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  1. Here's a collection of questions: 1. This is just a confirmation. If we have our own codes, do we just find corresponding folders and stick them into it? It's under Hero kit folder, not My game project, correct? 2. Is using 2D background any different? Collision? (I want to use 3D sprites on 2D background) 3. I imagine there will be hundreds of variables at the end. Is there a way to keep track of all the variables, objects, events…? Like a grant list of variables, items, events... 4 Assigning hero properties. Can we do grouop assign, instead of dragging in one by one? (Say, if I have 30 monsters) 5. Nice that there's a section about menu screen in the guide. I assume that credit screens will count as one of the "objects". What about title screens? Animated title screens
  2. Not sure what the difference is between creating a hero object and a hero block. They both have hero objects attacked inherently. They both need to call on a prefab.
  3. Finished Tutorial 4 (didn't watch in order) 1. Difference between "Triggered" and "Called an event"? When to use either one? 2.Both the player and monsters have "attack" and "receive attack" events. Damages, say to the monsters, can be input either from Players' "attack" event or monsters' "receive attack" event. Correct? Why do we need to input on both ends?
  4. There are different places that we can import prefabs to a hero object, it seems. One is under "show details" inside the hero kit object. The other one is associated with the State (for instance, after we create the state "alive"). It seems only the one associated with the state works. Is that right? Also, my rabbit floats like a ghost. I must have placed the animators in the wrong place. Which folder does it draw animation data from? I put the rabbit animator inside the animation controller folder. On second thought, his ears did flap. There was animation. He just didn't hop. Also, why are the Y values dropping by hundreds automatically for both my player and the camera whenever the game starts?
  5. Dragging a hero object into hero kit object doesn't do anything. We need to drag it into the box to the right. This is probably worth mentioning in the instruction, because I spent a few minutes trying to force it and felt stupid afterwards.
  6. Am I correct that only H icons need to go into the hero object folder. P icons need to go into the hero properties folder. as for the rest of the images, audios..., they can be stashed anywhere else as long as they are within the "my game" project? Just wonder if anything other than the H icons and P icons (they are obvious) have specific places they have to be in. (general structure of the folders)
  7. I could drag a game object that I downloaded into the scene, but not an hero object. (The H icon) When I clicked on an object and create a hero object, I would have the original image + the H icon. Do I leave the original object in the "game object" folder and drag the "H icon" to the hero object folder and separate them? Or do I have to keep them together?
  8. OK. It seems "Create Hero Project" does not work.
  9. I'm assuming everything below "my game" we would have to create ourselves? When I created a new project, all I had was "Hero Kit" "Hero Kit Sample Game" and "Hero Kit Tutorial Scenes". I do not have this file structure. Wait! I don't have the "Game Asset" tab. I am missing something.
  10. I decided to reopen a new project following the guide this time just to see how it worked I opened up unity, and looked inside the download manager. I couldn't find HeroKit. I had to close Unity and open up HeroKit and thenI was promped to import HeroKit. So the lesson is that if one creates a project from Unity, HeroKit is missing. Of course it could be that we did not download it from Unity.