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  3. @tiniponi : Found your avatar while looking through the webarchives to see if mine is somewhere there. XD
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  5. Banned because you're being too awesome.
  6. Re-uploaded and updated my profiles after a long while. Warmest regards to all the Amaranthians all around the world, be safe. 😊
  7. I'm pretty sure my profile pic was lost when I had two computers taken out by lightning. There's one more possibility I know of, and I'll try to check that soon. Sorry something made you have to wipe out the forums. 😕 Sad to not see moderator under my name, but I understand as I'm not on as much as before. I pray you and Zach are doing well, and that the Covid-19 virus doesn't affect you or anyone you love.
  8. I had to wipe out the old forum. Our profile pictures were lost in the process. Update yours when you have some time. 💜
  9. *Blub* The forum's back! Hurrah!

  10. Earlier
  11. I went to my Norton app, excluded the folder, then downloaded the files again and it worked. Thank you so much!
  12. Try these: Close out of everything except Aveyond 3. Make sure antivirus is not scanning since that's a resource hog. Go to task manager and see if anything is hogging a lot of resources unncessarily and close those as well. See if that works. Better explained here except look for aveyond instead of pokemon: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonphoenixrising/comments/8o0cm2/a_fix_for_those_experiencing_lag/e02f2tt/ Alternatively, try this https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonphoenixrising/comments/8o0cm2/a_fix_for_those_experiencing_lag/
  13. The installer should have installed the exe automatically. I have a feeling what's happening is either your windows defender or antivirus is removing the exe file without alerting you because it thinks it's malware. It's a false positive as all of the Aveyond games here are clean. You can get around this in several ways: In Defender/Antivirus - Add an exception to the Aveyond 2 folder so it won't remove stuff from it again Turn off Defender/antivirus momentarily and try installing again. Find the exe in which ever quarantine folder has it, put it back in Aveyond 2 folder, and add an exception. The name of the file is Aveyond2.exe and is 1584 kb big. For windows defender, you can add exceptions/exclusions following the instructions here:https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security
  14. I was able to get it to work by changing my display resolution to a much smaller size
  15. I uninstalled and reinstalled Aveyond, but now the error message is replaced with a message saying that the item was moved. The contents of the Aveyond folder remain the same, though. By the looks of it, I have to find an item called Aveyond2.exe that does not appear in the Aveyond 2 folder. I'm guessing that the main issue is that I did not get the Aveyond2.exe item when I downloaded the game both times.
  16. Hey everyone!


    Hope everyone's doing well during this time! We're all in this together. Hope it ends soon.

  17. There are no plans for an Aveyond 5 as of now.
  18. When I try to load the game Yummy Drink Factory all I get is a black screen and I can also hear the music for the game. Ctrl Alt Delete does nothing to get out of the game, nor does alt enter or F4 or F11 to change anything. I have selected override DPI in compatibility. I am really at a lost and would appreciate any help to get this game running properly. The other games seem to load with no problems.
  19. It does give me the error message whenever i try to start up the game via double-clicking the icon on my desktop. The icon also doesn't look right, which i think might be related to the issue. If it helps, here's also the folder that accompanied the download. I really don't know much about technology, so don't know if it helps.
  20. Is the game giving you an error message when you start it up? As far as I know, rpgxp games are windows 10 compatible.
  21. I made the foolish mistake of not understanding the whole "Windows 98+" operating system listed on the side before I made my purchase. I am not sure how to start the game, since it states that it is not supported by laptop. How might someone who is not good with machines and technology to play this game when I run a Windows 10 HP Pavilion?
  22. How about just Alt+Enter (without the Control)?
  23. i have get the key to use at ashera's tomb but where i can find something to open there?
  24. I tried that like you said as you said and it didn't work. I've also tried f11 and control+alt-enter
  25. I believe pressing F4 toggles between fullscreen and windowed. See if that works?
  26. Hi guys! I just started playing again the Aveyond 3 series and i have a problem . Now i m at TLO. The battles are working really really hard. They have a big lag. The rest of the game is working ok,it has a bit of a lag itself . Please help! 😥
  27. Hi everybody, I'm newbie Does anyone expect the Aveyond 5 version?
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