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  2. i bought the guide but it do not seem to help me by looking at the map i seem to go in loop but unable to get to the teleporter. and the wolf pup that i send to the mom seem to disappear and she is asking for them again. i go back to the place where they suppose to be found and none was around? i think is a waste of money buying the guide that dont work. Can someone help me with the map at mt iccone thanks emas
  3. Hi there!

    Welcome! RPG Maker engines are good to start making game
  4. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Chapter 3: Rhen Spook returned home, and told his grandmother what happened. She told him to get an apprentice of Barbar, the village blacksmith, as sort of a body guard. As he walked toward the northern parts of Elden, he still felt a bit wary. Upon reaching Barbar’s smithy, he asked the blacksmith to borrow one of his apprentices. Barbar, in turn, left that up to the apprentices. Most of them laughed, eerily multiplying their voices by many. Somehow they had heard of Gevolda sending Spook to the mainland, and claimed that he was running away. Only one of Barbar’s apprentices spoke up for Spook. The one female apprentice, Rhen, whose surname was said to be Perry, but no one was ever really sure. She volunteered to escort Spook to Thais. On the way out of the smithy, all of the other apprentices gave Spook conspiratory nudges and winks. They returned to Spook’s grandmother, who made Rhen swear on the Goddess that she would protect Spook. Once they had gathered the necessary supplies, said their goodbyes, and accepted a quest from Ralph’s mother, they went on their way.
  5. Hi there!

    Welcome to the forum!! It'll be cool to see your games! RPG Maker is a blast to play around with:D
  6. Hello!^_^

    Welcome to the forum Ariel
  7. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    I'm really enjoying this the way you're writing it. I think the short chapters are great ways to show off the characters you're using in each one; it gives us a little time to absorb things like Gubbins being the main villain. I'm just very excited to see how these characters will interact differently than their corresponding characters did in canon! It's seriously enjoyable right now.
  8. Hello!^_^

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. Hi there!

    Welcome! I recently got VX Ace myself, just for fun.
  10. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Guys. Please give me some feedback.
  11. Last week
  12. Hi there!

    I use both vx ace and mv but only with xp graphics (sorry, don't really remember how it's written, english isn't my first language) Anyway,... YES it's dungeon meshi, I love it, it's amazing!
  13. Hello!^_^

    Welcome, Ariel!
  14. Hi there!

    Welcome! You can call me Ishti. Is that a Dungeon Meshi icon? I've been seeing that series around lately! My friend really likes it. I'm super excited to see your games!! Do you use RMXP, or a different version?
  15. Hello!^_^

    Hi! Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your time here.
  16. Hello!^_^

    *Stands and bows* Hello!^_^ I'm new here. Please treat me kindly now. *Sits back down*
  17. Hi there!

    Hi all! I'm Ghorba, long fan of the series! (ahriman's prophecy was like my first pc game) This year I started making games with RPG Maker, so I decided to finally join this forum (soon you'll be able to see my obviously awesome skills!.....I hope) That's all! Bye!
  18. It annoys me when people act smugly when others apologise to them, expecting an apology back as negotiated with before. 

  19. RPG Maker is simultaneously simpler and more confusing than I thought it'd be :P 

    1. Scrivener of the Gods

      Scrivener of the Gods

      2003 is really to the point. Tilesets can be annoying though. Everything has to be in just the right place.

    2. callmedan


      It's still much simpler than other general engines. 

    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      XD XD I get that feeling, once you get the hang of it though it's actually a really awesome system with easy navigation and accessibility:)

  20. Ant's Journal

    Finished the Platform actions. Everything works as expected now. I've moved on to the RPG top-down actions. I have them all finished. Tonight I test. If everything looks good, I'm going to refactor the 3D movements so the controllers and movement actions all reference the same movement script.
  21. Think of each hero object as a brain. You can attach one to any game object to make it more intelligent. Levels are something a bit different. What you need is a good level editor. A good level editor lets you lay out scenes quickly. It goes like this: Find a good level editor to layout your scenes. Check the Unity Asset store for these. I would check out Dungeon Architect. It's expensive, but there is a sale going on right now, so you might be able to get it cheap. Use hero kit to give intelligence to important objects in your scenes (player character, npcs, treasure chests, etc). Hope this helps!
  22. Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    @moonpeace Thank you! And thank you for continuing it!
  23. Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    @darwin You have a very distinctive style, yeah! Thanks for starting this awesome tradition!
  24. I'm starting simple, Quake-1 style levels (like I used to make in Worldcraft when I was 9 years old, playing Quake back in '96!) but I'm never sure if they should be built directly in Unity or if I should use a level editor customized to my own textures and shapes to be loaded dynamically. HeroKit wouldn't have any way of making this possible would it?
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