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Shadows of my Twisted Destiny (a AV3 fanfic)- Completed

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Hello all!

Well, this time has finally come. This is the very last full chapter to this fanfic, next update is the epilogue and then this will finally be completed. Shadows of My Twisted Destiny is the first fanfic I ever wrote for Aveyond, and has been going for over a year now. This fanfic has become quite special to me, between being my first fanfic for a fandom I loved, but over all the sites I've posted this, Shadows of My Twisted Destiny has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people and fellow fans through their willingness to give my crackpairing madness a chance.

All of you who have fav, followed and reviewed are amazing wonderful people and you have my most heartfelt thanks for supporting my story through all this. It's been a huge encouragement to me to see that people are liking my fanwork:)

This final chapter is a bittersweet one to post for me as I finally end the journey that this story has taken me and all of you on.

And so without further ado, enjoy!Hello all!

Well, this time has finally come. This is the very last full chapter to this fanfic, next update is the epilogue and then this will finally be completed. Shadows of My Twisted Destiny is the first fanfic I ever wrote for Aveyond, and has been going for over a year now. This fanfic has become quite special to me, between being my first fanfic for a fandom I loved, but over all the sites I've posted this, Shadows of My Twisted Destiny has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people and fellow fans through their willingness to give my crackpairing madness a chance.

All of you who have fav, followed and reviewed are amazing wonderful people and you have my most heartfelt thanks for supporting my story through all this. It's been a huge encouragement to me to see that people are liking my fanwork:)

This final chapter is a bittersweet one to post for me as I finally end the journey that this story has taken me and all of you on.

And so without further ado, enjoy!


Her Choice


Mel stood on the large balcony that they could access from the guest wing, leaning against the stone railing as she watched the stars above silently. The wind blew through her soft white Mage dress, she had abandoned the red and plum overcoat in her room in preference of the wind blowing across her bared shoulders.

Nearly a month had passed since they had arrived in Thais and Mel had found herself at peace for the most part, being among friends and loved ones finally. Tomorrow they went home after breakfast, although Mel wasn't entirely sure where home was at that point. To be honest though, she really didn't care where it was. Just so long as it was Aia, where her world was so many more colours then red and grey.

Above several shooting stars lit up the sky and she smiled softly, reminded of the first adventure she had taken with Edward and how they had discovered Stella in the ruins.

Then there was a rustle behind her and Mel turned sharply to see Gyendal approaching, stepping up to the railing next to her.

"Beautiful, isn't it." He said after a moment, his voice quiet. "I never realized how much I relished the ability to look up and see the stars until I couldn't anymore."

Mel hummed in agreement, returning her attention to the night sky and taking enjoyment out of the feeling of the breeze blowing over her. They stood in companionable silence for a while, just appreciating the natural beauty around that they had sorely missed in the Demon Realm.

"What did you see in Rhapsody?"

The sudden and unexpected question made Mel pause before turning to the black haired male next to her in puzzlement.

"What? Where did that come from, and why do you care?"

He turned to lean his back against the stone railing, bracing his arms on the flat top as he studied her with unreadable eyes.

"Humour me." Was his cryptic answer.

Mel sighed, turning back to watch out into the courtyard below blankly.

"I was shown the path my life would have taken if I hadn't fallen into the portal after you, which is probably why I was able to break out of it sooner then you. It wasn't my greatest desire that I was living." She snorted softly. "I don't know how it was for you when you first went into the illusion but I felt like I was in a daze, I didn't understand why I couldn't remember how I got there but I knew that something was wrong."

Gyendal was silent as she spoke and Mel paused for a moment as she thought about the illusion she had faced.

"I saw Edward and Stella happy, married soon after the quest ended and this time I was there to see it. In that reality I had a happy life, I was married to a man I had met at Shadwood Acadamy and I had two daughters. It was the life I should have wanted, the life I would have given nearly anything for if you had asked me before I fell into the Demon Realm."

"How did you break free?" He prompted.

The question made Mel tense. That questioned treaded on dangerous territory. She wasn't stupid or unaware, she could feel the change in their relationship. A tension that had been building for over a year although Mel didn't realize it right away. She didn't want to answer wrong, if she gave too much away things could change for the worse and she would be right back where she started after the quest for the Death Orb.

"...when I was looking at the man the illusion his eyes were green just like yours. I made eye contact and his form switched to yours for a moment. It was so out of place in the illusion that I knew something was wrong, it seems like my consciousness was not so easily suppressed and it influenced the illusion in a way that would be blatantly obvious to snap me back to reality."

She refused to look over and see his reaction to her statement, instead focusing intently straight ahead.

"I see." He murmured softly. "Tell me something Mel, if you could make any choice right here and right now to dictate the path of your life here what would it be?"

Mel twitched at his question, her head snapping up in time to the flush up the back of her neck.

"I'm not answering that question." She said stiffly, her tone unusually guarded.

She could feel his eyes on her and she glanced over to find his green gaze dancing with something she couldn't quite place. The smallest smirk played at the corners of his lips and he slowly straighten up from where he was leaning against the patio.

"Really? Interesting... well unlike you I know what choice I'm going to make, you're more then welcome to make your own in that span of time." He purred, turning sideways to face her.

She instinctively turned to face him before backing away a step, the look on his face unnerving. Traces of amusement flitted through his eyes at her actions, one hand moving without her notice until it settled over her own one on the stone railing as he followed her retreat with a step towards her.

She was frozen and he took advantage of that, taking another step which brought him toe to toe with her. He released a slow chuckle at her deer in the headlights expression before slowly leaning in.

Mel couldn't of moved even if she wanted to, and while a part of her mind was positive she was crazy the rest of her wanted so badly to see what happened next. He was millimetres away, she could feel the rapid rise and fall of his chest with how close he stood and why was he hesitating now?!

"What do you want Mel?" He breathed. "Push me away or finish what I started, it's your choice."

It was the easiest choice she had ever made, she never considered for a second any other option as she shut her eyes and tilted her head forward to close the last of the distance between them.

The sensation that followed was so very familiar that if she had wanted she could have easily imagined herself back in that plaza of Peliad during the New Years celebration, yet at the same time the kiss was as far from being the same as it could get. The man in front of her was the truth behind the mask, and there was a rawness in his kiss that had never been there before. As hands gripped her waist to pull her closer it was like all the puzzle pieces from each and every interaction from the time this door had been opened in her life was falling into place in her mind.

She matched him movement for movement, electricity shooting down her spine as teeth nipped her bottom lip. Her hands came up to weave through his hair and wrap around his neck, pulling him closer.

Eventually they pulled back in favour of oxygen, breathing accelerated and cheeks flushed. Their eyes met and Mel couldn't help the soft laugh that escaped her, Gyendal following soon after with his own deep chuckles as the stress and tension drained away.

"They are going to kill us if they ever find out about this, you know that right? I'll die for being a traitor, and you'll die because you're you. We're so dead." Mel mused.

Gyendal snorted.

"I'm sure I can handle your enraged friend, I've taken on you and your entire party before and made it out alive haven't I?"

"Yeah, but last time Te'ijal and Galahad weren't there and you weren't human." Mel pointed out idly, relaxing in his arms.

He gave a noncommittal noise in acknowledgment, eyes sparkling with mischief.

"You know, with all the focus on fighting and surviving neither of us are very skilled in less practical skills such as this. We very clearly need practice, it's only right to do our absolute best when engaging in any sort of long term activity."

Mel was couldn't help but grin at his comment, her lax fingers in his hair tightening slightly and earning her a hitched breath from the usually unaffected Gyendal who's eyes closed for a split second.

"You know, I think I agree."


Te'ijal sat in front of the chess table in her and Galahad's room, studying the board in front of them intently while Galahad returned from the bathroom where he had been changing and readying himself for bed.

As he went by the window she saw him glance out idly and move to continue past back to her when he suddenly stopped up short and turned to stare, jaw hanging agape.

"Wife, you are not going to believe this but..." He trailed off as a slow grin worked it's way across his face and he started to laugh.

Te'ijal raised a brow and stood, coming over to investigate whatever would bring on such an odd reaction. She reached the window and glanced down at at the guest patio.

"Whatever is you-... well now, that certainly escalated quickly." Te'ijal said slowly, amusement filling her as she took in her brother and the rabbit who stood embracing most passionately at the railing.

Galahad cleared his throat pointedly and Te'ijal looked over at her husband to see an expression that she could only describe as the look of a cat that had just gotten the cream.

"I hope you like the smell of sunscreen my wife, because the next place we go from Thais is Sedona!"


Edward poured himself a glass of water from the Crystal pitcher that was set in his room, watching with a soft smile as his wife flitted around the room getting things shut down for the night.

She was just reaching to close the curtain of one of their large windows when she looked down at something below and let out a shocked exclamation.

"Oh dear goddess!"

His brows furrowed in mild concern.

"Did the dragon get out again sweetheart?"

Stella turned, a hand pressed delicately to her mouth. Her eyes were wide, but also gleeful.

"Sweetheart, come here a moment will you?" She said, her voice muffled.

Edward approached with interest, hoping that it was a good sort of surprise and not a "the dragon is eating the garden and giving the gardeners aneurysms" kind of surprise.

He reached the window and peered down in the direction Stella pointed...only for his water glass to slip from his glass to land on the floor and spray water everywhere.

Shock and near comical levels of horror filled him at the appalling sight below him, it was like some sort of bizarre horror hallucination from supper!

"What is he doing to her?!"

Stella giggled although she sounded as started as he felt.

"He's kissing her, and she seems to be participating most equally."

Edward let out a a sputter of outrage, arms flapping as he struggled to put into words his reaction.


He lunged for the wall where his Shard sword from their final quest to do with the prophecy hung.

"Edward Maurva Pendragon! If you step one foot outside of this room I will make you regret it!"

Stella's sharp reprimand froze the king in his steps and he turned slowly to face her, his face thunderous and stubborn as he pointed out the window.

"Are you telling me to leave them?! To just let that creep-...! I won't let him play with her again!"

Stella crossed her arms, somehow managing to appear intimidating despite her soft features and fluttery blue butterfly wings.

"From the moment those two got here I could tell that something had changed between them and their story only confirmed to me what I suspected even from the short minutes of observing them together, somehow and someway they were able to work through what happened before and through what they faced in the Demon Realm were able to form a bond. You don't get to interfere in that after everything she's gone through."

"But it's Gyendal!"

"And Mel is a big girl, she can more then handle herself. Now stop acting like a foolhardy knight in shining armour and go to bed!"

Edward muttered a few choice words before stalking to their bed and dropping down on it with a grumble.

"Fine. But just wait until tomorrow morning."


Mel exited her room with a yawn, pulling her red Mage robe on as birds chirped outside. Galahad and Te'ijal's door was open as she passed and she could tell that they had already gone down to breakfast.

A door behind her opened and she glanced behind her to see Gyendal exit his own room, wordlessly coming up alongside her as they headed down for food. They made their way downstairs quickly, shoulders brushing with every step until they reached just outside the dining hall. It was unspoken agreement that neither would mention anything to do with the latest development in their relationship, although Mel was wondering how long they could hide the shift in the dynamic between them.

She strode into the dining hall and was practically slapped in the face by the tension in the room as Edward first glowered on her before moving his eyes to Gyendal when his expression then changed to a near murderious glare. All of his children's eyes were darting in confusion and apprehension between their father and Gyendal who raised a brow in mild confusion at the hostile reaction. Stella sat there with an expression of resignation while Te'ijal and Galahad just looked plain amused.

"Who peed in your cereal?" Mel snorted at her friend, the kids giving nervous giggles at her quip.

Edward ignored her.

"I'll say this only once. If you're stupid enough to use her and abandon her like you did when you were Spook they'll never find all your pieces. You do not deserve her after everything you've done, be grateful she cares enough to give you a second chance and we all respect her enough to accept her decision."

There was a tense silence as the black haired males eyes narrowed angrily at Edward's threat. Then Gyendal smirked slightly, his face intense and his eyes glittering with an interesting combination of warning and dark amusement.

"Well luckily for you I'm playing for keeps."

Edward's mouth dropped at the finality in Gyendal's statement, Te'ijal blinking several times as she processed her brother's words. Gyendal ignored them and proceeded to his seat, resting his hand on the small of Mel's back to urge her out of the way of so he could get past her to his chair.

Mel stood silently in the isle way, gaping at Gyendal who was calmly ignoring all of them as he took a seat at the table. Where had that come from?! Yeah, she was well aware that this wasn't a game to either of them this time around, but since when did Gyendal voice things like that?! And to the entire room no less!

"That taken care of, so long as no one else has an earthshattering announcement or threats they feel the need to utter why don't we sit down and enjoy a meal together." Stella said with a look, everyone agreeing and taking a seat at the table while the meal served.

"Where the heck did that little show of "I am king, hear me roar" come from Edward?! I'd love to hear how that managed to make it's way to you before I had even gotten the chance to eat my flipping breakfast." Mel snapped, pointing at Edward accusingly with her knife.

"If you want a romantic gesture to stay private, don't do it on a balcony that's overlooked by one of the windows in the royal rooms and all the guest rooms have clear view of." Stella said with a soft laugh, her eyes twinkling with cheer as they met Mel's.

"Dually noted." She grumbled, stabbing her breakfast ham with her fork.

They chatted lightly as they finished their meal, once the food was gone they all rose so that Mel, Gyendal, Te'ijal and Galahad could leave. As they all filtered out of the dining hall Galahad caught her arm, Mel turning to the broadly smiling dark knight.

"I must thank you, because of your and Gyendal's choice to enter a relationship I won my bet and may now spend a week in Sedona with Te'ijal in tow."



Galahad only laughed and Mel muttered some choice words under her breath as she went to retrieve her packed bags. Once they had all gathered their things and the kids had left for school they said their goodbyes.

"Please visit as much as you want, there will always be plenty of room here for you." Stella said as she and Mel hugged tightly.

Mel then saluted Edward after pulling back who only snorted and pulled her into yet another crushing hug.

"Seriously, I'll make it royal decree that you have to visit monthly if I have to." He said gruffly before releasing her.

She grinned and nodded to Melanie who simply raised a hand and summoned a tiny black flame, beaming at Mel. The farewells finished and their group headed out but as they walked away Mel felt no sense of sadness or tension. She knew she would be back, and she no longer had to fear dying on a quest as she did during the orb quests, nor was she at risk to lose everything through the demon realm.

She was finally free.


One Year Later:

Mel stood in front of her dining table, setting a box filled with fabric wrapping on the table and pulled the lid off to reveal several slates that Mel hadn't looked at for over a year. Grabbing several stands from the table she walked over to her mantle, setting the slate pictures from her quest up around one that was displayed already in the centre.

She then stepped back, admiring her handiwork with a smile. Her eyes drifted over the quest slates, taking in the scenes depicted on them before finally stopping on the centre slate. It glowed faintly from the doublespelled anti-break Magic on it, the piece bigger then the ones on all sides of it.

She reached out to straighten it with her left hand, the silver ring on her finger glinting and bringing Mel pause as the light sparkled and reflected off the band inlaid with blue and black stones.

"I don't think you can straighten that picture anymore then it already is." A humour filled voice commented from behind, causing Mel to snort and drop her hand.

"Well it is our wedding picture, I figured that if I'm going to stick pictures of your once-mortal enemies around it, the wedding picture might as well be the centrepiece and perfect."

Gyendal laughed and arms came around her waist from behind, wrapping snugly around her as Mel took the opportunity to use the dark Mage behind her as a leaning post. They stood silently while Mel studied the slate, a wedding gift from Stella and even a grumbling Edward who had only been partially reluctant to admit to having suggested the idea. It was of the moment they had been declared man and wife, capturing the small smile on Gyendal's face in a rare moment of letting some of his guard down along with her answering grin, and it was a picture she greatly treasured.

They had been married for over a month now, the occasion had been small and quiet with just Te'ijal, Galahad, Stella, Edward and their kids. They had been married by the Oracle of all people who had shown up several months after their return from the Demon Realm to tell them that the king had triumphed and the demon realm had been successfully reborn and all those lost brought back to live their life.

When an angry Gyendal had demanded answers for why they had gone through everything they had the Oracle had gravely told them about the red string of Destiny that had caused them to fall in together despite that not being fates plan and had pre-destined their relationship from the start. The news had been startling for both of them, but also explained a great deal about the progression in their lives from the moment they first med. Shortly after that revelation they had decided to get married, and now here they were.

"Gyendal, I never did ask you about this. Do you remember back in Sheian Lyr, the day before we had to start fleeing the demon, you had come up to my house and heard me say that I had loved Spook. Why did you react the way you did?"

Gyendal sighed and she could see his gaze move to the slate depicting their Death Orb quest out of the corner of her eye.

"I knew it had effected you by your actions, and I knew that you still had to battle the attraction that had built up between us when I was Spook, but hearing you say in such a raw tone that you loved Spook was a curveball for me. I had my own battles from that whole situation, and unlike for you I knew exactly who I was dealing with the entire time. And it certainly didn't help the attraction."

"...wait, you were attracted then?!"

Gyendal stilled, then muffled a snort.

"Mel, that is a stupid question and you know it. How long had there been tension between us? More then just enemy to enemy."

Mel didn't answer.

"Exactly. I am however pleased to say that despite that red string, at least I was as unaffected as I could get by it when we first met at the clockwork mansion."

At his mention of the mansion Mel glanced out their window, taking in the bits of the mansion roof that peeked up above the other houses. Her eyes unfocused as she thought about that night that she first met Gyendal and got pulled into the whole mess, the last night she ever spent in Harburg where she considered it her home.

"You know, I never expected to find myself setting down in Harburg once I had the chance to place roots and start a new life and family. I pictured myself either dying at the end of that mess or living in Thais. Mind you, this is strangely fitting. The chain of reactions started here that night that you hired me to steal the orb, and now we're settling down here for the beginning of our new life." Mel mused, settling her hands absently over his and smiling slightly when she heard the metal of her ring hit his.

"I never considered it that way." He commented. "Quite the irony how this all turned out."

Mel exhaled a soft laugh at his understatement before leaning her head back against his shoulder, eyes closing as Gyendal's head dipped down to rest against hers.

"One things for sure, there's one statement that it'll be extremely nice to finally say and mean."

"Hmm?" He murmured against her ear, sounding entirely too lazy to put the effort into acknowledging her with actual words.

Mel smiled contently as three words left her lips that for once she meant exactly what she was saying.

"Home sweet home."

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Nox stood fuming in the the temple, arms crossed as she glared mutinously at the mirror. Next to her Uma looked similarly as aggravated, watching their soon to be parents go about their daily lives.

"I just don't understand! I meddled and she never chose the dark path. You meddled and she never followed the light path. How is that even possible?!" Nox exclaimed, outraged. "I wanted to be the princess of Aia, is that too much to ask?!"

"You just wanted power! I wanted mom to live a happy and carefree life!" Uma argued. "She won't be carefree now that she's immortal, and she and dad both are scarred by what they lived through in the Demon Realm!"

The Oracle looked over at the girls with a long suffering sigh.

"Be honest you two, you're just upset that your mother never chose your paths."

As if to punctuate the oracles words there was a wicked laugh from behind the girl's as a new figure shimmered into existence behind the twins. It was a tall male, his black hair and dark cyan eyes that struck the perfect balance between forest green and midnight blue.

"Oh brother." Nox groaned, earning a cheeky grin from the tall newcomer.

"Let me guess, you're here to gloat." Uma added.

"Oh how well you know me. Tell me my lovely sisters, how does it feel to know that I didn't have to lift a finger for mom to choose the neutral path." He asked, his smooth tenor filled with amusement.

Nox blasted him with magic which the older boy quickly caught using his own before sending it flying harmlessly out of the open roof. Uma rolled her eyes and the Oracle watched with a smile as the three siblings bickered.

"Your parents are going to have a challenge on their hands handling you. Their eldest son, the spitting image of his father with a grudgingly soft heart like his mother. Twin daughter, one dark and one light. All of you trouble."

"Ooh don't forget about this "neutral" morons future father-in-law, I don't envy his winning over him to court his "Miracle daughter" with your name and looks!" Nox said slyly.

"Hey! What's wrong with my name?!"

The twins burst into laughter.

"I don't know Spook, whatever problem could you face with "father in law" looking just like dad?"

The young man snorted, rolling his eyes in aggravation.

"Alright that's enough you three. Spook, Uma, Nox, it's time you to return to your time. Yours days of meddling and travel are over, it is time for the future to progress as it is meant without "help" from any of you. Every step taken in the journey of your mother and father was carefully set for their future: Spook, you will be a representation of their legacy that shall last throughout history. Uma, Nox, you have your own destinies that you shall fulfill and when your mother sees you she will know the truth of those mysterious girls that guided her."

The three siblings exchanged genuine smiles.

"We cannot wait to become part of the family." Uma said softly.

"We'll bring more trouble then we'll ever be worth." Nox added.

"And we'll make our own name in Aia, they'll never know what hit them." Spook finished, slinging and arm around each sister's shoulder with a grin.

They faded from the temple with nothing but their ghostly laughter that lingered in the air to mark that the Darkthrop descendants had ever been in the room.

The Oracle shook her head fondly, she would be seeing a great deal of once they came of age. Letting out a sigh the old woman rose to her feet and approached an ornate mirror that hung in a secluded corner of her temple. She reached up to rest her fingers against the glass, silent as she watched her reflection shimmer before changing to reveal Shadow Aveyond. Her soft eyes met the black ones of her dark counterpart and the old woman on the other hand nodding respectfully to the Oracle.

"The Demon Realm is safe once more, as are your little pets. What is it you want from me?" The Shadow Oracle asked cooly.

"I wanted to thank you."

The Shadow Oracle blinked, appearing taken aback by the Oracles words.

"Thank me? What on earth for?"

The Oracle smiled.

"Thank you for protecting them from the Shadows of her Twisted Destiny."



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And so ends Shadows of My Twisted Destiny. It's been a long journey through this story, I just recently realized that I started this July 2016, which means that this has been ongoing for over a year!! It's been a huge part of my writing routine and I've spent a lot of time writing, rage quitting, and posting this story XD I truly hope you all have enjoyed this work and I hope to hear what you all think of the story as a whole now that it is finally over. A huge thank you to those of you who have been around doing this writing process to read and comment for sticking with with me over the course of this story.

Obviously, Shadows of My Twisted Destiny have finally reached it's end, but there is more yet to come. I have already written the first in a  collection of one shots following the journey of children, trying to cook, and attempting normality in a very non-normal life called In The Moments Between. All of those one shots will be being posted in the oneshots topic and will be marked as part of that collection so definitely keep an eye out^__^

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Haven't run out of likes yet, yay!!!!

I loved this story. There were times I hated Gyendal, and times I hated Mel (that was a weird feeling!), but always you brought me back to laughing and crying and growing with these marvelous characters. Thanks for the journey, peril-filled though it may have been! I'm super excited for these one shots. 


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@Mu11berry I'm so so glad you liked this story, haha I think even the crackiest of cracklovers have hated him at one point or another, I know I do sometimes XD Hate Mel? LOL when?? I'm quite pleased I achieved that but now I'm so confuuuuusseeeddd XD XD

@Rodania ♡ LOL well I am very very glad that you decided to give my crack insanity a chance and I'm so happy you enjoyed it ^__^

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Ah now you are making me think, I'm not sure I remember. I think it was more just frustration with her for not accepting her magic and for not accepting help and just in general making her life hard because of her own stubbornness. 

I was a little mad at her for destroying the staff when when found out what it did. WHY MEL WHYYY but it turned out okay

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