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  1. Now I'm 99% certain I know what's going on. I can't get to a computer until tomorrow morning, this will be fixed asap.
  2. Description says there is a hero object but there is not.
  3. Description is wrong.
  4. One field say move away from... needs to be turn away from...
  5. Shake Camera

    Has wrong description.
  6. In form, change Move a different object to Animate a different object.
  7. Should include tutorial to create the new variable and an action to use it.
  8. Need to refresh these hero objects & re-test.
  9. I use Parallels. It lets you have Windows apps on your mac.
  10. Hi

    I need more games to play. Please make one! I don't care what engine, but I find that the people in this community tend to make the games that I love to play. I owe you a HeroKit key, btw. Can you ping me if you want it?
  11. Hi

    Thank you pyremonk and welcome to the community! I'm going to be building my next game with HeroKit so it will be adventure for both of us. If you need any specific actions for HeroKit, let me know. I'll also be adding 2D support next. Unity is about to release it's 2D tileset editor which looks a lot like the one used for RPG Maker (which has an awesome tileset editor).