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  1. @Ant, Thinking about it, as well as If Has Hero Property hero actions, if we could have finder actions by reference to Group, that would be amazing too...
  2. @Ant, Can this be introduced? Really useful in relation to items, effects, rarities etc... and with supporting Actions?
  3. @Ant, Is it ok to to put my Hero Properties in to sub folders to organise them?
  4. Custom Action - IfStringContains (1st attempt!)

    @Ant, Thanks. May try and create some further Actions now. Could you post the c# code for the same Hero Action but with also a bool defaulted to false re whether you want the string search to be case sensitive (true) or not. I can add in the code for the case insensitive bit if you like. Will really help. Pls comment it as much as poss thx.
  5. Change Enum & If Enum actions

    @Ant, Unfortunately away from home until Saturday now... but can see this will be v useful. I see this is a Custom Action geared to a specific Enum but still extremely useful and moddable of course as needed...
  6. Custom Action - IfStringContains (1st attempt!)

    @Ant, Stupid questions though. How did you create the Hero Action exactly? And why did you change the 4 to a 5? If I understand it more, I am keen to create more Custom Actions....
  7. Item affixes, prefixes, suffixes and socketting

    Great. Looking forward to it.
  8. Some actions to simply check the presence of a Hero Property or to check the presence/value of a Hero Property variable would be v useful....
  9. Other maths actions?

    @Ant, Just think it would be good to have random number, int to float and float to int together with multiply, divide and subtract variant actions for ints and floats? Ideally, some formula actions based on variables?
  10. Other basic String Actions?

    @Ant, Just thinking it would be useful to have more string actions like the if string contains action (I posted a first attempt at one) but all actions like upper and lower and title case and even simpler just adding two strings together and field/token string actions (think you've suggested the last one already?)
  11. Item affixes, prefixes, suffixes and socketting

    Excellent news! Thanks for implementing this one so quickly. I think this is a major enhancement to this already amazing asset.
  12. @Ant, I suppose it may not be critical if we also have multiple HeroProperties on a single HeroObject... and we have actions to look for the presence of one or more HeroProperties in a HeroObject...?
  13. @Ant, Here goes nothing. My first attempt at a Custom Action. I've just (I hope) attached the relevant folders and two c# files. I'm not sure what to do with the comparison variable. Basically designed to return a bool true if value1 string contains value2 string. Can you review and let me have some feedback? If possible, heavily comment my code...? thanks... p.s. - I'd add a Tag for posts relating to 'Custom Action'.... HeroKit - Custom Hero Action - IfStringContains.unitypackage
  14. @Ant, Before I forget, with any/character equipment screens, it will be good to see equipable items actually being equipped and unequipped on the character in 3d (for 3d). There's a 2d equivalent to it too. However, this goes to something deeper on function on HeroKit... the function to be able to equip and drop/unequip clothing/armour/weapons on a base hero object rather than having to change the whole hero object character each time. There's a 2d equivalent to that too... I've referred elsewhere to it, but HeroActions to change or shift colour(s) in the renderer can help with the above, give more variety to items and monsters etc...?
  15. @Ant, Assuming I succeed, I assume any HeroActions I create which may be useful would be best posted as a UnityPackage just covering the folders covering that HeroAction?