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  1. Can you reupload the first version of Ahriman's Prophecy again? I cannot download it from the link you provided.

  2. I was really sad I couldn't have found version 1.0, primarily because of that one soundtrack named Yewtree. Besides, AP is one of my favorite games. The versions I found searching "Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0" were actually 2.0, but "Ahriman's Prophecy Old" did the trick. I have just finished version 2 for the 2nd time in my life, but I guess I'll try out the old version eventually anyway. So I have decided to add the Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0 download link from my dropbox, and also link to folder with soundtracks. Windows Media Player can play those. Thing is, they are .MID files, which is technically not an audio format, so they may sound different when played on other operating systems. I hope I'm not intruding. Ahriman's Prophecy 1.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/empr3w5gjx6xnlk/Ahrimans_Prophecy%201.0.exe?dl=0 Soundtracks: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fbi2do86uu185gb/AABxCYvQCq1ub7xGO8M4eusra?dl=0 AP 1.0 start screen: AP 2.1 start screen:
  3. Yewtree Soundtrack?

    I've found it! I wish I had tried it before replaying the new version, but time will come around. I will start another topic where I'll post the link.
  4. old version of AP? (first version)

    The link is dead :-/
  5. Yewtree Soundtrack?

    I've downloaded version 1.0 and Yewtree still doesn't sound like Yewtree... from this link: http://ahriman-s-prophecy.software.informer.com/1.0/
  6. Yewtree Soundtrack?

    Can it still be downloaded somewhere?
  7. Yewtree Soundtrack?

    I saw this soundtrack on YouTube so I exlored the Music folder of the game a bit to locate it (yewtree.mid). But it does not resemble the YouTube upload at all. It sounds exactly the same as Peace3.mid and unicorn.mid. And to add up to that, I've played the game multiple times on multiple PCs, and I don't even remember hearing that track. Why is that? If it doesn't appear in game's file system, why does it appear on YouTube, how did the uploader find it? How do I get the actual .mid file of Yewtree? YouTube quality is bad so I'd love to have it to render it as MP3.