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  1. Learning about cultures

    @Luz_Melian That sounds awesome! I like mushrooms, but I've never picked my own. All the ones I've seen in my area aren't edible
  2. This or That!

    1. HTML or BBCode?
  3. Ask Anything!

    Reading, writing, knitting Opinion on pineapple on pizza?
  4. This or That!

    Row. Watch documentaries about history or about animals?
  5. Learning about cultures

    Since we're talking about languages, I'll mention that where I live people often speak Spanish and English interchangeably. I myself don't really do it, but I'm very used to hearing it. For example, people will start off sentences "Pero like..."
  6. Ask Anything!

    My hair is long and brown and wavy, and now it's in a side braid since it's frizzy today Hmm, same question
  7. Ask Anything!

    I think it's "the" If you speak another language, whats the most popular word in it?

    @Danin Hmm, red and gold maybe? It matches with the fall theme, and the color of Thais (where the school is) seems to be red, I think. If you come up with something else though, feel free to do that.
  9. This or That!

    Play iiiit Gyendal, Zorom was such a minor villain. That or this?
  10. This or That!

    Jalapeños. Nicolas or Gavin (to keep in your party)?
  11. This or That!

    Organized. Peas or carrots?
  12. This or That!

    Gyendal Gyendal or Ahriman?
  13. Ask Anything!

    (Nice!) Scott Westerfeld, because he has a lot of books (and if my library was full of his works, that means I'd be able to read his harder-to-find stuff) and he's one of my favorite writers. Same question.
  14. Ask Anything!

    On average, probably 12 as well. 11 on weekdays and later on the weekends Do you have a favorite shirt, if so what is it?
  15. Ask Anything!

    Yes, I can't really sleep in day clothes What time do you usually go to sleep?