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  1. When you're going through a list of couple endurements for story and realize that lamb has made that list.......Put's a whole new spin on Gyendal calling her that a few times:ph34r: 

    1. Mu11berry


      I want to like this 50 times

    2. Parfait Cookies
    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      @Mu11berry I'm so glad you approve XD

      @Parfait Cookies LOL I can't help it, I'm a crackshipper to my core XD Haha tbh though I'm pretty sure they wrote that he just calls her that because of the whole predator/prey thing, he's the lion and she's the lamb kind of thing. (Although if it was actually used as a term of endurement Ima gonna die laughing) But Ima use that to my cracky advantage anyway LOL

  2. Yeah maybe!! She might have been in the original script because I remember hearing about there being an original plan for the story but then it got changed and stuff. Lol so I only literally just saw and got the joke in your day four post XD You is punny
  3. Mah!!!! I never reviewed here?!?!? Shaaaaaammmeee on meeee!!! Annywaaay even though I'm not a super EdwardxMel fan {for obvious reasons...cough*crackshipper*cough} this is super cute and I can almost be converted...... sorta. lol anyway, I've come across several fics for them where they make Mel out to be the damsel in distress in the relationship which is why she ended up with Edward and that is totally contrary to the relationship we see between them both friendship and the romantic side you see if that is the ending you choose. I love how you didn't take that path but instead showed that balance between them and that quiet but steady love, as well as the shared sadness and nostalgia from having to settle down into responsibility from the quest. The pillow fight was adorable and totally suited their characters, I loved the gentle teasing So yes, totally adorable and you should make more for them because you are very right that there isn't a huge active following for them right now thus it needs more content to tempt people
  4. 17 {haha either way it'll be fun!}
  5. 21 {Lol probably, but it would be funny nonetheless}
  6. The oracle because I haven't played AP yet so I dunno Avrails character :/ Pirate John or Ulf?
  7. 39
  8. 59
  9. 72
  10. 74
  11. this is hilarious!! I love the idea of things from our universe crossing over XD
  12. {LOL now I'm curious....} Victim complexes, where everything in the world is a slight against them and anyone not like them or anyone that does something they think belongs to them is an "oppressor" or an "ablest" and if you don't agree with them on everything including unrelated topics you are a _______ {insert buzzword insult here} lol people like that make my blood boil, they completely take the relevance and attention away from those that are actually fighting for change in a good way. same question.
  13. Movies Same question.... all my creativity in question asking has gone away....
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