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  2. Is there any way to view a character's level in the Android version of Ahrimam's Prophecy?
  3. I understand! Thank you for the update. I will continue to look forward to it with patience.
  4. I tried to do something like this ages ago, and it lasted several posts. I figured I might as well try it as an icebreaker to get to know each others' styles. Essentially, just read up on what has been posted at the time you read it, and add on a portion. The rules are simple: Read before you write. Continuity is key. No NSFW. This is a community. Keep profanity to a minimum. Conversations and comments on previous posts are welcome. Just keep them constructive and wall them off from the rest of your post to avoid confusion. I'll start: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ground of the humid, wet swamp squelches beneath the feet of the three travelers. Large birds and arachnids move along the horizon. Best not let them see, the travelers think. They duck behind trees until the creatures pass. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Maybe they should have just waited for help.
  5. Ah, how many years has it been since I introduced myself on this forum? I'm Tei, I've been here for many years. Since 2006, I think--I thought I had missed my chance to get the shovel in AV1 and went searching for help. I never left. Disappeared for months or years a time...maybe. But never left. Few are the memories I can look back at and say "ah yes, this was a moment that changed my life" but I definitely count the lazy afternoon in 8th grade that I decided to download Aveyond from Yahoo Games among them. I have a degree in game design that I have not used since I got it--but that's another story for another time. AV1 is still my favorite. My appearance in AV4 is based on a true story. I used to write and draw and sew, FFXIV has recently taken over my life and eclipsed my other hobbies somewhat. I do still sew, one of my current projects is Druid Rashnu. So far it has 30 hours of embroidery and nine yards of fabric in the outside vest alone. I'll finish it one of these days. Hmm, after all these years, my original avatar is long gone from both relevance and my computer. I'll have to find a suitable replacement.
  6. If you are seeing this, either you just stumbled upon it, or you are on the Discord server and have come to answer the call. As many of you probably know, the forums were once a thriving community, where people posted art, stories, their own games, etc., as well as just having good conversations. I'm hoping that we can bring back the Aveyond forums golden days. For the sake of getting to know each other, please post an introduction here. I'll start: Preferred Name(s): Scrivener of the Gods, Scrivener, Scriv Gender/Pronouns: Cis male, he/him Favorite Aveyond Game(s): Ahriman's Prophecy, Rhen's Quest. (I enjoy the others, but these are the most nostalgic) Favorite Aveyond Character(s): Ulf, Vel, Lars, June Favorite Book(s): The Saga of Recluce by L.E. Modesitt Jr. Hobbies (Aveyond-related or otherwise): Traditional art, pixel art, fanfic writing, reading (of both external books and fanfics) AI experimentation I first found Aveyond at the age of 4, that being 15 odd years ago, when my dad bought AV1. I watched him play it for a while, then my brother, known within the Aveyond community as Mordred Pendragon asked if he could play, and I followed suit. I originally found the forums in 2016 and after a period of inactivity became an active member. I was really more active than I should have been, given the fact that the reason I had access to the computer was for schoolwork, but it has shaped me, and I have used the same username (and variants of it) on many platforms. Fun Fact: The source of my username was that I intended to write fanfics from points of view that only the gods could get access to. The first of these planned was the Ravenfoot Chronicles.
  7. As far as I have heard from Dan it is still on hold. He might be working on it a little bit, but it is not his main focus right now.
  8. Funny that a text has been posted yesterday - Came here to say that, if you tried to play this game and had problems (for me it was rgss104e.dll could not be found), downloading the RTP of RPG Maker XP from here: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/run-time-package solved the problem. Cheers, and best wishes with your project, Dan!
  9. Sorry to necro an ancient thread (do they still call it necro'ing?), but are there any further updates on this? Not in any major rush, just wondering if this is still something that is planned on being finished at some point. I've been highly anticipating it for quite a while now (years, actually :P), but didn't want to seem overbearing by asking too soon after the project was frozen, and figured a year since the last post wouldn't be too bad. Thank you for all the work that has been done on the project so far, and I hope to see the end result some day!
  10. Sorry for starting a new thread, but the web didn't allow me to reply to the other (last) thread, so.... Please please please re-upload the goodies
  11. I bought aveyond 3 and 4 in Steam and if Aveyong 1 and 2 is out there it'd be a great replay
  12. Hi! Not really different, I've been playing both and they are quite the same game - Although I don't know if in the PC version this bug exists, but in the game I got, I can bypass the bridge after Thais without needing to go to the Collegium, so I can effectively get to the rest of the game without ever upgrading Talia and Devlin. Cheers! (Nearly 12 months after your post, lmao)
  13. I still miss you ❤️

  14. Hi there! This looks very cool, awesome! Is this still being worked on? I tried to get the EXP bar goodie here, but to no avail 😢 I saw that KTC said "Edit: 2/7/2020: Fixed broken links" but as of 18/09/2021 they are broken again
  15. I have been able to solve the problem by following the steps here. I don’t know if it will work for a long time, but now it has worked for me. Thank you very much.
  16. Hello Friends, Recently I am encountering a strange problem in my Windows 10 computer. When I am going to search the settings in the search bar, it could not open. I am utterly confused what should do. Can anybody help here?
  17. Hi all, it's been sometime since I have checked the forum, I just wanted to confirm if the Community is still active and if the Game Kit is up to date and supported. Many thanks.
  18. I have played this game repeatedly and used the sphere goodie every single time. This time I'm trying to replay, and the goodie is no longer working. I've reinstalled the game and the saved goodie files. Unfortunately, it's still not letting me dig in the sphere goodie spot. Is there a way to get the goodie to finally work again?
  19. Thanks. I've tried the mouse, the Enter key, & now the Space bar. All of them collect one Cheeki & then bring up the notice that you caught a Cheeki; & then the second Cheeki (if it really exists...) isn't accessible. I've checked & rechecked my Cheeki count both before & after trying to click, so I'm definitely not just overlooking it - I know how easy it can be to collect stuff without knowing. I guess I'll just not be able to collect them all. 😢 (Not a perfectionist AT ALL... 😉)
  20. I haven't ever played with the mouse, but I seem to recall just hitting the spacebar a couple of times to get both. Maybe the double-click is too fast, but a slower click and click would work? Failing that, try using the keyboard rather than the mouse. If you save before you try to pick them up, and it doesn't work, you can reload your save and try again a different way. Weird that none of us found that in beta.
  21. It’s okay now. Found out that I went to the wrong place.
  22. The cave in the world map that used to lead to Skull Mountain has now changed to Shadow Isles. This glitch appeared when I'm near the end of the game and going to defeat Hercules. Can it be fixed? https://www.flickr.com/photos/193072203@N04/51197264271/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/193072203@N04/51197264396/in/dateposted-public/
  23. Sorry to reply so late (& to have missed this in my previous post), so I expect you solved it, but have you clicked on the web that is in the way? After that it is running around trying to snare the little ... critters. (I have spent so much time trying to catch loose cheekis it's ridiculous!) Edit: The secret cheekis - how do I click twice? I can NOT get the game to recognise a double-click, & if I click & collect the cheeki, I can no longer get the other. Is there some sort of trick to it?
  24. Where are the artifacts in the museum
  25. 1.Level Goodie Cave in Shadow Woods North (left of some stairs near the middle of the Woods): Can increase the level of party members to the maximum of 99. 2.Weapons Goodie Cave in Thial Mountains South (slightly north of entrance when entering from Shadow Woods South): Contains the best weapon for each party member’s character. 3.Gold Goodie Cave in Brightwood Forest (a little right to one of the small waterfalls): Contains 600,000 gold coins. 4.Armor Goodie Cave in Thial Mountains North (a little north of the entrance from Istir Forest): Contains the best armor for each party member’s character. 5.Spell Goodie Cave in Stormbend (close to the ocean behind the chest): Stella can learn all available spells.
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