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Shadows of my Twisted Destiny (a AV3 fanfic)- Completed

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Hi fellow Aveyond fans!

So I've been writing fanfiction for a while now and recently I came across the Tell Stories forum. I decided that writing a Aveyond fanfic would be really fun since Aveyond is my absolute favourite computer/videogame.

This will be a multi chapter story so it will take a while to finish but hopefully you guys will join my on my journey anyway:)

This story takes place after the final battle against Mordred Darkthrop in The Darkthrop Prophecy and takes a completely different turn from the game, meaning that Mel doesn't end up going back to Thais.

The idea for this story came to me when I was bored and was looking through Aveyond fan art on DeviantArt. It's really random, even for me, and it certainly isn't anything like the usual Aveyond fanfiction.

I've been on this site for a while but I wasn't really active until now so please bear with me as I try to figure out how the posting thing works. If I mess up something or miss something please let me know so I can fix it.

This story can also be found on fanfiction.net and AO3. If you feel like checking me out on there:) My stories are published under the username Queen-of-Ice101 for fanfiction.net and Queen_of_Ice101 for AO3.

Be sure to let me know what you think and most of all enjoy the story!


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The Oracle stood before her mirror watching the unconscious Darkthrop girl lying there as the battle raged around her. They planned to end this and take her home to Thais where she was supposed to start a new life, maybe even marry Edward or one of the young men from the line of Lars.

But that was not her destiny.

The scarlet thread of fate didn't tie Mel to any of her companions. Instead it tied her to a tall black haired man who currently sat in the prisons below.

Oracle sighed and brushed her fingers along the frame of the mirror gently, her wrinkled face falling as she gazed at the girl with sad eyes. 

"You've already suffered so much, why does your life have to be like this? I wish......"


The oracle turned to see one of the most advanced and oldest priestesses in her order standing at the door. 

"Yes my dear?"

"Is something the matter? You've been watching in the mirror for over a day now and the other priestesses and I are getting worried. Is something bad happening on Aia?"

The oracle was silent for a moment before returning her gaze to the raging battle. 

"No, not now. The prophecy is being fulfilled but it is also being ended through my chosen heroes. But the girl, her bonds choices to follow a darker path has twisted her fate alongside his and now........now I cannot do anything to help her. She is out if my hands."

The oracle bowed her head, a expression of sadness and pain washing over her face. 

"There is truly nothing you can do?" She whispered, seeing the distress in the Oracle's features. 

"There is nothing. Even I cannot mess with the fates tapestry. Now all I can do is pray that my shadow counterpart shows enough interest in Mel and Gyendal that she will guide them and they will be protected."

"Protected from what?"

The oracle gazed at the mirror wordlessly for a long moment before turning to the priestess. 

"Protected from the Shadows of her Twisted Destiny."

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Omg another Mel x Gyendal shipper i see xD hahaha! Very rare to see one nowadays heh

Oh btw the story is intriguing ^.^ can't wait for more!

Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom

Glad you like my little prologue! Haha yes, us who are interested in the Mel/Gyendal pairing are quite rare specimens:p

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Chapter One: Falling Into Hell



Mel watched Te'ijel's arrow hit Gyendal's arm and as he was propelled back towards the portal a sense of relationship relief washed over her. Finally the enemy that had plagued her for several years now would be gone.


As his foot made contact with the portal she felt a powerful tug in her chest and she stumbled forward unconsciously while her hands flew to clutch her robe just over her heart.




Suddenly there was a high pitched feminine shriek from behind her and something slammed into her back sending her flying forward right towards the wildly flashing portal.


Mel let out a terrified cry and twisted in the air, grasping desperately for the hands that reached out to her.


But it was to late.


As Mel was sucked into the portal to the Demon Realm the last things she saw were the terrified faces of her friends and a maniacally laughing Lydia.


Then she began to scream as the portal opened on the other side and she began to free fall through the air towards the lava below.




Mel screamed again as she twisted in the air, panicking. How could the portal just dump her in the middle of a lake of lava?! Last time she had at least landed on the ground.


Out of nowhere a arm grabbed her around the middle, pulling her backwards against another figure and a blast of dark energy sent them both tumbling through the air until they hit the ground.


The figure behind Mel landed on the ground and Mel landed hard on top of her saviour. There was a whoosh has both of them had the air knocked out of them.


Without looking Mel rolled off the person below her as she gasped like a fish out of water.


"Ow..." She muttered once she could breath.


Next to her there was a pained groan and Mel looked over to see Gyendal lying on the ground with his eyes shut tight as he grimaced in pain and clutched his shoulder. She could see a broken off shaft of a arrow sticking up between his fingers and his hands were covered in red. He was extremely pale and his face glistened with sweat that she knew was the result of Te'ijelm's cursed arrows.


Looking around frantically for people she knew she wouldn't see Mel tried to figure out what to do. Usually when she saw Gyendal he was trying to kidnap her or use her powers to activate the orbs so her automatic reaction was to kill him.


But he had saved her life when he didn't have to and they were both trapped in the middle of the Demon Realm.


So Mel reached out a hand and touched his shoulder, causing him to flinch under her hand and open his eyes to glare at her.


"What?!?" He spat.


"Let me see your shoulder."


He shifted slightly, his hand still clutching his wounded shoulder as he sneered at her.


"What, so that you can inflict more pain on me in revenge for me using you to fulfill the prophecy? Not likely!"


Mel pulled a cloth wrapped bundle out of her burnt robe and unwrapped it to reveal several healing potions and balms.


"Te'ijel's arrows are cursed. If they aren't fired in a way that will take the life of the victim right away it will bring a slow and extremely painful death. I need to take care of that shoulder or it's going to kill you."


Gyendal was silent for a moment before slowly unclenching his hands from his shoulder and moving it so that Mel could see the wound. When she saw how deep the arrow was imbedded she instantly reached for her dagger.


"I need to get that out now. I'm going to have to cut away the cloth around the wound." She told him as she grabbed a thin metal dagger from where it hung on her corded belt.


Gyendal nodded and she cut away the fabric around the wound before tossing her dagger to the side and gripping the shaft of the arrow that was slick with blood.


"This is going to hurt." She warned as she readied herself to pull.


"Just get it over with!!" He snarled.


She nodded and gave a yank, pulling it free and wincing at what came with the barbed arrow. Gyendal grunted and gave a jerk of pain. She threw the arrow off to the side and used her basic knowledge of storm magic to summon a tiny bit of rain to wet a piece of her robe that she had ripped off.


She quickly cleaned the wound before placing her hands over the wound and closing her eyes before murmuring a soft magical incantation under her breath.


"What are you doing?"


Mel glanced down at Gyendal who still looked pained and clammy but had a brighter spark in his eyes.


"I know basic healing magic. Not much but enough to remove the effects of Te'ijel's arrow from you since I know what to target."


Mel turned her attention back to the wound that was still bleeding although not as heavy. Grabbing a healing balm from the unwrapped bundle beside her she quickly ripped more strips of cloth off her robe, washing them with magic rain and infusing them with healing magic before spreading balm on them and wrapping Gyendals's shoulder.


Once she was done Mel summoned more rain to wash off her hands the best she could. She then wiped her hands on her robe before packing up her medicinal potions and balms and tucking the bundle back into her robe that was starting to look rather worse for wear.


"So what now?" She finally asked.


Gyendal sat up with a grimace and brushed his fingers over the bandage before turning to look at Mel.


"Well first I'd love to hear how you ended up free falling through the Demon Realm. Last time I checked your friends held no secret desire to send you to most people's worst nightmare."


Mel gritted her teeth, unaware of the fact that her anger was causing her body to shimmer with magic.


"Lydia pushed me in. Somehow she was able to escape the prison cell and get up to where we were all gathered."


Gyendal raised a brow.


"Green hair pushed you in? My my, what a stupid girl she is. If my sister doesn't kill her on the spot for that little move they most certainly will have a hard time holding your little darkling back."


Mel snorted.


"Who cares. The point is now I'm stuck here."


Then her brows furrowed as she looked down at her lap.


"And my whole body has been feeling strange and tingly since I fell through the portal."


"You mean that's not normal?!"


Mel's head shot up to see that Gyendal was looking at her in alarm.


"What do you mean? Of course it's not normal! Why, have you been walking around constantly tingling for the past year and a bit since you became human?"


Gyendal glared at her.


"Don't be a fool! Of course not! I meant that I thought that the tingling was caused by the Demon Realm and that it wasn't anything unusual."


Mel shook her head.


"No. Last time I came I didn't feel tingling and Galahad never mentioned any tingling."


"I see."


They sat in silence for a moment trying to figure out what to do next when there was a roar from their left. Both heads whipped to the left just in time for a lower, louder roar to sound from the same direction.


"Oh crap." Mell muttered.


Gyendal pushed himself to his feet and she could feel him begin to pull at his magic.


Mel stood as well and looked down at the bracelet she had aquired since her last "visit" to this realm. With a slight smile she touched the glasslike gem on the top of e bracelet and gently channeled a small amount of magic through it.


The bracelet shuddered before popping free and floating off her wrist only to flash and turn into the orb staff. Mel caught the staff before it could fall before preparing for the Wyvers she heard coming.


"Nice staff." Gyendal commented from just behind her.


Mel grinned and spoke without turning to look at him.


"You think that's awesome? Watch what it can do."


Mel readied herself as the first Wyvern rounded the corner. The moment it was in range she channeled her power through the staff and fired, grinning savagely as the Wyvern was destroyed by a blast of dark fire.


Then a roar filled the air and Mel readied herself as a massive Wyvern at least twice the size of the last one appeared over the crest of the rocks.


"Great goddess that's huge!" Mel gasped.


She readied to fire another blast of magic when a ball of raw black energy flew past her from behind and slammed into the Wyvern with a mighty boom. Mel gaped at the black ash spot that had once been the Wyvern before whirling to face Gyendal who was standing examining the Staff of Destiny in his hand.


"My, this has some kick doesn't it. Impressive."


"T-the staff of Destiny!!!"


He glanced up at her.


"Is that what this is called? Good name for it."


Mel sputtered for a moment.


"You have to get rid of that thing!! It's got a demon inside that takes over the welder!"


Gyendal laughed.


"I'm more then strong enough to control the demon in the staff of Destiny lamb. Don't worry your pretty little head about that."


Mel growled at the nickname that Te'ijel and Gyendal felt the need to use on her before turning back to the matter at hand.


"You don't understand. The staff is to powerful and evil. It's probably already controlling your thoughts........"


Gyendal dismissed her words with a simple wave of his hand as he held the staff in his other and examined it closely.


Mel clenched her fists in frustration. That staff was dangerous!!! Mel did not want a already powerful Mage walking around under the control of a evil demon! She was about to look away and check her own weapon when something caught her eye.


He was holding the staff in his injured arm.


Instantly a plan to get the staff away from Gyendal began to form in her mind. A stupid, dangerous plan that would most likely get her killed by a enraged ex vampire. But if it worked.....


Taking advantage of Gyendal's distraction Mel lunged for him and latched onto the staff. Gyendal tightened his grip before looking up incredulously as Mel attempted to rip the staff out of his grasp.


"What are you- let GO you fool!!"




The two of them grappled over the staff and just when Gyendal was about to win Mel slammed her own staff down on his injured shoulder causing him to let out a shout of pain and loosen his grip on the Staff of Destiny.


The moment his grip slackened Mel gave a mighty heave and yanked the demon staff free, throwing up all the mental blocks she could to keep the demon at bay.


Mel somehow flipped through the air, landing with both staffs held tight to her body. Gyendal recovered quickly and snarled as he lunged for the staff. She managed to block him with a kick as she desperately figured out what to do now at she had the staff.


The best thing to do would be to destroy it but..........wait.


Mel's head twisted as she looked over at the lava to their right before flipping back towards Gyendal who was back on his feet. Knowing that her time had run ot she faked to the left before leaping to the right and hurling the staff of Destiny out over the lava as far as it would go, landing on the ground with a soft thump as the staff fell into the lava and sank beneath the surface.


She breathed a sigh of relief only to freeze when Gyendal let out a roar of fury.


Instantly she scrambled to her feet and attempted to flee but she was extremely slow compared to the powerful fighter and Mage as he grabbed her and hurled her up against the stone wall.


She let out a gasp as her body made contact with the stone and as her body peeled itself off the wall a hand grabbed her by the throat and pinned her there.


"You are a fool with a death wish."


Mel gasped desperately for air and clawed at the hand that cut off precious oxygen.




Gyendal eyed her coldly for a moment before releasing his grip on her neck and stepping away as Mel collapsed to the ground gasping and coughing and she clutched her neck.


"I'd kill you but you might be necessary to get us out of here."


Mel nodded, chest heaving as she attempted to recover her lost oxygen. Once she could breath again she stood to her feet and glanced over at Gyendal who was absently rubbing his shoulder.


She felt irrational guilt for using his wound against her although she probably saved his life by taking that evil staff from him. She walked over to him and hesitantly placed her hand on his shoulder over his wound, healing the damage she had done before removing her hand.


Gyendal stared at her in surprise.


"Because we're gonna need both of us in good shape down here." She muttered.


Gyendal raised one brow before smirking slightly. Then he turned serious.


"We need to find out if there's a way out of here and we need to make sure that the tingling isn't a bad thing. Is there someone down here we can go to?"


Mel sighed as she looked out over the Demon plains.


"Yeah. We need to go see the Shadow Oracle."



So what did you guys think of the first chapter? My muse thrives on reviews:)

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I'll be uploading chapter two in the next few days, however I have a question to throw out to all you fellow Aveyond fans to ponder in the meantime. How would you guys feel about a AU Aveyond fic? I had this crazy random idea come to me of a Alternate Reality fanfic for Aveyond and the idea interests me enough that I'll willing to write it.


I'll continue publishing the occasional oneshot, the longer story Shadows of my Twisted Destiny, and the AU one should I end up writing the AU fic. Usually whenever I get writing fanfics for a fandom I usually end up with a minimum of two large multi-chapter fics on the go at the same time right from the begining, usually more so this story idea came later then usual.


Anyway, I don't want to give to much of the story away but it will be a AU story following Mel, meaning that her journey through the prophecy will be rather different from the game. I will still include the other characters from Aveyond, they'll just be incorporated in a different way. This story will be exploring how Mel would have reacted to the prophecy if the darker side of things had more of a influence in her life.


Anyway, hope to hear what you all think of the idea!

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Chapter Two:




As Mel and Gyendal made their way along the paths towards Shadow Aveyond she thought about everyone she had left behind on Aia.


"Now that Lydia isn't sitting on the throne Edward will be able to take back his kingdom. I wish I could see the coronation." Mel commented wistfully.


"Missing your boyfriend already?"


Mel whipped her head to glare at Gyendal.


"Why does everyone always say that?! I don't love him like that and he doesn't like me like that either!!! The only reason he proposed is because I was the only girl he knew really well and he had to marry someone or his parents would choose his bride!"


Gyendal raised a brow at her reaction before laughing.


"Seems I've hit a sore spot."


Mel glared at him before huffing and turning away. They walked a few more feet until reaching a cave opening.


"Shadow Aveyond is in here."


Gyendal nodded and they stepped into the cave, walking the few feet before pushing aside the lichen curtain and stepping into Aveyond.


Mel smirked as Gyendal's eyes widened a the sight of the peaceful oasis and he took a half step back.


"Pretty strange right?"


He nodded.


"It looks exactly like the real Aveyond......"


Mel looked up in surprise.


"You've been to the real Aveyond?"


He gave a curt nod.


"Once. A very long time ago."


Curiously filled Mel and she wanted to ask but the look on his face told her that the story wasn't a nice one and she decided against it.


"Well come on then, we need to go talk to the Shadow Oracle. She's up at the temple.


He nodded and they made their way through the quiet streets up to the temple. Mel pushed the heavy oak door open and she hesitantly stepped into the temple where soft bells chimed and a gentle breeze that carried a sweet scent could be felt blowing through. Gyendal came up behind her and looked over her shoulder.


"Oracle? Are you here?"


Moments later movement could be heard from the library and a greying head poked out.


"Mel? Child what are you doing here?!!"


The Shadow Oracle shuffled out to them.


"I was pushed in."


Mel paused for a moment before speaking again.


"After Mordred Darkthrop was killed for good this time."


The Shadow Oracle blinked and Mel sighed.


"I know what you are Shadow Oracle."


The elderly woman appeared taken aback before a dark smile flickered to life and her eyes turned completely black.


"You do? Wonderful, I can drop that pointless disguise then."


Mel's eyes widened and she took a unconscious step back into Gyendal at the cold and evil expression on the old woman's face.


"Don't like this version so much do you? Oh well. Now, since you know the truth I believe it's story time. I want to know the full story of how you came to be part of this little one, starting from the moment you got involved in this. Your ex vampire friend can tell his side so that I have the whole picture of how this prophecy thing happened."


Mel hesitated as Shadow Oracle walked over to the wing with all the benches.


"Come on lamb, she isn't going to wait all day." Gyendal sighed from behind her as he gave a gentle push to get her moving.


Mel unwillingly started forward, following the Shadow Oracle and taking a seat. As Gyendal took his own seat and began to explain how he had found Mel in his quest to locate the orbs Mel felt uneasy. Something was going to change in a big way and Mel wasn't so sure she was looking forward to that change.





".......then Lydia shoved me into the portal. That's the story." Mel finished.


Cups and empty plates sat next to Mel and Gyendal on the benches from their small break during the story that had taken several hours to fully tell.


"I see. That's quite the tale."


Mel sat impatiently as the Shadow Oracle pondered the story.


"So I assume you wish to return back to Aia."


Both Gyendal and Mel nodded and the Shadow Oracle steepled her fingers.


"Luckily that isn't going to be difficult. You just need the Staff of Destiny. It will take Gyendal channeling his magic through you Mel to open the portal but it can be done."


Gyendal and Mel exchanged looks, Gyendal's accusing and Mel's pleading. They would have to tell the old woman that they didn't have the staff but she was hoping that Gyendal would keep his mouth shut about why.


Mel did not want to have a front row seat to the Shadow Oracle going nuclear if she found out what Mel had done.


"We don't have the staff." Gyendal finally said.


The Shadow Oracle looked up sharply.


"You don't? Why?!"


"When we came through the portal the staff fell somewhere through one of the crevices to the caverns below. I couldn't trace it with my magic so I don't know where." Mel lied.


The Oracle gave her a suspicious look before sighing heavily.


"That poses......a problem."


Mel leaned forward, gripping her scorched robe tightly.


"So what does that mean for us?"


"There is no way back. The Staff of Destiny is the only thing strong enough to open a portal from the other side. That is why it is such a coveted item. You two have no chance of getting through without it."


Then the Shadow Oracle stared off into space.


"Such a unusual turn of events.... Especially for a fate touched child."


Mel blinked.


"Fate touched? But isn't everyone's life decided by fate?"


The Shadow Oracle shook her head.


"No. Fate weaves the tapestry but everyone had thousands of paths their life could take and each person's decisions choose that path. The Fates very rarely involve themselves. However, there are some people who fate has a direct hand in their lives. We call them fate touched."


Then the oracle's brows knit.


"However, even without touching you I knew that you weren't destined to come here. It should have been impossible for you to come here, especially since you have a Crimson thread tied to you although I'm not sure who it's connected to."


Mel glanced at Gyendal only to see that he looked as confused as her by all the spiritual talk.


"Both of you me your hand, I want to see what's going on."


Mel offered her hand at the same time as Gyendal and the old woman grasped them in a surprisingly tight grip as her eyes closed in concentration. Suddenly the old woman went tense before her eyes flew open to stare at Mel in shock for a moment.


Then the Shadow Oracle began to laugh.


"Oh, oh my!! I've never seen anything like this before in my life! Oh how funny........you were brought here because of the Crimson thread. And your realm touched to. This is hilarious!"


Mel flinched back from the cackling Oracle and yanked her hand free, pulling it protectively to her chest as she stared wide eyed at the old woman.


"W-what's so strange about us?"


The Shadow Oracle wiped tears of mirth from her eyes.


"Not much dear. It's just that fate is playing such a marvellous joke on you and I can't help but find it all very amusing."


Mel paled slightly.


"Fate is......playing a joke?"


"Oh yes! Between the scarlet thread and being blessed by the Staff of Destiny it's most fascinating."


Gyendal growled before slamming his hands down on the bench.


"Will you stop behaving like this is all some game and give us some answers?!"


Mel whipped her head to stare at Gyendal in shock. Was he a idiot?!?


"Oh you have a temper when you're scared do you? Oh well, I haven't laughed like this in years so I can forgive you. What can I tell you? Hmm, oh I know! Unless you have the staff you will be trapped down here until you die."


At her last words the Shadow Oracle grinned.


Gyendal rubbed his shoulder and glared at the Oracle.


"So we have to live out our short mortal lives here?"


The oracle began to laugh again.


"Or not so short."


Both Gyendal and Mel stiffened.




"It seems that the staff of Destiny took quite the liking to you. As you both passed through the portal some of it's essence changed you. Congratulations, you are now living the life of a immortal such as a vampire. You cannot die unless killed with a weapon or such and you are unable to commit suicide."


Her words fell heavier then a anvil as Mel and Gyendal processed that.


"IMMORTAL?!?!??" Mel shrieked.


Gyendal just sat there silently looking almost as pale as he had when he was a vampire.


"Yes! And as a side effect you both are more powerful then before. Congratulations!!"


Mel had to grab the bench on front of her as her knees threatened to give out on her. She dropped back into her seat with a thump as she stared blankly ahead of her.


They were trapped here in hell.





So what did you guys think? My muse thrives on reviews!!

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Chapter 3




As Mel and Gyendal walked out of Shadow Aveyond they both were caught up on their own thoughts.


Their conversation with the Shadow Oracle had ended shortly after the old woman had dropped the immortality bombshell and now Mel and Gyendal were focused on going to the city and finding somewhere to sleep.


Mel and Gyendal walked to Sheian Lyr without a word. Once they reached the gates the two of them stopped in the doorway, looking out over the tiny town.


"This is depressing." Gyendal finally sighed.


"You have no idea."


Mel headed through the city with Gyendal a few steps behind until she reached the Inn.


"What are you-"


"I'm staying at the Inn tonight and tomorrow I'm going to try and find a place to live. I don't care what you do."


She walked inside without another word and payed for a bed before heading upstairs to get some sleep.


As she drifted in and out of sleep she heard someone enter and head to the bed on the opposite corner of her. It took her a moment to process who it was in the Inn with her but once it had dawned on her she bolted upright and swung her head to stare at the black haired lump under the blankets in the bed in the furthest corner from her.


After eyeing Gyendal suspiciously Mel rolled over and lay back down.


But she wasn't sleepy anymore. She was on alert, positive that Gyendal would try to do something to her to knock her out so that he could keep her from causing him problems.


Every time she heard a noise from the other side of the room Mel flinched, further on edge.


Finally there was a sharp hiss-like sound from where he was and Mel whirled, firing a blast of magic towards him that blew a hole in the wall just above his head. In the light that now flooded the room she could see Gyendal's wide and startled eyes.


"What. The. Hell."


Mel looked around the room in confusion.


"Wait.....I could of sworn I heard some sound like magic use or something." She muttered, more to herself then anything.


She was pulled out of her thoughts by a creek and she turned sharply to see Gyendal rise out of the bed, his cloak left hanging on one of the bedposts and he casually strolled towards her.


"That "magical sound" happened to be me sneezing."


The closer he got to her the clearer she could see the expression of extreme irritation on his face. Mel swallowed hard.




She slid slowly to the edge of her bed and swung her legs over the side before standing and attempting to leave the room. However Gyendal simply shoved her, causing her to drop back down to sit on the bed.


As she looked up at the powerful and seriously ticked Mage looming over her Mel did what any intelligent human being would and she scuttled back away from him until her back was pressed against the wall behind her.


"You nearly blew my head off because I sneezed. Are you Insane?!?!"


Mel winced. Yeah......maybe she should have checked before she fired. She was about to mutter something akane to a apology to get him to back off when she caught sight of the glint of dark amusement in Gyendal's eyes.


"You're playing me!!!" Mel shouted, acting on anger and slamming magically charged hands into his shoulders to send him flying backwards.


Gyendal collided with the bed three rows over before flipping off of it. Moments later he was back on his feet and he was ticked, both hands crackling with energy.


"Your a very stupid girl. You know that?"


Mel shot to her feet, a black pearlescent magic shield surrounding her as her own hands summoned magic fire.


"Well if I remember correctly it's this stupid girl you need to open that portal should that staff ever resurface." Mel shot back.


Gyendal's fists clenched tightly but before he could respond or do anything the door was thrown open as the Innkeeper burst in.


"What is going on here?!?!"


Both Gyendal and Mel turned to glare at the man who went pale and muttered something about being sorry about disturbing them before hastily backing out of the room and closing the door.


Mel turned back to Gyendal to see the magic crackling around him vanish as he let out a long sigh.


"This is pointless. I'm going back to bed."


Mel let down her shield as Gyendal got back into his own bed. As Mel climbed into her own Gyendal sat up and turned to face her.


"Oh and lamb? If you hear another strange noise why don't you check before firing. I have nothing to gain out of harming you right now and I have no interest in carting around a mangled body even if I did want to hurt you. So refrain from blowing my head off please and thank you."


The last part was heavy with sarcasm as he lay back down, back to her as silence fell over the room.


Mel rolled over as well and tried to fall asleep.


She had barely been back down here a few hours and she already wanted to go crawl in a hole and die. How was she supposed to last?!




The next morning Mel woke up to someone shaking her. She pried her eyes open and rolled over to see Gyendal leaning over her.


"Get up. We need to find a place to live today."


Then he turned and walked out, his ragged cloak swishing behind him.


Mel groaned and swung her legs over the side of her bed before standing to her feet and grabbing her Mage robe, or what was left of it, off the bed post. Combing her hair out with her fingers Mel shuffled downstairs to where Gyendal was waiting before yawning and stretching.


"So since your so eager to get started to you have a idea of where to go first?"


Gyendal shot her a look.


"Oh so you would prefer to live in the Inn for the rest of our immortal life I take it?"


It was Mel who shot Gyendal the dirty look this time. Finally Mel sighed as her shoulders slumped.


"Seriously though, where do we start?"


Gyendal didn't answer her, instead he walked over to the innkeeper.


"Where would we go if we wanted to get a house up here."


The innkeeper shrugged.


"Dunno. There isn't any room to build a new house. You could ask around but I doubt that anyone is moving. The residents up here are immortal so this is there permanent home. But there's always a chance that one of them is moving so it's worth a shot asking."


Gyendal nodded and Mel followed him out of the inn onto the path outside.


"So we start in that corner and work our way around?" Mel suggested.


"Oh look, a intelligent idea."


"Shove it Gyendal."




Several hours passed and after leaving the last house Mel and Gyendal could be found sitting on some rocks eating lunch.


"So what do we do now? No one is moving and there is no place to build house."


Gyendal stared moodily out over the city.


"I don't know."


They both sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts. Mel scanned the city again before sighing and turning back to her food. Suddenly beside her Gyendal sat up, alert as he studied a couple of people that had just exited the store.


"Mel, have you noticed something strange about the city?"


"What part?" Mel snorted.


"Would you drop the sarcasm for once?"


Mel whipped her head to glare at Gyendal.


"Oh pardon me for having a legitimate question."


"I was talking about the inhabitants of the city. Have you noticed anything odd about them?"


Mel was silent for a moment as she studied them before her eyes went wide.


"There are way more people wandering the city then should be able to live here! And they are different people from earlier! But how? We explored this place when we were stuck here when you pushed me in the first time...." Mel stopped there to shoot Gyendal a dirty look before continuing.


".....and the only places with beings like us that live in it are Shadow Aveyond and Sheian Lyr."


Both Mel and Gyendal watched as two of the people walked over to the store with their purchases and then causally strolling in behind the store. They didn't come out but one single person appeared from behind the store waving over his shoulder.


Mel and Gyendal exchanged looks before moving at the same time and rounding the corner to look behind the store. At first they didn't say anything but then Gyendal made a startled noise and pointed to the ground at what Mel had originally thought was a mud puddle.


"A staircase!"


They walked down the stairs that widened significantly once below the ground. They descended through the tunnel before coming out at the bottom into a underground city.


Mel gaped as she looked around her at the city square in front of them with booths and shops set up. Around the market were paths that led to whole neighbourhoods. Creatures of all kinds milled around the streets and one friendly citizen walked over to where a flabbergasted Mel and Gyendal stood.


"Welcome to Sheian Lyr!"




So what did you guys think? This was a fun chapter to write with Mel and Gyendal's interaction. I'm quite enjoying myself writing their snarky conversations:p


A question for your guys, I'm going to try and focus in on just one of these Aveyond stories and get as many chapters cranked out as possible. Would you guys prefer that I work on this story and crank out regular updates or would you prefer me to focus in and work on Heirs of Darkness?


I'd love to get as many answers as possible so I can know which story has more interest and I can focus all my attention on that story. Also, feel free to tell me what you thought of this chapter:)


On a slightly unrelated note I recently uploaded a one-shot called What Was Lost and it goes through Te'jal and Gyendal's relationship as siblings and what I think would have caused such a big rift between them that he wanted her tied up and killed by the sun in LoT. It's told from Te'ijal's perspective as she waits for the sun to come up in the keep. I'd love to for you guys to check it out^_^

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Hmm I say to focus on whatever captures your muse more. Although if you want personal opinions, personally I would prefer to read non AU stories since that's what I normally seek out in fanfic :P

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Hmm I say to focus on whatever captures your muse more. Although if you want personal opinions, personally I would prefer to read non AU stories since that's what I normally seek out in fanfic :P

Thanks for letting me know!! If I get hit by super inspiration I'll definitely work on whichever one I'm inspired for:) Right now it's tied for which story people want to be worked on more so hopefully more people will let me know their preference.

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Chapter Four




They stood in silence looking over the city for several moments before Gyendal turned on her.


"I thought you said that you had explored the demon realm!!"


"I did!! So sorry I didn't think to study mud puddles intently to look for secret staircases!"


Gyendal snorted before muttering something under his breath and turning to address at the friendly citizen.


"Do you think you could point us in the direction of where we can go to buy a house?"


"Right over there in the market. First building on the left."


Gyendal smiled and nodded before walking away without waiting for Mel leaving her to jog to catch up with the dark haired male in front of her before reaching his side and grumbling under her breath.


They entered the building and walked up to the desk where a witch was snoozing behind the desk.


"Hey, wake up. We want to talk to you about buying houses." Mel snapped.


The witch yawned and opened one eye to stare at them apathetically.


"I'm sleeping. Come back in a couple of hours."


Then the witch closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. Mel saw Gyendal's face darken and he leaned forward, slamming his hands down on the desk and making the whole thing jump into the air.


The witch jerked awake and fell of her chair before opening her eyes and glaring up at Gyendal.




"We have nearly died several times today and we have gotten some news we did not want to hear. You do not want to test our patience."


The witch blanched before nodding and getting up off the floor.


"O-of course. What can I do for you?"


Mel stared at the witch. Was she stupid?"


"We want to buy houses." She said slowly.


The witch nodded and pulled out a piece of paper.


"Here, both of you sign this and the house is yours."


Mel was about to pick up the pen when the statement dawned on her.


"Wait, did you say house? As in singular?"


The witch nodded.


"No way in hell am I sharing a house with this egotistical psycho!"


The witch blinked.


"You two aren't together?"


"NO!!" Mel and Gyendal shouted in sync.


"Really? Oh well in that case....."


The witch put away the one paper and pulled out two separate ones before passing them across the table.


"This street is made up of humans with only one darkling living on it. Gives the highest chance of making friends among the human population."


Mel scribbled her signature before taking the keys from the witch and starting for the door. Time to go see her new house.





As Mel walked up to her front door she glanced behind her to see Gyendal walking in the same direction as her.


"Please don't make us neighbours." She muttered under her breath.


Gyendal didn't turn towards Mel's side of the street, instead he paused directly across from her and turned to walk up to the house across the street.


"You have got to be kidding me."


Mel, now in a even worse mood then before unlocked the door and shoved it open before stepping inside and closing the door behind her.


She scanned the dirty front kitchen/dining/living room and groaned.


"I hate cleaning." She grumbled before shrugging off her robe and rolling up her sleeves.


"Time to get to work."





Nearly five hours later Mel could be found flopped across her bed panting as she looked around her now clean house.




After another twenty minutes of laying there Mel forced herself up and over to her robe, grabbing it and sliding it on before heading out of her house to the market.


Mel stopped by several booths to pick up some food before heading to the seamstress. She entered hesitantly only to stop in surprise at the welcoming brightly coloured shop.




"Welcome!! How can I help you?"


Mel looked to her right to see a vampire standing at a stand with clothing as she spoke around the pins in her mouth.


"Uh......I need new clothes." Mel mumbled.


"Oh of course honey! Those clothes are so burnt and.......I just have to make better ones! Come into the back so I can measure you."


The vampire woman hurried into the back leaving a bemused Mel to follow.


"In a normal situation this would be a death wish. I have one messed up life." Mel muttered.


"Oh yes, usually never follow a vampire into a back room. They'll drink your blood without a second thought."


Mel grimaced as she entered the room where the vampire stood with a measuring tape.


"Sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude."


"Oh you weren't! It's very true that it's dangerous. However, you have nothing to worry about from me. I don't drink blood from humans. Human blood is so fatty and you never know where it's been! Disgusting."


"Er.....I don't know whether to be relieved or insulted."


The vampire laughed before pushing Mel up onto a stool.


"Either works. Now strip."





Mel emerged from the building two hours later dressed in black pants and a shirt with the promise to return in a week to retrieve the ten sets of her old thief clothes that she had ordered.


When asked if that was all she wanted Mel and nodded and received a highly pitying look from the women.


Mel grumbled under her breath as she headed home. She didn't want pity from anyone about anything, least of all her stupid clothes.


As Mel stepped inside she took the tattered robe she had brought home and placed it on her bed, gently folding it and kneeling at the foot of her bed in front of a chest.


She opened the chest and began to pull out some of the objects. A locket, letters from her friends that she had received between her quests before this last one, a ball invitation, a graduation diploma from Professor Grey, her journals and her most prized possession. All things she had been carrying around in her bag with protection spells for the entire journey.


Reaching out Mel gently lifted up out of the box several flat pieces of slate, cradling them in her hands as she placed them onto the coat.


On two of the three pieces of slate there were magical pictures that Stella had used her magic to put on, pictures of their team. One picture for every quest. Stella had used her magic to withdraw the image of the group of them together from the essence of a tree or bush that was overlooking them and transferred it onto slate.


The first one had just been her, Stella, Te'ijel, Galahad and Edward. They were all goofing off playing a game that Edward called charades and he was in the process of acting out some strange animal. He looked so goofy and the image had captured Mel doubled over in laughter while Stella giggled. Te'ijel was grinning as she made dinner and Galahad was just shaking his head with a smile.


The second slate was her, Stella, Te'ijel, Galahad, Edward, Lydia and Ulf. In this one they were watching as Lydia used her magic to create little magic animal forms to run around in the air. Edward was asking Lydia how she did that while Stella attempted to do that with her own healing abilities and Mel amused herself by throwing rocks through the magic forms in the air. Galahad was sitting and polishing his sword with Te'ijel leaning against his back with her arms looped loosely around Galahad's neck as she talked to him.


Then Mel pulled up the third one and stared at it silently. This one had been a gift for, June when she had overheard Mel and Edward talking about how Stella had done it for the last two quests. Mel always found the image painful to look at for several reasons.


The first was that the group was very different from the one made up of her friends who she had come to love and cherish. Stella, Te'ijel and Galahad were missing. They had been replaced by June, Yvette and "Spook".


The third picture was of them all sitting around a campfire as dusk fell. They had camped out for the night in the blueleaf Forest and the sky had been completely clear. It had been rather chilly that night and people had all grouped together in sets of two to share blankets as they listened to Yvette tell a ghost story.


June had taken to Yvette quite a bit and so the two girls were huddled under a blanket, Yvette gesturing widely and June practicing little magic tricks as she listened.


Edward and Ulf were sharing the second blanket since they had first watch and both were deeply engrossed in the story.


Then Mel's eyes fell to the third pair and a pang went through her.


The light made her and Spook stand out the best. Spook was sitting with his back leaning up against a log as he listened to the story and his arm was wrapped absently around Mel.


Mel had been exhausted by the time they had sat down and so by the time this image had been recorded by a tree Mel was fast asleep, head resting on the crook of Spook's neck and her body curled into his side.


Mel stared at the picture for a moment longer before abruptly stacking the slate and wrapping it in her coat before returning it to the box.


The second reason she found this picture painful was because of Gyendal.


Mel had never had a crush or anything even remotely relatable to a crush before. Even Edward had never made her feel anything other then friendship and sibling affection. But when "Spook" had show up......


Right from the get-go she had connected with him. There was something about their personalities that had just clicked and Mel found herself talking with him a lot as they walked all over the forests and towns. They had usually ended up cast on watch together because their skills with their weapons complimented each other which gave them a lot of time to talk.


When he had given her those gifts it had made her smile more then anything. For the first time in her life Mel had understood what Stella meant when she talked about Edward giving her those gifts and spending so much time talking and just being with her.


Mel had finally understood that topsy turvy feeling that Stella talked about getting in her stomach.


So she had blindly believed "Spook" when he said he had liked her.


She had believed him so much that she had foolishly allowed him to kiss her.


And then it had all blown up on her face when they finally found the orb of death and "Spook" turned out to be Gyendal.


His cruel mocking words, ridiculing her for ever thinking that he had loved her had hit her right in the heart. Mel had always felt worthless and like no guy could ever like her. Gyendal had just confirmed it.


With a snarl she shoved those thoughts out of her head and standing to her feet. She refused to dwell on this.


She had more important things to worry about. Such as why she had been such a idiot to leave Gyendal alive. Goddess above she hated her emotions and how they got the better of her sometimes.




Hey everyone!!


So here's chapter four, I hope you all enjoyed it!! This was a little bit of a transition chapter, not quite getting into the storyline I have planned but laying out some groundwork. I hope you all enjoyed the little addition I did with the pieces of slate. As you might already have figured I was one of the people that gave Spook the attraction points, so I was really quite miffed when he turned out to be Gyendal, and then they didn't even give us a crack ending like they did with Rhen joining the Dark Side and fighting with Ahrimen.


On a fun little side note, did anyone catch that children's animated movie reference? Those who did and let me know in the comments below will get a cyber hug and a cyber cookie!!

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Why Me?




Mel yawned as she stood to her feet, glancing around her house with a soft sigh as she dressed herself in her new clothes. She looked in the mirror as she tied her yellow ribbon in her hair and smiled slightly. With her clothing that was a exact copy of the clothing she had worn when she had gotten involved in this mess she felt much more comfortable.


Yesterday she had received her clothing order from the seamstress and today she was going to explore this lower level of Sheian Lyr. She had yet to meet any of the inhabitants but she knew that she needed to put at least some effort in building a life down here, it didn't matter that right now she wanted to hide in her room and cry.


She had already withstood so much, she refused to let this be the thing that destroyed her.


So out the door she went, closing and locking it behind her before starting up the path that would take her to the market square. Mel was uncomfortably aware of the people she passed gawking at her, a newcomer.


She headed into the city square and as she approached the first stall she noticed a group of girls all gathered near a booth gossiping and giggling. As she walked by they all fell silent and stared at her with a unfriendly gaze.


Mel ignored them and continued past them, half listening as conversation picked up again moments later and Mel rolled her eyes with a sigh.


"Catty airheads have even managed to pollute the demon realm. Wonderful." She muttered sarcastically.


"At least they have deemed you unworthy, you don't have to deal with the brats trying to talk to you." A dark voice said next her with distaste.


Me whirled to see Gyendal standing at one of the booths looking at the food in the stand.


"Poor little Gyendal, he has people who like him. Why they like you is beyond me though." Mel said with a smirk.


Gyendal turned to face her and raised a elegant brow before sighing.


"It's called female hormones lamb. There are some girls who like anything male and human simply because of their hormones."


Mel rolled her eyes as Gyendal accepted a package of food from the booth owner before walking up to Mel with a smirk.


"Oh look, the girls are looking really quite interested now that your talking to me. Have fun with that."


Mel blinked as Gyendal continued past her, his blood red cloak swishing in the breeze. She turned slightly to watch him walk away, irritated for reasons she didn't quite understand simply from talking to him before turning her attention to the group of girls.


All of them were silent and they were all staring at her.




Instantly Mel started moving through the groups of beings that were milling around the market but before she had even gotten a few steps two girls materialized right in front of her, forcing her to come to a abrupt halt.




Mel wasn't even able to get a full word out before someone grabbed her shoulder and spun her to face a group of girls behind her. Standing right in front of her was a pale teen girl, probably around eighteen, who had bright pink hair and electric green eyes.


"Hiiii! I'm Kandy with a K and I came over here to say hello and welcome you to the demon realm! I thought you looked unfamiliar but until you were talking to the new guy it didn't click that you must have been the other new person that arrived with him!!"


Mel took a half step back, the fake smile that "Kandy with a K" was wearing was setting her teeth on edge.


"That's nice, now-"


"Oh I'm so glad I got a chance to talk to you!! See, we're here to welcome and show any newcomers around. You'll hang out with us now!"


Mel slumped. Why her?!





When she got up the following morning she found herself sitting at her table staring blankly at the wall.


What was she supposed to do now?


She had no friends to do things with, no quests to go on, no where to go to continue learning magic......there was nothing she could really do now.


Mel sighed and stretched, standing to her feet before walking over to her night table. She opened the top drawer and withdrew her dagger, strapping it to her belt before running a finger over her bracelet and glancing over at the door.


She had done a very small amount of exploring when she had fallen down here the first time but not very much. There were paths she didn't follow since they had carried a map with them that helped guide them so they didn't need to wander aimlessly.


So that's what she would do today.


Shoving her feet into her boots she did up the straps and clasps before walking out of her house, locking it up behind her before heading up to the top of Sheian Lyr and leaving the city altogether.


She strode along the path confidently, following the familiar walkway up through the plains to the entrance of the demon caves.


Upon stepping inside Mel let out a long breath and absently brushed her fingers along her yellow ribbon in her hair.


Things may be changing around her, but she would not allow them to change her as a person. She was a strong thief and had always been able to find her way out of a tough situation, this one would be no exception.


She would find a way back to Aia, she just knew it. It would only take time.





And so we finish chapter five!!


This is more of a filler chapter as I move into the next part of the story. It's been slightly difficult to figure out how to work this first part before moving into the real plot of the story (which I am very excited to share with you guys).


Hopefully you enjoy!!

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