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  3. If there is a hero object without a rigidbody attached to it, you can't interact with it (collision is not captured). But we need to capture collision with hero objects that have colliders.
  4. Ava!! mayonaisse or mustard
  5. That depends. Plastic, I guess. John or Ava (from AV1 and 2)
  6. Mel. Metal or plastic?
  7. Pin badges. Mel or Jack?
  8. Disney because cHILDHOOD Magnet badges or pin badges?
  9. 12 (Well, when we get back to 2018 we'll start counting down again. It never ends XD)
  10. Folktales, they're just so interesting Disney versions or original Grimm Brothers versions?
  11. Avengers because why not. Folktales or fairy tales?
  12. 11 (So now we play count up game? This can't be finished XD)
  13. 10 (T.T)
  14. I am sorry for how creepy I am about to sound but I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS ART!!! The Professor Moo sketch is so so hilarious and cute, I laugh every time and this is like the fifty hundredth time I've seen it. And the other two pieces are so nice and shiny, especially the butterfly and the snow and argh. I will try to stop gushing now, but I really love this gallery, ahaha
  15. Last week
  16. I made some game music. You can get them for free on my game music playlist on Soundcloud. They can be used in any game engines except the remastered RPG Maker sounds. :P

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      Those sound amazing!! I especially love the RM2000 Mystery 2 track, it kind of reminds me of the ice caverns in Aveyond^__^  I'm gonna have to download them for just personal listening, I really enjoy these kinds of tracks :) 

    2. callmedan


      Thank you! :D The Mystery 2 was actually used in AP ^^

    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      Welcome^__^ Really? I wonder if they redid one like it in one of the AV's then, because I could swear I've heard it in one of the AV ice caverns. Lol either way I love all of them!

  17. When you're going through a list of couple endurements for story and realize that lamb has made that list.......Put's a whole new spin on Gyendal calling her that a few times:ph34r: 

    1. Mu11berry


      I want to like this 50 times

    2. Parfait Cookies
    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      @Mu11berry I'm so glad you approve XD

      @Parfait Cookies LOL I can't help it, I'm a crackshipper to my core XD Haha tbh though I'm pretty sure they wrote that he just calls her that because of the whole predator/prey thing, he's the lion and she's the lamb kind of thing. (Although if it was actually used as a term of endurement Ima gonna die laughing) But Ima use that to my cracky advantage anyway LOL

  18. I usually leave it unless it bothers me. Avengers or X-Men?
  19. I don't know what Raisinets are, so probably Skittles. Do you remove the tag from the inside of your clothes or do you just leave it right there?
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  21. How I wish I had that number! As of today, it's 0.03 mb for me! o.o
  22. For me it says the max total size is 0.49 MB, but I haven't actually tried uploading files. I usually upload to picture hosting sites (for fan art/edits I use DeviantArt) and then use the BBCode [iмg]*insert picture link here*[/iмg] to include an image in a post.
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