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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Looks amazing so far... like it. How's the progress so far?
  3. It's been a while, eh?

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    @Mickychi Thank you for the suggestion! I'm still hoping for the walkthrough, but I can't wait to start playing it so I'll have to make do with The Daily Moogle playthrough in case no one has it still :-). Thanks again😁
  6. Mu11berry

    In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    Hey look it is autumn in real life and this is a piece where it is autumn in the story, yayy! ______________________________________ Old Songs You can consider this piece a tribute to Aaron Walz’s gorgeous soundtrack. I listen to it while writing a lot . And you can also consider this another introspective piece for Rhen, cuz I do what I want. The lullaby mentioned was meant to be based on the story of the sun priests who sent the demons back to the demon realm and closed the “great schism” in like 4521 d (according to books in AP), and on the story of the sun priests who gave their lives to create agea and defeat Ahriman. I just really love the lore of Aia. Happens sometime after Rhen and co leave Memory Caverns and sometime before they get to Thais again. ________________________________________ She used to sing sometimes. Silly, old songs Ma had taught her, songs about children growing up like apple trees, or cheerful ballads of the druid Armaiti and the harvest. There was a sweet, sad song about a girl who gathered pink marion bells for her lover in the spring, only to lay them on his grave when summer came. Sometimes Rhen had hummed that one to herself as she brushed through her hair in the early mornings, watching while the light crept over her companions and the campsite slowly came alive. Ma’s favorite song had been an ancient lullaby about the coming and going of the sun. At least, that was the best sense Rhen could make of it. The tune was slow and soft, but the words told the story like it was a battle. The sun’s rays were the warriors of light, the shadows were cruel demons. The night fought to keep Aia in cold darkness, the day fought to restore warmth and brightness. There was a verse about the Goddess lamenting the price of sunlight— fire burnt to ashes, flowers from the soot. In the end, the light sealed the dark forces in the ground, and the bravest of the burning warriors closed the schism and burnt out, fire burnt to ashes. The last verse was about how these dead suns lived still in the stars, guarding Aia from the return of total darkness. Rhen used to sing that one to herself as she settled into her dirty bed in Mistress Rona’s house, and again in her room at Shadwood Academy. She had hummed it while lying on her sleeping mat for some months. She used to sing all the time, now that she thought of it. But Lars had always been quick to point out how off-key she was, and Elini would smile politely and tell her maybe she should stick to sword singing. So Rhen didn’t sing any more. The last time had been maybe— maybe last fall, when they were exploring the lowlands. One of the farmers had been humming a harvest song, and she’d joined in until she’d heard Te’ijal’s trilling laugh, and turned to see Elini’s carefully neutral face and Lars’ rolling eyes. It was fall again now. There was a sharp chill in the air, and a certain over-ripeness about the soil. The world was in a state of decay, like those wilted marion bells in the last verse of the song about the girl and her departed lover. Rhen peeked out of her sleeping mat and stared up at stars, and she thought of burnt out fire and flowers growing up from what was left. “Stop—” a hoarse voice choked, jarring the quiet Rhen had been relaxing into. “Why—” It was Dameon, crying brokenly into his blanket, tossing and turning and babbling quick, frightened pleas. He was having a nightmare again. The first time it happened, Te’ijal had watched him curiously, intrigued by this strange human phenomenon called “a bad dream.” Now she barely glanced at him. Elini would sigh sympathetically and pretend not to notice. Lars would roll over and bury his head in his blankets, and Marge would glare, but she never said anything. John slept through everything, and Galahad always resolutely kept his eyes on Te’ijal. Nobody ever tried to wake Dameon, and nobody mentioned it to him in the morning. And he never said anything about it to them. So Rhen had followed this pattern, for months now, for seasons, for almost a year. A year. Had it been that long? Had it been that short? It felt more like a moment, and a decade, all at once. “I— trusted— you,” Dameon sobbed quietly. Could he really be asleep? His eyes were closed, but— “Dameon,” she broke the pattern with a whisper. “Are you all right?” He didn’t answer, he just rolled over again, and his breaths came in small, strangled gasps. "Father—“ "Wake up, Dameon,” she said firmly, quietly. “It's just a dream. You’re okay." “Don’t— no—” She kicked off her covers and crawled over to him. “Wake up,” she said again, reaching out to touch his shoulder. He shuddered and she shook him gently and his eyes flew open, dark lashes blinking away tears. "Rhen—" "Sshh. It's okay, Dameon,” she soothed. “You were having a nightmare." He stared up at her, first bewildered and then embarrassed, his cheeks tinged a soft pink under the starlight and his chest still heaving. She looked away and then reached for his hand; his tossing and turning had uncovered it and it felt cold in her fingers. “Do you want to talk about it?” He breathed in and then out and he shook his head. “No.” So they didn’t. She sat beside him with his hand in hers and he stroked her knuckles with his thumb, and they let the silence of night settle around them. It was cold. “It will be morning soon,” Dameon said suddenly, looking up at the sky. Rhen followed his gaze. It was still dark as Halloween Hills. The air was motionless, not even the birds were awake. But there were the stars, twinkling faintly with the promise of tomorrow. “Yes,” she said softly. The day would come. “Do you remember—” he hesitated. “You used to sing a song. About the morning.” She blushed. “Oh.” The ground suddenly seemed rather hard against her knees. “I sort of hoped you didn’t remember that.” His brow crinkled, and a little line appeared between his eyes. “Why?” “Well, I— er— I didn’t sing it very well.” “Oh.” There was a pause while his thumb stopped stroking her knuckles, and he reached up instead to brush her hair away from her face. The tips of his fingers were cold but his smile was warm. “I— I thought it sounded— nice.” “Nice?” “Yes.” “Oh.” She took his hand again, and clutched it between both of hers. “Would— would it help you sleep if I sang it again?” Her face was burning red like the burning warriors but his was mild and soothing. “If you’d like to sing it, I— I would like it very much.” So she took a long, deep breath, and then she sang the old lullaby, off-key but happily for the first time in— it really had been nearly a year. And slowly like apple blossoms floating in the wind Dameon’s dark eyelashes fluttered and closed, and his breathing evened out and his chest rose and fell gently like the melody, fire burnt to ashes. Flowers from the soot.
  7. Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    I haven't posted here in a while, so I figured I might as well bring up something I drew because I had nothing better to do. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tODcKxfoC_BSyHzlHtTZbb1JGMxJP1tM/view?usp=drivesdk
  8. Mickychi


    @Riemie it's not a walkthrough but The Daily Moogle on youtube has done a playthrough of all the aveyond 3 games. So if you get stuck on something you should be able to find a answer there.
  9. Hi there!

    I saw you mentioned, back in March 2017, you had the walthrough by over_cloud9 for Aveyond: The Lost Orb. Do you still happen to have it?

  10. Riemie


    @LizzyBug Hi! Do you, or anyone else, still happen to have that walkthrough? Also, not exactly the right topic but, is Stella dead dead or is there a way to revive her? I didn't know she would die unless I had Edward propose to her, until it was too late Edit: never mind, I launched the game and it answered my question regarding Stella :-). The walkthrough would still be very much appreciated though!
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  12. I'm in a strong need of becoming Rhen for the coming days and going on an adventure around to try and save the world from an evil being. 

  13. This website is the coolest thing I've ever built. Would love a review if you're free :P


  14. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Scrivener Thanks!! _______________________________________________ Here is a piece that took me all month to color. Not cuz it was particularly fancy or difficult in any way, I just had no motivation. It was the fur. The fur killed me. OTP of av4, day 30 of the 31 day challenge (almost... there...) I like MystxRobin because they are best friends and they stand up for each other. Also, they both approach everything with such a sense of wonder, I like to think of them discovering the world together <3 They are in the dragon wastelands because I love the design for that map, it was gorgeous. For @Queen-of-Ice101's birthday, two things I drew plus a link to a tiny drabble which just seemed more appropriate to share with the pic it goes with than separately in my oneshot threads: I'm also doing inktober with an Aveyond theme (and have actually been keeping up so far :O), but I already know I won't log in here every day to share stuff so I'll post everything up at the end of the month (or the beginning of next month). If you'd like to see stuff on the day it's drawn for, I'm keeping up on deviantart (I'm Mu11berry there too) and instagram (I'm aveyond_obsessed there. Honestly, just search aveyond >> most recent in either place. You'll find me XD)
  15. :rhen_omg: Midterm season soon... 

    1. NickyLOL48


      May the order of Sun Priests guide you through......

  16. crystalsilverwood

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Wow, this looks really awesome. The profile pictures look awesome and I would love to try a demo.
  17. Mickychi

    Killing Ahriman

    Alright firstly, have you been able to see the scene before you are fighting Ahriman? And does this replay each time as well? It sounds like a switch/variable may not be switching on/off to show the event is complete, but it would help to know exactly what repeats. With a bug like this it may benefit you more to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the Contact Us - which will then direct you to a message you send to the administrators, who may ask for your file to see the issue. Again it would help to inform them what exactly repeats.
  18. NickyLOL48

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have arrived! :P

    Hello Queen, thanks for the warm welcome!
  19. Scrivener of the Gods

    Prompt me!

    @Blurble the AP crew.
  20. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    @Scrivener of the Gods thank you, can you just also specify characters?
  21. verraFae

    Killing Ahriman

    I have played through killing Ahriman in Aveyond 1c, 3 times now but the game wont end. I go to Aveyond to the temple and the Oracle tells me to hurry to Ahriman's castle and kill him, every time!! Pleaese tell me how to get the game to recognize I offed him? Thanks, verraFae
  22. Scrivener of the Gods

    Prompt me!

    @Blurble, fried chicken. The prompt is fried chicken.
  23. Queen-of-Ice101

    Aveyond One-Shots and Shorts (all stories are completed before posted)

    Ahh I finally had some time around school to relax and lurk online when I realized how long it's been since i lurked on the server, and even longer since I updated anything. I have stories from last December that were never posted!! shame on meeeee ;-; So here is the oneshot spam from the few stories I forgot to post over here as I proceed to hardcore lurk on the forums again~ I did this oneshot based off a couple of prompts that were posted by a blog I follow on Tumblr^^ The prompt was: - 'I accidentally admitted that I've never seen the Harry Potter movies and now you're dragging me back to your place for a marathon and I have no idea what to do' AU - 'I knew you were evil but this is a step too far! Maybe the reason that you're the bad guy is that you've never seen Harry Potter, because that's some childhood deprivation right there' AU ____________________________________________________________ A Hogwarts Christmas (AKA, you've never seen Harry Potter?!) Looking back on it, Mel really couldn't help but wonder if she had finally lost her mind. She blamed the fact that she was alone for the holidays, the strange Christmas mood combined with loneliness had forced her to take a temporary leave of her senses. After all, why else would Mel Darkthrop be sitting in her small living room, watching a movie marathon with the internationally feared super villain Lord of Twilight next to her? She glanced idly over between the small gap in the curtains, giving her the smallest view of the snow falling outside. Yes, it was most certainly the fault of the holiday spirit and that blasted snow that she was in this situation. Nearly four hours earlier: Mel did her best to juggle her bags as she fumbled in her pocket for her keys to let herself into the apartment building. The falling snow was covering her with a dusting of white and it was cold out! Her fingers had just brushed the metal of the front key when she felt her bags start to unbalance, and in her haste to catch them she lurched backwards to keep them from falling. Of course she hadn't taken into consideration how the laws of physics would in turn effect her and with a yelp she found herself tipping backwards. Before she could get very far however two large hands settled on her back, catching her mid fall before carefully putting her back upright. About to think her surprise saviour she tipped her head back, her eyes meeting forest green ones. "Oh come on! Why did it have to be you! I've avoided something like this for years, why now?!" The slight smile of thanks that Mel had been wearing vanished, replacing itself with furrowed brows as a now sulking young woman grabbed her keys and unlocked the door as a tall black haired man chuckled behind her. "Now that isn't very nice, I did help you after all." Was the singsonged reply as her unwelcome helper reached around to pull the door open and hold it for her. "A mistaken moment of kindness I'm sure. Supervillians don't usually assist people who argue with them out of the kindness of the heart." Mel pointed out dryly as she walked into the lobby, Gyendal falling into step next to her easily. "What can I say, I decided to try something new for the holidays this year." He said with a snort, Mel rolling her eyes as she headed over to the mail boxes. "Well it could be worse, last christmas you accidentally unleashed your automated minions that tried to take out the city, and the year before that..." "I've got the point, you can shut up any time." Mel smirked slightly before her expression went thoughtful. "Speaking of holidays, what are you doing here? Surely there's some sort of big bad convention somewhere." She called idly over her shoulder as she argued with the sticky key. "A convention on Christmas? Come now Mel, even we aren't that uncultured, we take the day off from villainy for Christmas." He replied, hands hanging lazily out of his coat pockets. "Terribly sorry for not knowing random facts about the life of the "bad guys"." She muttered as they started towards the elevators. "You're forgiven, not everyone can be intelligent enough to keep track of these nuances about our lives." Gyendal said calmly, smirking when Mel shot him a black look. "How about you? What's your excuse for being home over the holidays?" Mel sighed, adjusting her grip on her bags. "No family to stay with and my friends are heading to his parents in Thais for Christmas this year." She shrugged. "Look at our sad lives." Gyendal snickered, following her into the elevator. "You'll be doing whatever it is you enjoy to pass the time, and I'll most likely go through my movie collection for the day. What a holiday." "A movie marathon, now that's an idea! I think I'm in a "Christmas at Hogwarts" kind of mood." Mel said, smirking slightly. Gyendal blinked at her statement, staring at her in mild confusion. "Christmas at Hogwarts? Is this some sort of new holiday movie?" "What? No, the HP franchise hasn't released a new movie since they finished adapting the last book." Mel said, shooting him an odd look. "HP? What are you talking about, I was referring to this Hogwarts movie." Gyendal commented, not noticing of the look of shock on Mel's face. "What am I talking about? I'm talking about Harry Potter, Hogwarts is the school! How do you not know this?! Have you seriously never seen the movies?" Gyendal rolled his eyes. "Don't sound so horrified. I've simply never had the time to go through that movie series." Mel stared a moment longer before her eyes narrowed in determination and she shoved several of the bags into Gyendal's hands. "Take these for a minute." Startled, he instinctively accepted the bags just as the elevator door opened and Mel strode down the hall with her keys in one hand and the rest of her bags in the other leaving Gyendal to follow. "What in-" "Shut it and come on." Mel ordered, Gyendal sneering but going silent as she opened her apartment door and tossed her keys onto the table. "Well come in will you? Go ahead and put the bags on my kitchen counter." When he stood there staring at her incredulously at her offer Mel muttered a few choice words under her breath before grabbing his arm and yanking him inside, the door closing behind them as she set her bags out on the counter. "What in the name of the goddess has gotten into you, and why on earth are you inviting me into your home?!" Gyendal snapped, the young woman who had just dragged him inside ignoring his presence as she unpacked bags, missing his rather impressive expression of doom. "You and I are going to be doing a Harry Potter marathon, right now. You must live this childhood classic before the new year. Help me put away the food and then I will grab snacks." She stated without any room for argument, moving around the kitchen with a speed that mad her something akin to a whirlwind. "Let me get this straight, you're inviting a supervillian that could cause indescribable suffering at any moment over for a holiday movie marathon?!" Gyendal finally snapped, grabbing her arm and jerking her to a halt. "What on earth does it matter if I haven't seen Harry Potter. I don't care about the series and I have no interest in experiencing a 'childhood classic' so you might as well just let me leave now." He released Mel's arm but before he could move even a step away Mel had a death grip on his shirt and was physically dragging him into her living room as she shook her head incredulously. "I knew you were evil but this is a step too far! Maybe the reason that you're the bad guy is that you've never seen Harry Potter, because that's some childhood deprivation right there" A glance over her shoulder at her unwilling companion showed his face going comically dark at her statement, Mel pretending not to notice as she shoved him into her tiny couch and placed an abnormally large bowl of popcorn on his lap before with a few clicks and the careful placement of a DVD in the player the opening scene for the first movie began to play across the screen. "Get comfy Gyendal, because this marathon is going to carry us through the rest of Christmas Eve and well through Christmas itself." Yes she really had lost her mind, Gyendal had been right in his reaction to her clearly. ___________________________________________________________ Mel chanced a glance to her left, expecting to see glares levelled in her direction after the way she had forced this movie marathon upon him but much to her surprise she found him engrossed as the second movie played out, slightly leaning forward as he watched the screen unwaveringly. She grinned slightly, returning her own attention back to the screen as she burrowed deeper under the fluffy blanket she had retrieved for herself halfway through the first movie. If he was enjoying it she certainly wasn't about to say something, Mel counted it an accomplishment that he was enjoying the movie, maybe her idea wasn't as crazy as she had thought. ___________________________________________________________ Night had long since fallen, nothing but weak moonlight peering in through the small gap between the curtains as the third movie played. Gyendal was comfortably reclined as he watched a well timed punch play out across the screen. Much to his surprise he was actually quite enjoying the movies. When Mel had first dragged him into her apartment and forced him into this he had been positive that not only would he hate the series but this whole holiday marathon had been quite honestly one of her stupidest ideas, and that was saying something with how long they had known each other. Especially considering her "solution" for the squirrel infestation in the apartment building, no one would ever forget that disaster. A sudden thump of slight weight landing on his shoulder pulled Gyendal out of his thoughts and he jerked slightly, it took him a second to place the foreign feeling but a glance down at where a black haired head rested on his shoulder confirmed what he thought. At that exact point Gyendal found himself at a loss, what was he supposed to do with the young woman currently fast asleep on his shoulder?! They may have known each other for several years but they were hardly friends and it wasn't like he was accustom to these kinds of situations, he was a villain for goddess sake! There was a soft sleepy sigh from Mel as in her sleep she curled into him, cheek resting against his arm. He glared down at her, muttering a few unflattering words at her for putting him in this situation. A flash on the TV pulled him back to the story and after a moment of debate on whether or not to abandon Mel and return to his own apartment he heaved his own sigh and stole half the giant blanket Mel was currently bundled in before extracting his arm from between his side and Mel. He carefully draped his arm over the back of the couch, Mel shifting and settling comfortably into his side. A sense of calm and comfort overcame Gyendal as he sat there watching, warmth curled into his side and reclined back the way he was. Before he realized his own lids began to droop, and in a scene none else who knew the powerful supervillian would have believed, the great Lord of Twilight drifted off to sleep with his head resting atop Mel's. And although neither would admit it, waking up to find that they were not alone made it not so bad a Christmas after all.
  24. Queen-of-Ice101

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have arrived! :P

    Heeeeey welcome to the forums Nicky!!
  25. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    Thanks everyone. Still accepting prompts.
  26. EsmeAmelia

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    I just want to say that I LOVE those profile pictures!
  27. Scrivener of the Gods

    Serendipity's Prophecy: Randomized Cast

    Chapter 11: Seafall Upon reaching the end of the peninsula, the trio remarked on how aggressive the rodents were. When they finally reached the top of the hill where the temple was, they entered before another mouse jumped out of the grass at them. One of the priestesses told them that the water there was blessed, so they filled their jug with some of it to bring to the dying dryad. They told the one who was obviously in charge about what had happened at Dyuti. She seemed distressed at the mention of Jenkles, but told them that they could find their answer in the waterways beneath the temple. They entered the doorway at which she had pointed, and immediately saw a ghost and a skeleton. Dispite Spook and Rhen's reluctance, Nox pulled them toward the skeleton, who seemed to be guarding the path further into the sewers. He demanded their death certificates, but Nox forced him into submission with her ill-gotten abilities. They proceeded into the waterways with the smell of death in their nostrils.
  28. lovely-girl

    Prompt me!

    Omg. I'm in love with this forum.
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