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  1. Purchasing game as gift

    Good news! I gave it a shot, and there is, in fact, a little checkbox you can tick if the game is a gift for someone else. You then enter their name for the license and the email address for the activation code. It's very easy and is laid out plainly on the page. I hope this information helps someone else, too!
  2. Hi. I'm not 100% sure where this question belongs; I apologize if it should have been posted in another place. I want to purchase a copy of Rhen's Quest for someone else as a gift. Before I make the purchase, I want to know how this would work. Obviously it would be simple if I ordered it on a CD, but if I purchase a digital copy, can I send it along to the recipient without using it on my own computer? Do I receive the code/download link in an email, which I could then forward? Just want to see a breakdown of the process before I spend my money and mess it up somehow, lol.
  3. What AV 1 Character Are You?

    @Honey Butter Chloe Maybe... here's hoping I don't crash my ship or get thrown in pirate jail (by pirates, for pirates™)!
  4. What AV 1 Character Are You?

    ...omg, you folks are all young. I remember when I first found the forums a zillion years ago and everyone online was way older than me. This is a total time warp moment. It's cool. I'll be the Pirate John to your Rhens and Larses!
  5. Oh my god, mochas are amazing.

    Mocha is totally how I got into coffee. It was like a bridge between hot cocoa and coffee. Eventually, I realized I was drinking it for the coffee just as much as I was drinking it for the chocolate. (If you like caramel, that's an awesome thing to add, either to a mocha or to a plain latte. It really cuts the bitterness!)
  6. Moonpeace's AV fics (Warning - here be CRACK!)

    @moonpeace I can't begin to describe all of the grinning and squealing I did while reading these. Oh my gosh. You captured them so perfectly, and my heart is just AFLUTTER. I'm bookmarking this.
  7. Count down to 0 (From 2015)

  8. Count down to 0 (From 2015)

  9. Rhenegade - an Alternate Canon Fanfic

    Whew! This chapter is definitely among my favorites, so I'm very excited to announce that I've posted Chapter 6: Lars on AO3! If you're new to Rhenegade, you can start with Chapter 1 here! Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 were initially written together, but when I reached around 9,000 words, I decided to chop it in two. As a result, "Lars" is 5400 words long, and I'll be posting Chapter 7 with some unplanned content sometime in the next couple of days! Stay tuned! EDIT: As promised, I just posted Chapter 7: Talia! I'm glad these ended up being two separate chapters. I got to add some interactions which I really, really love. This chapter is around the same length as chapter 6. There's some plot, some development - I even wrote a song! Check it out!
  10. Hi! I'm writing some more fanfic today, and I need to know the exact canon wording on the note outside Halloween Hills. I don't have access to the game at the moment, or I'd check myself. Can anyone tell me what it says? Nevermind, I found it: "Due to unnecessary stakings of citizens, Halloween Hills is closed to Uplanders." Maybe this will be of use to someone else! ~Merged posts. Don't double post. Just use your edit button to add extra information to your post. Mopiece
  11. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    @Mu11berry I have noooo idea when the Lydia redemption arc would start. I have idea for alternate canon redemption arcs, where her character arc over the course of the entire series is different, and not as many ideas for post-canon redemption arcs, but I would do ANYTHING to see Lydia have some character development which doesn't roll back later in the story! That said, it has nothing to do with ships, so I won't post the whole kit and caboodle on this thread, lol. I'll PM you. I love the idea of redeemed Lydia finding love and balance with Stella and Mel, who I believe have love in abundance! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
  12. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    @moonpeace Omg yes!! I always thought Elini and Te'ijal would be awesome together, when Te'ijal isn't preoccupied chasing Galahad around. They're a casual ship for me, but still so good.
  13. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    @moonpeace How could I forget Elini?! Oops. I do adore her!
  14. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    I want in on this! 1. My favorite pairing is Mel/Stella/Lydia. I love the idea of Mel and Lydia snipping at each other all the time, and Stella trying to mediate, and that all three of them would die for one another. 2. It's super crack. Mel/Stella is justifiable based on canon, but without a redemption arc, every Lydia ship is crack, lol! 3. Aveyond 3 is the first Aveyond game (besides AP? which i haven't played) with a primary female protagonist and secondary female protagonists of similar ages. Their interactions are central to the plot. This is a small point, but it means everything to me. They also complement one another REALLY well - Lydia has a breadth of knowledge and experience in civilized spaces while Mel knows the most about the common people and survival; Lydia and Mel each pull towards very different lifestyles; Lydia and Mel are each hot-tempered in their own way, while Stella is gentle - and no one will ever push around Mel & Lydia's butterfly wife without immensely regretting it afterwards. They're a balanced party! 4. First of all, I would do anything for a Lydia redemption arc. I've rewritten her in my head so many times. My ideal ending for them looks something like... Edward marries one of them, who then marries the other two. Edward's involvement in this relationship is as a platonic anchor to the throne. Lydia is never Edward's wife; she becomes a major advisor to the throne. The four of them rule together very effectively. At some point Stella comes home with like eight orphans and everyone else says "Stella why" and she says "these are ours now" 5. Well, I've never seen a non-straight, non-monogamous ship in pretty much any game I've played, so that's a major change I've already made. Otherwise... I think I would like it if Stella could yell her at her grumpy girlfriends every once in a while for being jerks all the time. She's too nice and they probably deserve it. 6. I don't care for Mel/Gyendal. I'm usually not a fan of protag/villain when other factors contribute to an unequal power dynamic between the two. I also don't like Rhen/Dameon, mostly because there's not actually a whole lot of realistic interaction between the two which would indicate natural romantic feelings. (My OTP is crack, so I have no room to speak here, lol.) 7. Te'ijal and Galahad! My friend is the #1 Te'ijalahad fan, so it rubbed off on me. Gavin/Nicolas. Any combination of my OT3 girls. Ava/the sea.
  15. Introduction!

    You folks are so sweet! I'm really glad I joined up. I forgot to ask: is there a standard format for spoilers, so that I can both avoid them and format my own?