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    I've never filled this part out before, but I figure there's no time like the present.

    Hi everyone, I'm moonpeace, but you can call me...well, everyone just calls me moonpeace :D I've been a fan of Aveyond since I was seven years old, when my dad and I would play it together on the family computer. It's something I've come back to all these years not only because the games are so fun, but because the fandom here is so close-knit and easy to be a part of :)

    Besides Aveyond, I'm also a fan of:

    Ace Attorney
    Alien franchise
    Black Butler
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Death Note
    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Hunger Games
    Ice Age
    Lord of the Rings
    Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Shadowhunter Chronicles
    Star Trek
    Star Wars
    Other interests/hobbies include reading, writing, watching movies, knitting, origami, spaaaace, sleeping (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), math, memes, and shipping (discuss your BrOTPs/OTPs/OT3s with me!!).

    Feel free to talk to me about any of these things!

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  1. Ava!! mayonaisse or mustard
  2. Mel. Metal or plastic?
  3. 12 (Well, when we get back to 2018 we'll start counting down again. It never ends XD)
  4. Folktales, they're just so interesting Disney versions or original Grimm Brothers versions?
  5. I usually leave it unless it bothers me. Avengers or X-Men?
  6. For me it says the max total size is 0.49 MB, but I haven't actually tried uploading files. I usually upload to picture hosting sites (for fan art/edits I use DeviantArt) and then use the BBCode [iмg]*insert picture link here*[/iмg] to include an image in a post.
  7. Linear equations because I love math. Raisinets or Skittles?
  8. Ahh, my childhood! Chicken Soup. Vaporwave or seapunk aesthetic?
  9. 1 (I guess I'll start the slow crawl back up )
  10. 19 (Agreed, hopefully we finish by 2020 the latest XD)