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  1. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Chapter 3: Rhen Spook returned home, and told his grandmother what happened. She told him to get an apprentice of Barbar, the village blacksmith, as sort of a body guard. As he walked toward the northern parts of Elden, he still felt a bit wary. Upon reaching Barbar’s smithy, he asked the blacksmith to borrow one of his apprentices. Barbar, in turn, left that up to the apprentices. Most of them laughed, eerily multiplying their voices by many. Somehow they had heard of Gevolda sending Spook to the mainland, and claimed that he was running away. Only one of Barbar’s apprentices spoke up for Spook. The one female apprentice, Rhen, whose surname was said to be Perry, but no one was ever really sure. She volunteered to escort Spook to Thais. On the way out of the smithy, all of the other apprentices gave Spook conspiratory nudges and winks. They returned to Spook’s grandmother, who made Rhen swear on the Goddess that she would protect Spook. Once they had gathered the necessary supplies, said their goodbyes, and accepted a quest from Ralph’s mother, they went on their way.
  2. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Guys. Please give me some feedback.
  3. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Chapter 2: Gevolda When Spook returned to his house, his grandmother wouldn’t even let him talk. She told him that it was impolite to make up stories about villagers, and refused to consider that he might have been telling the truth. She quickly sent him to Gevolda, earlier than she had planned, to get his “senseless” fantasies out of her house. Spook quickly made his way through the forest, making it a point to avoid Gyendal’s farm. Upon entering Gevolda’s cave, he notice that all the stories about the withered old hag who'd just as soon eat you as look at you, were not true. Gevolda was remarkably nice, and to Spook’s comfort, she didn't stare at his neck. It was then that she had him look into her bathtub (couldn't help it). At first he saw a large, forested land. Then came the voices. It took him a moment to realize that they were chanting something: Seren… Serendipity. The vision shortly changed to that of a small cathedral type structure. In the vision, he noticed two men, one in a dark cloak, and one wearing bright yellow and brown clothing, with a large mustache. As Spook watched, he gathered quite a bit of information from the conversation the two men had. The mustached man’s name was Gubbins. He was trying to raise from the dead a fairy queen, who had ruled a land thousands of years before. From what Spook gathered, this queen was the most evil, and most powerful queen ever to rule any land. Gubbins stiffened, as Spook faintly saw a strange figure in the center of the room, and said that they were being watched. Gevolda was quick to push Spook away from the bathtub, and as she did, a strange bolt of magic shot toward her. Spook was again spooked, although this time for a different reason, and he could barely stop talking as Gevolda told him to go to Thais, and talk to Vohu Manah, headmaster of the Collegium of War and Magic. Spook left her with more questions than answers.
  4. Meli Scribae

    New song altogether: The Demented Mouse https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak_okgIWBDnRahewWXTJuSPG2W8
  5. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Oh... He is now.
  6. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Chapter 1: Gyendal It was the day of Spook’s naming, and he was absolutely nervous about what he was to become. He wanted to become something more in the shadows, although he wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. When he woke up, the first thing he did ws pick up his journal, a habit that had been instilled in him by his grandmother, with whom he lived. When he spoke to his grandmother, of course, she wanted milk. As Elden was a small and close-knit town, she told Spook to go and get some from Gyendal, a farmer who, for some reason, rarely came out during the daylight hours, and when he did, he was always well covered, regardless of the season. A few hundred dragonflies that look like bees later, Spook reached Gyendal’s yard. He was surprised, and honestly rather spooked (heh) to find the door unlocked. As Spook spoke to Gyendal, it struck him that rather than looking into his eyes, gyendal looked to Spook’s neck. He told Spook that his cow, Bessy, had run off, and he didn’t know where she was, so Spook set off to look for her. He found her in the herbs of Gevolda, a woman, seemingly somewhere in her twenties, who named the villagers. Bessy seemed to sniff him, and lurched forward, turning into a bat, and chasing Spook all the way back to Gyendal’s house, where Gyendal waited. Through Spook’s senseless babble, Gyendal, laughing, milked Bessy, now in her cow form again, and sent him on his way.
  7. Randomized Cast Game!

    Why stop there? Ahriman-- Serendipity Gubbins-- Gyendal Gevolda-- Hepatitis Avrail-- Gevolda Gerrith-- Vohu Manah Zorom-- Gubbins Lorad-- Eithera Vohu Manah-- Daena Rashnu-- Beatrice Armaiti-- Lorad Daena-- Avrail Eithera-- Ceri Vata-- Gerrith Tiny--Aisling Ceri-- Vata Serendipity-- Nuha Hepatitis-- Armaiti Aisling-- Ahriman Nuha-- Rashnu Ishtar-- Zorom Mordred-- Professor Grey Gyendal-- Tiny Professor Grey-- Mordred Beatrice-- Ishtar
  8. Picturis Scribarum

    Thanks guys. And @Ishti, I very much intend to. And Dan, I agree about the 16x16 tilesets. Especially autotiles, and considering everything has to be in a certain place on the tileset image, rather than I thing in RPGXP having any tile anywhere. I may end up making the alternate history game with RPG 2003. Sorry to any Windows 10 users. Nothing from RPG 2003 runs even in compatibility mode. It's not going to be as complicated as AP though, especially considering I don't feel like figuring out why it won't accept my edited menu faces (a.k.a: ) Anyhu, yeah. Might as well get back to making icons. I usually used GIMP, but I've been using pixelartmaker.com .
  9. Randomized Cast Game!

    I plan to write all of the games, but the problem with that is that I can't stay as detached as you did in yours. I'd end up writing full-length novels. Maybe Yemite would have to be adopted and then re-adopted. I dunno. Just however it flows.
  10. Randomized Cast Game!

    I ended up deciding to try all of them in different games. I used https://www.random.org/lists/. Here ya go: Talia-- Spook Devin-- Rhen Jack-- Nox Fredrick-- Iya Alicia-- Dameon Haddan-- Devin Rhen-- Yemite Lars-- Edward Elini-- Fredrick Te'ijal-- Marge Dameon-- Galahad Galahad-- Haddan John-- Alicia Marge-- Ulf Ean-- Emma Iya-- Yvette Rye-- Gavin Emma-- John Ava--Jack Gavin-- Ean Nicolas-- Talia Mel-- Lydia Edward-- Nicolas Stella-- Elini Lydia-- Uma Ulf-- Stella Yvette-- Rye Spook-- Lars Yemite-- Te’jal Nox-- Ava Uma--Mel P.S. That basically makes Lars a fake. Seems that Rhen is always with Dameon .
  11. Picturis Scribarum

    I'm making a game with RPG 2003, and I ended up making this to put on a tileset:
  12. Randomized Cast Game!

    Okay. I'll write one eventually. I'll making more of a challenge by not just drawing to see who I have, but drawing for each position separately (e.g. draw for Mel, then Te'ijal, etc.)
  13. Randomized Cast Game!

    Woah. That's good. I really hope you continue with the rest of AV3.
  14. Picturis Scribarum

    Correction: I guess @Honey Butter Chloe is right. I just found it on the cover of The Magic Engineer by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
  15. Aveyond prompt meme! (Autumn guild event)

    Heh. I've been meaning to upload the AV2 one, but never find time to scan it.