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    Updated site to use PHP7. The forum should load faster now. Next task: get back our profile images! :-)
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    I am supposed to have done several assignments, a slideshow, a paper, a story that I said I would finish by yesterday, and a collaboration fic with Scrivener that I have to get working on... and what do I write? Freakin' THIS. Anyway, if you're unfamiliar with the Bee Movie script meme, I suggest you look it up if you want to understand this ficlet lmao ***** When Ingrid walked into her house after a long day of potion-making, the last thing she expected to see was a room full of bees. Boyle seemed to be trying to coax them back into the empty beehive on their bed, but wasn't doing anything more than swatting around and flinching whenever a bee flew too close. Ingrid cleared her throat, and her husband leapt back several feet, knocking over a cabinet full of potion ingredients and miscellaneous relics from Boyle's villain days that he refused to part with. "Need any help?" Ingrid deadpanned. She considered casting a spell on the bees to make them attack Boyle, but she wasn't in the mood to take him a healer tonight. Besides, there was always the chance the spell would backfire, and she wasn't in the mood to have Boyle painstakingly pluck bee stingers out of her skin either. "Bees," was Boyle's only reply. Perhaps he was too scared of letting one into his mouth lest he say any more. A crackling ball of energy formed in Ingrid's left hand. With a flick of her manicured index finger, she directed the energy into the hive, and the swarm of bees followed suit. Ingrid folded her arms, shifted her weight onto one foot, and aimed an annoyed glare in Boyle's general direction while she waited for her husband to right his clothes and regain his dignity. He would need it in order to explain what in all of Aia he was thinking when he let a hive of bees loose in their house. "Sit down, Boyle," Ingrid began in her best don't-mess-with-me-or-I-will-hex-you voice. "Not there, sit on the bed, next to the bees. Now, would you mind telling me who or what put a berserk curse on you, because I can think of no other explanation of why you would bring home a hive of bees!" "I was thinking, since I'm 'retired' now, apparently, that I'd need a hobby. And what better hobby than beekeeping? I met this wonderful traveling bee salesman in the market today, and he told me all about the health benefits of honey, and how the bees are endangered. If bees go extinct the entire world supply of food could-" "You fool, that's just a marketing ploy to sell more bees!" "Don't be so cynical, Ingrid. He also gave me this beekeeping manual - free with the purchase of one beehive, I might add - and it's all right here." Boyle rummaged around in the folds of his villain costume and pulled out a small white booklet, which Ingrid promptly snatched out of his hands. "'Bee Movie Script'," she read. "What's a movie? Or a script?" "I don't know, but he said it fell through from a portal to another dimension." He took the booklet from her and flipped it open to the first page. "'According to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees do not care what humans think is impossible.' Isn't that the greatest opening to any literary masterpiece you've ever read?" Ingrid kicked off her boots and sat down next to Boyle on the bed. She rested her chin on his shoulder as she angled the book so she could better read this so-called 'script' "Let me see that...'Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow, let's shake it up a little.' Boyle, what kind of drivel is this?" "You have no taste in art. The main character - Barry, he's called - is a talking bee. He's trying to choose his outfit, but they're all black and yellow. Because he's a BEE." "A talking insect, eh? That's not that funny." Ingrid's face suddenly split into a wicked grin. "Unless it's that time I turned you into a bug. Now THAT was HILARIOUS." Boyle began to pout in that way he does when one of his evil schemes doesn't go as planned and he tries to hide it behind a facade of villainous anger, but just ends up looking adorable. "You're never going to let me live that down, are you? All these months, I support this house, and all you can do is-" "I'm the one who works. You're retired, remember?" Ingrid interjected. "But the name. MY name. The great evil legacy of Wolfbane has carried us-" "Your name is Pendragon, and I'm pretty sure the royal family officially disowned you." "Well. I just. You. You're married to me, so technically they disowned you too!" Boyle threw his hands up in exasperation, looking over at the hive of bees as if he expected agree with him. Ingrid sighed again. She would never run out of sighs as long as she was married to this ridiculous man, who kept evil thrones in his living room and brought home hives full of bees and scripts from parallel universes. But he was cursed to spent the rest of this life with her, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Ingrid suspected that it would be a good idea to invest in a bee-proof veil to attach to her hat. "Hey Boyle, want to read some more of that Bee Movie Script?" "Okay."
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    Hi'Beru aesthetic This one goes with @Queen-of-Ice101's Day 23 challenge (which was either today or yesterday, still, close enough XD) for a character you wish had been elaborated on more. I wish we had gotten to know more about Hi'Beru's backstory, he was such a good character!
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    So I decided to do something fun and I have created an Aveyond youtube account!! I made it so that I could save all sorts of Aveyond related videos in one place for fellow fans to access easier, and I plan to create random fan trailers and potentially more types of fan videos too to post on it!! I would like to eventually get more people on management of the account so that other active fans in the community can post their work there too, but thats just a pipe dream right now haha. Zee youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtI0b0EXAn9ROJwIfmoyaaw?view_as=public
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    Aw, look at this dusty little art corner. Time to shake off some cobwebs, I think. To start, here's Talia Maurva, one of my favorite characters from AV1. This art was inspired by the Aveyond 31 Day Challenge, hooray! Also here's a pic of her butterfly minion:
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    It's Dayyyyyyy 4! So, first, I've had issues with the size of my picture although last time I didn't have any problems at all loading the Chibi Maker-generated picture, () so I had to resize it. And boy, it worked wonders. And now, back to the topic at hand! Today, this icily wonderful, magical, beautiful challenge (do you get the joke? No? Nevermind... ) has requested that I speak of my favourite character in the series. Who might it be? A boy? A girl? A powerful warrior, or perhaps, a talented mage? Have you guessed it yet? xD It's JUNE! Yes, this young magician is my favourite character in the series. She's not a popular character among fans, which is a shame, because she could be a fascinating (and cute!) character if you think about it more carefully. What I like about her is that she is very cheerful with an obvious sense of innocence to her character (just look at her spell names!), yet extremely down-to-earth and intelligent. I can also see that although she seems to be from an upper-class (or at least privileged to some level) family, she's more mature than Lydia, and never once complained during her troubling endeavours with Mel. I'm a bit sad that she doesn't make any appearance after TLO, not even in TDP when Edward gets married even though she was a helpful friend to Mel and the sole mage in TLO (her spells were super beneficial to me at a few points) who also assisted in defeating the final boss. So... #JusticeforJune, anyone? xD
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    Boyle aesthetic! He's my favorite character from Aveyond 4 so I had to make an aesthetic of him. It coincides with one of the last prompts of Queen-of-Ice's 31 day challenge, but I'm too lazy to count what day I should post it on...maybe I should rethink my decision to major in math I'll definitely make more AV4 aesthetics because I forgot how much I love the characters til now! I want to replay, but I still haven't finished AP, lolol
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    Finally filled out my profile. Pretty sure I messed up because I can't see the About Me part, but whatever
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    Hooray, I'm done with Day 2, with no progress on any of my projects~ My favourite mage guild in all of the Aveyond games is the Battle Mage guild you can get Iya to register in at Seri. I find that the concept of battle mages is interesting, because it basically merges physical attacks and weapons while still maintaining their magical power from songs. Also, it looks as if the weapons of the attacks are conjured by Iya's singing itself, so it could be potentially very dangerous because even if a monster is resistant to physical attacks, the magic infused within the spell can still damage it, if that makes any sense. XD Overall, I love the concept and also the outfit. The purple cloak matches well with the pure white gown. It just screams 'Iya' to me. The concept is also more unique than the Necromancer's and Enchantress'. I like the Storm Mistress concept, but Iya is not the type to strike me as slightly insane, like the Storm Master you meet at Thais.
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    @Queen-of-Ice101 Thank you!! It took me a long time so I'm glad it worked out, haha!! Okay, so for the fire I did a layer of black, and then dark orange, and orange, and then yellow, and white, and I used the smudge tool thing after each color and just basically dragged it around until it looked neat-ish. (the colors acted like watercolors and just sort of flowed where I moved the smudger thing, I'm not really versed enough in these things to explain very well but yeah.) Then I did an overlay layer and used a soft brush (it was basically transparent) to put lights on the fire and everywhere I thought they might be. Ahaha it was kind of a mess actually, but it was fun!! And okay, thank you for the instructions XD
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    Well here I am again with more Aveyond fanart! This time I remembered to post when I finished a piece so I only have one, instead of fifty, hahaha. This is another one for @Queen-of-Ice101's challenge. (Am I supposed to be posting that I did a piece in the topic??? I wasn't sure) Day 2, mage guild of choice!! Hopefully this works on the new site. I'm a little paranoid, haha. And I can't find the preview button sooooooo. I chose the Dragon Lord guild from Ahriman's prophecy, because Talia's title in it is Fire Lord and I think that's so beautiful. (See Avatar: The Last Airbender) I also love fire and dragons, and the fire relic story line in AP is pretty cool. Haha I am realizing a lot of you haven't played or don't remember AP, but just trust me, okay. Hopefully that reboot will happen soon and you'll all see what I mean. The dragon behind her... is Frederick le Mew!! I really adore Frederick, I think I'm going to try to add him into all the pictures I can XD Also, this is my first time doing fire digitally, and I can't even do it traditionally soooo I had fun. I tried to look up tutorials, but they were all for realistic fire so they wouldn't really fit the rest of the picture. Ahahahahahahaha Also, is there a way to shrink pictures on here? This looks so huge from this window O.O
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    Profile images should be back shortly (for those who haven't changed them).
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    Welcome to my castle of art. I'll say it right now, I am NOT a professional, but I hope my inane scribbles bring some people joy. :3 Here's a derpy sketch I did of Professor Moo from AV3, getting delusions of grandeur after way too many years hatching other people's pets, because we all know he's the most likely candidate for villain of AV4. Feedback is welcome; don't use this stuff without my permission, etc. etc.
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    When you're going through a list of couple endurements for story and realize that lamb has made that list.......Put's a whole new spin on Gyendal calling her that a few times
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    Note: This is not at all sponsored ^^;; So, uhhhh... First off, I'm sorry I'm not able to post as often now. School's been really hard on me, and the amount of projects that I need to finish up along with organising upcoming activities is totally refusing to get off my chest at the moment. So, despite the fact that I have one essay to complete, one mini-game contest that I need to prepare for, two mind-maps and four questions to be done on drawing blocks and two scrapbooks to do, I'm right here because I feel sorry for you guys. TwT So, I've taken to doing @Queen-of-Ice101 's 31 Day Aveyond Challenge, but instead of drawing, I've decided to use an online programme called Chibi Maker for the show and tell. I would have drawn traditionally, but I figured that it would just put more stress on me TT So I'm doing this here. :3 The first question asks about my favourite character from Aveyond 1, and that's easy! It's none other than Rhen Darzon/Pendragon! Now, I know that she's not a well-developed character like the rest, but from what we've seen from her, she's very kind and brave, which is a total YES from me. I can also see that although at first, she didn't want to be a princess, she still acknowledged it in the end and decided to carry her rightful responsibility of becoming Queen of Thais. Therefore, we can also see that she is dependable and very open-minded!
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    A few days after their wedding, Edward and Mel have a talk about the royal life while complaining about clothes and the lack of independence they have. Drabble, Edward x Mel. -- “Can you believe that we’re married?” Edward inquired softly, staring up at the cloudless twilight. He had a content smile on his face as he sipped from his mug with one hand, the other hanging loosely over his wife’s shoulders. “I thought you were already over this,” came the joking reply. Mel rolled her eyes playfully, smiling. “But yeah. I can’t believe it too.” “I can’t believe that I actually agreed to marry an idiot like you and dress up like a noble all the time in those corsets and impractical dresses,” she commented wryly with a grin. “Hey now,” Edward mumbled, “You’d do it for me, right?” A dark night shining with the light of the moon and stars loomed over the recently crowned King and Queen of Thais, who were sitting on the floors of the castle balcony. To any person who respected them greatly, they would have insisted that the King and Queen sit on comfortable chairs. If the King and Queen requested as such, thrones could be instantly sent over. But of course, the both of them shuddered at the thought, even the former prince. Luckily, for today, they were given the chance to retire early, which meant time off to do what they wished without any of the staff fussing over them… within the bounds of the castle. Despite the new (and extremely overwhelming) lifestyle pushed onto Mel, everything seemed surreal, honestly, now that the threats of eternal nights and the rule of vampire lords were over. The Queen didn’t have to worry about vampires chasing her, for once. She didn’t have to think about her late ancestors, or the horrifying creations built by the magic on the tips of their fingers, nor the darklings who expected her to rule and becoming possessed by evil. She’d even long sent Yemite home, convincing her that she needed to keep Underfall in order since she was crowned Queen of Thais (which she didn’t regret one bit, with all the castle staff constantly fussing over her. Yemite still paid her monthly visits with Stella, though, which she usually enjoyed). As a conclusion... Mel didn’t have to think about darkness anymore. That fact also set the King’s racing heart and restless mind that were constantly worrying about his wife to rest. Sure, the both of them missed traveling, missed the thrill of adventuring, missed the feeling of doing things for themselves. But what could be done? “I don’t like it, Edward,” Mel grumbled, leaning on her spouse’s shoulder. “I really hate dressing up like some doll every day. The maids aren’t helping that much, either, with how they try to make sure every single thing is straight, no folds and creases in the poofy balls they call skirts--” Edward noted how she shuddered at the word ‘skirts’-- “and with how they insist that I have to wear a crown each day, even if it’s extremely uncomfortable!” Edward simply nodded, eyes downcast. He hated it as much as Mel did; even if he’d been tolerating it for more than fifteen years. Smiling weakly, he said, “Well, at least you aren’t wearing one of those poofballs right now.” Mel just sighed and nodded. She was clad in one of Edward’s soft tunics and some cotton shorts whilst Edward was still in one of his kingly outfits. “You know, you might as well change now,” she pointed out, poking Edward’s side and laughing at his quiet yelp of surprise at the sudden touch. “Why, do you want to see my amazing body?” he teased back, grinning. Mel recoiled, pretending to be absolutely disgusted. “Ew, no, you pervert!” she cried playfully. “Well, you’d be seeing it soon enough,” he said, laughing right afterwards as Mel turned bright red and thumped him on the head. “Hey, we’re a married couple! You’d definitely be seeing it one day or another.” Mel simply turned away, face heated up. “I miss holding my dagger,” she said after a short pause, staring at her pale palm. “I don’t really get to use anything now because of those stupid dresses.” “Well, it’s not like I don’t miss fighting monsters and slicing their heads off with the Excalibur now, too,” Edward reasoned, attempting to sympathize with his wife. “I also miss seeing you fight with that bow on your head,” he commented, chuckling again. Mel groaned. “What I would do to have that hairband back, Edward,” she complained. “The maids absolutely refused to let me have it on my head!” “Well, you look good with a crown, too,” he said. “Besides, that thing is a bit dirty, so it would make sense, wouldn’t it?” That only enticed another round of grumbling on Mel’s part. “At least that thing isn’t so heavy,” she muttered, grabbing her mug and taking a big swig of its contents. Fresh milk… The thick liquid with a creamy taste mixed with a very slight tinge of cheese. The drink of their choice throughout their journey, because of its healing properties. Mel curled her fingers around her mug, satisfaction gracing her small features. It felt so long since she had it, even if it was only a few days. What she had been given if she was thirsty was either grape juice or (revoltingly flavoured) wine. She always had to struggle to consume the liquid in her chalice every night since she became queen. It wasn’t that she couldn’t hold her liquor… It was simply the horrible flavour. “Do you want kids?” Edward suddenly asked, causing Mel to almost choke on her milk. After swallowing, with some difficulty, she croaked out, “Why do you ask?” To Mel, having kids wasn’t such a bad idea, but it would take some time to get used to. She knew Edward wanted kids, too, anyhow. “I guess it would be alright, but I don’t like the idea of raising them in the castle, if you catch my drift.” she replied. Edward definitely agreed, with how vain Lydia had been due to her upbringing. “Yeah… We’d be spoiling them quite a bit. But we can teach them, can’t we?” Mel nodded absentmindedly as Edward got up and pulled her along with him to their quarters. Mel followed wordlessly, gasping when surprise overthrew her as Edward pulled her into a hug, his arms curling around her back. She smiled in relief, placing her arms around his neck. “Have I ever told you that I loved you?” he asked, chin on her head. She grinned. “Nope, but you already hinted at it when you bought me flowers and love sonnets.” “I wonder if we can see that star I dedicated to you,” he said. “It was expensive, but worth it, don’t you think?” Mel simply rolled her eyes at his tackiness. “Idiot,” she mumbled. “It won you over.” “Shut up.” she mumbled, half-heartedly flinging one of the pillows at him. A pillow fight soon commenced, ending with the room left quite untidy with the bed wrinkled, several comfy chairs upside-down and an Edward pinning a Mel to the bed. Their eyes met, and... “I win!” Edward shrieked, releasing Mel and toppling over to the other side of their bed, laughing loudly. Some castle staff passing by their quarters were probably going to glance at the other side of their door with raised eyebrows, but Edward didn’t care. He finally beat Mel in a pillow fight! “After all that time, in those inns...” he cried, tears falling from his eyes at the victory. Mel groaned, placing an arm over her eyes. “Fine, you win,” she muttered, rolling over to face Edward. Her frown instantly turned into a wan smile when she saw the joy in his eyes. “The inn owners were definitely upset with the messes we made, though,” she added, giggling slightly. “Who cares?” asked the King, his eyes shut closed and his posture uneven on the bed. “They’ll just have to tolerate the fact that we love pillow fights too much!!” Mel rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time that night, but smiled as Edward pulled her close. “You’re a king with no sense of responsibility,” she chided, giggling once more. “Don’t know, don’t care.” he replied without hesitation, the last remnants of laughter leaving him as he hugged his wife. “I love you.” “Idiot troublemaker,” she grumbled in reply. “But hey...” she said, smiling wider. “You’re not that bad, so I love you too.” -- because there is a severe shortage of edward x mel around the forums now and i'm a writer of trashy fluff xD xD xD please let me know what you think~!
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    I'd like to know who was the person who summoned all these people here xD; I feel extremely self-centred at the moment... @moonpeace ... Wanna do that again this year? XDXD @Mu11berry I'm flattered as well with your comments T^T And well, in my opinion, people love getting reviews about their work, be it good or bad xD; Never use compliments and encouragement sparingly, I've been told before. @Queen-of-Ice101 Nooooooooo wayyyy ^^;; No shame at all!! I feel so embarrassed right now;;;;; Coughcough*Mel x Gyendal*coughcough ... *Runs off to make more fluffy trash* Time to convert~
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    Mah!!!! I never reviewed here?!?!? Shaaaaaammmeee on meeee!!! Annywaaay even though I'm not a super EdwardxMel fan {for obvious reasons...cough*crackshipper*cough} this is super cute and I can almost be converted...... sorta. lol anyway, I've come across several fics for them where they make Mel out to be the damsel in distress in the relationship which is why she ended up with Edward and that is totally contrary to the relationship we see between them both friendship and the romantic side you see if that is the ending you choose. I love how you didn't take that path but instead showed that balance between them and that quiet but steady love, as well as the shared sadness and nostalgia from having to settle down into responsibility from the quest. The pillow fight was adorable and totally suited their characters, I loved the gentle teasing So yes, totally adorable and you should make more for them because you are very right that there isn't a huge active following for them right now thus it needs more content to tempt people
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    Hmm, is Mel/Ed popular with the fans? I feel like people like it, but there's so little fic XD @Mu11berry I think you guys have made your ships more popular. Ascended rarepairs ftw ^^
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    Well our ships should be popular T_T They will be in the future, if we just believe hard enough!! *determined* But I liked this one shot!! I only didn't comment here because I had already on fanfic.net and I didn't want to annoy you, but now I see that I have been mistaken and I will rectify my error immediately. This fic is adorable!! Fluff is wonderful!!!
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    So allow me to share another fantastic demonstration of why I need help..... I have officially lost all semblance of sanity:) Presenting the fluff of the century, for which I blame my fellow fans that adore fluff for convincing me to come over to the light side of writing. I can't say anymore without spoiling so stay tuned for more authors notes at the end! Enjoy:D A Dream Come True The chance of this happening had terrified her since her friends had first coecered her to let them join her quest, innocent, caring Stella and exuberant, loyal Edward. Both marching cheerfully alongside Mel towards the very large chance of death with an extra dose of weevils courtesy of the most hated vampire in all of Aia. Then when Stella had died during their quest for the Orb of Life Mel was devastated, she had lost her best friend and practically sister. It had been the happiest day of her life when the Orb of Life had brought Stella back. She had vowed that day never to let Stella be put in danger because of her again, leaving her far behind and cutting off all contact with her once she had decided to live in Harkuna despite how painful the decision was. Now it was happening again, Mel staring at her bound friend in horror and dismay as darklings stood on either side of Stella who's tearfilled eyes met Mel's. "Don't listen to them Mel! Run! Don't do it!" Mel shot her friend a pained smile, then stepped forward. "I'm sorry Stella..." She said quietly before squaring her shoulders. "Fine, I'll go with you. But only if you let her go and leave her alone! She has nothing to do with this anymore." The self satisfied smile on her enemies face made her want to try her odds at blasting him with magic anyway. "Wonderful. Darklings, release the moth." The ropes around Stella were carefully cut and the gentle Naylithen pulled away from their grasp as quickly as possible, looking towards Mel with frightened but determined eyes. It was clear she was willing to take on the darklings and Gyendal if Mel was. "Stella, it's okay. Go." Mel said, shaking her head warningly when Stella glanced towards Gyendal. She had lost her friend once to this whole Prophecy mess, she wasn't losing her again. Stellla's eyes only filled further at Mel's response, overflowing as the lilac haired girl nodded and fled the scene. The sound of the cabin door being slammed behind her felt to Mel like the closing of a cell door. "Well now, I believe that you and I have a trip to take." Gyendal purred, summoning a portal and beckoning for Mel. She reluctantly stepped up next to him, the darklings on either side of her matching her step for step. Gyendal smirked at her reaction and Mel twitched at the look in his eyes, a shiver running down her spine against her will when he grabbed her and pulled her flush against him before stepping into the portal. The moment they passed through Mel pulled away with her face flaming only to find herself facing a row of robed creatures, their faces hidden but the glowing red eyed telling her everything she needed to know about what lay under those hoods. "Disciples of Darkness, tell the master that I have brought the girl." "Good. Now that the child is here we will now prepare the portal to the Demon Realm so she may be reborn." They said in unison, the distorted quality of their tone making Mel recoil. "What portal? I was not made aware of any of this." Gyendal growled. Mel shot the mage that currently had a death grip on her arm a startled look. He was the source of all her trials at this point, she thought he was the mastermind behind all that was going on. How did he not know, and who was this master?! "The masters plans have changed. Take her to the back room, in several days time we will be ready for her." Gyendal gave a sharp nod before yanking Mel along with him and shoving her through the doorway in front of him. She was steered to the middle of the room before her arm was release, Mel back pedalling away from him the moment she had the chance. "Don't bother trying to leave, you'll never make it a step past the disciples of darkness and trust me when I say that anything I've ever done will look like nothing compared to what they do. You'll be worse then dead." The look in his eyes made Mel wonder exactly what he had seen them do and she shuddered at the thought. "Now stay put like a good lamb, I'll be back to check on you eventually." With that he turned and strode out of the room, leaving Mel alone in the library. She stared blankly at the books for a minute before nearly leaping a foot in the air as the air near the wall sparkled and with a snap a creature appeared into existence. "Darkling!" "Welcome to Underfall mistress." The female darkling said cheerfully, red eyes sparkling with excitement. Mel's eyes narrowed at the term mistress. "Did Gyendal and those stupid disciples send you?" "Send me? No, this is darkling business. Underfall is to be the capital of the new empire and the home of you, my queen." The darkling then beamed at her. "I have been elected to be your personal servant here, my name is Yemite I can do anything you need me to do as your servant." "Seriously?! Well then get me the hell out of this place so I can get back to Veldarah!" The darklings face fell almost comically at Mel's desperate words. "I'm sorry, I cannot. This is your home now, in your capital with your chosen subjects. We will take care of you though!" Mel threw her hands up into the air, hissing out his frustration as she wheeled away. "Well what can you do?!" She snapped rhetorically, thinking hard for some sort of solution. Suddenly it hit her. "Yemite, you might not be able to get me out of here, but can you bring someone to me?" She pressed, turning back to the darklings that brightened. "Yes!" Mel let out a relieved sigh. Alone she might not be able fight her way out, but she knew that Edward was strong enough that they might be able to fight free. She almost asked for Stella or Te'ijal and Galahad to be brought as well but stopped herself as she thought about what they had lost in the quest. She didn't need to pull them in a second time, and Edward owed her after ignoring her when she told him the attack at been because of her. "Good. I want you to find a boy named Edward." The shimmer sound that filled the room as the darkling vanished made Mel twitch. She was alone now, she didn't have anyone to distract her mind as she pondered her situation and...who she was trapped near. A tray had been delivered to her room almost five minutes ago, by a blue darkling who couldn't stop grovelling and stuttering about being honoured. Mel had considered opening the door and throwing it outside on the floor just to make a point but had decided against it since she would need the energy food could provide for when Edward finally arrived. She leaned back against the wall and glanced to her right at the door as she picked at her food. She wondered if a different darkling would come back, she wanted company but not if they wouldn't shut up about her being the chosen one. Mel took a bite of the meat only to pause as the flavour flooded her mouth and realized it wasn't the kind of meat they sold in Underfall. Chewing slowly she pulled the fork away and stared at the meat left on it. During the last quest when they had been in and out of Underfall they had eaten there quite a bit and something she distinctly remembered complaining about was the lack of rat anywhere to be found in either Underfall or the tombs, since the didn't sell anything that had to be shipped into the town. Yet somehow not only did she have a plate of perfectly seasoned roast rat in front of her but it was also cooked exactly how she liked it. How did they know that? She pondered that for a moment before shrugging and digging in eagerly, allowing herself to enjoy the meal despite her surroundings and situation. She cleaned her plate completely before setting the tray on the floor in front of her outstretched legs and tipping her head back against the wall with closed eyes. She was just starting to drift when she heard the door open, the darkling come back to get the now empty tray she figured. She didn't hear any stuttering or grovelling so without opening her eyes she questioned the darkling. "Before you take the tray, do you know who told whoever did my food to make rat for me and how to cook it?" "I told them." As the sound of deep voice that echoed through room Mel's eyes snapped open and she scrambled to her feet, back against the wall as Gyendal stopped a foot into the room. Outside the room there was low chanting and a strange fog curled around the door that seemed to suck the very light out of the room, Gyendal quickly closing the door behind him to block the fog from entering. "What the hell do you want?!" Gyendal raised one brow and smirked at her reaction, the expression reminding Mel so much of Spook and those...feelings that she had to look away. "Coming to check on you like I said I would. Is there a problem?" "You're here. That is the core of all problems." She hissed, glaring at the wall. His deep chuckles filled the room as he stepped further in, watching her intently with every small step. "Your little temper tantrums never cease to entertain me, lamb. You are really just fighting against the inevitable, there is no way out now that the Disciples of Darkness are here." Mel snorted, crossing her arms irritably. "Oh and I suppose it would have been so much better if it was just you I was stuck with." He chuckled at her statement, posture relaxed as he slowly strolled towards her and Mel could have hit herself as she thought about her words. That was probably the stupidest thing to leave her mouth yet. "I would think so, the Disciples of Darkness can be terribly sadistic. You and I however know each other quite well, I'm sure we could survive without killing each other." He exhaled a laugh at her expression, the sound making Mel jump slightly. "Not likely, one of us would die within a day." "You over exaggerate, I'm sure we could reach an agreement. After all, look how well we got along when I was Spook." "What?!" Mel couldn't help the outraged exclamation at his statement. After all he had done he had the audacity to bring that up?! How could he even count that! He tilted his head in mock innocence, clearly enjoying his little game despite Mel's snarl. "It's true is it not? I personally thought we hit it off quite well. Who knows, you might have even come willingly had it not been for your meddling friend." "Are you kidding me?!" Mel spat, stabbing an accusing finger in his direction. "You are such an arrogant, self centred, pompous- AH!" So distracted by her goal to tear a strip off of the infuriating creep in front of her Mel never noticed the tray at her feet. In a fantastic demonstration of her luck as she stepped towards Gyendal, her feet caught on the tray she stumbled forward, losing her balance as she slipped on the dishes that had slid off the tray onto the floor in front. It happened almost immediately as she began to fall, one moment she was grabbing for something to catch herself with her feet flying every which way and the next Mel found herself being caught by two strong hands grabbing her arms as her grip closed on the front of Gyendal's cloak. Mel froze, registering the sensation of his cloak beneath her fingers and the warmth of his hands radiating through her leather gloves over her forearms as he steadied her. Her head snapped up, wide eyes meeting his slightly narrowed ones. After a moment of frozen silence a wicked smile began to play on the corners of his lips as Mel let out a small squawk and tried to pull free. "The hell?! Let go of me!" "Such ungratefulness, even after I tried to help you." He singsonged, grip not loosening despite Mel's attempts to yank free. "I don't want your help! You hate me almost as much as I hate you, why would you even bother?!" His eyes glittered strangely and Mel tried to ignore the shiver that went up her spine. "My dear mother always raised me to be a gentleman." "Well stop then! I don't need you being a gentleman, what I need is for you to let me go!" Gyendal blinked before his entire face went blank. He studied her face wordlessly, Mel squirming uncomfortably at his scrutiny. "What?!" She finally snapped, eyes widening slightly when he leaned over her slightly. "Are you sure that's what you want?" He murmured, the look in his eyes unnerving and exciting all at once. Mel tried to yank back again despite knowing that his grip would remain unyielding. What was his deal?! Why couldn't he act like he had during that first year she had been running from him where he had just been the aloof and terrifying psycho vampire?! She hated this! Everything had changed now, how could she stand here face to face with her enemy and have it feel like... "It's not like you ever wasted time acting like a gentleman before, stop faking it and LET GO ALREADY!" The dark grin that spread over his lips was promising and threatening all at once, goosebumps rising on Mel's skin as he slowly stepped forward, close enough that they were mere centimetres from being pressed against each other. "Thank you Mel, for your permission." His hands slowly skated up her arms, moving from where he had caught her mid forearms to her biceps. Mel was not proud of the startled squeak that escaped her at the electric sensation of his hands brushing over the bare skin of her upper arm. "...w-what?" She whispered, watching frozen as his eyes flicked below her eyes and then back up again. There was a moment of tension filled silence, the look in his eyes as he met hers making her breath hitch. Then he began to lean down, Mel's eyes fluttering shut despite her internal freak out. This was insane, she should be trying to attack and get free, not let him do this without a word of protest! Soon she could feel his breath on her face, the heat of his skin radiating off. His nose just touched hers then finally- "AAAAAHHHHHHHH" Mel bolted upright in her bed, breathing hard as she tried to recover. Her mind spun out of control, trying to break out of the sleep induced haze to figure out where she was and what she had eaten before going to sleep to bring a dream as crazy as that on. The last moments of her dream played on a repeat loop in her mind and she let loose a long and loud impressive list of expletives. So focused on what had just happened in her dream Mel never noticed as in the large bed next to her a figure startled awake at her shouting. What did catch her attention quite successfully however, was the sensation of an arm being pulled back from around her waist as a darkened figure sat up next to her. The moment she felt the movement of the figures arm she froze, eyes widening slightly. In the darkness it was impossible to see who it was, but her memories crowded out the dream quite quickly as glowing red eyes opened to shoot her a sleep softened glare. "What is your problem this time?!" Gyendal snapped, a soft sound of wind echoing through the master room causing the lamps in the extravagant illuminating both her bed and her worst enemy sitting up shirtless next to her. Mel stared at him, wide eyed and frozen. One second passed. Two seconds passed. Then- "Noooooooooooo!" Mel's wail was accompanied by her flopping backwards onto the bed, alarm lighting in Gyendal's eyes momentarily as he leaned over her with furrowed brows. "Mel? What on earth were you dreaming about to cause this reaction?!" Mel just groaned, staring at a puzzled Gyendal in comical horror. "Forget my dream, I'm living my nightmare!" *ducks behind shield stolen from Rhen* PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! ...yes I am evil and no I am totally not sorry:D This idea was kind of a random one, I was talking to my mom about another fanfic series I'm writing with major cliffhangers and how I enjoy reviews that spazz over cliffhangers or when I pull the bait and switch and she thought that was funny. She then suggested the idea of doing one fluffy plot, and then having the character was up and it was only a dream. I thought it was brilliant and ran with it, and this was then born. ...please don't hate me... Aaannywaaay so I thought this would be a totally MelxGyendal kind of situation, and to be honest I really loved writing this. I have to admit that I was giggling like a little maniac at the thought of what someone would think was coming before I pulled the bait-and-switch XD After the story ends I totally picture Gyendal nagging her into explaining the dream and then going into fits of laughter when she reluctantly admits what happened, then teasing her about making it a reality only for her to get really irritated and roll over to pointedly ignore him, then for Gyendal to attach himself to her like an octopus because I totally accept the Headcannon that he's a cuddler when tired and have on an off little chuckles at the dream and her reaction until he falls asleep again lol. This could totally be standalone but I personally picture this taking place in the Shattered Truths Dark!Mel AU, hence Gyendal being a vampire when she wakes up. I picture this happening between chapter Three and Four, so after they're a official pairing but before they coexist relatively peacefully and friendly. Lol so yes, my rant and your suffering. You're welcome:)
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    @Parfait Cookies @Rodania ♡ I appreciate the kind comments guys! You could always like it later, but your comments are plenty likes enough ^^ @Mu11berry Thank you! The beard is actually Seneca Crane's, a villain from the Hunger Games. And the "when you're evil" quote is from a song called When You're Evil by Voltaire, which just SCREAMS Boyle to me so I had to include it
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    Back with the third day, this time with some of the assignments tackled to death So, who's my favourite druid? None other than Eithera! I'm not usually the biggest fan of '_______ of Strength' anything, but Eithera is definitely an exception. I love her design and colour scheme. It can make you think 'Oh, it's darkness themed!' and still strike up thoughts such as 'Ooooh, starlight or poison? Maybe weaponry?'. Basically saying, it would be hard to guess what druid she is based on her robe carpets, but if you've noticed, all those terms that you may and may not have thought up can point to power and strength! I've also noted that there are not many '_____ of Strength's around who caught my interest before, so... Why not? Like the Battle Mage guild, Eithera is unique. Eithera's personality also seems kind, in contrast to other power-themed characters. She gave the cast of Aveyond access to the Demon Realm to defeat Ahriman, even if she probably knew that her shrine was going to collapse, regardless of whether they succeeded or failed, and if anything twisted happened (looking at Kelloth and what's Dameon's demon name again?). So... Tick. xD
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    I has another question lol So below peoples usernames is the title for the users and I noticed that people have edited them to say fun stuff. Can we still do that? Or is that a feature from the original forums that won't be coming back?
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    Just want to say that although our fandom is probably the one of smallest ones out there, it's also one of the most loyal. ^0^ Always continue to support Amanda and her team, guys! They deserve more than what we're giving them now
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    Crayons “Eww… What is this?” The party had stopped by Thais before heading for the Orc Kingdom in the north, due to Edward’s insistence that they needed to rest and relax after the battle in Dragkthor for the second quarter key required to open passage to the butterfly kingdom, Naylith. Lydia had gone straight back to her family’s manor, leaving Mel, Edward, Te’ijal, Stella and Galahad in the inn. When suggested by Stella to return to his chambers in Thais Castle to recover, Edward had downright refused, instead opting to stay in the slightly cramped rooms with the other members of the party for the two nights they were going to be in the city. Despite the strange looks thrown at him by the innkeeper and some patrons (what in Aia was the prince of Thais doing in an inn with commoners?), he didn’t care about what they thought. And so, a former-thief-but-now-a-trainee-spy, a healer who wore a shimmery, although ragged, dress all the time even though there were proper traveling attires her size the party had on hand, a dumb paladin turned into an even dumber vampire (“MAGIC DOES NOT EXIST!” but two seconds later, Lydia manages to fry one of his fingers with one of her fire spells until it turns out dry and shriveled up and leaves him shrieking in pain), (this happens every time he says that), and a freaky, creepy, fangs-y vampress and the prince of Thais all shared a room for the night. But back to the story. After a calming (although a bit noisy) night, due to the dysfunction of Edward’s brain and the brown-haired man refusing to get off of the spy with the twilight sky for eyes on her bed (no, they did not do the dirty), our ‘wonderful’ heroes decided to pay a visit to the Thais Orphanage. “It will be fun,” Edward declared, kicking the door to the building open (and getting some glares along the way). Too tired to disagree with the hyper eighteen-year-old, his band all went with him without a word of complaint. That is, until someone with lavender locks spotted a waxy, purple colouring utensil shaped like a small cylinder with a cone formed on one end. “Eww… What is this?” Stella asked, picking it up and then quickly dropping it. A frown of disgust spread across her tan features. A girl with blonde hair, perhaps about six years old, snatched the crayon from the place where Stella dropped it. She looked up at the healer with a disapproving gaze. “You’ve never heard of them?” the girl asked in response. Stella appeared a bit put out by the young one’s sharp tone. “No, I haven’t,” she replied honestly, fingering one part of her skirt. The blonde girl raised her eyebrows, not comprehending why an adult wouldn’t know what the common item was. “It’s a crayon,” the child muttered to her lazily, now focused on the paper in front of her and continuing to harshly slide the pointy bit of the stationery across the white surface. Stella watched in fascination as the little girl drew a stick figure with a very long dress and wavy hair. The girl then picked up a red crayon and drew another figure, this time with a shirt and skirt and a shorter height in comparison with the purple figure. “Here,” the girl said, grinning brightly at Stella. “This is for you. It’s you,”-- The girl pointed at the purple lady-- “and me!” she ended, her little finger now positioned near the smaller figure. The girl then lifted the paper off the table and presented it to the grown woman in front of her, smiling proudly. Stella’s eyes widened in delight, happily taking the sheet of paper from the girl. “Thank you!’” she replied sweetly, immediately getting up in childlike joy. “I love it! I’m going to show it to Mel!” She scurried away with a big smile on her face, hunting for her best friend. Meanwhile, Te’ijal was ‘regally’ baring her fangs at a five-year-old slightly overweight boy. “Come, my little munchkin,” the vampress cooed, ever so slowly inching closer to the chubby boy. “You look like you need… less blood.” The boy shrieked in fright, running over to his caretaker, who shot daggers and perplexed looks at Te’ijal. The vampress simply cackled, enjoying the attention she was given. However, her spouse, Galahad, didn’t seem to like the sound of her laughter. “You scared away an innocent man, creature of the dark!” he hollered, venom lacing his words. He pushed Te’ijal a few steps back, fists clenched. Te’ijal liked the sound of that. “Husband, how you flirt!” she cooed again. Galahad didn’t like the sound of that. He buried his face in his gauntleted arms and groaned. “Light preserve me,” he muttered. “HUSBAND, HOW YOU FLIRT!” Te’ijal screamed in delight, making all the young kids and orphanage workers stare at her, then at Galahad, and then back at her again. Now, Galahad really hated the sound of that. “Ohhhh… Heavens--” he started, then shut his mouth again for fear of getting embarrassing looks again. Sighing loudly, he mindlessly snagged a random pink crayon from a random table, stuffed it in his pants pocket and pulled his wife away from the random table the random boy was randomly sitting at. He was going to look for Mel and Edward. Because why not, right? Wrong. Oblivious to what was happening to their friends, Edward had dragged Mel to a little corner in the building to spoil one of his favourite kids there. Mel agreed because there was nothing better to do other than watch tiny boys ‘spar’ and tiny girls act like damsels in distress. But boy did her eyes become as large as saucers when she saw a girl and a boy, one with black hair and one with brown hair leaning on each other in their sleep. Their clothes were drenched in slobber and drool, but the two sleepyheads didn’t seem to care. Nor did they bother to tidy up their crayons and papers before they fell asleep, contradictory to the one of the rules in the orphanage. Mel found it a little gross, but Edward was smothered by their cuteness the minute his eyes landed on them. “Mel, let’s do that when we get married!” he exclaimed like a schoolgirl and also like it was the best idea in all of Aia. Mel pictured Edward getting a fat trophy from the previous guy who got named ‘The Person Who Made Up The Best Idea in All of Aia’ and his smile being equivalent to a million gold coins. Nope. Not happening. Mel was going to respond with a snarky, sarcastic comment when Galahad showed up with a begging look on his face. “Let’s get out of here,” he pleaded, keeping a tight hold on Te’ijal who was being a whiny baby behind him. “No! Give me your sword!” she cried repeatedly, punching Galahad’s armour. Mel’s eyes grew as big as saucers again when she spotted Te’ijal… At least, a child who looked like Te’ijal with two pigtails and really cute fangs. “Psst, Edward,” Mel nudged Edward, who was still staring at the two sleeping children like an idiot. “Edward.” “Hunh… What?” he asked, almost subconsciously. Then he saw Te’ijal. “HOLY ORACLES DRAWN IN CRAYONS, WHAT HAPPENED!?” He earned himself glares that could look the equivalent of swords. Just then, Stella spotted them gawking at Te’ijal. “Found you!” she sang, skipping over to them. “Look, look, Mel, a little kid drew a picture for me!” Then she saw Te’ijal, and her eyes widened. “OMG! You’re so cute!!” she screeched. “What’s your name, girl?” “Stella,” Mel cut in. “That’s Te’ijal.” The healer’s eyes widened in understanding. “Ohhhh,” she said, still smiling. She then proceeded to twirl her fingers in an intricate fashion. When her fingers started glowing a gentle purple, she pointed at the vampress. “Grow,” she said, fighting back her giggles. The spell had no effect. Stella’s eyes darkened. “Oh.” she mumbled almost incoherently. “What’s wrong?” Galahad asked, still gripping his wife’s wrist. “Uhhh, well,” Stella smiled uneasily. “Maybe we should return to Pemberly Keep first.” So the party all said goodbye to the little tykes in the orphanage and returned to the manor. The minute they entered the rooms, Stella broke the news to them. “This spell can only be broken with a kiss, and also a crayon in place of a staff or wand.” “What!?” Galahad yelled, appearing extremely angry with the prospect of kissing a child. His wife or not, he was not kissing an underage child… Whatever if the child was more than 800 years old! She had the looks of a freaking five-year-old. Mel and Edward were just holding back from showing their amusement and slight embarrassment, until Galahad unleashed the weirdest, (yet unusually cutest) comment they had both ever heard in their seventeen and eighteen years of life, respectively. “Never in a million years am I kissing pepperoni and cheese drenched in animal blood off a child’s lips!” he spat at Stella. The two youngest members of the party looked at Te’ijal, then at Galahad, and back at Te’ijal again. There was a box of pizza sitting innocently on the coffee table in the living room. Mini Te’ijal was sitting on the rug and happily licking cheese that was tinted red off her tiny fingers. “Where did she get that blood, anyways?” Mel whispered to Edward, warily eyeing Galahad’s shouts at poor Stella. Edward shrugged. “Maybe she killed someone’s dog or caught one of those chickens near the tavern,” he replied, smiling halfheartedly in his attempt to answer the vague question. Mel raised her eyebrows. “Are you sure she won’t get in trouble for those things?” He didn’t answer that. Mel was sure that they were probably going to be hunted down by the Thaisian castle guards soon. But of course, they had another issue at hand. A few moments of listening to Galahad’s rubbish complaints and protests later, Stella seemed to have had enough. Mel watched as the lilac-haired healer clasped her hands behind her back so the paladin wouldn’t notice her casting a spell and shut her eyes in concentration. Galahad was just a step too late to ask Stella what she was doing, and in a blink of an eye, Galahad was under Stella’s Silence spell. He opened his mouth and screamed in shock, only to be stared at by his friends as if he was being a clown. Stella took a deep breath. “All right, Galahead,” she said, drawing out the last syllable. “Unless you kiss Te’ijal and break the spell, I won’t remove the effects of my Silence. Okay?” Stella had a kind smile on her face when she voiced out her blackmail. Mel and Edward could only stare. Only Stella could bribe someone like that so nicely and not appear even slightly angered. The room was now dead silent, with only the sounds of Te’ijal chomping down on another slice of her food, appearing to be blissfully ignorant of what was occurring around her. Finally, Galahad’s shoulders sagged and he opened his mouth to release a soundless sigh. “Very well,” he mouthed to his friends. “But on the condition that Stella does not call me Galahead and Mel and Edward will not hold this against me for eternity.” Mel and Edward couldn’t discern what the paladin was trying to tell them, but Stella seemed to know. Galahad proceeded to toss her the pink crayon he stole from the orphanage, which made it even harder to guess what he said. “Alright.” she agreed, clutching the crayon. She then motioned at Te’ijal. “Now, if you don’t mind, we’d like to have her back, please.” Galahad did his best to resist the urge to groan in disgust before looking back at Stella. Supposedly understanding, the lilac-haired healer quickly instructed Mel and Edward to turn their heads away from the paladin (despite their immediate requests of wanting to watch the situation unfold) and shut her own eyes, crayon ready in her hand. Galahad shot Stella a grateful smile in return and returned his attention to the ‘child’. She was simply looking at him, her bright scarlet spheres reflecting her cluelessness. Biting his cheeks, he lifted the girl up and brought her lips closer to his. And… He kissed her. He didn’t regret it one bit, either. It felt really nice, like toasted marshmallows against his mouth. But what struck him most of all was how… Affectionate and safe he felt as he did that. Before very long, he heard Stella chanting one of her spells. Soon enough, Te’ijal’s size grew drastically until she was a full-grown, elegant woman. He also found that he was able to speak properly. Releasing his grip on his wife, he smiled bashfully at her before turning away and feeling his face heat up. Te’ijal simply stared at him, confused as to why her husband was acting so unusual. “Well, muffin, we are husband and wife,” she said. “Why are you so embarrassed? Couples show affection in this way all the time.” And then, without another word, she dragged him away to their quarters. The remaining three smiled at one another in mutual, unspoken understanding. Stella’s spell worked, with another benefit– Galahad was able to acknowledge more about how much he cared and loved his wife, despite being tricked into their marriage. “Well, all’s well that ends well,” Edward said, acting like an old geezer. Mel rolled her eyes, but smiled. “Let’s go get some crayons and draw pictures!” Stella exclaimed, running out of the manor. Mel and Edward followed her, smiling as if they were looking at their own child (no, they didn’t care that she was two years older than them). At the doorway, they shared a chaste kiss before running after the hyper healer. “Wait up!” Edward yelled. Mel sighed. How many kids did she really have? And she wasn’t even married yet. -0- AHAHAHAHAHA I’M SO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING ANYTHING FOR SUCH A LONG TIME AHAHAHAHAHA don’t destroy me with your swords, arrows, staves and magic spells soooooo i hope you liked this very random piece. i’m going to continue this series (if i ever find the time to TT very busy atm, i’m working on a lot of projects and co-curricular activities at school and wOW i have sm to work on right now. i have like a scrapbook due next month, a handwritten folio that i have to hand in by monday and as the vice secretary of the english club at school, i have an event to organise and all the other club members. don’t. care. about. ANYTHING. asfjdsakjhah. So anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this! Feel free to drop in any requests for any one-shots based off a word. Just comment down below and tell me~ Bye! <3
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    do ye want summore chibi gyendal
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    "Reputation" appears to be the number of Likes you have received from others.
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    Moderators have changed. More or less, if a mod hasn't been on the site for a year, I've switched them to normal members.
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    Hahaha well that makes two of us. Right now I have the default forums installed. I'm going to take a closer look at all of the forum options this week and next. Each day, something small will change.
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    Question: With the new leaderboard and on profiles I'm seeing this new feature called reputation where it's giving all these rankings and maybe I'm just oblivious but I cannot for the life of me figure out what reputation means lol. What is the whole reputation thing?
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    This was inspired by Rosetyler's Aveyond clickbait article titles. I liked the idea so much that I went out and wrote a tabloid story based on the Aveyond 1 plot XD ***** How did one girl defeat the Dark Lord? The answer will blow your mind! Before she embarked on her world-saving adventure, seventeen-year-old Rhen Darzon Pendragon of Clearwater never expected to travel farther from the meadow at the outskirts of her village to collect marigolds for her mother, much less save the world from Ahriman. But everything changed when this small-town girl was thrown out of her small-town world, kidnapped by a slave trader, and sold to a wealthy buyer in the Eastern city of Galarah. After six months a slave, Rhen's life turned around one fateful day when two Shadwood Academy ambassadors witnessed a powerful feat of magic from the now-famous Sword Singer, officially freeing her due to the law forbidding enslavement of magic wielders. "I needed a slave to help me take care of the house and my eldest boy, after the last one ran away. Insolent girl. I'm thankful I was able to rid myself of her," says Rona Tenobor, Rhen's former mistress. Yeah right - she's just jealous! She was admitted into the prestigious academy along with her owner's son, Lars Tenobor. Both Rhen and Lars declined to comment on their interactions during this time, but our sources say that Lars frequently teased and bullied Rhen, even giving her the nickname "Peta". Thankfully, their relationship has since improved, growing from animosity to friendship to...something else? (Pro tip, boys: if you want to get the girl, DO NOT torment her unless you are prepared to accompany her on a year-long quest to save the world.) Rhen and Lars quickly became the most talented Sword Singer and Sorcerer in their class. (Our Shadwood alumni writers proclaim them #goals.) They reunited with the mysterious priestess/Dream Druid Talia shortly before graduation, who told them they must rescue all the druids across Aia, or else the world would literally end. And most of us couldn't even handle the pressure of a part-time job when we were in school! The pair picked up an unlikely band of adventurers while on their druid-saving quest. Among them were sexy demon summoner Elini, rugged Pirate John, playful (and possibly insane) vampress Te'ijal, and the (half) bald Sun Priest known as Dameon. The healer was Druid Talia's son, who had been estranged from his mother ever since she killed his father after he turned to the dark side. He quickly charmed his way into the group with his silver tongue and golden looks. He also captured Rhen's attention - much to Lars' annoyance, reported a certain white-haired Veldtian summoner. But was this mere jealousy at play, or was there something deeper going on with the enigmatic Sun Priest? Alas, all journeys must come to an end, as did Rhen and co.'s after slaying seven daevas and rescuing six druids. What was the point of all that, you may ask? All of the druids were required to open the doors the vault containing the legendary Sword of Shadows, the only weapon with the power to defeat Ahriman. Don't try wielding it at home, kids - the sword holds the souls of hundreds of demons, and shattering it would set them all free. The chosen one was finally ready to face off against the demon lord, but of course, a certain someone had to go and ruin her moment. Looks like Lars was onto something - Dameon was actually a double agent working for Ahriman all along (sorry, Rhen, but some guys are just too good to be true). Luckily, Rhen happened to have some fairy dust on her, which she threw into Dameon's eyes. We're not really sure how this works - although we suspect it's some combination of light magic, the power of love, and hallucinogens - but this was enough to make Dameon realize that he had gone looking for a father figure in the wrong guy. He joined forces with Rhen and the others to defeat his former master, and Ahriman really didn't stand a chance. Now that the prophecy has been fulfilled, Aia has been saved, etc., what is Rhen going to do now? She's currently pondering that question herself while temporarily lodging at the temple in Aveyond, along with the Oracle and the eight druids. "I think she should go back to Thais," says Eithera, Druid of Strength. "She's actually their rightful queen, you know. It's a long story. They're in need of a strong ruler and it's her responsibility to fulfill that role." Daena, Druid of Wisdom, has a different perspective. "Rhen should follow her heart, take the path that feels most right to her. That boy Lars wants her to go back to Veldarah with him and work at Shadwood Academy. I think she could make real progress there." What do you think - should Rhen go to Thais and become the queen we all know she is, head back to Veldarah and work to abolish slavery, or return to her hometown of Clearwater until she figures things out? No matter what she chooses, we'll make sure to keep an eye out for Aia's bravest rising hero.
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    Awwwwwwwww this fanfic was so cute! Bring on the more fluff!
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    Rhen/Lars is the one AV ship that will never die! I ran a gift exchange last winter and like all the requests were for R/L lolol
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    It has five likes and hundreds of views, so obviously people like the trash I for one love a good fluff fic; as much as I like long plotty stories I'll never fail to scream with joy whenever I see a sappy oneshot lolol
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    @moonpeace Yeah, I also kind of relate to her! It's like just because she's 14, people think that she can't do as much as adults. I thought she would've graduated by the end of TDP xD;; Since in TLO she got her apprenticeship and all. @Queen-of-Ice101 Dawww, don't worry about it! And maybe she isn't seen again after TLO because Amanda thought fans didn't like her T.T Because Yvette seems more popular. Thank you TwT @Mu11berry I know, right!?
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    I kept expecting to see June again too, she just kind of immediately endeared herself when she was practicing her cute little spells ♥♥
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    First Av4 fanfic yayy! I loved it! BoylexIngrid are my fave in Av4 and this was hilarious! Boyle wanting a hobby ahaha XD Please write more Av4 because this was AWSOME! And the Pendragon reference was awwww
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    There will be a person standing outside the hut who will teach you a skill, but only if you go there before rescuing Eirwen. Once she joins the party, that person will be gone. (You never do get to enter the hut.)
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    Hooray, I can like it now! And I just checked Boyle's design and ohmygod, Rodania-chan and Berry-chan are right! It looks exactly like his.
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    @Mu11berry Oh, darn it! I need to fix it TT The reasons still stand, though. xD Your obsession knows no bounds, Berry-chan! xD
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    hi i'm just a gasping in awe stalker passing by
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    That fire is like, my religion. That's amazing and I am in awe wowowow. And the picture overall looks great, I was planning to have Talia join the Dragon Lords actually!
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    @Rodania ♡ Thank you!! I appreciate your compliments, haha ♥
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    THIS IS AMAZING!!! That fire is absolutely breathtaking, how did you do that?!? Talia looks amazing and her holding more fire is the perfect touch. The dragon behind her is awesome and just makes that picture so complete. Holy crap I bow before your artistic prowess, this is an amazing piece!!!!!!! (and nope, no need to post in the challenge topic unless you really want to:) you could post everything in a couple of posts once you're done them all if you wanted, that would be cool!!)
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    Top half, sorry L! Publix or Target?
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    It's much easier now. In latest build, no need to create hero kit object. Create hero object and then drag it into the Hierarchy. This will create the hero kit object and attach the hero object to it. Works in latest build.
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    (Double posting because this is really a separate post, hope that's okay.) I just finished replaying Aveyond 1 for the first time in years, and I had forgotten how great it was! This is what I lowkey wanted to happen during the love potion cutscene, haha, so I decided to write it. _______________ Three Husbands, Plus One "We should use this love potion on one of the men," declared Elini. "Good idea uplander," replied Te'ijal. "Galahad, come here my duckling. I have something for you." "Stay away from me creature of the night!" Elini scoffed at the entitled vampress. "Who says you get to use the potion?" "Don't push it, human. Now give me the potion and I will not bite you." "Come now ladies, let's be reasonable..." Pirate John backed away from the two women. Despite years of experience as a swashbuckling pirate, this was one fight he didn't want to get involved in. "You already have his soul, what do you need a love potion for?" Elini shoved Te'ijal away as she reached for the potion. "YOU already have three husbands." Te'ijal snatched the potion back. "You have many years ahead of you to find husbands. If I don't snatch this one up now, he may escape forever." "Hey!" Pirate John snapped. "It's obvious you two ladies aren't rational enough to handle this yourselves. Why don't you give the potion to me for safekeeping?" "Of course," grinned Elini. "See? Women aren't so unreasonable. All they need is a man to-" Elini uncorked the bottle, intending to pour the potion over John's head, when suddenly a very indignant vampress grabbed it out of her hand. "Don't think I'm falling for your tricks, uplander. I see what you're about to do!" The two women fought fiercely over the potion, trying to wrestle it out of the other's hand. Until suddenly, the bottle cracked, causing the concoction inside to explode onto both of them. Awkwardly, they stepped away from each other and the pieces of broken bottle on the ground. "At least I don't have to worry about THAT anymore" Pirate John breathed a sigh of relief. "This is why I avoid women. They're all crazy, the lot of them!" Meanwhile, Elini nonchalantly picked shards of glass out of her hair. "You know, John, I've been thinking. A husband with that attitude is more trouble than he's worth. I want to search for a new prospect, something a little more high-class." In the background, Lars bristled, ready to defend his bachelorhood. "And what might that be, uplander?" Te'ijal inquired. "I already have three husbands. Maybe it's time to add a wife to the mix." Mad Marge's jaw dropped. Pirate John blinked. Te'ijal burst into a fit of cackles. "A union of two women? That is almost unheard of in humankind." She grinned with amusement, baring her fangs. "Lucky for you, I have no interest in conforming to silly human customs." Elini returned her new love interest's grin. "Good! We shall be wed as soon as this quest is finished. I'm sure my husbands will welcome you, as you are just as strong as they are. Perhaps even stronger." Te'ijal sidled up to her fiancée, ruby eyes sparkling with amusement and...affection? "Why wait? I hear there's a lovely wedding chapel in Thais..." She sweetly nibbled at Elini's ear, making sure to watch the fangs. Wouldn't want to upset her wife-to-be on the eve of their wedding night. That could wait till later, she decided. Elini nodded and turned to face Rhen. "We'll only be gone a day, swordsinger. Maybe two. I'm sure you won't miss us." With another glance back at the party, she chuckled and whispered something into Te'ijal's ear, to which the other woman laughed at and nodded. The two of them then strolled off to be married, arms lovingly locked around each other's waists. A few moments too late, Galahad reached the belated conclusion that he was left without his soul. "Wait! Come back! What about my soul?" He attempted to run after them, but they were long gone. "Curse you, demon spawn!" After giving Galahad a half-hearted consolation pat on the back, Pirate John decided to voice what everyone else was probably thinking. "They're strangely perfect for one another, in a twisted, nonsensical sort of way." "But two women? I thought multiple husbands was strange enough, and now this?" Lars rolled his eyes. "I don't know, Lars. Are you sure you're not just jealous? You did seem pretty offended when Elini said she didn't want to marry you." Rhen added. "Hey, she may not think I'm good enough for her, but I don't want to be her husband anyway! Hmph!" "Whatever, Lars." A certain surly barmaid who had been uncharacteristically quiet through the the unfolding of events then cleared her throat. "Now that that Veldtian minx is gone, you can forget about her and focus on me, right John?" Mad Marge planted her hands on her hips and glared expectantly. In retrospect, Pirate John was starting to think that he should've taken Elini up on her offer when he had the chance. "...I think I need a drink." _______________ I honestly don't even know lmao
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    I really loved the chapters of this story that have been published and I would really love if there was more chapters or the full story posted somewhere:)
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    These clovers are rather well hidden and I only found 5. Did someone find others? These are the notes I took to help others, but I cannot remember specifics if you have questions. I hope I got this right. 1. Applemere 2. Marshbarrow 3. Silverwood 4. Uleiria's Realm 5. Irtak’s Domain aloha!