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  1. I am at the moment acting like a total spazz in excitement:D  I really wanted RPG Maker MV after finding out it could run on mac but with it close to being a hundred dollars it was more of an "ah I wish" kind of thing. Nevertheless I put it on my wishlist anyway, and yesterday evening I got an email from Steam....

    Guess what went on sale for 26 bucks??

    RPG MAKER MV!!!!

    I now have a shiny new program that I am going to have a blast learning:D It will donate to me many a day of frustration, rage quitting, and excitement:kawaii-music:

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    2. callmedan


      I hope they had big sale on MV assets because some of them are so gorgeous but they're expensive just like the engine :kawaii-ouch:

    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      @callmedan XD XD XD Good to know that christmas brings cheap things, I'll have to keep an eye on their stuff at christmas~  I didn't see a sale on the assets at all but the sale is probably over by now :/  Hopefully come christmas that all goes on sale tho:)

    4. callmedan


      Steam sale 80-90% off at Christmas. I'm so excited for that :kawaii-lol:

  2. I am an idiot and in testing a shiny new idea I successfully deleted my page counter. I'm so irked with myself haha, it had so many shiny flags on it:kawaii-nervous:

    RIP page counter59c1bf1b986d5_ScreenShot2017-09-19at6_03_34PM.png.58da002a8303ae4a5b0df2baf930ec7e.png

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    2. moonpeace


      @Queen-of-Ice101 Ooh, does that account for past visitors too? Either way, that's so cool, I might put one in.

    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      @moonpeace It only counts visitors that come after you put the counter in sadly, but it's pretty neat to see the different places in the world people visit from! If you want one you can click the counter I have on my profile and it'll take you right to their site:)

    4. Rodania


      That looks so neat like wow, cant you get it back?


    @Danin Welcome back XD Thats a good question, I can't think of any off the top of my head tbh. Did you have any ideas??
  4. Ask Anything!

    My Black Butler: Book of Circus shirt. It's colourful, soft, and the neckline isn't too tight:D I would have several of them if they weren't so dang expensive >_< If you could fill your library with all the works of any one writer who would it be?
  5. Aveyond One-Shots and Shorts (all stories are completed before posted)

    @moonpeace Haha yeah, I'm not sure either. Plus I'm always aware that MxG is a pairing that at times can push the limit for some people just as is so darker..... Yesssss I love dark fics!!!! Oooh yay, I can't wait to hear what you think of them!! agreed honestly. I especially remember how in TDP during that journal timeskip Mel talks about how the magic made her crave more and got her addicted to the power. I actually kind of think that a dark!Mel ending would have made more sense for AV3 then the dark!Rhen ending did for AV1. Ooooh well then I'm really looking forward to this now!!! I love character analysis and fics that really dig into deeper emotional struggles.
  6. Aveyond One-Shots and Shorts (all stories are completed before posted)

    @Mu11berry .......I am torn between being absurdly happy that I had such an impact with my story and feeling bad for putting your through that..... I promise to produce fluff soon!! @moonpeace I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it that much!!! I was a little nervous about how it would be perceived because of how dark I went and the way I portrayed MxG so your review is extremely encouraging and I was super happy to read that Haha don't worry, I wouldn't think that!!! The thing about dark!Mel is that using that plot base of the expectations and restrictions on there is honestly so useful for the plot because it fits the character we've seen all along so I think it would be more surprising if no one else had thought of it then if someone else wrote a story with those elements. {Plus dream based stuff, thats the ultimate fantasy story helper XD } Honestly, I can't wait to read your fanfic!!!
  7. Post art and resources here!

    @Aquamarine They look great!!! The eyes just stand out so much~
  8. Queen-of-Ice101's Art and Headcannons!

    @moonpeace Noo actualy I haven't seen that one XD XD I never watched all of season one because I'm too lazy to search it up on youtube and actually sit to watch it since it changes cannon and I'm still leery about that due to bad experiences. {and the fact that I watched a bit of season two first....I loathe season two} XD XD But anyway they don't have the salt scene in the manga. Ima search that up now~
  9. Ask Anything!

    To pass time as we learn deep and meaningful thing about each others noodle preferences Explore an abandoned mental hospital with a secretive history or get trapped in a haunted forest for a night?
  10. Queen-of-Ice101's Art and Headcannons!

    @moonpeace Thank you!! Yessss I love character analysis, tangents are welcome haha. That's really true!!! Since they never elaborated on Undertaker's story and Gyendal's is pretty much left up to the imaginations of the players I hadn't taken that into consideration but that's a really good point!!! Plus with Undertakers story not only did he commit suicide which made him a Shinigami in the first place, but he defected from the Shinigami and went so deep under cover that even someone like Sebastian never sensed the level of power until the battle during the Luxury Liner arc, and that was all because he created the Bizzare dolls just because he was tired of his life being to cause death! Yeah, MV facesets are nicer (in my personal opinion) then VX Ace and have a little more variety that I found in combos that will work. Yep! MV will be the generator I'll be using to make the game facesets as well ^___^ @Mu11berry Haha!! We have discovered you and now we shall thwart your plan!! Take that?? Yaaaay I'm glad you like them^___^ LOOOL Uncultured swine Well you know a little of Undertaker because I has sent you hilarious and/or awesome clips of him soooo XD XD But yes, that is also a good point. Whatever happened between them would have been painful and dramatic so that only adds to his backstory. So many tragic characters..... @callmedan Thanks!! Well it took a while for me, I kept on using a different face style because I wanted to match his appearance better to Te'ijal's buuuuut it looked weird so I gave up on matching. I'm sure it wasn't that bad~
  11. Queen-of-Ice101's Art and Headcannons!

    So I recently got a program for sprite design specifically designed for RPG Maker programs and because I am Gyendal obsessed I decided to try out headset design and make Gyendal headsets since there weren't any in the game. {so sad} The first like is his vampire version {obviously lol} and the one below is him after being turned human. I operate on the headcannon that his eyes as a human are green since his eyes during the Spook masquerade and if I remember correctly his actual Gyendal human sprite also has green eyes. I used the RPG Maker MV headsets to make Gyendal since I like them better then the VX Ace sooooo
  12. Queen-of-Ice101's Art and Headcannons!

    This isn't solely Aveyond fanart but because it had Aveyond in it I wanted to share anyway:) This was a lot of fun to do, it was born of boredom at church waiting for my ride and since my drawing stuff is a constant companion for me I decided to amuse myself and pass the time drawing. Did the entire outline at church, and coloured it in at home. These are the chibis of my three top fav male characters which on second consideration are incredibly similar. First is Undertaker from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji and I had a blast drawing him XD XD I adore his character greatly, in the beginning of the manga he's goofy and creepy and hysterical, then later in the series he's creepy and sarcastic and insanely powerful (that ship battle anyone? Fended off a ancient demon and two reapers with not even half the effort they put into him??) and still hysterical. I seriously want a live chibi version that I can carry around in my pocket and feed bone cookies. Next is Gyendal from Aveyond, when he's still a vampire His character is maniacal, sarcastic, dark and calculating. I cannot figure out why I love his character so much since he has little screentime and he's the game villain but I can't help it. I adores him. I want a chibi bat him to carry around with my Undertaker. Last is Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Honestly I could go on about why I adore his character depth and the intricacies of the storyline the writers designed for him but I'll just sum it up quickly to spare you all. His tragic backstory is a writers dream, 'nuff said So two of these faves are after world domination, all three of them are sarcastic and devil-may-care, and they all have slightly psychotic ambitions. I think I need help. XD XD so yes, Undertaker, Gyendal and Loki the chibi three~
  13. Queen-of-Ice101's Art and Headcannons!

    @Scrivener of the Gods OMG LOOOOOL wait- I mean- *clears throat formally* That is indeed a baffling mystery, perhaps a secret dying wish?? It is said that the golden fish can be used in a formal ceremony to grant ghosts the power of eternal tickling......could it be that Berry is plotting such a nefarious task even from beyond the grave?!
  14. Post art and resources here!

    Aw she looks wonderful! @Aquamarine
  15. This or That!

    Yikes XD Te'ijal absolutely because she actually has sympathy for humans so she'd be far less likely to terrorize and "play with her food" before eating. Same question