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A fanclub for our favorite evil vampire Gyendal Ravenfoot, Lord of Twilight. We also enjoy Gyendal's human form (and those green eyes) And just basically, everything Gyendal. All Gyendal fans welcome!!

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  2. sounds good to me:D {i might need a reminder tho because I am easily distracted and forget things constantly buuut}
  3. @Scrivener of the Gods Idk how you gave the Gyendal picture it that texture, but it looks nice, I like it I'll totally draw something too because I am devoted to our king because it'll be fun, haha. I'm thinking we should have this event after the guild stuff has settled in? Just so nobody is overwhelmed? Sound good, guys?
  4. I could also do some of the art. Maybe even live.
  5. I guess I can transcribe the event as well. That's what a scrivener does.
  6. Wow, such amazing support for the crowning of our illustrious leader!! @Rodania Thank you! You shall be most intimidating I am sure XD @Honey Butter Chloe XD XD Don't forget your magic proof armor as well. When it comes to Gyendal, numbers do not mean safety. @moonpeace XD XD We have taken it upon ourselves, as adoring and loyal followers of his majesty the Lord of Twilight, to crown Gyendal as our King. Shall we ask Scrivener of the Gods to add you to the guest list? Also, fellow fans, it has occurred to me that we will need a royal artist to make a painting of this most marvelous occasion. Do I have any volunteers? Or maybe we could have a thread with submissions from multiple artists, and Gyendal can choose which ones to hang in his castle? (Which pictures, not which artists o.o)
  7. Officiator for me. Good speaking skills are a must! *grabs rod and points at a Barbie doll* You there, are officially crowned as 'ghost'!
  8. @Scrivener of the Gods XD XD I didn't realize you too were a follower of the great and powerful Gyendal. Excellent!! Then all we need is someone to throw the annoying guests out and a date for the momentous occasion }:D
  9. The guest list would have to be be me. As a scrivener is a scribe, and no doubt Gyendal has ascended to godhood.
  10. XD XD XD I will be sure too, we'd hate to have an...incident... because Gyendal was so overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment
  11. Excellent!! Please remember to bring your magic-proof armor to wear under the ceremonial robes. I can provide the crown }:D
  12. I can be the officiator to start off with XD XD XD
  13. What from the list can you provide? What do you have suggestions for? List: A crown (Mu11berry) An officiator (Queen-of-ice101 and Honey Butter Chloe) A guest list (Scrivener of the Gods) Somebody to throw the annoying guests out (Rodania) A royal artist to immortalize these grand events in a painting Also do we want a transcription of the events (short story)? I think yes, feel free to give opinions Anything else you guys want, feel free to throw out ideas And feel free to double-volunteer, Gyendal appreciates all his underlings' efforts equally(-ish)