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Found 24 results

  1. This is a request to do with getting rid of clutter and organising when developing. Currently, there are variables listed by type for Hero Objects AND Hero Properties. For both Hero Object and Hero Property variables, if you could sort and filter variables by groups too, that would make development FAR easier when handling tonnes of bools and other variables in one place... ?
  2. @Ant, Can this be introduced? Really useful in relation to items, effects, rarities etc... and with supporting Actions?
  3. I thought Enums were conspicuous by their absence. I think they could add a lot to functionality especially if we can use them when applying conditions...? Even better yet if can use mask enums... that would save on a shed load of bools....
  4. Does HeroKit support the above aka Diablo and Path of Exile? If not, is it on the Roadmap?
  5. Some actions to simply check the presence of a Hero Property or to check the presence/value of a Hero Property variable would be v useful....
  6. Other maths actions?

    @Ant, Just think it would be good to have random number, int to float and float to int together with multiply, divide and subtract variant actions for ints and floats? Ideally, some formula actions based on variables?
  7. Other basic String Actions?

    @Ant, Just thinking it would be useful to have more string actions like the if string contains action (I posted a first attempt at one) but all actions like upper and lower and title case and even simpler just adding two strings together and field/token string actions (think you've suggested the last one already?)
  8. @Ant, (first of all, apologies for firing off all these requests/ideas at the outset - just wanted to get them all down, I'll stop soon, promise - also I've left a hopefully useful review on the Store!) Some Menus that it would be great if you could create for/with the RPG developments release (again, a wish list!):- - complex inventory (with tabs or whatever for sorting items by type/ subtype); - equipment and stats screens; - action bar(s); - crafting table/ui; - mode ui for reading scrolls, notes, books etc; - merchant/trader 'inventories' alongside yours - trade!; - comparison of items pop-ups; - stash inventories - and ui for reviewing what is in a chest, treasure pile etc; - glossary - so you can fill in what you learn about say people, races, monsters, etc; - spell-book, prayer-books; - mini-map?
  9. If ( String Contains) action

    @Ant, Could do with this action, both case sensitive and case insensitive...
  10. @Ant, I think me need some of these for Integers and Floats. So with say Integers then Multiply actions could be A x B = C or A x B = C or A x (insert integer) = A (or C) and so on.
  11. Should look and act just like the action for integers.
  12. This needs to be similar to the script that can be used to trigger an event on a hero object from an animation component. In the middle of an animation, creator can call an event on a hero object.
  13. Right now, touch is handled by left-click input. Can this be split into it's own category? Would make it easier for people who don't know where to look for it.
  14. @Ant, Here's an action that would be really REALLY useful (especially if we are moving towards allowing more than one HeroProperty item per HeroObject:- An IF Property action - ie. if it exists in said HeroObject... Also, if possible an If Property Bool, String, Integer.... etc IF action looking at not just whether the Property exists but also whether the Property contains a variable with value xxx...?
  15. Can we... so maybe our own very detailed list of variables and so forth...
  16. And also a tutorial on creating our own properties?
  17. HeroKit has a script that you can attach to your inventory menu slots. This script references the hero object template, not the spawned object. I will look into what can be done to change this so that the script supports both.
  18. Drag hero object into scene. This will automatically create a hero gameobject.
  19. I finished the tutorials and then checked out a few of the tutorial scenes. Those are awesome, but I'm not going to lie and say I know how those could be made:) I think they are nice to show what HeroKit can do, but at this point I need more instruction/help. Could each of those be made into short tutorial videos so that we can continue getting more familiar with the tool? Maybe each of them can be sorted so that they can build off the previous and have a little mini game at the end? These don't even need to be videos, just text (like a pdf) would be fine.
  20. I have a suggestion for Hero Objects (and could be useful for other areas as well). When I have one open I see States, Variables, and Globals, but not sure what each is exactly (other than following along with the tutorials). I think it would be great to see helpful tooltips on certain things (such as: States, Variables, Globals) when they are clicked on so we know what each is best used for. For example, when I click on "Globals" there is just a blank screen to the right, but it could inform the game maker all about Globals and how they could be used. I think tooltips in general are an awesome thing.