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  1. Ask Anything!

    I don't like it, or soy things in general except for soy sauce. Have you traveled outside of your country?
  2. Count down to 0 (From 2015)

  3. Learning about cultures

    @moonpeace That's horrible linguistically (the language mixing) but I've caught myself doing it since I and my husband are from different countries and we can speak three languages together. As for a culture trait: Something that may not be common elswhere (from what I've heard) and what people do a lot in my country in this time of the year: going to forests to search for and pick up mushrooms, and then they make various meals from them (I'm not much of a fan personally).
  4. This or That!

    depends on the specific topic, but in general I'd say history. do you prefer working/studying late in the evening or early in the morning?
  5. Ask Anything!

    It's light brown, waist-long and down right now. What hobby/leisure activity makes you feel happy?
  6. Hello World~

    It looks like the site is becoming more lively again! Welcome!
  7. I'm Back?

    I remember you and also the avatar + signature you used to have! Welcome back!
  8. Ask Anything!

    Nope What does your hair look like right now?
  9. Oh my god, mochas are amazing.

    Hehe I like them a lot too. But I love a lot of types of coffee! From bitter americano to sweet lattes with flavors. Every time I feel like having a different type.
  10. If You Could Be....?

    Yes, I've always adored the hair and clothing in the Aveyond games, a lot of beautiful styles. I like dark colors IRL, I think I would like black & dark blue on the clothing, and long hair in dark blue or dark purple.
  11. A Forum Game Project!!

    Oooh that's cool! From what I can see the graphics look very nice!
  12. If You Could Be....?

    I want to be an elf in Venwood, maybe some artist/musician. I love the elves and the Venwood area is beautiful. As for appearance, I can't choose (any hair and eyes color seems to be possible in the Aveyond world), except for that I would want very long hair and nice robes of course.
  13. Aveyond Pairings (meme kinda?)

    Wow, you guys write a lot in this topic! I am already like 10 years after the time when I used to dedicate a lot of energy and time into forum posts so... @Mu11berry I totally agree about Rhen/Dameon and Rhen/Lars! I wrote about it on the old forum too and it was always a minority opinion. I kind of understand it because there's never much relationship development in the story and then suddenly in the end they're together. But in the end Rhen said that she'd go to Thais if Dameon would go with her IIRC! There must have been something but I understand people don't find it believable because it wasn't really on screen. But I can believe there was affection, while for Lars, I can't believe it and I don't think Lars was still immature psychologically and shouldn't get married yet. I also adore Myst & Robin and Iya & Ean. As for non canon pairings from different games... how about Yvette and Hi'beru? I can imagine they could like each other. Rowen and Hi'beru would be nice (if Rowen didn't have a family), they seem to have some connection and they have passion for travelling and getting to know the world. I also wish there was more about Ingrid & Boyle in the end... It starts as a spell supposedly intended to punish him, but what are their real feelings? There are just some hints that they care about each other... kind of...
  14. Forum changes coming!

    Wow, it's very different now! And Amaranth is Ant now? o_O
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