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  2. Emma.

    Remembering Aveyond

    I think my first Aveyond game was Rhen's Quest, or it might have been Ean's? In any case it was before Lord of Twilight came out and I've been loving these games ever since. I am now going on a rotation playing them lol. I start with Ahriman's Prophecy (in which I do choose priestess for Talia so it'll be canon, even though I prefer enchanter), and then continue with all of them. They are such beautiful RPGs and I love the story. Every gameplay (and there've been soooo many of them), feels like the first, and I enjoy the story start to finish.
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  4. Ishti

    Rhenegade - an Alternate Canon Fanfic

    I've got another spinoff for you! This one is unique in that you really don't need to have read Rhenegade for it to work! There's like half a sentence that might be somewhat confusing, but otherwise, this fic could be considered an alternate post-canon story for regular Rhen's Quest! Anyway, it's Te'ijal and Galahad. You could consider it Te'ijalahad (I wasn't sure whether I should tag the ship or not, so I just did it anyway). It's a little sad. No spoilers - here's the link! https://archiveofourown.org/works/15353190 EDIT: I forgot that I was gonna put all the spinoffs into a single reply. Uhh... oops? This is probably fine, right?
  5. Mickychi

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    @callmedan Well dang they look lovely 😍 Great work
  6. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Thank you! @Mickychi I created those For the green orb and golden holden, I edited RMXP RTP and for the branches stick to it, I created it from scratch.
  7. Mickychi

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    😍 I love the green and gold circular shapes on the walls, do you mind me asking where you sourced them from? Lovely screenshot 💖
  8. Ishti

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Hey, they look fantastic! What new program are you using?
  9. Scrivener of the Gods

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Mu11berry. Sorry, I didn't mean for it to come across like that.
  10. bryan_pasa

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Wow that is lovelyyy!! T__T It makes me want to replay again and again <3
  11. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    @Mayflower I don't want to give any estimate because things don't go as what I expect it to be But a new screenshot is okay. Here's the lastest scene I've done: Venwood Library
  12. Mayflower

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    How's the work coming along? Can you give us an estimate of when it will be done? Or maybe a new screenshot?
  13. Mu11berry

    In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    So this next piece is actually one of the first ones I wrote, and it feels kind of nostalgic for me to read? It's very strange, I wrote it so I definitely shouldn't feel this way. But here I am, feeling this way anyway, ahaha. Anyway, welcome aboard the fluff express. If you think you may be on the wrong train, it's too late, we've already departed the station. Enjoy the ride. ______________________________________________ Softly There’s pretty much no reason for the party to return to the manor in Sedona at this time but I always go back to it when I play to see all the conversations and anyway they all need a break honestly so these next few oneshots are in Sedona, so there. They can be stocking up on supplies or something. Also there is no furniture store in Sedona, but there SHOULD be. Lastly, Dameon mentions something about being betrayed by the Sun God during one of the first cutscenes, and I made a slight reference to that. So when you come to that part, now you'll know what's going on. _______________________________________________________________ For what seemed like the hundredth time that day alone, he found himself slowing his steps as they approached the pet shop. Before he knew it he was staring in the window, looking for the cream-colored kitten with the light pink nose and bright amber eyes. He found her in the far corner, and she tilted her tiny head and flicked her tail at him. He almost went inside— then he frowned to himself, and hurried to catch up with everyone else. He tried to ignore Rhen's questioning glance, and reminded himself that their manor was already quite full of animals. Te'ijal's bat had come first. She'd named it Serpent Spawn, which Dameon thought was funny. Rhen didn't get it until Galahad had begun hurling his usual insults at the vampress— and the bat hurled itself at him. Then the sword singer had laughed until a terrible case of hiccups prevented her. She hiccuped the way she did everything— wholeheartedly, unabashedly, unpretentiously. Her back straightened and her shoulders went up and— hic— she slumped back down. "Da— hic— meon," she had whined. "Do some— hic— thing." He was already rubbing her back, and he hadn't been sure what else he could do. For the millionth time, he mentally went through each of the spells he knew, searching for one, just one, that might soothe hiccups. "I could try Silence," he had said, smiling, leaning down to speak softly into her cute little ear. She’d laughed again and opened her mouth to say something probably funnier, but another hiccup cut off whatever joke she was going to make. He chuckled anyway, and then, without thinking, kissed her cheek because it was pink. Hic. Pirate John's parrot had been next. He had named it Northerner, apparently hoping for a repeat of the bat attack, but on Elini instead of Te'ijal. Rhen had given Dameon a significant look which he failed utterly to comprehend, until he happened to be in the same room as the pirate when Elini walked in. "Pirate John," the demon summoner had said, tilting her head at him, "are you not going to ask me for a kiss?" John had opened his mouth to protest, but was interrupted by a loud squawk. "Kiss! Kiss!" the parrot had chanted. "Well I—" the pirate had started, then shook his head angrily. "You are—" "Beeeauty! Squawk!" "I— yes, but—" "Kiss! Kiss!" Elini had smiled. "Very well, Northerner." And Pirate John was kissed. Rhen had been watching from the doorway, and now entered and gave Dameon another significant look which, this time, he entirely understood. Or he had thought he did, until she crossed the room and said softly to him, her breath like a butterfly on his ear, "Maybe if you make dinner, I will give you a kiss." And then he had turned red and become so flustered that he found no response was possible, so he opted to hide in the kitchen and chop up some onions, which proved to be a much less emotional experience than being near Rhen ever was. Galahad had bought a dog next, "for hunting," but the dog much preferred to be wagging its tail and slobbering all over everyone. Lars claimed to find it disgusting, and could always be heard to shout "No!" very angrily whenever the dog approached him. But still, the dog could always be found under his seat at dinner, and it was always in the same room as him, and it soon responded to being called No so well that Dameon couldn't remember the name Galahad had given it, or if he even had named it. What he could recall, very well, was when No chewed up everyone's boots, and all the furniture in the drawing room, and Lars's cloak. This incident was, in fact, the reason the party was running all over Sedona that day. A cat, Dameon thought to himself, would not have behaved that way. A cat might have clawed at the furniture, but it at least wouldn't have slobbered all over it— "What are you thinking, Dameon?" He turned, startled, and met Rhen's deep violet eyes. "I was thinking—" he struggled to compose himself, to focus. "It was only— it was not anything important." She narrowed her eyes at him and he felt the color rising in his face, and then, blessedly, she turned back to the chair she had been examining. "I want a pet." "Another?" He thought immediately and hopefully of the kitten, but said nothing more. "Yes," she said with a determined little nod. "I want the tiger from Veldt." Before he could begin to be disappointed, Rhen let out a charming little sigh. "She is so graceful, and fierce..." All his self-control could not prevent the smile that formed at this. "Like you, Rhen." And he was glad that he said it, because now her cheeks were pink and she was smiling, too. "I want to name her Spots." "You can't do that!" Mad Marge interrupted violently, throwing down the chair she had been looking at (Dameon supposed they were buying that one now). "Tigers are striped!" But Rhen already knew this, and thought it was funny. Anyway, the bar maid was a fool to think she could dissuade Rhen from anything once she had resolved on it; the tiger was in their manor within the week. So, by the way, was the chair Marge had thrown, and he found it rather abruptly one early morning while attempting to pace the house (a habit he'd formed at the Sun Temple and couldn't break, even here, even now). If he hadn't been so lost in his own head, if he hadn't been remembering the quiet tenderness of Rhen's voice when she asked him to forgive his mother, her insistent arguments, the soft, trusting certainty in her violet eyes when she told him he had a good heart, if he had been thinking of anything else instead, he might have seen the chair before he tripped over it. But he wasn’t, and he didn't, so he and the chair and the chair's occupant all ended up inelegantly piled on the floor. "Good morning," grumbled a female voice in such a tone as to suggest it wasn't. "Sorry, Rhen," he said, struggling to his feet and taking her hand to help her up. "I... did not see you." "That's okay. I guess I shouldn’t have put the chair right in the hallway," she said, and her cheeks were a soft pink. She hadn't let go of his hand yet. "Why are you up so early, anyway?" He shrugged and tried to pretend he hadn't been thinking of her— their hands were still together and he realized he was holding his breath. "I am always up early," he said. Then, "Why were you in the chair?" He cursed himself for asking because now she took her hand out of his to put the chair back on its legs. Then she tucked her unbraided hair behind her ears, and looked at her feet, and finally mumbled, embarrassed, "Er... Spots pushed me off the bed." He really, truly tried to stop himself, but she was so enchanting and mortified, he had to laugh. "Urgh," she protested, hiding her now very pink face in his chest. "At least now you are awake to watch the sunrise," he said, wrapping his arms around her happily. "I guess," she mumbled into his robes. "Come. We can watch it by the sea. It will be beautiful." He let go of her and slowly took her hand in his again. She let him, and they made their way out into the cool morning air and down to the southern beach. The sky was a wistful blue, dark and pale at once. A few stubborn stars, like feeble fairy lights, were strewn across it. Shopkeepers were wearily setting up their stores, making slight noises like the ghosts of day's bustle. The most prominent sound was that of the sea, pushing and pulling, advancing and retreating, over and over— "Let's stand in the waves," Rhen whispered excitedly. So they took off their shoes and let the water run over their feet. Dameon thought it tickled, but Rhen's face was so happy and peaceful, he said nothing. A few seabirds flew around them, sometimes coming to rest on the water, sometimes diving into it, making joyful splashes that sounded somehow like Rhen's laugh. The air still held the faint chill of night, and a playful breeze blew Rhen's loose hair about. To the east, a rosy glow was rising from the sea, cradled by a soft purple shadow, delicate and powerful, like— He glanced at her, and he felt his face turn the color of the glow. The timid lights reflected in her eyes like tiny pieces of sunshine, and it made him think the sun might be beautiful again. She could make the sun beautiful again. If he ever lost her— no, no, no— Suddenly the rosy glow brightened into a glorious white light, strong and tender, covering everything— or it seemed to be everything, and his heart was beating faster and his breath was caught in his throat— but it was only to the east. And slowly, softly, the sun made its way into the world. And it wasn't cold anymore. "It is beautiful," Rhen said breathlessly. But the sunrise wasn't the reason his chest ached, and he said, hoarsely, "It is nothing compared to you." She blushed and looked down. "Rhen... I've been thinking about what you told me, about my... mother." It was still hard to say the word. Her hand on his shoulder kept him steady. "What did you decide?" "I... don't know. I think... it might be possible to forgive her... someday." She smiled softly and he was all right. "Come on. Let's get back home before our companions wreck the house." So they did, and on the way back she saw him looking in the pet shop window again, and she bought the cat. "Rhen—" "Don't try to protest! Here, hold her so I can lean on you." She yawned and Dameon fumbled with the mewling little kitten that was now in his hands, grateful and amazed and speechless. "I'm so tired," Rhen said. Her arm was wrapped around his and her head was on his shoulder. Then, faintly, "What are you going to name her?" When he could speak again, he answered, "Softly," and Rhen smiled just like that.
  14. Mu11berry

    Silly Aveyond Shorts

    Added a table of contents to the first post! I'll try to keep it updated, and you're welcome to tell me if I've missed anything (or if I miss anything in the future, I'm a spaz so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  15. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Scrivener of the Gods I'm glad you like my art, but the character negativity isn't very nice. You don't have to like all the things I like, but if you're going to choose to come to this thread, please also choose to say nice things or say nothing. Thanks! _________________________________________ Day 22 of the Aveyond fandom 31 day challenge is otp of AV3, and yes, I drew Te'ijal and Galahad, because I'm unashamedly predictable They just really balance each other, ya know? He's serious, she's crazy, they're lovely. Plus, flower crowns! ALSO. I got a new art program and this is the second piece I made in it. The first was obviously RhenxDameon, hehe~ I was having feelings about everything Rhen has been through again and she needed a hug. Also this is totally sappy but I have a quote saved to one of my silly pinterest boards and I kept thinking of it while I made this and it is this: "Some things are far too heavy to ever be carried alone. So I am here for you." - Michelle K. Is the attribution correct? Who knows, I got it off the internet. But it is a pretty thought, I think, and I think it nicely expresses important parts of the relationship Rhen and Dameon have so~
  16. blue-water52

    Discord or IRC Community?

    Me too :D @moonpeace
  17. Aureya

    Report Anti-Virus Problems Here

    Hello all =) 1 Kapersky 2 Bought it 3 weeks ago 3 The Lost Orb, Aveyond 3-3 4 Today the 14th of July 2018 It says there is a trojan virus in the program. But it ends up saying there is a file that doesn't match windows in the program... it's just nonsense. I had planned to disable Kapersky for this game! :p Then I read everything and it seems we are sharing the same feeling. Not sure how I am going to do this though. Have a wonderful day everyone :-)
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  19. darrell2150beta

    Modern city tilesets?

    Awesome I truly appreciate the replies, I am about 2 years behind in replying to which I do apologize.
  20. I miss you being on here sissy ❤️ I think she forgot her password and can't get her account back anymore 😕 lol

  21. lovely-girl

    Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    Thanks again
  22. Specter

    Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    Sure! The demo will take you until Veldarah if I remember right. There's no time limit.
  23. lovely-girl

    Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    Alt+Enter worked!!! Thanks a lot I haven't gotten too deep into playing with the demo versions but so far I haven't experienced any bugs, will let you know if it happens. How long is the demo trial for? Also, thank you for the link
  24. Specter

    Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    It isn't offensive. In fact, I think more people should have been asking this question Sadly, I cannot pay the $100 Apple fee to get verified, and there are no guarantees I will be even when I do that I'll check on this. In the meanwhile, does Alt/Option + Enter take you fullscreen? A couple of other things: 1) There are a few bugs in demo versions fixed in the full game (I'm too lazy to fix up the demos) 2) The links in other posts are old and stale. Go to https://radialapps.com for newer links
  25. lovely-girl

    Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    Do you have any idea whether or not I can use the full screen option? I downloaded Aveyond 1 (for mac, obv.) and I cannot use the full screen option
  26. lovely-girl

    Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    Are we sure it's safe to use this to link to the buy the game?? Sorry if this question is offensive... hehe
  27. We had a conversation on this topic in a neighboring thread here. Long story short: there's no quick or easy way to add multiplayer into HeroKit (or pretty much any other game making tool currently), as multiplayer is still a very hard problem to solve for the time being.
  28. Mopiece

    Build B

    Build B refers to the version of the game. You shouldn't have to download it. You should have the recent version of the game.
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