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  1. She should just appear when the time comes. You said you found Harte, but did you finish Uleiria's Realm? I don't think she shows up until after you do.
  2. No, Benjamin isn't the thief, he's the one who has his money stolen. It sounds like you may have missed a step in getting the quest started. You need to find the princess in the maze and give her the eye mask (from the Garden of Giggles). Once she runs off, leave the palace and talk to the woman running around just in front of it wearing a hat. Now, when you talk to Benjamin, he'll give you the quest to find the thief. I'll put the rest under a spoiler in case you want to try finishing the quest yourself.
  3. I don't have a save near that point in the game, but it seems that you get the hat in one of the houses (the one where the two kids live as I recall).
  4. I have a box for Member Title in the Basic Info section just above where you can enter your birthday. I suspect you're right, and that it's tied to the number of posts (I didn't have a special title on the old forum).
  5. Try this topic:
  6. There will be a person standing outside the hut who will teach you a skill, but only if you go there before rescuing Eirwen. Once she joins the party, that person will be gone. (You never do get to enter the hut.)
  7. I believe the main thing that trips people up here is that you actually have to examine everything then choose the right response once you do. For example, you need to interact with the dragon egg then choose to leave it there. The things you should interact with are the cave with noises, the mine cart tunnel, the box of gold, and the dragon egg. You should also search behind every rock pile.
  8. You can get her a better wrench and turn her into a sword singer, but I don't believe there are any other tools and no other satchel either. Her sword singer abilities are far more useful than any of her random tools anyway.
  9. Well, it is a difficult question to answer since there's no way of knowing which ones you've already found. Plus, since it's unlikely someone will know just off the top of their head, it requires having a save near that point in the game to actually check where they all are. I found I did have a save not terribly far from that point. There are five plant monsters. Two are in the area to the left (where you actually get them to appear in the first place). One is wandering around near the entrance to the realm. The last two are in the area to the right (past the beds where you can rest).
  10. Check her equipment and make sure she isn't wearing the frog boots. Those make the person wearing them start battles in frog form.
  11. No you don't go through Daintree. Go north of Halaina and you'll see what looks like a cabin on the world map - that's actually Mudsludge Swamp where Jinx's coven is located (you want to get one of her members to switch to Lorelei's coven).
  12. It's found at night. Go north past Nan's house and up the stairs. Slightly to the right there is another set of stairs - go up those as well. Follow the path to the left and up until you can head right again. There should be a bag near a log and some water - that's the food you're looking for.
  13. My computer upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and all the Aveyond games seem to work fine.
  14. No, you don't get to return the sword. You can always assume Robin drops it off after you beat the game.
  15. Once you have the key, it stays in your inventory permanently (you can use it again to get the cheeki in the other cell too). The key doesn't appear until you brew the agreeable potion, but if you already have that, it should be on the long table in the upstairs portion of the jail. Does Robin say anything to the prisoner? Before you get the quest from the mayor nothing else is said, but after you get the quest, you should get Robin promising to get him out and if you talk to him before you brew the potion Ingrid will mention it, otherwise you'll get a conversation about the keys. If you're only getting the prisoner talking, double check your journal to make sure the quest is in there.