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  2. Thanks. I've tried the mouse, the Enter key, & now the Space bar. All of them collect one Cheeki & then bring up the notice that you caught a Cheeki; & then the second Cheeki (if it really exists...) isn't accessible. I've checked & rechecked my Cheeki count both before & after trying to click, so I'm definitely not just overlooking it - I know how easy it can be to collect stuff without knowing. I guess I'll just not be able to collect them all. 😢 (Not a perfectionist AT ALL... 😉)
  3. I haven't ever played with the mouse, but I seem to recall just hitting the spacebar a couple of times to get both. Maybe the double-click is too fast, but a slower click and click would work? Failing that, try using the keyboard rather than the mouse. If you save before you try to pick them up, and it doesn't work, you can reload your save and try again a different way. Weird that none of us found that in beta.
  4. It’s okay now. Found out that I went to the wrong place.
  5. The cave in the world map that used to lead to Skull Mountain has now changed to Shadow Isles. This glitch appeared when I'm near the end of the game and going to defeat Hercules. Can it be fixed? https://www.flickr.com/photos/193072203@N04/51197264271/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/193072203@N04/51197264396/in/dateposted-public/
  6. Sorry to reply so late (& to have missed this in my previous post), so I expect you solved it, but have you clicked on the web that is in the way? After that it is running around trying to snare the little ... critters. (I have spent so much time trying to catch loose cheekis it's ridiculous!) Edit: The secret cheekis - how do I click twice? I can NOT get the game to recognise a double-click, & if I click & collect the cheeki, I can no longer get the other. Is there some sort of trick to it?
  7. Where are the artifacts in the museum
  8. 1.Level Goodie Cave in Shadow Woods North (left of some stairs near the middle of the Woods): Can increase the level of party members to the maximum of 99. 2.Weapons Goodie Cave in Thial Mountains South (slightly north of entrance when entering from Shadow Woods South): Contains the best weapon for each party member’s character. 3.Gold Goodie Cave in Brightwood Forest (a little right to one of the small waterfalls): Contains 600,000 gold coins. 4.Armor Goodie Cave in Thial Mountains North (a little north of the entrance from Istir Forest): Contains the best armor for each party member’s character. 5.Spell Goodie Cave in Stormbend (close to the ocean behind the chest): Stella can learn all available spells.
  9. I originally commented on this post in 2017 and it seems like there hasn't been much going on after all these years Would still love to see Aveyond 1 and 2 on Steam someday.
  10. Hey all! Just a quick question about fangame. Is it ok to do them? (obv free, not paid games). Cause after replaying all of them, i kinda wanna try making one about ahriman, when he was still alive, but obv, since it's Amanda's series, i wanted to ask first if it's possible.
  11. I may put it up there someday. I just don’t have much time these days. Eventually, I will return to games and get things in order.
  12. @Amaranth what do you think, do you think that the impossible might just become possible for this lost-winded rpg system suitable like styled game??
  13. is there any chances that Ahriman's Prophecy would be on steam... because i would want to relive my nostalgic memories
  14. This error usually occurs when the autosave file gets corrupted which results in you not even being able to open the continue menu. Starting a new game rewrites the autosave, so then you can get to the Continue menu again. Hopefully, you have saves other than the autosave.
  15. I have just started getting this error after a power cut, and have tried the above which results in the same error.. I bought the game through Big Fish Games so have tried to uninstall/reinstall that too which isn't working. Does anyone have any further advice for what I could try?
  16. You have to get there from the Aveyond.com home page, not the forum page! You'll need to use a browser that isn't Chrome to download it. https://aveyond.com/games/aveyond-rhens-quest/
  17. I actually though that for some reason it was my internet not leading pics. I have updated either way. Hope everyone is doing well!
  18. Hello, Sorry for asking but where exactly is the place to download Build C? I'm looking all over the site but can't find it. Thanks
  19. 1) Windows Defender 2) 1.331.882.0 3) Aveyond 3: Gates of Night and Aveyond 3: Lost Orb 4) 2/13/21
  20. EsmeAmelia


    Rhen IS mentioned in AV2 - Uthar talks about how his great-grandmother Rhen Pendragon wrote about Aveyond just before sending Ean and the gang there. Also, Te'ijal and Galahad cameo in the game and Galahad tells Ean about how Te'ijal made him a vampire - so it's clearly after that happened in AV1. Anyway, I think Amanda's mentioned at some point that just because we don't see a certain continent or city in an AV game doesn't mean it doesn't still exist - it just means that certain area isn't important in that particular game.
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    Hi @RedButterfly33, It's been a really long time since I played AV2, but all the other games are still fresh in my head, so bear with me... I don't remember if Rhen was mentioned in AV2 either like @scrivener pointed out. It's possible Rhen was mentioned in that game if you read the bookshelves in Thais, but I'm totally spacing out here, and now feeling like replaying AV2 just to confirm. xD A couple other notable characters from AV2 to also consider are Jack and Ella. Jack's about 214 years old according to his profile in AV2 (going off of memory btw). In AP, he's on the wanted posters and described to be about 14-18 years old. So he basically a statue for 200 years. Also in AP, one of the side quests is to save Ella from her wicked step-family and to marry her to the Prince of Candar. By AV2, we have Princess Ella the IV, who very likely is a direct descendant of the first Ella. But to be frank though, there's a lot of loose ends in these games. So if there's theories you have in mind or particular characters you ship, you can't really go wrong at this point. It may never be cannon, but there's room for interpretation. Though it's definitely a stretch to consider AV2 a prequel even though the maps for AP and AV2 were similar. As for the land masses moving around, we only get a little bit of info mentioned in a couple of the games. Like for example, Aveyond (the place), it's mentioned a couple times by NPCs that "it will show up for those in need." After playing all the games (and overanalyzing a bunch lol), I suspect, Aveyond is a) its own realm that never stays in one spot, b) some kind of living entity that moves freely on its own, c) will be moved around by the Oracle whenever she feels like it, or d) all of the above. Same goes with Mysten Far and possibly the druid temples. Another example is New Witchwood in AV1. One of the witches says that the original (AP) Witchwood was destroyed by a demon (presumably Ahriman), so they resettled in the sludge-less witch village. It's not really obvious if New Witchwood dropped the "New" by AV3, and just became Witchwood again, or if the original Witchwood was restored after Rhen became Queen. Maybe it is also renamed Bogwood by AV4? dunno. Again, we just never get a full explanation for this. Overall, it was up to Rhen to "unite the kingdoms", so maybe she worked the map like a jigsaw puzzle and assembled it to look like the AP map? again, dunno. lol Also, at some point during AV3, there's a distinction made between the Arista isles and Mainland lands (can't remember if the mainland continents have a name, sorry) , once Mel has to travel abroad to learn magic. She goes from the Mainland, to Eldrion, and then finally to the Arista Isles where a lot of familiar towns from AV1 are found. I think it's safe to assume Candar would likely be on the Mainland continents, but just served no purpose for AV3. Likely because Edward's love life was an utter mess, so no happy Candar ending for him lol Overall, seems like the gods (and goddesses) can peacefully move around land, but so can evil entities that can level and displace everything, too. Or maybe both good and bad deities just violently pull apart land and could care less about what happens to the little people living on them? And I agree with AV4 having little overlap with the rest of the series. I only found a few small tidbits from the other games in AV4. I really had to look hard to find any relationship between games and made my own stretches too. There wasn't much of a timeline either aside for...*highlight b/c spoilers*: Ahriman is mentioned a couple times by the elder trees, The Mist is in pretty much referenced in all the games and we find out it's a realm of it's own, Ingrid (or a descendant of hers with the same name) is in Witchwood in AV3, Hercules showing up yet *again* despite existing for hundreds of years, the demon Baal is likely also the same angry blue dragon Baal in AV3.2, (and my favorite) the golden statues of the sword singer are likely depictions of Rhen ascending after death and becoming some godly figure, and also Boyle Wolfbane the Horrible has a 99% chance of being a Pendragon...Oh and the squirrels evolved to the point that they have advanced military tech and can take over the world. lol
  22. @Red_ButterflyThat is fair.
  23. I did just replay AV2 before posting this (and it's the reason I even found this thread) and she was not mentioned at all, neither by Uthar or by anyone else. It's possible I've missed it, if you can point out where this happens I'll try to get there to that point and check what exactly was said. But, even if that was the case, in AP and AV1 Ahriman is resurrected. Meaning he was alive and defeated before, which is why he's that's where my timeline starts. And you know, Rhen is a princess, so it's not unreasonable to assume she was named after a previous queen, as is standard practice. Maybe our Rhen was named after the great queen who lived centuries ago and slew Ahriman the first time. I don't think it's out of character for Alicia to name her daughter after a badass warrior queen.
  24. @Red_Butterfly It's an interesting theory, but if I remember correctly Rhen was mentioned in AV2.
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