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  1. Ludus Famis: Fabula Scribae

    I've never read or watched Hunger Games, but I love the dramatic style of this. It flows really nicely, kinda like poetry
  2. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Scrivener of the Gods Thanks!! The armor isn't as hard as it looks, you just have to stare at reference pictures for long enough, haha. And I always saw Aesma as more leathery too, actually, but I couldn't get the spikes on his sprite to look right with that texture so XD @Queen-of-Ice101 Thank you!! Haha, I'm loving that people are calling Aesma adorable, this is what happens when mini Dameon get involved in things I guess XD XD
  3. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @moonpeace Well at least something is working XD XD Thanks!! Both were fun to do
  4. Count down to 0 (From 2015)

    136 (almost started counting down again ahahaha)
  5. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @moonpeace Okay I have no idea what's going on because it showed up in the preview and it's showing up fine on my laptop but I will try to figure this out >< Meanwhile here's the link: link :D Thanks for reading that whole explanation thing though!! XD I'm glad you enjoyed it hahaha. And true about all the changes! The Goddess was in AP so I always forget she's not really mentioned in AV1 haha. So many mysteries though. I want answerrssss ALSO. EVERYONE. I AM A FAILURE AND I FORGOT TO SHARE THIS RHEN DOODLE so here, I am sorry for the trouble Doodled in class, consider this my contribution to inktober! Cute fierce deadly Rhen!! And a link in case this fails again: Ink Rhen
  6. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    This time, I have not been inactive!! Yayyy berry!! So here is my entry for day 8 of @Queen-of-Ice101's challenge, favorite daeva! That's right, it's Aesma! Why Aesma? His line is, "I eat you now." !!!!! I mean really, the simplicity and elegance! The pure straightforward unabashed certainty of it!! The other daevas try to intimidate you and be all dramatic and blah blah blah, but not Aesma! He doesn't even bother to check who he's fighting! All he cares about is, he's hungry, and dinner has just arrived. I aspire to that level of confidence. ... ... ... ... Okay, okay! Fine! I'll talk about the flowers and the tiny child on his shoulders!! I said I would do flower crowns for every picture possible for this challenge, and unfortunately for Aesma, I found that it was possible for this picture. I had to twist canon a tiny bit but considering some of the other crack that goes on in this fandom, I don't think I went too far. So here's the story. If Dameon's father was working with Ahriman as far back as when Thais was destroyed (or a little after, just around there somewhere), and if Mr. Maurva didn't want to ask Talia to watch Dameon during his demon meetings (for fear of being found out or something), then somebody would have to babysit Dameon. And clearly, obviously, the only logical choice for who would receive such a responsibility is Aesma. Which is conveniently perfect for my purposes, because tiny Dameon would totally make flower crowns for giant monsters and convince them to wear said crowns with his stupid cute little face. So there. (As a side note, it's kind of interesting that in AP and AV1 the man seems to take the woman's name at marriage, but in later games it seems to be reversed? Might be forgetting something but. Interesting either way.) (And p.s. I totally went crazy with the flowers again. Sorry a little??)
  7. So I got to the final battle of AV1, and I did the dark ending just to see it again, and basically now my heart is broken. Just... why??? They were such precious souls with so much potential and then just T.T

    *cries for a million years*

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    2. Mu11berry


      I had to replay the canon ending and write a short to feel better XD XD 


    3. Scrivener of the Gods

      Scrivener of the Gods

      Heh. Don't worry. You're the potential replacement for Dameon. All hail the great and mighty Mu11berry: Druidess of the Sun.

    4. Mu11berry


      I will take it hahaha

  8. Hey there, Mu11berry!

    I just happened to login now and saw your PM. I know it's dueee like 2 months but letting you know your msg really made my day. :heart:


    1. Mu11berry


      Haha, don't worry about it, I am a slow writer so XD XD

      I'm glad it made your day!! You deserve it <3 

  9. @Scrivener of the Gods Idk how you gave the Gyendal picture it that texture, but it looks nice, I like it I'll totally draw something too because I am devoted to our king because it'll be fun, haha. I'm thinking we should have this event after the guild stuff has settled in? Just so nobody is overwhelmed? Sound good, guys?
  10. So... I was trying to play Aveyond 1, but instead of clicking the icon on my desktop like I usually do I went through my program files to do it (don't ask me why I can't explain myself), and when I opened it there was just one save file near the beginning of the game??? Also, it was Build B??? So I opened it from the desktop and it was Build C again and it had all my save files. So I apparently have two builds?? Somehow???? I don't know what's happening ahaha

  11. Guild Tags!

    These are beautiful!! Perfect color scheme!!
  12. Moonpeace's AV fics (Warning - here be CRACK!)

    All of that was hilarious, but that up there ^^ was my favorite line XD XD XD XD Also, yayy for AV2 fanfic!!
  13. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    @Ant Wow, thank you so much!! I am ecstatic that you liked these, thanks for taking the time to comment! I'm glad you liked the constellations too, they were fun to come up with! Thank you for making such a rich world to write about, and thanks for creating these wonderful characters and writing such a profound and beautiful story for them (and for throwing in so much hilarity, too!)
  14. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @moonpeace Thanks!! My pic hardly does it justice, reeeadd!!! @Queen-of-Ice101 Thanks!! I love when you rave, feel free to do so at any time XD XD XD I'm glad my version of the armor did your version justice~ @Ant (?!!!!!!!!!?!!) Thank you!!! I am so flattered right now I don't even know what to do with myself so I'll just stick these faces here Thanks for creating such amazing characters for me to work with!!
  15. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    I've been hesitating to post this next piece because I might write one that goes before it, but as of now it isn't started so whatever, I'll just edit this post if I end up writing it. Anyway, you can always find everything in order here _________________________________________________________________________ Night Watch If I actually had to obtain sap from trees to have it in my stories, this piece would have resulted in the obliteration of half the world forests*. Set in the late hours of the night while the party is camping in the woods, most likely the Wildwoods but I wasn't sure if I wanted to put this before or after "In the Dark," so I don't know. Feel free to share your thoughts on that. All the constellations mentioned are references to one of the games. Mostly AP, cuz that's the one I know best, having played it approximately fifty million times. *Fortunately, story sap does not need to come from trees and no plants were harmed in the making of this fanfiction. It was Rhen's turn to keep watch. Usually they just let Te'ijal keep watch, but the vampress had asked for time to explore, by which she likely meant hunt— but anyway, Elini had woken Rhen up to take her turn about an hour ago, and at first everything had been quiet and uneventful (besides Dameon's soft snoring, and Lars's sitting up suddenly to throw a boot at him before falling back asleep like nothing had happened). But then she'd heard rustling leaves and the sound of cracking twigs from somewhere just beyond the glow of the dying fire. She hadn't wanted to wake everyone up if it was nothing, so she'd drawn her sword (and the shhiiish of the metal against the scabbard made her heart race) and she'd gone to investigate alone. And now here she was, fumbling through the darkness, looking for who knew what. She was probably going to get attacked before she could even find a place to put her feet— "Oof!" Her foot found a root and she was careening forward. Her sword went flying and her palms found the forest floor and scraped against the dirt and foliage— whatever it was heard her crash to the ground and dashed away. Probably just an animal, then. Maybe a very lost rabbit. She pushed herself to her feet and scowled down at her hands. They were bleeding and stinging and had bits of dirt and twig stuck in them. Stupid, clumsy. It was going to be hard to hold her sword now, when she found where it had landed. If she could find it, in these woods. She should have woken someone up. She scowled and blew her bangs away from her face. She hated to ask for help, especially for something so trivial, but she had made enough mistakes for one night. She'd better go get somebody. Probably Dameon. Maybe he wouldn't mind, because he had the next watch anyway. He could probably conjure some kind of light to help her look around. And, he wouldn't scold her or tease her. So she made her way back to the campsite and managed to find where Dameon's mat was without stepping on everyone else (though she nearly kicked Elini in the head), and she kneeled beside him. "Dameon," she whispered, and reached out to shake his shoulder— Except before her hand got there he shifted and his eyes opened, and he was looking at her very seriously, and sitting up. "Is it my watch?" "Er— no, I—" She hesitated. He was going to think she was so stupid, for waking him up for something so unimportant. She should have just waited for her watch to be over. But he was up now, so she stammered, "I— I need your help." He blinked. "I lost my sword," she explained, and pointed at the woods. "There was something moving, and I went to investigate, and I— er, I tripped." She was blushing and he still looked so serious. "And I scraped up my hands," she added, holding them up for him to see— why was she mentioning that? She folded her arms and shoved her fingers under her elbows and tried to finish her thought. "So could you— help me?" She was ashamed to look in his eyes but she didn't have anywhere else to look— but he just nodded, and held out his palms towards her. She stared at them uncertainly for a moment, until he whispered, "May I see?" "Er— what?" He furrowed his eyebrows (he had nice eyebrows, which was a weird thing to think but there it was)."Your hands. You said they were injured?" "Oh— er— yes," she stammered. "But I meant— I didn't expect— well— I guess— here," she finished defeatedly, and put her hands, palms up, in his. She guessed they could look for her sword later. He had long, graceful fingers that made her hands look like they belonged to a dwarf, a clumsy dwarf, because they were all scratched up, and she felt very self-conscious and stupid. And burdensome— why had she not just waited? "Sorry about waking you up for this. I— should have let you sleep." "I don't mind," he whispered back, now holding her hands— her clumsy dwarf hands— in one of his so he could use the other to pull out his waterskin. "This is my job, isn't it?" She tried to feel guilty, for making him feel like he was expected to do things like this, but he had a soft sort of voice and she just felt soothed. He poured the cold water from his waterskin over her hands and rubbed her palms gently, cleaning off the dirt and blood, and she shivered and thought that his eyes were very dark, and that his long, long fingers were warm, and that they fit around hers kind of nicely, and somehow what she decided to say from all this was, "You have very big hands." He glanced up at her and it seemed like his ears were pink. "I guess I do, compared to yours," he said, putting the water away now, and drying her hands with his sleeve. He started whispering one of his spells and she looked up at the sky and wondered why she had to be so awkward. If she had to be tasked with saving the world and ruling a country and all that nonsense, she at least could have been fortunate enough to have a little natural tact, a little innate charm. Something. "Are you looking at Serendipity?" Dameon whispered, letting go of her now-healed hands and gesturing up at a group of stars. "The sort of diamond shape?" "That's supposed to be Serendipity? The Nymph of Luck?" He smiled. "Yes." Rhen stifled a laugh. "She looks like a box." Dameon made a sound that seemed almost like a chuckle, which made her blush for whatever reason. She cleared her throat and scanned the sky— the stars were kind of pretty, and comfortable, somehow. They were always the same. Constant. "What else is up there?" He shifted next to her. "Well... there's Eliza Stoneheart." He traced a few seemingly random stars with his finger— which looked very elegant, silhouetted against the night sky. "Hmm." That was a strange name. "Was she a dwarf?" "What?" He looked at her and then back at the sky. "No, she was a warrior. Like you." "Oh." Rhen felt herself blushing, and she wasn't sure if Dameon could tell in the dark. "Why did they call her Stoneheart? Was she cruel?" He crinkled his eyebrows again, which was nice. "I don't know." Rhen looked up at the stars he had traced, and she thought they looked very far away. Sort of solitary, and... and maybe a little sad. "Perhaps," she began uncertainly. "Perhaps she was really kind. And she was just... just lonely." He looked at her and there was a sort of softness in his eyes. "Maybe." And maybe Eliza Stoneheart was lonely, but Rhen wasn't, not right now, with Dameon sitting beside her, talking quietly about things that didn't matter a bit. "Is there anything over that way?" she asked, pointing. He followed her gesture and tilted his head. "I think... do you see the triangular shape? With the line through it?" She moved closer to him to see where he was pointing— and she felt warm. "Yeah, I think so." He continued slowly, "I think that one is Yeccanuath, the mother of the Tehyor dragons." "Hmm." Yeccanuath was big, and bright, and— "She looks more like one of Te'ijal's arrows." He smiled at her, and shook his head. "There's also Squeakerbane." He was pointing at an arching line of stars. "The rooster." She tried not to laugh. "The rooster?" "Yes." "Why is there a rooster constellation?" "Well," he began hesitantly, "he was supposedly a scholar." This time she really did laugh— but still quietly. "What, was he the scholar of chicken-scratch penmanship?" Dameon smiled and she found herself trying to think of something else funny to say. "Professor of the most annoying morning sounds? Disciple of eggheads?" He smiled wider and she couldn't stop herself. "Or maybe," she waggled her eyebrows, and leaned closer to him, so that their noses almost touched— "an expert on fowl love?" He laughed, but it came out all choked, and his eyes were wide and his face was red, red, red— she pulled away from him. What was she doing? She felt very warm, and he was warm, and— and the stars were very, very bright. And even though she knew they were far, far away, they seemed to be right there with her, shining with the opposite of solitude. "What— what other constellations are there?" He was quiet, and still red, but in a comfortable way, and his dark eyes were searching the sky. "There's the glass coffin, here," he pointed. "The rectangle with the point at the end." She leaned towards him, slowly and carefully this time, and found the shape he described. "A coffin?" she asked, smiling maybe because it was funny, or maybe because it was bright. "It sounds sort of morbid, doesn't it?" he said, and smiled too. "It goes with an old story about a sleeping princess." "Mmm." It was pretty, and she felt warm, and also— safe, maybe, and— She yawned. "I wish I were a sleeping princess." He touched her arm, just barely, and said, looking at her with that serious expression that was becoming familiar, "Why don't you go to bed? I can finish your watch." She looked back at him. "Are you sure?" He nodded once. "Of course." She tried to refuse, to do what she was supposed to do, and finish what was expected of her— but the starlight sparkled timidly in his eyes, and instead she whispered, "Okay. Thank you, Dameon." And she crawled to where her mat was, and settled into it, and watched the outline of Dameon scan the campsite, and stir the fire, and move in and out of the stars, like he belonged to them— And she fell asleep, and completely forgot about looking for her stupid sword. But when she woke up in the morning it was by her mat, and Dameon was picking twigs out of his hair.