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  1. Best format to post our own Hero Actions in?

    That's what I've done with them and, I hope, only included the bits associated with the relevant custom HeroAction(s).
  2. @Ant, Could probably screenie it for you if needed (let me know if you still need a screenie after the explanation that follows...). However, it's fairly easy to explain in RPG terms. Imagine if you had 'Statistics' HeroProperties (I say HeroProperties because within each you'd need things for min, current, max, critical, added on, etc etc) but those 'Statistics' could be divided in to subtypes like Attributes, Points, Modifiers, Resistances, Bonuses, Perceptions etc etc. Imagine if you had upwards of 150 of those 'Statistic' HeroProperties (in simple terms it could be Variables or Globals also) - but no way to filter or sort them by their types or subtypes when creating more. Result = mess. Perhaps even if you could have a *.* string filter (ie. list only Variables, Globals or HeroProperties whose name contains ***) that would help enormously? Hope that makes sense?
  3. @Ant, Excellent - look forward to it - would help most with things like Rarities or Renowns on Items etc. etc.
  4. @Ant, Have you explored this idea further? I am really struggling with variables in HeroObjects where I've got a lot of them I need to filter by type or subtype..
  5. @Ant, Any further thoughts on this. Just conscious that Colour functionality pretty core to the Asset if/when introduced,
  6. Other String HeroActions

    @Ant, See above (and attached). I've added in two further custom HeroActions to allow the equivalent of Replace$ and Remove$... HeroKit Actions - Other String HeroActions - v1.1.unitypackage
  7. Variable Conversion HeroActions

    @Ant, See above (and attached). I've posted an updated version of the custom HeroActions to convert variables to add in some Binary String and Hexidecimal String functionality. HeroKit Actions - Conversion Actions - v1.1.unitypackage
  8. @Ant, For 2D, this is readily achievable. For 3D, this is rather the Holy Grail.... as you need to not only circumnavigate recolouring but also things like skinned meshes, blend shapes and mount points (see asset of same name) to peg on other game objects. Modifying and swapping out weapons and shields would be relatively easy, changing clothes, ears and hair, less so... Also, do you lend support for MCS, UMA2, MakeHuman and other avatar systems (aka Alvi) which is very codey, or go your own route (aka RPGAIO)? If you can cover that and keep it sensible and accessible you have yourself the best in class asset just with that...
  9. Roadmap

    Version 1.04 is out on the Asset Store...
  10. @Ant, See also the post on clothing/armour/equipment. So this request is related but more to do with base Character customisation and selection at runtime and usually when a game begins for the first time. So not swapping out whole HeroObjects but modifying the current one. So maybe default for maybe height and weight and proportions, gender, age, skin and eye and hair colour etc with defaults by Race and Subrace. Functionality to change some or all of those parameters at runtime when setting up your character. Default starting clothing, armour, equipment and weaponry dependent on Class, Race, Subrace... that sort of thing...
  11. @Ant, I'll start by saying no current Unity RPG kit asset does this well... The Mount Points asset works well in isolation. This is not the current functionality of swapping one whole HeroObject for another but rather the functionality of donning/taking off clothing/armour/equipment/body additions (ie. Hair, horns, wings etc.) not just by whole body but by body location and similarly holding or dropping held items like weapons or shields. Supporting static or skinned meshes or prefabs... As well as massively enhancing the visuals, this then makes Character Customisation by Race and SubRace and by class much much easier...
  12. Attach Script Component

    @Ant, Excellent! I can see that in the reverse you have a HeroAction to change a single script component field to a HeroObject variable, HeroProperty variable or global. It would be great to have a HeroAction that could set the value of multiple component fields at the same time?
  13. Attach Script Component

    @Ant, With Update Properties in Script Component, can you:- - update more than one or all of the public properties in the script component?? - when updating each Property, can you update them with HeroObject variables, HeroProperty variables or Globals?
  14. @Ant, In the words of Socrates... Doh! I'll check it out later (when RPG stuff is coming in). I'm going to first give some thought to some peripherally useful HeroActions...