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What is considered a ripped resource in this site?

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#1 Shenic



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Posted 21 November 2015 - 08:52 PM

I'm finishing my game, but I used some resources from some RPG Maker artists, like sprites, battlers, BGM, etc... with their permition and I will credit them, of course. Now, my doubt is in this thread's title. Is it a resource used without permition or credit? A plot or song taken from other media? What is exactly a ripped resource to this site's staff?

#2 Tei


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Posted 21 November 2015 - 11:30 PM

As far as I know, a ripped resource is one taken ("ripped") from another game without permission, even if credit is given.


For example, years and years ago I went through AV1 screencapping the main characters from the front, sides and back views to use in creating faux screenshots. That "ripping" a resource. No one ever seemed to care much, as all I was doing was making silly little comics about shenanigans that might have ensued during the party's travels and said comics were only uploaded on this site, but that's the idea.


Using music from Final Fantasy, using sprites from Aveyond, that sort of thing. You can't really "rip" a plot, though XD You can copy a plot (or I guess "rip off" a plot) but generally, "ripped resources" are the graphics and sounds.


I'd say the ethics are a bit fuzzy when it's for a personal project only (such as a learning project, go ahead and use that ripped Fire Emblem sprite you found online), but using them in a distributed game (commercial or otherwise) is deeply frowned upon--and I'm 99% sure illegal.


But I'm not staff, so someone else is welcome to correct me XD

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#3 Valkyriet


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Posted 22 November 2015 - 12:41 PM

Building on what Tei said : in most cases, the people who created a certain resource will have a "Terms and Conditions" section. Sometimes they may mention that their resources are not available for editing or distributing on other sites without their permission. Despite this, you will find quite a few murky areas of the internet which host resources without any credits in sight whatsoever, or may have edited some original resources and then posted them as their own. These are also ripped resources.


To stay out of this mess, I'd recommend joining the RPGMaker forums. They have an entire resource showcase section and moderation is done pretty strictly, so you can make sure that no pirates can sneak through and sully your game.

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