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Lilly and Sasha: Nexus of Souls

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  • Refund policy: 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Category: RPG
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Can Lilly save her sister Sasha before Zahhak consumes her? Zahhak has Sasha’s body and is going to use it to claim the powers of the Immortals. Lilly has vowed to stop Zahhak at whatever cost, even if she has to kill her own sister to do it.

Important Note

While you wait for new releases from Amaranth Games, we do our best to keep you entertained with neat games from other developers. Unfortunately, we don't have time to play each game through from beginning to end. If you have played this game and feel that it contains material that is offensive to you, please report it with our Report Game With Illicit Content Form

Technical Information

  • Download Size: 132MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP+
  • RAM: 256MB

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