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  2. 1) Anti-virus name: Windows Security (Seems Windows Defender got renamed to this.) 2) Anti-virus version: 1.319.1003.0 (OS: Windows 10 version 1909) 3) Game that anti-virus deleted: Aveyond II - Ean's Quest\Aveyond 2\Aveyond2.exe (Didn't try any other games.) 4) Date when the deletion occurred: July 8th, 2020
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  4. ok i get the thing now i need to go to Aveyond
  5. He is Bad in the start but after he went nice
  6. Also I think that Boyle is a Hero ❤️
  7. Im been everywhere in the mist tho do i have to go to the village?
  8. How do i find the Mist's Brother? Sometimes im glitching idk why , Where i can go?
  9. Stumbled across this thread as well. I reallyyy reallyyy want to introduce this game to my younger brother (8yrs old) but I would love him to start in AV1 so that he could appreciate Teijal and Galahad more; as well as the Pendragon Family and the Arishta Isles. Steam is one of the few accessible and user friendly cloud-based gaming library available here in the Philippines and I really hope AV1 and AV2 will be available there Really proud of aveyond studios!!!
  10. I have played and finished every game in the aveyond series except for this one. So excited it's being revamped!! Also, @KTC what code language are you using?
  11. I could not marry Edward and Mel so I rechecked all the possible attraction points I should get and realized I forgot to get this love song from Sedona 🤦‍♀️ I reloaded to an earlier save (before final battle) and went back to sedona to give the lute. I was wondering how long do I have to wait in order for the beggar to be good at it? or do I have to do something to trigger it? Thanks in advance 😊
  12. That franchise made my childhood. I am almost in college now, and I've been thinking of game development or atleast game soundtrack artist. The soundtrack of the Aveyond franchise highly inspired me to start playing music and take a high interest in storytelling/creating a lore. PS5 is here and I just had this idea of an Aveyond 5 with really high graphics and open world environment. I personally liked the rpg 2D style of the aveyong games but in today's standards nobody picks up 2D games. It's such a shame, really. I heard Amanda quit the gaming industry too, but I'm glad she's happy with her new career.
  13. Anyone have a map to where the mirror transports are? I cannot find the one in Thais.
  14. Wow! This looks amazing! How were you able to view the code to the game? Are you planning on sharing this for everyone to play when you finish?
  15. Hi there! It's been awhile since I've spent time on this forum so I'll re-introduce myself to those who may not know me... My name is Aaron Walz and I am the composer for the Aveyond series. I am releasing the soundtrack from Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest, very soon! Please follow/subscribe over at www.youtube.com/walzmusic and www.facebook.com/walzmusic . Music store site is www.walzmusic.com and walzmusic.bandcamp.com . Later it will likely be on iTunes & Amazon. Priority will be for my previous GoFundMe backers. Thanks, all! Please spread the word. Aveyond is one of my favorite projects I've ever done, after working on hundreds of games, and part of that is the amazing fans of the series. Aaron
  16. Hi there! My name is Aaron Walz and I am the composer for Aveyond. I am releasing the soundtrack, including the battle theme, very soon! Please follow over at www.youtube.com/walzmusic and www.facebook.com/walzmusic . Music store site is www.walzmusic.com and walzmusic.bandcamp.com . Thanks, and glad you like the music! Aaron
  17. Hiya Rosetyler and Callmedan! Years later, and he appears, haha. I did indeed compose all the music for Aveyond, Aveyond 2, and Aveyond 3. I actually am going to release the ENTIRE Aveyond 1 soundtrack very soon. This will include the battle themes and all the towns. From Another Shore was never meant to be an OST. It included all the relaxing, non gamey sounding tracks mostly, as well as a few other compositions. That being said I think it is a great album and you should get it! I also did an OST for Aveyond 3, parts 1 and 2. And I am working on the Aveyond 2 OST as well. And last will do the remainder of Aveyond 3. If you haven't already found me online, I have a YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/walzmusic (please subscribe!) I also have the company Facebook page at www.facebook.com/walzmusic . I do live stream concerts from there lately. I likely will first release the soundtrack on walzmusic.bandcamp.com, my website www.walzmusic.com, and then iTunes, as that process takes awhile. I did a GoFundMe some years back, and those backers will get the album first. Any more questions, let me know! I actually am not 100% sure where all the music goes (what town etc), so I may have some questions haha. This is because sometimes music was used for another place, different from what it was originally intended for. Warmly, Aaron
  18. Welcome to these Hallowed Halls, @Ashen_Eclipse. The forums have since gotten to a point of little traffic.
  19. I had the same question and nothing seemed to be working (I gave the statue back to the Elves, already completed the corn/Nightingale quest, and the men from Brumwich had come and gone). I kept trying to talk to the commander squirrel (in the green helmet)--still not happening. Then I tried talking to the squirrel sitting next to him--this one mentioned the sleeping dust! I hope this helps for future players.
  20. Hey there, it's been.... Five years?? Things sure look different. (Particularly after having to use the wayback machine to figure out what version of my username I used.) But I've been feeling nostalgic, and thought I'd visit old haunts. This used to be my online 'home', after all.
  21. That is so strange, but I’m glad you figured this out. Hopefully any other folks who have the same problem will read your steps.
  22. Hi - I think it's gradually settling down, but it cost me an extra virus programme, this one from AVG. Their scan showed a lot of hacker stuff and the Defender one is still showing 2 trojans. After AVG did their fix I was able to download my games again, all in the right versions. Also I was shown a diagram explaining something about DNS (?) fake websites, and saying this was a problem with my pc. So between the two hopefully it will settle. It's brilliant to have my games back, and I can't thank you enough for the help and advice you've given me. I love my Aveyond games and am so pleased they are still available. I'm going to copy the 'how to exclude' address you've given me, so thank you for that. Lynn.
  23. It’s still antivirus. They tend to flag some games and unflag others at random times. I’m not sure what algorithm they use. The best thing to do is whitelist. This may help: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-exclude-files-and-folders-windows-defender-antivirus-scans
  24. 1) Windows Defender 2) Windows 10 Antivirus Version: 1.317.239.0 3) Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest 4) May 30, 2020 Same as the post above, my copy flagged as a Trojan:Win32/Bitrep.B. I downloaded and installed AV1 and AV2 at the same time, but only the latter was flagged.
  25. Here I am, probably wildly behind the times, but I'm having issues installing AV2, 3-1, and I assume 3-2, 3-3, and 3-4. I love and trust you guys, but I still want to make sure that it's a false positive XD 1) Anti-virus name: Windows Defender 2) Anti-virus version Windows 10 (definition version 1.317.220.0) 3) Game that anti-virus deleted: I quarantined instead of removing, but it flagged AV2 and AV3.1, so I expect issues with all part of AV3. 4) Date when the deletion (flag) occurred: today is May 29, 2020. Mine is also flagging as a Trojan:Win32/Bitrep.B. I installed the game, told it to open when the installation was complete, just about go to the "enter key" screen, and Windows Defender started shouting and waving its arms. I also submitted reports to Microsoft that I believed it to be a false positive, so we can hope that maybe they'll update the definitions?
  26. You won't believe this - I've now lost 3 more Aveyond games. All I'm seeing is blank envelopes instead of the icon that has a picture on. I've tried downloading Lord of Twilight again and it just will not work, same as Lost Orb. I'm gutted, just don't understand what's happening. I've taken out Kaspersky and have simply Defender, and it's still happening, still losing games, so I must be wrong that it was the virus package. I'm getting really lost here, can't work out why this is happening. I followed the instructions that come with the receipts, to take the game out then reload, but it doesnt help, I still have nothing there. Just don't know what to try next.
  27. Defender is great. And free. And by Microsoft. As for Big Fish, they are likely in constant contact with antivirus companies. Or, using a newer DRM.
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