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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    @callmedan Well dang they look lovely 😍 Great work
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    😍 I love the green and gold circular shapes on the walls, do you mind me asking where you sourced them from? Lovely screenshot 💖
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Wow that is lovelyyy!! T__T It makes me want to replay again and again <3
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    @Mayflower I don't want to give any estimate because things don't go as what I expect it to be But a new screenshot is okay. Here's the lastest scene I've done: Venwood Library
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    Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    Sure! The demo will take you until Veldarah if I remember right. There's no time limit.
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    I just finished this game once again and enjoyed a lot while playing it. I could complete all the sidequests except for the 10 diamonds quest. I think this game deserves a review, so I am writing it here. Overall, this game has all the features needed for a good RPG. This game has a great potential to be released commercially. Of course it has a few minor bugs, but I think they can be fixed easily. Features I liked: I liked the total game play time (took about 34 hours for me) and the number of sidequests. I liked the way the game was designed – with so many islands ad so many towns and characters. I liked how you needed to travel between multiple places for almost throughout the game. A game gets interesting when you have to visit the places that you previously visited and interact with the characters that you have already talked to. It was good to play with a few familiar characters like Rhen and Mel. I enjoyed the character development and interaction between characters. The graphics are very good – with each town and each forest having its own features. The plot is OK (not very good or very bad) for me. Features I did not like: The world map was too complex for me. Traveling between the islands was always very confusing and many times I ended up on a wrong island. The main issue was with the obstructions (like the dark colored sea). I wish it was less complex- with fewer or no obstructions between the islands. Some of the battles were way too hard even when you play the game in easy mode. Example: The monsters on Glocrab mountain were too hard to beat before you get the weapons and armors from Newholt. Ywans Den: Although it was challenging to navigate through this for the first time, it was annoying that your visibility is limited every time you enter it. You can see only a short distance and you need to refer the map in every part of it. It would be better if you can see each room completely once the boss fight is over (similar to the dungeon in Aveyond 4). Some the cutscenes are too long with prolonged conversations and I think they can be shortened. Overall, I played this game twice and I enjoyed it both the times. Thank you so much for such a great game.
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    In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    Rhen the glutton; Rhen the goofball! I'm a huge fan! Rhen has always struck me as way wittier than anyone (with the possible exception of John, who can probably match her joke for joke, which is why they're besties) and of course Dameon would love that about her! He really does need some reasons to laugh. I hope I get to see your anthology all together on Ao3 someday! No particular reason, I guess; I just think it'd be neat.
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    @17gchartier It's a free game
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    You are correct, @Specter. We used GitHub for version control.
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    In Aveyond 2, version 1, you can only have Ean and Iya marry in the game. In version 2, you can also have Rye and Emma marry, as well as Gavin and Ava, and you can make Nicolas change his outlook on life. You MUST buy Grimm's Farm if you want any of these endings. To buy the farm, read the sign at the front gate (it will be there after Uthar tells you to find his agent in Seri), then go inside and talk to Gisselle) Some other side quests will need to be completed for the Ean/Iya ending but some things can be done after the final battle. For everyone else, all steps MUST be done before the final battle. Also note, you can have Ava and Gavin marry, OR you can make Nicolas turn into a nicer guy - not both. You must decide which result you want before speaking to the present-giving witch in Bogwood, and make sure the correct person is in your party. ALL of this topic is a spoiler - if you want to find things out for yourself then you should not read any further. None of the text is hidden. Marrying EAN and IYA Get Calliope's Wand for Hilda in Bogwood. Buy a gold ring for Iya from the street vendor in Candar. Get a kitten for Iya from Renna in Candar. Complete the "find silk" quest for Lenora in Candar, and give Iya the ribbon you get as a reward. Buy a fairy love spell from the vendor in Happily Ever After. After the final battle, go to the church in Candar and have Ean and Iya marry before they return to Elfwood. There you will be able to give them a REAL wedding. Marrying AVA and GAVIN With Ava and Gavin in the party, go to Grimm's Cottage, make Ava the leader and have her talk to Gavin. This step MUST be done first. Talk to the witch in Bogwood who has the presents. Visit the Magic Mushroom Farm in Shivendale Woods. Talk to Hilda in Happily Ever After, after you have helped the warthog. Go to the Human Parts lab in Casket Hill. Finally, visit the church in Candar. Marrying EMMA and RYE Emma and Rye can ONLY marry if you get a red salamander from Sabriyya, the Seri Desert hermit. If a golden salamander hatches, you won't be able to get enough attraction points between them for the wedding to happen. Once Emma has joined the party, enroll her in the tournaments in Seri. Have Rye accept Emma's bet. Enjoy the Emma/Rye banter after each round. What happens next depends on whether Emma wins or loses. If Emma WINS the tournament (all 5 rounds): Remember that cyclops dung in Graystone Pass? Go and take another look at it. Take a stroll in Shadow Woods - you won't have to go further than the woodsman's cottage. Return to Bogwood and talk to the woman making soup. Go to Grimm's Farm and stand in front of the salamander's pen - you have to have bought it from Sabriyya. (The exact spot you need to be is at the back of the cart of peaches - in line with the barn door, but higher than the wheel of the cart) Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Emma the leader and talk to Rye. Then head to the Candar church. If Emma LOSES the tournament: Go to the top of the Seri marketplace and stand a few steps being the blue-haired thug who was beating up Rasmen. Take a wander through the Seri Desert - follow the path from Seri through to Graystone Pass. Go to Grimm's Farm and stand in front of the salamander's pen - you have to have bought it from Sabriyya. (The exact spot you need to be is at the back of the cart of peaches - in line with the barn door, but higher than the wheel of the cart) Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Rye the leader, and talk to Emma. Go to Candar and talk to the little girl to the left of the restaurant (if you talk to her earlier she always sings). Finally, head to the Candar church. Helping NICOLAS change his tune Once Ava joins the party and you have the ship, return IMMEDIATELY to Thais (do NOT go to Land of the Lost). Have Nicolas join your party if you don't already have him. Talk to Uthar, who will ask Ava to "straighten Nic out". Talk to the beggar as you leave Thais (he's just down and to the left of the city exit - you won't miss him), then talk to some of the "commoners". Keep going here until you remedy the situation. Talk to the witch in Bogwood who has the presents. After you've saved Aisling, return to the witch's cottage in Fairytale Forest and look at the green mirror on her table. Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Ava the leader, and talk to Nicolas. This step MUST be done last. The end result will be apparent after the final battle. No clues here
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    Silly Aveyond Shorts

    @Rodania: Thanks!!! And thank you for reminding me that I actually have stories here which could probably do with an update or two xD @everyone: Here, have another Lars piece! Shorter but definitely not sweeter, that wouldn't be very Lars-y, now would it? Priorities "I don't care if it is a talking boar!" I informed my four unworthy companions. "We've been promised an entire purse of gold to kill it!" Had my party consisted of any other idiots in the world they would have seen the wisdom in my words. Unfortunately, it didn't. There was with a pathetic sword singer, a demon-summoner who was apparently being controlled by demons (that was the only explanation), a smelly sun priest, and the only vampire ever to exist who was stupid enough to care at all for living creatures. I turned to the boar. "Do you have any last wishes, boar?" Because he would die, of course. I was in charge, after all. "How did you learn to speak?" "I'm a human! A man!" he squealed, unconvincingly. "My name is Levus! On my wedding day, an evil merchant named Tiberius threw a bag of cursed dust on me and turned me into a boar. I've been hiding from him ever since." Rhen interrupted before I could tell the boar he was a terrible liar. "So Tiberius is behind this! I knew there was something crooked about that man! What can we do to help you?" The boar turned to her gratefully, probably relieved there was at least one fool in our party. "Find a wizard that knows how to cure the boar curse. That is my only hope." "It's a quest!" Rhen exulted, scribbling it in her stupid journal-planner thing. "Was your... fiance," Elini said the word delicately, "also cursed?" The boar managed to look confused. "No..." "Oh," Elini said, a bit disappointedly. "That is most fortunate." I rolled my eyes. Obviously she had some sort of serious taste problem, if she would flirt with even a boar, but never me. "Come on, let's go!" Rhen called, already standing in the cave entrance. Everyone else followed her thoughtlessly, like sheep following a blind shepherd. I shook my head. Poor, pathetic fools. "Rhen," I said firmly, "this is ridiculous." Te'ijal chuckled. "You humans truly are amusing. It really isn't that important, Lars. Come." I rolled my eyes, but was not stupid enough to ignore the vampress. She had fangs, after all. You'll never believe this, but they actually went through with it. We actually turned the boar into a human, at our own cost, when we could have gotten an entire purse of gold for nothing but a swing of Rhen's stupid sword. Yeah, and all we got in return for our "good deed" was a world map. A WORLD MAP! We had already traveled nearly every continent known to civilization. We already had maps of every place we had been to. We could have bought a million more maps with a purse of gold. We could have bought another orb for my staff, or new robes! I sighed. Someday, I was going to have to teach these imbeciles about priorities.