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  2. This or That!

    Historic druids. Just like the idea if whole covens if them. Persian religion or Aian religion?
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  4. Is there a free Edolie walkthrough?

    I’m a bit stuck with troll tree 1. It seems to say you need a magnet to open the grate, but I can’t find one anywhere.
  5. This or That!

    (I used to live like 10 minutes from Clearwater FL and would always think of Aveyond ) I'm gonna have to give them a tie. Sedona AZ was just as lovely as I imagine do the city in Aia would be. AV Druids or historical Druids?
  6. This or That!

    Western Isle for sure. Sedona, Western Isle or Sedona, Arizona?
  7. Ant's Journal

    Very nice! For animations, could we have an option for triggering an animation trigger, rather than referencing the animation itself? I think that might be a more flexible way to go for those using Mecanim. Also, it would be great to have both a charging/preparation timer as well as an execution timer (with animation options associated with both). I'm not sure whether you intend "time for incantation" to be one or the other of those, or maybe both put together, but I can see a need to keep them separate. For example, I may have a spell that requires two seconds of a character in a looping animation, then one second to actually "cast" the spell via a different animation.
  8. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Targets.... So single or multiple and any limit. Target types... Self, armour, held weapon, body, enemy, ally, party only (or combination thereof). Your other stuff works but per above I think you need to define whether ability effects self and/or others and then whether party, allies, enemies, or combination etc Chain.... Like your idea too! But I was thinking more of things like Chain Lightning (which can be thought of in same way) where say you cast lightning at orc A but the lightning and electric element damage range jump to orc B and orc C and chance of so far visually too. Active/Passive.... With Abilities I'm not just thinking of attack. Passive abilities are just there and don't need to be invoked. An example say of a Passive attack ability though might be 'Sword Mastery 3' such that when you wield a sword weapon type you do 30% more damage. A Passive defence Ability might be 'Hardcase 2' where you take 20% less damage from blunt weapons or something. A non combat passive 'Night Sight' wherein you see 20% better outside at night, or 'Trap Averse' wherein you're say 15% more likely to detect and not run on to traps. I've probably not thought of the best examples... Conditions in play.... Think I understand. Pause time between use... Yes, works. Dependencies... Noted. Makes sense. Class database will be handling or referencing a lot! Don't forget Race (with Subraces) database which, thinking about it, sounds quite similar to Class database... Progression... Your way works well... . If you create True Heal 1 and True Heal 2 would be nice if system had background int variable for that ability's 'level' for purpose of both formulae in or on that ability but also other abilities... In above example, True Heal 1 may have higher background 'level' than Lesser Heal 5.... If you see what I mean? If we follow your model for progression that neatly handles calcs and formula per stat or meter so long as your formulas can take in to account ability 'level', stats, meters, race, class and are nice n flexible...
  9. Ant's Journal

    That's nice And I prefer multiple party system since it's easier to me to develop characters.
  10. Ant's Journal

    @Duffer123, I've got a few answers and questions. I need to clarify on this. When you say passive, do you mean something that affects the target after the attack? For example, being slowly poisoned after getting hit with a poison attack? If not, can you tell me more about passive abilities? How does this sound: Optional animation to prepare ability Optional animation to cast I plan to use a radius, so a simple circle (see next quote notes). By chain effect, do you mean that an ability can trigger other abilities when used? For example, an ability called Icy Fire might first cause a fireball, followed up by an ice shard attack? II have a field called "How ability is used" with these options: Projectile launched at target (one target) Everything within radius around caster (multiple targets) Directly on target (one target) Will these work for you? If you need something else, can you give me an example scenario? I can add a target limit, but I want to make sure we're on the same page of thought. Conditions will handle this elegantly. You can attach them to an ability. "Pause time between use" field should cover this one. I've added notes about progression below and how I think it can be handle with less complexity. The base chance of effect is indeed something that can be passed into a formula. Not sure about progression. Let's discuss it below. This is something we'll need to set elsewhere because it's possible that different classes could require different min meters/stats, etc. Most likely, this will happen in the Class database. For example, a Wizard class might be able use a Firestorm ability at level 5, wisdom stat at 24. A Paladin might be able to use the same ability at level 10, wisdom stat 32. Class is going to handle a lot of things and this is likely to be the home for these settings. I like this idea. But I also see lots of complexity with this. Would this work: An ability has an exp meter attached to it. As you use the skill, the exp meter fills up. When it reaches max... You select another ability to take it's place. (example Ice 1 becomes Ice 2). This will give the illusion of a level system, but also give you more interesting ways to morph skills. And you'll be able to customize meters, stats, and formulas for each level of an ability. If we do this, I can add an additional ability type drop-down list. (Ex: Spells - > Ice 1). So, if you create Ice 1, Ice 2, and Ice 3, you would assign Ice 2 and Ice 3 to Ice 1 in the drop down list. Then, when you use a filter to search for anything linked to Ice 1, all three of the Ice abilities will appear. Maybe. Can you give me a scenario?
  11. Ant's Journal

    Targets are: Caster Other Characters Caster and Other Characters I like the idea of having a random target. I'll add these: Random (Other Characters) Random (Caster or Other Characters) @callmedan, can you tell me about the party system you plan to have with your game? Will it be one player party system? Multiple party system (like Aveyond)?
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  13. This or That!

    Never been to England, so Verashima. Clearwater, Western Isle or Clearwater, Florida?
  14. I really want to play Aveyond on my new PC but I have too much schoolwork :rhen_cry:

    1. Scrivener of the Gods

      Scrivener of the Gods

      So you've too much school work to play but you have time to make that face? Perfect sense.

    2. Queen-of-Ice101
  15. This or That!

    Verashima. Delamere or Verashima?
  16. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, This is going to look amazing. Really looking forwards to details of formulae database... Has some general application too? Some comments and queries: - Active or Passive... Is this how ability used in above screening? - animations associated with Ability; - area of effect, shape of area of effect, chain effect?; - number of targets, target limit, per calmedan's comments above; - duration of effect, effect over time (on meters and stats)?; - similar but not the same as the above, cool down time before can use ability again... If an Active not a Passive ability... you click an action box UI button, the active ability triggers, the effects last as long as the duration data, but the button cools down before you can click again; - Chance of success? Formula? How would it work with Progression (see below)? In above screenie is this Base Chance of Effect then potentially effected by formula and Progression (see below); - Dependencies? Ability requires minimum meters or stats or general Level or, crucially, Ability levels/ranks; - big one for me, PROGRESSION. Can Ability have experience score and levels/ranks and if so how does it progress with formulas? How do different levels of the Ability then effect INDIVIDUAL effects on Meters and Stats? and duration of individual effects. Chance of success ramping up relatively on formula per Ability Rank/Level; and - don't individual effects on individual stats or meters each potentially need attached formula to allow for progression and other stuff?
  17. Ant's Journal

    I have a few questions. How many targets do we have? Is there random target? Like a ability could damage both enemies and allies.
  18. Ant's Journal

    I've made a few changes to the ability menu. Added field: Time for incantation Added particle effect for projectile Removed variance (you can add it to formula) Removed stats (you can reference them via formula). If you want to temporarily change the stat assigned to the target, attach a condition. Added formula drop-down list. This list is attached to the new Formula Database, where you can create formulas to use with skills. Formulas are not defined yet. I want to build out more of the system before tackling them. The menu is getting quite long. I wasn't able to get all of it in this screenshot. If you can think of anything else you think should be added, let me know.
  19. This or That!

    AP Candar. Ylisfar our Verashima?
  20. Ant's Journal

    @ChiaPet & @Duffer123, I've been thinking about how formulas could be implemented and have an idea that I think will work. I'll post a WIP soon.
  21. Ask Anything!

    hmm... it is (3x+7) cm, isn't it?
  22. What AV Characters Do You Most Look Like?

    Maybe Hi'beru with Robin's character lol
  23. Ask Anything!

    That is unsimplefiable without a value for x. That's how you'd write it. What's an imaginary number squared?
  24. This or That!

    Umm.. Adolescence AP Candar or AV2 Candar?
  25. Ask Anything!

    Dessert pizzas sound a little gross to me. If the area of a square is (9x* + 42x + 49) cm*, how do we express it in cm the length of the square? Assuming * is a square root.
  26. What AV Characters Do You Most Look Like?

    I look most like Mel, except with longer hair.
  27. This or That!

    Gevolda. (Choose a title) Cendrillon or Adolescence?
  28. Forum changes coming!

    @Ant Awesome, thank you so much.
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