Aveyond Studios had a bustling forum with hundreds of thousands of posts, but time has marched on and the forums became a barren place and our community has re-grouped in other social places on the web. So, if you need help with a game, please choose the community that makes sense for you:

Aveyond Studios on Discord

  • Our Discord server has hundreds of active users. If you want to chat informally with other gamers who are playing Aveyond & other games like Aveyond, head on over and join us!
  • If you have troubleshooting issues, you can ping the community immediately. If no one has an answer while you’re on, head over to Reddit to ask.


Aveyond Studios on Reddit

  • We created a Reddit account on October 31, 2021 and this will act as our new forum where you can post & ask questions. Reddit is a bit more like a traditional forum where you can search for specific problems & topics to get and give answers.
  • If you have troubleshooting issues or antivirus headaches, you can check out our FAQ here.


Order support issues

  • If you need to look up a game you purchased in the past or you’re having some sort of issue where you can’t use something you purchased, get ahold of us either through the order support form or follow the instructions in your order email to get help.


Happy gaming everyone! =)

~ Amanda Fitch, Owner of Aveyond Studios