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    Hello everyone! I'm Eleni, 21 years old, and I've been playing the Aveyond series since I was about 11. I never actually had an account here, because I was too scared, but it's finally time; I'd love to discuss Aveyond related things with other people, as it seems nobody else that I know actually has heard of these games and it makes me quite sad. I'd love any game recommendations in this category as well! Glad I'm finally part of this community!! ✨ P.S.: My favorite Aveyond game is Rhen's quest, it had the best storyline in my opinion and I loved the characters. My favourite character though, is Boyle, from Shadow of the Mist, because we share the love of gargoyles and I can relate to his personality a lot. 🦇
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    Hello Eleni and welcome 💕💕💕 Stargazer and Lilly & Sasha are soooo good! You'll have lots of laughs. Check them out!
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    Hey Eleni ! Nice to see you here ! Welcome ! ❤️
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    Thank you very much @Musical_Rainbowly!! ☺️ And @Danzy, I appreciate a lot the recommendations, I'll check them out asap, as I'm desperate for games like these and I'm replaying Aveyond: LoT right now for the 100th time 😅✨
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    Thank you!! Nice to see you too! 😁
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    Hello Eleni, Welcome to the forum! Nice to see a new face!
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    LHMH2019 (Lemmy)

    This or That!

    2D. Those were the good old times really. But I don't mind other 3D Disney Princesses like from Frozen, Brave, etc... Fried or baked?
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    @Luz_MelianThank you!! And yeah, don't let the haters fool you, people use the same line against every canon couple in any work of fiction ever and it’s almost never true and definitely never relevant. Here I am about to write a novel on the subject for the 983rd time even though you already know and didn’t ask for this, but hey, what did you expect? Rhen and Dameon had probably the most development out of any of the game couples. The usual “but all their interactions were optional!" line 1. just isn't true, and 2. literally every possible romantic interaction for any other two characters in the series is optional. In AP Devin can romance Talia OR Alicia, or neither, and what ship "makes sense" or not depends 100% on player choices and headcanons. Av2 is the same, if you don't choose to go through the extra dialogue and buy a kitten or whatever then no romances make sense, not even Iya and Ean. Same with av3, and av4. I mean, for real, the only thing Dameon doesn't have that other shipped characters in the games sometimes do is money thrown at him and called “attraction points,” and a lot of dialogue during sidequests. Which yeah, I definitely agree with you that it could be sweet if Rhen bought him flowers or something, and of course I'd love if Dameon had more dialogue because I love Dameon, but that kind of stuff just isn’t needed or even really pertinent to developing a relationship, and I kinda appreciate that there’s nothing that could be interpreted as monetary coercion between them (or love potion. May I just say, phew), and that Dameon doesn't feel the need to posture and throw around his opinions and ideas when they aren't relevant or necessary. (And I greatly appreciate that Amanda didn’t make him that kind of character because-- icky.) What I'm saying is, every relationship in Aveyond is developed in optional interactions, and most of them depend on the player deciding to go through those interactions and pick their own preferred love interest, and the character goes along with whatever the player says. But Rhen and Dameon? They fall in love in-game regardless of player choices. They make the choice themselves. Rhen's first words to Dameon are basically a pick up line! (A subtler version of "come here often?" and, come to think of it, "have we met before?"). (Also when Talia introduces them and we learn she's basically spent her time talking Rhen up to Dameon and probably secretly shipping them for who knows how long? So good.) Then Dameon actually getting permission to join the party, and just the sheer level of respect and consideration! And this is just the bare basics of their first meeting, I could go on forever. They have plenty of interactions, many optional, yes, but they all further develop both the characters and the plot (to the point that neither the plot nor the character arcs make sense without their little conversations) and, more importantly, demonstrate respect and genuine compassion and kindness between them. Also. I’ve ranted before about how Dameon loves Rhen in literally every single possible ending but I haven’t had the opportunity before to point out that Rhen loves him in every version too. The line you were talking about -- “can you not come with me?” -- comes before she makes any kind of choice. She wants him to go with her wherever she goes. That’s like. Pretty explicitly love. Some people use that as the definition of love. And when she makes a choice that doesn’t lead to him being with her, it’s never once presented as a lack of love but a lack of confidence. When he explicitly asks if she loves him, she never denies it. Instead she says, in essence, that she’s afraid and unsure. Those endings don’t talk about her being happy, but being glad to be left alone by the world-- which is a tragedy when you think about the Rhen we get to know through the quest, the Rhen who loves people and loves being able to help and be involved, being reduced to that-- ouch. The queen ending, on the other hand? Yeah, she’s nervous at first, because duh, she thinks she’s going to have to go across the ocean by herself, probably never see the person she wants to be with again, and marry a stranger so she can rule a country she hasn’t lived in since she was a baby (or perhaps a toddler but that’s another conversation). But then she expresses her desire for Dameon to come with her (yet again), and the Oracle makes it happen, and she gets so excited, and we get another one of my favorite lines, Dameon asking, “Are you ready to meet your destiny?” and Rhen, immediately, with her hesitation now completely vanquished, “With you? Yes!” Asdlgkjal. Just. So good. She gets to be with the person she’s been repeatedly choosing for the whole game-- another thing I’ve ranted about a lot, though I’m not sure I’ve posted that here, I’ll have to check. And then she chooses him again, in probably the most adorable unplanned proposal ever, and proceeds to be excited and precious for the rest of the game and lives peacefully and happily, not hiding from the world but continuing to influence and shape it and helping people and being the bright powerful independent leader she’s always been and always loved being-- it’s just so good, people be missing out big time and I feel sorry for them. As for lard… yeah, I have entire essays on exactly how much nonsense that is, if you ever want something to yell in agreement at just let me know, I can send links XD NOW, as this spaz is concluded, back to art, because I am, as always, way, way behind. First, something I made on a plane because what else was I going to do, talk to the person next to me? Nopity no, bro. Second, a mock title screen for Aveyond 1 because I really, really love that game Third, a Hi'beru drawing I made for an art trade: And last here's some armor and robe practice featuring my faves:
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    Okay so this is not a query or something but I felt like sharing my experience. This was my second time playing this game, the first time I played it was about 2 years back. So I remembered that Spook is Gyendal and he would first fight with Mel and then the actual battle started. However, what I did not remember was that Mel does not participate in the actual final battle. So I had not bought ANY weapon or equipment for Ulf as I was not planning to have him as a battler due to his lower level as compared to others. And then imagine my shock when the battle begins and Ulf is right there when it was supposed to be Mel, especially when I had earlier sold his axe and he had literally nothing. *yikes* The only thought I had was "Gyendal kill me fast so that I can go and buy Ulf some equipment". So, I had Edward, June and Yvette on attack (I am not a big fan of using magic and prefer attacks) and used Ulf for Spider Eggs. But then, my luck totally turned around. June's staff was the Charm one (From Acropolis I guess) and Yvette had the bow from the caves themselves. June's staff charmed Gyendal whereas Yvette's bow caused Berserk!! Plus the poison from Spider Eggs!! So, in every round, Gyendal lost about 23,000 HP while I just stood there with full health, like wow! It basically took me only 1-2 minutes to defeat him and the only damage I got was of about 150-200 HP to Edward, that too in the very first attack by Gyendal. Call it fate or luck or whatever, I didn't need to use even a single restorative that I had been stocking since the very beginning. It was quite fun! 😊
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    I made a height chart for the Aveyond 1 characters! A little bit of Rhenegade influence slipped in, so Rhen has no braid, plus I included some familiar NPCs and my Rhenegade OC. I'm really not an artist, so they're all stick figures. From left to right, we have Rhen, Lars, Dameon, Elini, Te'ijal, Galahad, John, Marge, Peter, Danny, Talia, Devin, my OC Sophie, and the Oracle! EDIT I finished my charts for Aveyond 2 and Aveyond 3! Here they are. By 3, I tried to draw each character with two colors, because why not. (Also, Pirate John didn't have an eyepatch before, so I fixed that in the image above!) From left to right: Iya, Ean, Rye, Emma, Nicolas, Gavin, Ava, Jack, Uthar, Ishtar, and Heptitus! From left to right: Mel, Stella, Lydia, Edward, Galahad, Beatrice, Te'ijal, Gyendal, Spook, Ulf, June, Yemite, Yvette, and Hercules! I was going to post the link to the site where I found the blank chart, too, but now I can't find it. If you make charts of your own, post them here! I'm excited to compare our headcanons! EDIT Umm... Can someone please help me figure out how to embed an image from Dropbox or another external host? I would significantly prefer to use Dropbox over another host. (SOLVED)
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    In Aveyond 2, version 1, you can only have Ean and Iya marry in the game. In version 2, you can also have Rye and Emma marry, as well as Gavin and Ava, and you can make Nicolas change his outlook on life. You MUST buy Grimm's Farm if you want any of these endings. To buy the farm, read the sign at the front gate (it will be there after Uthar tells you to find his agent in Seri), then go inside and talk to Gisselle) Some other side quests will need to be completed for the Ean/Iya ending but some things can be done after the final battle. For everyone else, all steps MUST be done before the final battle. Also note, you can have Ava and Gavin marry, OR you can make Nicolas turn into a nicer guy - not both. You must decide which result you want before speaking to the present-giving witch in Bogwood, and make sure the correct person is in your party. ALL of this topic is a spoiler - if you want to find things out for yourself then you should not read any further. None of the text is hidden. Marrying EAN and IYA Get Calliope's Wand for Hilda in Bogwood. Buy a gold ring for Iya from the street vendor in Candar. Get a kitten for Iya from Renna in Candar. Complete the "find silk" quest for Lenora in Candar, and give Iya the ribbon you get as a reward. Buy a fairy love spell from the vendor in Happily Ever After. After the final battle, go to the church in Candar and have Ean and Iya marry before they return to Elfwood. There you will be able to give them a REAL wedding. Marrying AVA and GAVIN With Ava and Gavin in the party, go to Grimm's Cottage, make Ava the leader and have her talk to Gavin. This step MUST be done first. Talk to the witch in Bogwood who has the presents. Visit the Magic Mushroom Farm in Shivendale Woods. Talk to Hilda in Happily Ever After, after you have helped the warthog. Go to the Human Parts lab in Casket Hill. Finally, visit the church in Candar. Marrying EMMA and RYE Emma and Rye can ONLY marry if you get a red salamander from Sabriyya, the Seri Desert hermit. If a golden salamander hatches, you won't be able to get enough attraction points between them for the wedding to happen. Once Emma has joined the party, enroll her in the tournaments in Seri. Have Rye accept Emma's bet. Enjoy the Emma/Rye banter after each round. What happens next depends on whether Emma wins or loses. If Emma WINS the tournament (all 5 rounds): Remember that cyclops dung in Graystone Pass? Go and take another look at it. Take a stroll in Shadow Woods - you won't have to go further than the woodsman's cottage. Return to Bogwood and talk to the woman making soup. Go to Grimm's Farm and stand in front of the salamander's pen - you have to have bought it from Sabriyya. (The exact spot you need to be is at the back of the cart of peaches - in line with the barn door, but higher than the wheel of the cart) Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Emma the leader and talk to Rye. Then head to the Candar church. If Emma LOSES the tournament: Go to the top of the Seri marketplace and stand a few steps being the blue-haired thug who was beating up Rasmen. Take a wander through the Seri Desert - follow the path from Seri through to Graystone Pass. Go to Grimm's Farm and stand in front of the salamander's pen - you have to have bought it from Sabriyya. (The exact spot you need to be is at the back of the cart of peaches - in line with the barn door, but higher than the wheel of the cart) Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Rye the leader, and talk to Emma. Go to Candar and talk to the little girl to the left of the restaurant (if you talk to her earlier she always sings). Finally, head to the Candar church. Helping NICOLAS change his tune Once Ava joins the party and you have the ship, return IMMEDIATELY to Thais (do NOT go to Land of the Lost). Have Nicolas join your party if you don't already have him. Talk to Uthar, who will ask Ava to "straighten Nic out". Talk to the beggar as you leave Thais (he's just down and to the left of the city exit - you won't miss him), then talk to some of the "commoners". Keep going here until you remedy the situation. Talk to the witch in Bogwood who has the presents. After you've saved Aisling, return to the witch's cottage in Fairytale Forest and look at the green mirror on her table. Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Ava the leader, and talk to Nicolas. This step MUST be done last. The end result will be apparent after the final battle. No clues here
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    downloadable goodies

    All the goodies can be found in their own section HERE