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Only because you asked; I have played from start to finish twice with many "Script Hangings. . . ." messages randomly, no observable pattern. Only way to get game go launch again, must first perform system shutdown, wait couple of minutes, then startup again. All other methods fail ! Same message ! So, as for "good, bad, or green" unsure is my most accurate, unbiased reply. Video fair to Good, story typical Aveyond back and forth between locations still, in order to progress forward, otherwise too much constriction on user desire to explore - message after message preventing user to explore ahead of prescripted story. Not exactly user friendly. Most puzzles are adequate difficulty, few, even with the aid of the Strategy Guide, very difficult / dismal. Despite the fact that I played solely in EASY Mode. Rating Aveyond1, 2, 3, and 4 - Ean's Quest, Aveyond3, is by and far the most enjoyable, relaxing, stable, and reliable. Next would be Rhen's Quest, Aveyond2, is the next best candidate, and the next best goes to Aveyond1 - sorry folks - unbiasing aside, factual performance based, this is my observation. There it is, wish it was more optimistic experiences, but I did play Aveyond4 through, finally, from start to finish, twice. And may not again do so, for quite sometime, maybe when I am in a mood for punishment. Oh, but the audio, and scores are very good ! Thanks for the effort AF.

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This review is very BRIEF:


Music - I dunno, I didn't feel the charm like in the previous AV games. Although the BGS' were amazing, the music itself failed to draw me deeper in the game world. A few pieces were very promising though. The Mist Realm's soundtrack is a perfect substitute for Field of Wind. 


Maps/Art - They were amazing. They had this nostalgic vibe found in Aveyond 1. The maps were very detailed, they were of the correct size (exploration was never boring). The graphics were eye-candy. 


Gameplay - I think the footsteps were okay. The menu screen was confusing to navigate at first but you'll get it eventually, I did hate the lags but I can't complain because I only have Intel Pentium (though playing the previous AV games were smooth), the battle system was very unique and every character's battle strategies are different.


Story - very catchy... but the humor somehow made it feel like it's not an AV game but a John Wizard game. The concept was nice though. It... it just didn't feel like an AV game for me.


The thing I really love in this game: Interraction between characters (Phye excluded. He didn't really fit in with the group, considering the fact that you get him just before the game ends) especially between Boyle and Myst.


The thing I hate in this game: Walking back and forth to places for a quest. It becomes repetitive and eventually becomes boring. It was painful to enter a coven for Ingrid because I had to walk around too much.


Still, this game is a great addition to the Aveyond Saga. :D


Fingers crossed: I really hope we are getting an AV5 :) :) :) But take your time Amanda :) No rush. Just enjoy life and your job right now! :D

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I'm playing this game presently

And i was played the other aveyond games

and i felt it was different , I mean i loved aveyond rhen's quest

and ean's quest was the best game ever, and orbs of magic , mel's quest was interesting

I loved all so so much , and i expected the new game will be interesting and fun like the other but i felt this game needs more work , like the talking between characters and other people was unnecessary and long , and I liked the characters of the past games more than this game and there are another things I disliked in this game ..

In one word I feel it is a good game , but I had expected better .

And i hope the next game would be better


Thanks a lot

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Just finished the game the other day--took me about 34 hours on casual mode. I loved it! The problem is, you make the games so good I already can't wait for the 5th!


In terms of battles, Rowen was my favorite, as she had the strongest hits as a sword singer. I feel that Myst, to me at least, was the weakest in battle, though she was my favorite character overall. :)


I enjoyed this more than the 3rd series (still loved it though), but somehow the first Aveyond remains my favorite. Maybe that's simply nostalgia, or just the way it was set up. Every installment adds its own unique facet to the series. 


The only elements I wish had been there were more relationship options (it's fun to do the side quests to get rps and see who ends up with who), and when the party had its own dwelling. I loved the character interaction, and the fact that you could sleep for free. :) 


Overall, it was well worth the wait, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for always making these wonderful games!

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Amazing. I played and laughed well hahaha. from the day I played Ahriman Propechy and other games, this is the best rpg games I've ever played. sorry, I'm just a beginner when playing games, so please be easy with me ^__^


I like Myst. but mostly I found myself fonding over Boyle and Ingrid as a couple. 


for the music, Aaron Waltz truly the best with rpg :)

for the character, the first word came out its funny and wow. really. and I really like Myst.

when battling, I often used Myst. and Boyle. and Ingrid. those trio are the must-have party for me, hehe. 


Its really worth the wait. really. I wish there is AV5, but no hurry, because I know, 'its really worth the wait' hehe


thank you, 

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Just finished playing. 



1. Some areas were very annoying to navigate because the tile graphics did not make clear whether an area was impassable or not. for example the ginger woods

2. i hated how the characters had a catch phrase after battle

3. i killed every ghast in the boppity woods 4 times (ie left, came back) and still only got 1 extract for preserves


1. ooh, how i regret buying boyle the totally useless skill sacrifice life, if i hadn't i could have afforded the final staff upgrade

Good stuff:

1. Lots of different skill systems and battle styles, really enjoyed that. Had difficulty choosing characters for final battle, which i consider a good thing. (my final team was boyle, ingrid, hiberu, rowen. ingrid's lfie curse was too useful to miss, hiberu's healign was better than all the healing alternatives, imo rowen with full skills is strongest character. boyle, because minion bonus is significant.)

2. loooved the cheekis

3. LOVED robin. ALL CAPS.

4. the backstories were intriguing



1. Was totally uninvested in all the romantic options. loved the boyle redeemed by the unconditional love of a priestess, though, that was great.

2. what was up with some of those cutscenes at the end? buncha characters i couldn't care less about and not enough meat to the ones i did.


Removed profanity, even acronyms aren't allowed. Please look at the forum rules if you need a refresher.


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