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  1. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    Okay I love all these new meme posts XD XD @Honey Butter Chloe Chloe it is XD @Scrivener of the Gods I have to admit that some of your pairings scare me a bit XD But they're very creative!! I never would have thought of Devin and Vel but they did have a kind of interesting dynamic. @Queen-of-Ice101 Obviously I love your crack ship XD Probably I have said this before but it was your high school AU that convinced me. I liked seeing Mel and Gyendal in a setting where they didn't have a history of being hostile to each other and they could just play off each other's mischievousness. @Luz_Melian (I'm just going to tag everyone in this thread apparently) YAAAYYYYY I am so glad to meet someone who understands!! I agree with everything, and it is understandable that people can't see the relationship development between Rhen and Dameon, there were certainly very few moments to establish it. For me, the Sedona manor, the interactions after talking to Danny, and scene in the Sun Temple with Talia was enough to go on, but it would have been nice if Dameon talked more during side quests. Part of his character was being more quiet and calm though, so I guess I understand. Maybe there could have been some other kind of scene somewhere, maybe further exploring his feelings towards his parents or helping Rhen think about her parents or something, just to more firmly establish his character and remind the players that he's there. Rhen loves him though and that's enough for me, haha. I can actually see Yvette and Hi'beru being together, I never would have thought of that Oh, Ingrid and Boyle!!! There were some bits of dialogue that made it seem like Ingrid hadn't actually cursed him, just pretended to. Also throughout the Aveyond games witches seem to associate love with curses, so either way I am convinced of their mutual affection XD I wish their ending had been just a little more mushy. I mean, if I'm going to go through all the trouble to get attraction point, I should be rewarded with some fluff, right?
  2. Picturis Scribarum

    I like the first one, maybe just the red explosive looking light thing makes it look more dramatic? But they're all pretty cool
  3. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Scrivener of the Gods Thanks!! Hahaha, I have posted art where his hair is on the wrong side before, because the picture gets flipped when I scan it in or whatever and I'm a lazy bum, but as the #2 Dameon fan, I can reassure you that this time I actually got it right:) Haha I'm glad you like the Gyendal/Mel one!! It was at least partially Queen-of-Ice101's idea, I can't remember the details, but it was fun to do!!
  4. Silly Aveyond Shorts

    *blush* Thank you! Oooh, yes, those are more serious than these for sure, haha! I guess I was confused because I haven't posted any of the more serious RxD ones yet, they both get a little dramatic in some of the later stuff so I was counting the beginning pieces as sillier. But you're right, they're definitely more serious than this stuff. I'm glad you're enjoying them so far! I keep meaning to change the name on my fanfic account to make it easier to find for Aveyond fans, buuuuut I keep forgetting. Or procrastinating >.> I've heard of lots of people who prefer AO3, but the site is confusing for me because I am mentally an old lady. And I am also mentally a child, so yeah. That's why I'm not over there XD The ff aveyond community is pretty active though! Meaning me and Queen and Rodania and Honey XD Sometimes there are also random fics or reviews by other people, though! You should totally revive your account!!
  5. Ban the person above you

    Banned for being hilarious!
  6. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    Oh, I don't have it memorized, I took notes on all the AV1 dialogue a while ago for fanfic purposes, and I figured while I was at it I better write down everything. Though, I am still finding some gaps >,< "An avid R/D shipper," oh boy! You have not discovered the depths of my insanity yet XD And what a question!!! I am about to rant again, I'm warning you right now! That ending tears me to pieces. I think one of the things Rhen has really been wanting for the whole game was a choice, you know? Even right before the battle, she is lamenting that she doesn't have a choice. And the whole time, Dameon would have known that he had a choice to offer her, and of course to him it is a good choice; it is what he chose for himself, after all. I think he loves her and needs her by that point, and giving her the choice would have been exciting and nerve-wracking for him, he would be hoping so much that she would come with him, so they could be happy and find peace together. And having that choice offered to her must have been so earth-shattering for Rhen, like everything was falling out from under her feet, and she never felt like she had much sturdy ground to stand on anyway. She's been doubtful of her abilities to destroy Ahriman the whole time, and then to have someone she trusts trust Ahriman, especially when she really hasn't been given that much information on Ahriman besides that he's "evil" and destroyed her "home" which she can't even remember.... I imagine it very much seemed to her that Dameon was offering her the last chance she would have at stability. AND THEN FOR HER TO ACTUALLY DO THE THING!! BUT IT WAS THE WRONG THING BECAUSE AHRIMAN ACTUALLY IS EVIL!! And it's so tragic because she had the ability to reveal the truth the whole time, if she had just believed enough in herself and in Dameon, and Ahriman plays on their fears and doubts and uses them and twists them into demons until they can't even feel anything even for each other and the live eternally in darkness without hope or peace and-- and-- TTTTTT.TTTTTT Does that answer your question? *Ahem* Sorry for being dramatic, I am good now XD Oh, I am actually the same with writing this month!! It's like someone put my brain in a blender and then dumped the mush back inside my head. But actually, I've been writing some today, so yay! And yay so much for the Aveyond winter exchange!!! I wanted to get in on it so badly last year but I was too shy to come back to the forums *hides* But I'm here now and I AM PARTICIPATING!!!
  7. Silly Aveyond Shorts

    I had to thanks react cuz that was just such a nice compliment, am crying a little T.T Thanks a lot!!! Though, I didn't think I'd posted any serious stuff on here??? So now I am a little concerned about what I put up without realizing it, ahaha. Hopefully nothing to crazy.
  8. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Don't worry, this is just the beginning. Mwahahaha
  9. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    Oh, I've seen daeva_agas's MxG things!! They're pretty cute and creative. Though, some of it is a little... violent, I guess? For me. That's just the way I am though, haha. Oh, yeah, there is a conversation sort of like that, but it happens before Rhen makes her choice, and Lars rolls his eyes after Rhen makes the suggestion. Which could be just Lars being Lars, but then in the ending the narration goes like this: "And so the story ends. Rhen and Lars taught at Shadwood Academy for several years. After a short time, they were raised to High Sword Singer and High Sorcerer. During this time Rhen worked tirelessly to have slavery abolished throughout the Eastern Empire. Many slaves returned to their homes. Some remained to start new lives. And a few realized their own magical gifts, and enrolled in Shadwood Academy to study sword singing or sorcery." And then the two famous lines which I will leave out so as to not distress any R/L fans XD XD But yeah, it isn't stated directly but it's pretty well implied that Lars does not help Rhen abolish slavery in the Veldarah ending. It's ambiguous enough that you could pretend otherwise for a fic, but it doesn't seem like it's meant to be in canon. I always think Thais is far from everywhere, but it's actually pretty close to the Eastern Isle. world map Pretty weird, huh? Freaks me out every time. Allllll the AV2 interactions!!!!! I'll write the fic... uh... one day... when I finally finish all these other ones T.T Or when I am randomly inspired and have to write immediately, either way XD XD And I haven't even written one AV2 fanfic, so you got me there. Clearly, we have been slacking, moonpeace. We will have to do better. XD
  10. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @moonpeace and @Queen-of-Ice101 I am cracking up right now XD XD Plan B it is!!! Though, I am rather convinced our insanity will be re-found out anyway..... o.o
  11. Silly Aveyond Shorts

    @moonpeace Awww thanks, I feel very flattered right now I love Despicable Me so that makes sense, actually, I was probably influenced without realizing it. And Queen, Rodania, and Cookies read it on fanfiction.net, and that's pretty much the entire active fanbase that reads stories sooo XD XD I'm glad you liked it!!! I wrote it as a silly thing while doing a more serious one shot (I don't know why I even bother with those -___-) so it was a great way for me to unwind, haha
  12. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    XD XD Nah, don't worry Cookies (or should I call you Honey?), it's never too late to do memes. I thought your comments on MelxGyendal being too cracky were interesting, since Aveyond itself is so cracky. Militant squirrels, the bad guy in AV3 turning out to be Mel at one point, and suddenly Mordred Darkthrop is alive, Boyle going on a world-saving quest just to get his dog back... The list goes on. But I definitely see what you mean, if Queen hadn't written them so convincingly I wouldn't be into them, either, and since you already shipped Mel pretty strongly with someone else (*coughcoughwinkwink*) of course it wouldn't be convincing for you. I LOVE the idea of Yvette and June being sisterly!! I have never thought of this before and am now a bit disappointed in myself. I have to agree with moonpeace on my opinion of Boyle and Myst. I actually do think they're pretty cute as friends, and I appreciate the idea that you can be friends with anyone if you stick at it for long enough. Buuut I don't really approve of how he keeps throwing her even after she tells him not too. Yay for friends, nooo for lovers, for me. And about the Veldarah ending, I'm kind of with Cookies/Honey here, moonpeace. I can see what you mean about her showing her independence, and I definitely like that, but to me it is an incomplete sort of independence. For one, if she goes back to the Eastern Isle she belongs to the Empress again, which for someone from her background would still be a sort of slavery. I am a bit biased because I actually sort of hate the Empress. Like, even after discovering that the chosen one who's destined to save the world was a slave in her kingdom, she's still totally chill with slavery being a thing??? And then she agrees to let her bratty cousin be Rhen's companion, even after Rhen's protests and obvious distress at the idea?? Of course it all turned out okay in the end, but that doesn't excuse what the Empress did. I do really, really like the idea of Rhen abolishing slavery, it is fulfilling her duty in a way, but it's only one of her duties, and I feel like as a teacher she probably didn't have that much influence over the Empress. The ending says she "worked tirelessly to have slavery abolished," which to me sounds like there was a lot of resistance and it took a long time. But if Rhen is queen of Thais, she is the Empress's equal instead of her servant, which appeals to me a lot more. And I think as leader of what was the most powerful kingdom in the world less than 20 years earlier, she would have a lot more political clout and would be able to get slavery abolished much more effectively. Besides, she basically has the most terrifying military ever-- her people resisted demon attacks for 17 years, unaided by anyone else, so I think the Empress would find she had to listen to her. And Lars could be working "on the inside" to end slavery; I think he would have more influence as the empress's cousin. It also completes his arc more nicely for me, especially since there's no mention of him helping end slavery in the Veldarah ending. ALSO, imagine Pirate John and Elini smuggling escaped slaves back to their homes, or to Thais if they didn't have homes... and Te'ijal and Galahad harboring slaves in Ghed'ahre, or rescuing them from cruel owners. Aaahh I think Galahad would really enjoy being able to do that, and it could bring him and Te'ijal closer, annnnd now I have to write this. Or somebody does. Argh. Clearly, I have thought about this too much XD XD But I started this long rant with the intention of mentioning that to be completely independent, I think you have to master yourself. (Can you tell I've watched too many kung fu movies?) And I think a big part of the reason Rhen didn't want to be queen in the first place was fear of the unknown, and doubts in her own abilities. We see that a bit in her conversation with Taylor in Clearwater, and for me it is also evident in her saying she wants to go to Clearwater and marry Danny even though when she talks to Danny in Ghed'ahre and Sedona, it seems obvious they don't have much to say to each other beyond "hi." So yes, I love her courage and independence and sense of duty and kindness, and I think it is because of these things that she would choose to go to Thais, despite her doubts. For me that's the only ending where she isn't running from something; it's the only ending where she can be completely and unashamedly herself, and really accomplish all the things she would want to do. YES SO MUCH on Iya and Ava's friendship!! I'd also like to see how Iya gets along with Emma. There definitely needs to be more fanfiction for AV2. Especially more complete fanfiction for AV2. Also, never stop coming up with fic ideas. Even if they aren't to my tastes, you're an amazing writer and lots of other people will love them and have probably been waiting for them for years. Plus if it's about Gyendal and Te'ijal reconciling yes yes yes so much. Wrriiite itttt ... ... ... And sorry for rambling for so long, again xD
  13. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Queen-of-Ice101 Yayyy I'm glad you like it!! XD Yeah, a canon Gyendal might be a bit unpleasant to have around, but a chibi kitty could be nice. Was it really March? Wow, time flies. I need that clock thing Rhen got from the top of that beanstalk
  14. Shadows of my Twisted Destiny (a AV3 fanfic)- Completed

    Ah now you are making me think, I'm not sure I remember. I think it was more just frustration with her for not accepting her magic and for not accepting help and just in general making her life hard because of her own stubbornness. I was a little mad at her for destroying the staff when when found out what it did. WHY MEL WHYYY but it turned out okay
  15. Ask Anything!

    If I had a male dragon, I'd name him Horace. Then when he made funny roaring sounds I could be like, "Oh, sorry, he's just a little Horace." XD XD (Aaah see, lame pun names. Sorry for subjecting you to that haha) Coming up with questions is hard. How do you do it? (Ah, see what I did there?)