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Request: Foldable groups (as well as standard list) of variables by type...

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This is a request to do with getting rid of clutter and organising when developing.  Currently, there are variables listed by type for Hero Objects AND Hero Properties.  

For both Hero Object and Hero Property variables, if you could sort and filter variables by groups too, that would make development FAR easier when handling tonnes of bools and other variables in one place... ?

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Yeah - maybe by filtering / hiding/ showing by part of the name of the variable (well description of variable), Hero Property and so forth if not in groups?  Or maybe just having tags for everything?  Will be interested to see what you come up with there...

I suppose the potential issue that needs addressing is being unable to see the wood for the trees because of simply far too many Hero Properties and then also Variables and Globals of whatever nature.    You don't want to know how many Hero Properties I had planned for 'item' Hero Objects....

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