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Zorom's Castle

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from master guide:

*Relic Locations:*

Death Relic: In the underworld under Seafall Shrine, guarded by Avhren, a vampiress.

Passion Relic: In an ice cave up a river, guarded by Sereina, a princess.

Earth Relic: In the lowest level of the Dwarf Mines, guarded by Golem, an earth golem.

Fire Relic: In the dragon village in the Tar Vedron lava caves, guarded by Lehvus, the Dragon King.

Water Relic: In a water cave on the elven continent, guarded by Secubus, a succubus.

Dreams Relic: In the Dream World in the Fairy Forest, guarded by the Dreamer, a spirit.


for more info on each, check masterguide.

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Okay, I have been stuck for a long time now (I gave up for a while but just recently decided to continue trying) I have recieved agea, and am looking for zoroms hideout, but cannot find it anywhere. I can see that it is on that island in the middle of the ocean, but there is no way to cast anchor on that island and can't seem to find any other way to it. Any suggestions?

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