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  1. You can change what it says under the usernames by editing your profile. Well, that's where you go to do it. Try editing your profile and seeing if you get that option?
  2. Yes, we will be able to use signatures. It'll just may be sometime before they're back. The avatars are back, so I'm thinking signatures will follow soon.
  3. Do you need the resize potion? Are you in the right woods?
  4. The demonic sulfur is in chests in caves. This topic may help you find the caves.
  5. There's not really a "correct" ending.
  6. It is unlikely there will be a sequel for this game. The company is going in a different direction these days. If you don't have Facebook, or just haven't liked the Facebook page, then this post can explain what is going on these days.
  7. Making a new post is fine. It's making the same post in different spots is a problem. Don't spam the forum with same question. Are you sure you didn't already by the spider eyes then? Have you checked Ingrid's home to see if it's there?
  8. You can't use the spider eyes for anything else. Where are you looking? It's in the Miscellaneous Items Shop. Also, please don't make the same post about the same topic in multiple areas. Just wait for someone to respond.
  9. Have you unlocked the passage? Really, all you need to do is follow the guide.
  10. Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode?
  11. Strange. Can you open any of the save files?
  12. No problem. Glad you got a new key.
  13. Alright. Have you check your spam filters? Sometimes responses from the support get sent there. Only the admins are able to fix the keys, so we'll have to get a response from them.
  14. So, was the money taken out or not?
  15. Okay. Did the order process? Like was the money taken out of your paypal?