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The Coronation of our Lord, Gyendal Ravenfoot

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This is an important event, people, and it has to go off perfectly unless you'd like to be hexed with a bad case of the weevils. So start planning!

We need:

  • A crown (Mu11berry)
  • An officiator (Queen-of-ice101 and Honey Butter Chloe)
  • A guest list (Scrivener of the Gods)
  • Somebody to throw the annoying guests out (Rodania)
  • A royal artist to immortalize these grand events in a painting
  • Also do we want a transcription of the events (short story)? I think yes, feel free to give opinions
  • Anything else you guys want, throw ideas out there
  • I don't know how to run events, I'm just going for it
  • Do a thing
  • :D



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