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  1. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    I'm really enjoying this the way you're writing it. I think the short chapters are great ways to show off the characters you're using in each one; it gives us a little time to absorb things like Gubbins being the main villain. I'm just very excited to see how these characters will interact differently than their corresponding characters did in canon! It's seriously enjoyable right now.
  2. Hello!^_^

    Welcome, Ariel!
  3. Hi there!

    Welcome! You can call me Ishti. Is that a Dungeon Meshi icon? I've been seeing that series around lately! My friend really likes it. I'm super excited to see your games!! Do you use RMXP, or a different version?
  4. Rhenegade - an Alternate Canon Fanfic

    Heeeey, everyone! I'm here to tell you about the latest THREE Rhenegade chapters, all published in the past couple weeks, and to make a few announcements! All of these announcements are available to view in the notes for Chapter 12. First of all, Rhenegade hit 50k!!! Woot! I want to thank my phenomenal test reader, who as of right now does not have an account on the forums. I'd also like to thank everyone who's read and who's reading! It gives me so much joy to bring my stories to you. At this point in the process, most of the pieces are starting to click into place. I know what each character's "ending" will be, and I've already written all of the dialogue for the epilogue. (Plus some concepts for post-canon fic... and a couple Rhenegade-specific character studies... oof!) I also have a rough chapter count: I'm expecting 30, not including the epilogue! And finally, there's a chance those ship tags will be updated sometime in the next few chapters... If you haven't read Rhenegade before, the link to Chapter 1 is in the previous post in this thread! If you're all up to date, here are the three newest chapters: Chapter 11: Fellowship, a Lars chapter Chapter 12: Peter, a Rhen chapter Chapter 13: Two, a Rhen chapter, published today! We're getting into the thick of adventure now. Alliances are forming, oaths are sworn, and new quests are surfacing. Rhen is hunting down her own peace and Lars is hot on her heels. Will Rhen meet her pursuer in the verdant highlands, or will she slip out of sight yet again?
  5. Aveyond ships

    @moonpeace Regrettably, OT3s and OT-mores are this chart's one weakness! I just break down the ship and fill out each pair's squares individually based on the pairs' dynamics within the ship. You COULD devise some sort of tiny symbol to go on top of each of your OT3s' tiles... like a crown for Melstelydia or an eyepatch for Ava/Nicolas/Gavin, lol? That way the squares are unified. Again, I'm not sure that I should post mine here even if it fits, just because one of my categories is probably considered nsfw (not explicit, just... nsfw). It's actually a kinda beautiful patchwork, though. If you use different colors for all your categories, it creates a work of art!
  6. Aveyond ships

    @Queen-of-Ice101 I actually don't have a serious romantic ship for Ava! In my mind, although she likes the ladies, the sea is her first love. I am 5000% behind crack-pairs such as a quasi-romantic Elini/Ava or a Yvette/Ava fling. Now, without further ado, here's the blank shipping chart! (Bear with me; this is my first time using spoiler thingies.) Can't attach my filled-out version to this post even though they're both below the total upload size limit. It's nonsense to read anyway, and one of my ship categories might technically be nsfw, so ehh, whatever. But have fun, and if you decide to use it, I'd love to see how yours looks!
  7. Aveyond ships

    Soooo... would anyone be interested in a ridiculously humongous Aveyond shipping grid with all of the playable characters from all of the games plus a couple NPCs? My friend (who doesn't currently have a forum account, but will for the winter exchange) made it when I asked for one, and gave me permission to share the original. Mine is super nutty and has all these different colors and symbols for different types of ships, but the blank chart could be used for purely romantic shipping purposes! It's also really useful for unrequited ships - you can fill in Edward --> Stella, for instance, without filling in the corresponding Stella --> Edward block. And, to answer the original question, my romantic OTP is Mel/Stella/Lydia, as well as any combination of the three! I recently got into an antagonistic version of Lars/Dameon, which I like quite a lot. Nicolas/Gavin is a tried and true favorite. I have way more platonic ships than romantic ones, including SUPER crackships, but they're sooo gooooood... Nicolas&Lydia (aka "Nicolydia") is a new favorite, along with Rhen&John, Lars&Talia, and Mel&John. They each have totally unique dynamics I can't get enough of. ETA: Forgot my no-ships! I really don't care for Mel/Gyendal, personally. There are some big squicks there. I don't like Rhen/Dameon, but the basic premise for the ship isn't narratively a bad one. I don't really like any romantic Edward ship? I can absolutely see him having feelings for Mel or Stella, but not reciprocated feelings. And I don't like seeing Ava with dudes.
  8. Aveyond prompt meme! (Autumn guild event)

    I want to do the Ava & Nicolas & Gavin one! I don't have a super solid premise yet. Can I claim it anyway, pretty pleeeease?
  9. Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    I'm so excited!! I'm going to follow this thread.
  10. Introduce Yourself :)

    It's such a labor of love that it doesn't even feel like a labor!
  11. Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    Thanks, @moonpeace! I had another thought regarding the exchange, and I'm not 100% sure it will work, but it would come in handy just in case. Might there be a way for us to ask one another questions about preferences without revealing who's got who? Anonymous questions on Tumblr worked okay in the past, but obviously we're not all on Tumblr this year. At the in-person gift exchange I'm doing this year, each participant has a "contact person" who knows enough about them to answer any questions the gift-giver has. (My contact person had me fill out a whole questionnaire to give to my gift-giver, lol!) Even if we don't know one another very well, maybe each person can be assigned one "contact person" who can simply anonymously forward the gift-giver's questions to them. For instance, say I draw PiPeter, and Honey Butter Chloe was assigned to be their "contact person". If I have a question about PiPeter's favorite part in AV2, I would ask Honey Butter Chloe to send a message to PiPeter without my name attached, thus anonymously forwarding my question! Unless, of course, the site already has an "anonymous" feature that I didn't know about. I know this might sound like a lot for a simple winter gift exchange! I wanted to share my thoughts, and of course if someone has a more streamlined idea I think we should give it consideration.
  12. Have you been to any conventions (fantasy etc.)?

    I'll be going to my first fan conventions in 2018, but not as a guest - as a vendor! Well, gruntwork volunteer and business manager FOR a vendor. My friend makes artwork, and I've been booking us low-profile, inexpensive cons where we can sell her stuff. We're hitting Philly Comics & Cosplay Day (not Comic Con) in March, and then Kinda!Con in April. Wizard World Comic Con is in May, but that's actually supposed to be a pretty crappy place for selling art. I wanted to book us more high-profile stuff, especially fantasy & goth gatherings, but those are BANANAS expensive!! You guys think it costs a lot to attend a con? Wait 'til you see the starting booth prices. I attended a really tiny tabletop con the next county over for like... ten minutes. That's the extent of that. Cons tend to overwhelm me when I'm attending. Trying to move through crowds and pick out focal points is just too much for me. Even at the small craft fairs at which we've sold, getting up to go to the bathroom and walking through all the people is disorienting.
  13. A Forum Game Project!!

    Oh my GOSH, this is so cool. I wish I'd seen it sooner!! @Honey Butter Chloe, my personal philosophy is that if someone isn't paying you or relying on you to give them something, there's no need to apologize. You're working hard in your spare time; I know you still have school and stuff to deal with! You and @Queen-of-Ice101 have all my support!
  14. Introduce Yourself :)

    I introduced myself a couple months ago in a different thread, but I'm gonna do it again here! I'm Ishti! I'm a twentysomething from the United States, my pronouns are they/them/their, and I've been playing Aveyond since pretty much the minute Rhen's Quest was released... eleven-ish years ago, I believe. I've only played a bit of AP and I haven't bought 4 yet, but I've played all the other games. I'm a writer (in theory; I still don't get paid for it) and an experienced editor and tutor... and a business manager, as of sometime last month, which is pretty cool! Mostly, though, I write. I'm currently spitting out a pretty long Aveyond fanfic called "Rhenegade" (on Ao3! just hit 50k!) which is consuming my soul and has rekindled my devotion to Aveyond. I'm also currently ignoring a partially-finished novel about magic college. It's been a pleasure getting to know the current crop of fans! I've seen some familiar names come and go over the years I've lurked here. I feel pretty old around you young'uns, but hey, we all have one pretty big thing in common, and that's what matters!
  15. Count down to 0 (From 2015)