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  1. Ant's Journal

    Finished the Platform actions. Everything works as expected now. I've moved on to the RPG top-down actions. I have them all finished. Tonight I test. If everything looks good, I'm going to refactor the 3D movements so the controllers and movement actions all reference the same movement script.
  2. Think of each hero object as a brain. You can attach one to any game object to make it more intelligent. Levels are something a bit different. What you need is a good level editor. A good level editor lets you lay out scenes quickly. It goes like this: Find a good level editor to layout your scenes. Check the Unity Asset store for these. I would check out Dungeon Architect. It's expensive, but there is a sale going on right now, so you might be able to get it cheap. Use hero kit to give intelligence to important objects in your scenes (player character, npcs, treasure chests, etc). Hope this helps!
  3. FPS tutorial?

    Yes, let's do that. Send a PM to me with a link to the project. I'll take a look at it tonight to see what's up.
  4. No need to worry about HeroKit while designing your levels. HeroKit is very unobtrusive. Now, how to design your levels in general... so much depends on what type of game you are creating. To start, check out this tutorial for the basics. The next place to go is to Unity's YouTube page, where they keep training sessions from previous Unite events. Check out what the folks at Unity have to say on level design. There are lots of level editors on the asset store, but they are scattered all over in different categories. Search for Dungeon Architect, Level Editor to start. There isn't a right way to design your levels, but before you look for the tools you need, it's important that you write down key specs about your game. For example, what kind of levels do you need? Tiled? Not tiled? Do you want players to be able to provide their own resources like what you see in Minecraft? I would make a list of the top five things that are important to you and start there. Also, research your favorite games. How did they do it? Hunt down interviews from the makers, message them if you can, etc.
  5. FPS tutorial?

    Can you tell me a little more about your fall? Is it from a building? Can you show me a screencap?
  6. Tested and it works with HeroKit. To use on the Player Knight in Spriteman3D: In the Project tab, open SpriteMan3D > Demo > Scenes > Simple Demo In the Hierarchy tab, select Player Knight. In the Inspector, click Add Component and type Hero Kit Object. Select the component with this name to add it to Player Knight. In the Inspector, in the component called Hero Kit Object, click Create & Assign Hero Object. This adds an empty hero object to Player Knight. Press play. Everything should work smoothly. And that's it! A few notes & warnings: When you create states for your hero object, do not assign visuals for the object. This is very important. If you do, it will erase the components on Player Knight. Actions for movement that come with HeroKit will not work on this hero object because it's using a custom player controller. This shouldn't be a problem with a decent player controller which should hopefully have everything you need all set up. You can create custom actions specifically for your custom player controller. That's another subject to tackle once you're comfortable with C# and Unity.
  7. Using this should be as simple as adding the model that was created with Spriteman3D to a Hero Object. I see that there is a free version of Spriteman3D for 4-way movement. I'll download it tonight to see how easy it will be to integrate with HeroKit.
  8. Ant's Journal

    Made good progress with the platform movement actions last night. Originally, the ability to control a hero object with a platform controller or via movement actions (platform movements) were completely separate scripts. I didn't like this because most of the code was the same, so I created a third helper script (movement2D) that contains all of the settings and functions that are needed by both platform controller and platform movement scripts. This is important because when something happens in the platform controller AND the platform movement scripts, the resulting physics needs to blend together. So far, the platform controller script is complete and I have "move left" and "move right" actions for the platform movement script complete. Next, I'm going to add "jump" to the platform movement script. This script will eventually contain additional platformer-specific actions (attack, defend, crawl, climb, etc). BUT, don't expect a bunch of these actions soon. I have to get the basic functionality complete for platformer movement and top-down RPG-style movement. The good news is that you will be able to add these yourself via your custom created actions.
  9. Once new animator system is tested, add Unity's old one for 2D sprites.
  10. How to recognise animations?

    Not a problem.
  11. Ant's Journal

    Continuing to work on 2D integration. I'm not happy with the 2D player controllers. My first thought was to create one controller that could be configured for platform-style games and top-down games, but I've come to realize that these controllers are, in fact, very different. The platform controller needs gravity and it needs to work closely with the ability to jump, crawl, climb, etc. It's more likely that the player will simply "flip" the sprite from left to right instead of creating different sprites for left and right-facing movement. The top-down controller for RPGs needs the ability to have a sprite face four to eight directions. It may or may not need gravity. Gravity may need to come from another direction. Research is needed. I'm re-working the platformer controller now.
  12. Hi everyone, between releases, I'm going to update this thread with where things are at in the development lifecycle every few days.
  13. Best format to post our own Hero Actions in?

    Not sure how I missed this one. I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but I think putting them in a UnityPackage is the best way to distribute them.
  14. How to recognise animations?

    HeroKit has legacy animation support for 3D, but not for 2D yet. If you want it, I'll add it.
  15. FPS tutorial?

    Just finished the tutorial.