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  1. I have the time if you still need someone.
  2. Hi, I just signed up by your email as the button on your page is not working.
  3. Wise decision as Microsoft doesn't seem to want to keep us happy any more. I wish there was some way to transfer all my games to another format that will play on other kinds of computers.
  4. I have been a Beta tester for years. I have tested for several indie game makers. I love helping and yes it is for free. Usually the game maker gives you a free game. They also usually give you credit for helping to make their game better. And then there are ones like John Wizard games who like to put you into their games as an NPC. That is really neat.
  5. If you are using windows 10 the problem may not be wqith the game. Check out my comments in the Technical questions sections.
  6. I had the same problem. I tried everything any one suggested and nothing worked. I finally solved it by going to walmart and buying a refurbished windows 7 machine just to play my hundreds of dollars worth of games that I have been collecting since RPG95 came out. I also hate windows 10 as they have had a couple of years now to fix this problem. My sister in law switched to mac so she could play her games. She doesn't play the rpg games; She likes some other kind.
  7. Speaking as an American, "I love it!"
  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
  9. Get rid of the Mac and get a regular computer! Tee Hee
  10. Elves cotton or silk?
  11. I am playing build c and the walkthrough for build b says that I can buy thr good lightning spell for Lars in Thies, but it isn't there. Where is it in build c?
  12. Fascinating! I just got through beta testing for John Wizard Games new game Our Love Will Grow, so I am free to help you if you need me.
  13. It is not clear how you can access the menu. When I left town I could only take a coup[e of steps and had to fight. That is way too often.
  14. I have a question about the red stone for Alex. I picked up the stone in the cave and said "this is what Alex wants". When I got back to the beach and talked to him again he asked if I had found anything and I said "no". Is this a glitch?
  15. :)Thank you so very much. I am downloading it now.