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  1. If there is a hero object without a rigidbody attached to it, you can't interact with it (collision is not captured). But we need to capture collision with hero objects that have colliders.
  2. Play game. Hero Object no longer populates Hero Kit Editor. Sometimes you can't rename objects in the Project tab while the Hero Kit Editor is open on Mac.
  3. Creator has no way of knowing that a prefab, not a particle, must be dragged into the particle effect field. Change description.
  4. If you change the position or rotation of a particle that should play on a hero object, the hero object is rotated and moved, not the particle. This has been fixed for Play Particle on Object, but we need to check for this in the other particle scripts.
  5. Answers below. 1. Yes. But technically, you can put your codes anywhere. There is one note: anything that is an editor class needs to exist in an editor folder. Check out the action scripts to see how this works. 2. You can use the Picture action to create a 2D background. It's similar to what RPG Maker has. BUT, 2D is limited right now. After HeroKit 1.0 is released, full 2D support will be added next. 3. Right now, I would create hero objects that contain specific types of variables. Let me think about how I can make this easier if variables need to be on one object. 4. Not now, but let me think about how this could be implemented. This sounds like a good feature to add. 5. Title scene can be just like any scene. You just need to display the title menu in it. If you want to animate a 2D background, you can do this via Unity w/o using HeroKit. 2D animation will be added to the next version of HeroKit.
  6. Hi Amanda! Any plans for Aveyond 5?


  7. Added a mini live tutorial here:
  8. If you are receiving errors that are related to HeroKit when you run you game, it’s possible that some of the data structures are outdated in your hero objects. Here are a few reasons this can happen: You updated a hero property that is attached to a bunch of hero objects. You upgraded HeroKit. You updated a hero action. Fixing this problem is easy. Follow these steps: Open any hero object in the Hero Kit Editor. To the right of the hero object name, click on the button. Click Refresh Hero Objects.
  9. In Beta I, this issue is fixed. After you update, you need to perform this action: Open any Hero Object in the Hero Object Editor. Click the "View Settings" icon (to the right of the Hero Object name). Click "Refresh Hero Objects."
  10. This should be fixed now.
  11. Found the bug. Working on a fix. I added a few new values that are stored in a unity object. The old actions don't have these fields so they crash.
  12. New changes to the editor should make this more intuitive. Hopefully this UX bug is fixed. If not, post a new ticket and I'll brainstorm more ideas.
  13. HeroKitSession stores data about what you last had open in the Hero Kit Editor. Do you notice any odd behavior when working in the Hero Kit Editor? Does the content in the Hero Kit Editor disappear when you test play your game? If not, ignore this.
  14. Thanks for finding this bug. Tracked it down and discovered it would have had a huge impact on over 30 actions. Fixed!
  15. Edit a hero action: Double-click on a hero action in the Project tab.