 or 1?
  8. This or That!

    Neither. Night if I have to. 21 or 9?
  9. Learning about cultures

    @moonpeace Ahh, that happens here too. Some people mix English and our native language but to act like they're cool XD @Luz_Melian I like mushrooms but a big no to collecting them because I'm too lazy and there's no forest in my place
  10. Learning about cultures

    @moonpeace That's horrible linguistically (the language mixing) but I've caught myself doing it since I and my husband are from different countries and we can speak three languages together. As for a culture trait: Something that may not be common elswhere (from what I've heard) and what people do a lot in my country in this time of the year: going to forests to search for and pick up mushrooms, and then they make various meals from them (I'm not much of a fan personally).
  11. This or That!

    depends on the specific topic, but in general I'd say history. do you prefer working/studying late in the evening or early in the morning?
  12. Ask Anything!

    It's light brown, waist-long and down right now. What hobby/leisure activity makes you feel happy?
  13. This or That!

    Row. Watch documentaries about history or about animals?
  14. Learning about cultures

    Since we're talking about languages, I'll mention that where I live people often speak Spanish and English interchangeably. I myself don't really do it, but I'm very used to hearing it. For example, people will start off sentences "Pero like..."
  15. Ask Anything!

    My hair is long and brown and wavy, and now it's in a side braid since it's frizzy today Hmm, same question
  16. Hello World~

    It looks like the site is becoming more lively again! Welcome!
  17. I'm Back?

    I remember you and also the avatar + signature you used to have! Welcome back!
  18. Ask Anything!

    Nope What does your hair look like right now?
  19. Oh my god, mochas are amazing.

    Hehe I like them a lot too. But I love a lot of types of coffee! From bitter americano to sweet lattes with flavors. Every time I feel like having a different type.
  20. If You Could Be....?

    Yes, I've always adored the hair and clothing in the Aveyond games, a lot of beautiful styles. I like dark colors IRL, I think I would like black & dark blue on the clothing, and long hair in dark blue or dark purple.
  21. A Forum Game Project!!

    Oooh that's cool! From what I can see the graphics look very nice!
  22. Ask Anything!

    Wow, it's very hard to answer because my language has no word like that Have you ever got a public prank? (like those ones on Youtube)
  23. Ask Anything!

    I think it's "the" If you speak another language, whats the most popular word in it?
  24. I'm hungry.

  25. Change Enum & If Enum actions

    @Ant, Unforrunately away from home until Saturday now... but can see this will be v useful. I see this is a Custom Action geared to a specific Enum but still extremely useful and moddable of course as needed...
  26. Custom Action - IfStringContains (1st attempt!)

    @Ant, Stupid questions though. How did you create the Hero Action exactly? And why did you change the 4 to a 5? If I understand it more, I am keen to create more Custom Actions....
  27. Learning about cultures

    We used to use hieroglyphs like Chinese characters but since our country became a French colony, we've switched to German orthography like nowadays. ( It seems no one cares about this game
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