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  2. Hey, long time no see! As far as I know, RMXP is still allowed--given that the Aveyonds were made with it, I can't imagine it would ever be disallowed. As far as old threads go, I seem to remember a forum crash a while back--or maybe when the forums were restructured, something got moved. WayBack Machine is probably your best bet for finding a thread that seems to have disappeared. In terms of rebuilding your old resource collection, take a look over at RPGMakerWeb--there are some great resource topics there.
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  4. Hello, I'm posting this in a wildly inappropriate place, but I just don't know where to put this any more.. So, stuff happened over the last 2 years and I lost all of my RMXP resources, my project etc in a computer crash (I thought I had it backed up, but I didn't) So I'm trying to gather everything again, and I tried to come here to look at my old thread, but it's gone. Are RMXP discussions just not allowed any more? Or is everyone simply using HeroKit now? Is my only chance the Way Back Machine? Thanks in advance, tuskel sincerely
  5. Hey guys, it's been so long. So I have decided to download and replay AV1, but I want to ask a few things. First of all, is Build C on this site? I think I had Build B so was it updated afterwards on here? How do I tell which version is the latest? I've read about the different facesets so do these appear at the very beginning if you have build C or do they show up later on in the game as was the case with Ahriman's Prophecy? Secondly, when I visit the games section and try to download the game nothing happens. I've tried several times. Is it broken or something? Thanks
  6. I just got the same exact error message after I clicked on "Continue Quest" on the main screen. What I did to fix it was to click "New Quest", then Easy Mode (it doesn't matter which mode), skip introduction, then I quit that new game I just started to go back to the main screen and after that I was able to click "Continue Quest" and reload my last saved game. It seems to be some weird glitch. Unfortunely you might lose some game play because autosave will be that few second new game you just had to start, so you can only start from that last time you manually saved your game. Hope this helps other people!
  7. I saw that this game is available on Android, and it took me back to more than 10 years ago when I first came across this game on a CD Forum or a PC Games magazine that had a CD with freeware on it. I'd like to know if the Android version is a bit different than the PC version that I knew from more than 10 years ago
  8. Aveyond 1 and 2 aren't on Steam either, so I doubt AP is coming to Steam any time soon.
  9. If I recall correctly, the last time there was discussion of getting the older games on Steam, it came down to a question of the sheer volume of games that are submitted to Steam at any given time--something like 800 games released in a day! So Amanda had hoped to wait, so it wouldn't get crushed in the stampede. She also said she's run into problems before with trying to implement achievements, so unfortunately that won't be a big part of any Aveyond-on-Steam experience. That said, it's been a few years since then, and Amanda isn't doing a lot in the way of game-related work these days in general--but I didn't want to leave you hanging with no answer.
  10. Hey there, so, why are there so many Aveyond games on Steam, but Ahriman's Prophecy, which is supposed to be the prequel, isn't? I would buy it at launch if it was put in Steam, and I'm pretty sure many people share the same thought. Wouldn't it be great to play Ahriman's Prophecy all over again(which I do at least 3 times a year), but via Steam, being able to help the devs and who knows, also some achievements would be a great addition.
  11. Same thing happened with me, tried everything too (except redownloading the game). I've already spent so much time playing this I just don't see the worth of replaying from the beginning just to see if the redownloading was the potential culprit. I'm just gonna move on to Rhen's Quest lol.
  12. Can anyone please help me. I cannot trigger the fight with the dark spirit and I have tried EVERYTHING. Is the canoe absolutely necessary?
  13. Thanks! I heard about the second crusade ground cheeki the way you mentioned (Night Watch), but it was too late to get it to verify, & I missed the second Ulrock one you mentioned. I didn't put specific locations because I'd gotten the impression that it wasn't allowed. I appreciate the update, thanks. :)

  14. Thank you to HunterReese and LisaRae for this list and the additions to it! I'm (very) late coming to this party, but I have the locations of the three extra Cheekis that LisaRae found. I've edited the above quote to give the exact locations of those 3 extra cheekis. Someone in the Night Watch will actually tell you about the extra cheeki at the Crusade Grounds, but it's after you've solved all the Night Watch quests and long after you gained access to the Crusade Grounds and have joined the crusade. So, I missed out on that one, but that's why I started checking every cheeki location twice in a row and how I found the secret one in Ulrock.
  15. Hi, I’m having similar problems. I cannot initiate the fight with the Evil Sprite. I finish the convo with the little girl and I get stuck halfway up the stairs. I saved when I was at the bottom of the mountain and keep reloading the game but nothing happens. I tried going up and down the mountain coming back to her to trigger the fight and still nothing. Please help me!
  16. Hi, I’m having the same type of problem. The conversation ends with the little girl and the fight is supposed to start (with the dark sprite) and nothing happens. I’m stuck halfway up the stairs. I saved when I was at the bottom of the mountain so I keep reloading the game hoping it will help but it doesn’t. I keep going up and back down the mountain to trigger the fight and still nothing. Please help. It would be really annoying if I had to restart the game just to hopefully not encounter this problem...
  17. Hi, I’m having the same type of problem. The conversation ends with the little girl and the fight is supposed to start (with the dark sprite) and nothing happens. I’m stuck halfway up the stairs. I saved when I was at the bottom of the mountain so I keep reloading the game hoping it will help but it doesn’t. I keep going up and back down the mountain to trigger the fight and still nothing. Please help. It would be really annoying if I had to restart the game just to hopefully not encounter this problem...
  18. Yes, this is okay. Have fun!
  19. thx so much just to be clear I am allowed to monetarise the aveyond 1,2 etc sorry to sound repetitive just need to be sure also is this the same for other titles on your games website by your developers as well all these games help a lot when growing up so I am glad I can do a playthrough/let's play
  20. Yes, you can absolutely do this. Post a link for us when you’re done. 🙂
  21. Hi I sent a message but not sure if i did it right i did not sign in properly(in the middle of making an account) I want to do a let's play/playthrough of aveyond if that is ok been a long time fan for years bought  it off big fish I am a new YouTuber I am not monetarised yet  but if I do get monetarised in future will i be allowed to place ads on on the let's play videos to earn ad money just wanted to check ahead of time thx for reading :)

  22. I hope it isn't bad that I'm bumping this thread by 7 years. Right now I'm preparing a speedrun of Ahriman's Prophecy. I searched all the AP forums/guides to see if I can find some juicy stuff about the game that could help me further, and then I stumbled upon this thread. This is actually close to the route I planned at first, which also uses soul amulets to beat bosses (Although I originally leveled up all my characters to levels 25-30). Anyway, after using this route described above by chaos548, I perfected it, and then managed to beat the game AT LEVEL 16! I will post my speedrun in the future when it will be ready, but right now I thought about explaining exactly what I'm doing and how the boss fights are possible, for anyone interested. The post above didn't explain some of the aspects regarding soul amulets during battles. I will first explain the 3 main tricks I'm using across the entire game: 1. Avoid getting hit by opening the skills menu When you fight most regular enemies, the enemy will attack after one regular hit from your side. If you open the skills menu right after attacking first, then quit the skills menu, the enemy attack cycle is reset and you can do another regular hit. This lets you do a cycle of "attack - open menu - close menu - attack - open menu - close menu - attack ..." without getting hit at all. This also works when getting near enemies without fighting them - If you open and close the skills menu, you can walk away and won't get hit either. This trick doesn't work on "aggressive" enemies. Some regular enemies (and most bosses) will attack you as soon as you get into their range, and they also attack you immediately after closing the skills menu. Aggressive enemies should be avoided. 2. Opening and closing the regular menu to get across enemies When closing the regular menu, you have about 1-2 seconds for the menu to close and the game screen to show up, but in those few moments your character can still walk. In this transition there is no collision checks between you character and other characters, enemies or NPCs. You can use this in combination with the first trick to cross some dangerous places and getting minimal damage along the way (like the fire cave, water cave, or the underworld). 3. Save-scumming I'm saving very frequently to ensure I can back up from any mistake or unwanted damage. In case I want to get across a dangerous place without getting hit, I save before and after getting past each enemy. The second use of save-scumming is to save during some of the boss battles. in this case: the witch guild battle, the dark sprite in the haunted forest, and Awhren in the underworld. Those bosses have a non-lethal attack and a lethal attack, which will kill any of your character in one hit. You can save after each non-lethal attack, and reset/load the savefile after each lethal attack. The attacks are random so this method ensures a victory at the end. The battles are possible without save-scumming, but might take a long time to finish as it all boils down to luck. The route of my run is very similar to what chaos548 said. The main steps (using the tricks I mentioned): - Grind at Elden training spot until Talia is level 5. This spot is between the first and second forest screens, just repeatedly kill the bee and the snake with Talia and Devin. - In Devenshire give the letter to Heraald for a merit point, but then go out of the city and ignore everything else. Go immediately to the Thial mountain pass, and get across without anyone dying. Pick a bastard sword for Devin from the chest near the end of the mountain, and a dark oak staff for Talia in a chest in Thais forest. Grind to level 10 in the Thais forest training spot - the 3 lizards below Grunwich Vineyard. Kill them, Go to the vineyard and back, kill them all again and repeat. This takes just a few minutes (as the lizards give 12 exp with only 200 health) - At level 10 stop grinding, and continue with the story. the party level up to 14, which is when Talia learns the sleep spell by the way. Buy one cassia leaf before the Battle with Zorom, just in case. In the battle he is actually not aggressive, so you can kill him without getting hit at all. You can cast sleep on him to speed up the process. (You can even beat him at level 5, it will just take lot of hits and time) - Continue with the route up to Witchwood, and join the witches guild by defeating the witch easily with save scumming. Do the same in the dark sprite and Awhren battles. Make sure you have enough Mana for Talia to use the sleep spell for those battles. - Continue with the route across the game, getting the passion relic (I got merit points by doing the quests: Georgia letter, Innocent maid, bees in apple orchard, bring skeleton to Tar Vedron, bring Henry to his mother). Marry Devin and Alicia, get the wedding gift and sell all possible treasure, then buy the golden armor and dragonscale shield for Devin. Those defense points are only actually useful only for the Zorom/Ahriman battles (explained below). After getting the marriage gift, Frederik and Alicia are USELESS so you can get rid of them by recruiting back Jack and Haddan (after taking and selling all Frederik/Alicia gear for extra gold, of course :) . - Soul amulets. You will need to get at minimum: 2 soul amulets for the stone golem (earth relic), 2 soul amulets for Lehvus (fire relic), 2 soul amulets for the nymph and 3 for Sucubbus (water relic), 3 soul amulets for Harpy and 5 for the nightmare (dream relic), 5 amulets for the second battle with Zorom, 8 amulets for the dark priest, and 13 amulets for Ahriman. (total of 43 amulets. You can also get 5 amulets for free in a chest near a lake in the Venwood forest). Those numbers are calculated by diving the boss health by 9,999 (the damage of one amulet). For every battle that requires 2 soul amulets, just make sure all 4 party members are alive - one of them will 100% make it. For the battles that require 3 soul amulets (Harpy and Sucubbus) you will most likely not survive, so the trick is to "charge" a soul amulet on a regular enemy (by choosing the soul amulet from the skills menu, but then getting away without attacking the enemy). This charged soul amulet attack will carry to the boss battle. Just start by doing a "regular attack" which will actually activate the soul amulet, then use 2 more amulets. For the nightmare (unicorn) battle, the boss is not aggressive so you can get through this fight without getting hit. You can save and heal during the battle if necessary. The boss has 50,000 HP, so after using 5 amulets (49,995 damage) finish it off with a regular attack. - For the last Zorom/priest/Ahriman battles, the characters must wear: Talia with Anedem (from locked chest in the dream world), Aegis robe and nymph crystal; Devin with dragonscale shield, golden armor and charm necklace; Haddan with dragonscale armor and charm necklace; Jack is not important because he will always die in one hit anyway. For the Zorom battle (50,000 HP): charge a soul amulet on one of the snow wolves in the snow near Mysten Far, then use it on Zorom, followed by 4 more amulets and a regular attack. For the dark priest battle (80,000 HP): charge a soul amulet on one of the enemies in the thin corridor before the final battle. Use it on the priest, then use 7 more amulets and a regular attack. Important - right after the final regular attack on the priest, quickly open the skills menu. The dialogue will continue with the skills menu open, and it will remain open when Ahriman starts the battle with you. For the Ahriman battle (230,000 HP): use a soul amulet from the open skill menu (be sure not to close it, as Ahriman is aggressive). Use 6 more soul amulets, then use Agea (100,000 damage), then use 6 more soul amulets, followed by a regular attack to finish it off. Final notes: - After getting to level 10 (which turns to 14), the only enemies you fight are bosses. All other enemies are ignored. You level up to 15 after defeating Harpy, and level up to 16 after defeating Zorom. - All the fights with soul amulets will work 99%-100% of the time if you do it correctly. The only real RNG is at the witch/evil sprite/Awhren battles in the early game. - I like to use 2 save files, one for regular saving across the game, and the other one for saving during boss fights. You want to have a save outside a boss fight for backup, in case you mess something up during the battle. - For this challenge, to get enough gold for buying the templar sword and pirate ship at the early game; and also enough gold for Aegis robe, golden armor, dragonscale shield, and 38/43 soul amulets for the late game - you must know how to get the best loot and treasure in each place you visit. You must marry Alicia for the wedding gift, and also get all available rubies/diamonds/useless armor/useless weapons in each "dungeon". In the test runs I did, I usually end up at 5000-10,000 gold at the end of the game. So with this route, finding all expensive items to sell is vital. - Healing items: 10 marsh tea leaves just in case, 1 Cassia leaf before the first Zorom battle in case someone die; 6 Cassia leaves for Witch/evil sprite/Awhren battles in case someone die. After buying the ship, I stock on around 40-50 Cassia leaves, and around 10-20 aquifoliums. The aquifoliums are ironically quite useless, because you have such low health and most enemies will kill you at one hit anyway. I usually just revive any character who dies, and move around with my characters at 5 HP. Any healing with aquifolium is before important boss battles, or when travelling through easy areas.
  23. Hi I am a new YouTuber and I want to know can I do a lets play of the aveyond series I did not know the policy you see just checking before hand I bought this on big fish a good few years back & still love it to this day looking too make a career on YouTube in time I am not moisturised yet but if in future i do get monetarised will I be allowed to monetarise with ads or not (sometimes YouTube puts on certain type of ads that the account holder(me) has no say. thank you for reading
  24. I have gone into the arena and have gone to the left following the yellow banners, which is supposed to take me to the spectators' area. I go out and I see the guy in the hood, whom I'm supposed to talk to, but I cannot get down into the area where he is. He is down on the next level from where you come out of the first arena area, and I can't get to him. I have gone over every inch of this area, and cannot get down to where the hooded guy is. Where is the way down?
  25. Dimanaa bisa mendapatkan Cairan untuk orang buta itu

  26. I have solved one half of my problem. I went back to an earlier save and boosted everyone to level99, and goodie cave weapons and armour. At least I was able to fight my way out of the caves and save Mel. Can anyone tell me about choosing members of the battle team?
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