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Any plans to put the rest of Aveyond 3 on Steam?

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I can't find any information on that topic. I bought Aveyond Lord of Twilight on Steam and I love it. I'm itching to play the rest now obviously. Does anyone know when the other games will be available on Steam?

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The thing is, it is Degica (the people who distributes RPG Maker, the engine of the game) that managed to get Steam to distribute Aveyond 3-1, not Amaranthia (at least to my knowledge). I'm not sure if they have the rights to distribute the rest of the series, nor do RPG Maker games have a very pleasant reception/reputation on Steam.


I would suggest that you get them from here, since Amaranthia's the developer, you'd get all the updates so much faster than from a portal. :)

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