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    searching game

    Can you describe the game a bit more, because that description isn't much to go on? For example was the game: Free to play or did you have to buy it? An RPG maker game - I'm assuming it is as you're on this site asking but thought I'd check. Was the game complete or a work in progress? Can you remember any more elements of the story?
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    searching game

    Ava, Rhen and Stella are the only purple headed girls I can think of. Sorry!
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    I love your header!

    I love your header!
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    Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic (first story, really) but Aveyond 1 has always been my favorite videogame. Not even my love for final fantasy could beat it 😆 If you know the Aveyond fanfic "Uncertainty Principle" by Blurble, this was heavily influenced by it. So if you see anything similar, I'm sorry in advance (bows) I tried my best to make it differently. Anyways, I LOVE THAT FANFIC! Thank you very much to Blurble for that 😀 So without further ado... Rhen x OC or Rhen x Lars Fanfic!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1 Above the grassy hills of Aveyond, While a soft breeze was calmly blowing, In the temple of the sun where light was blindingly shining, Decisions were made, Thoughts not conveyed. "I'd like to marry Dameon." The purple haired swordsinger said, as she looked expectantly to the sun priest, her eyes wide and shining. 'I love him. I really do. Even Danny could not make me feel the same way he does.' Rhen thought it through. It was obviously the best choice. She didn't want to be a hermit. She would probably miss her friends too much. She'd rather be dead, than live alone for the rest of her life. Going back to Clearwater was clearly crossed out. Nothing was there that she wanted to hold on to. Her parents, or adoptive parents, had lied to her all this time, she had forgiven them though. But she no longer wanted the life she used to dream of. A life as a housewife... thats not anything the present Rhen wanted now. Third option, and still not appealing to her at all, was being the queen of her real parents' kingdom. She had no intention of ruling anything, much less a kingdom. She was nothing but a girl who saved the world, how would that help in restoring a broken kingdom? The only bright side in that though, is being with Dameon, who was presently smiling widely. No one knew though, what thoughts were currently running through his mind. But... There's actually a fourth option, however she didn't know how, exactly, she felt about it. The Oracle clapped her hands in a slow and gentle way. She approached the couple and said, "Congratulations to the new king and queen of Thais! You have my blessings." Everyone clapped along the old woman enthusiastically, their faces however showed different kinds of emotions. None of them were truly happy for the two. Tei'jal and Elini looked at each other, then stared at a certain green-haired boy. Galahad and Captain John looked directly at the sun priest, who still kept his big smile. Mad Marge clapped the loudest, but had an indifferent expression. Lars clapped weakly, and had a strained smile on his face. His head was full of questions, full of regrets, full of emotions. Wasn't he a choice? Even if he was only a best friend to her, why was he pushed to the sidelines? Why didn't she choose him? He should've asked for the answer. He should've told her everything. He should've been given a chance. 'But I never really DID stood a chance, huh? No matter what I do, it will still be Dameon who she will choose in the end.' He thought bitterly. The clapping slowly went to a stop. Lars immediately went forward and hugged Rhen. The swordsinger hugged him back. She knew what her choice meant. She knew that this would mean she would hardly see her friends anymore. But she won't regret it. She was sure she won't. "I'm sorry Lars. It looks like I can't fulfill my end of the bet after all." Rhen told Lars as they broke away. Her head bowed down, unable to look at him in his eyes. Her head whipped up in surprise, however, when she heard him laugh at her softly. "Then that only means one thing." He said smiling at her. "I'm going to win and I have bragging rights over you." Rhen laughed at his antics and stuck out her tongue. "Fine, I admit defeat this time. But do me a favor." She said seriously. "Please-" "Abolish slavery for me." Lars cut her off. "I know. It has always been what you wanted. And who am I to say no to the queen of Thais?" He grinned cheekily. "Thank you Lars." Rhen said with full honesty. "Anything for my best friend." Lars replied. "Well then, I hogged you for too long, your fiancee is waiting." He said while shooing her away. She only laughed in response and faced her other party members who came and congratulated her and Dameon. After that, Elini and Tei'jal immediately went to Lars' side. "Human, it is unfortunate that it is the sun priest that she chose. The summoner and I had always chose you for the girl. However, the girl appears to have other plans." Elini nodded in approval. She suddenly smiled, and had a certain glint in her eyes. "But do not worry, northener. We are willing to help you gain her heart." Elini showed him a bottle, half full of a special pink liquid. The two women grinned at each other, a plan formulating in their heads. Lars smiled at the two. He appreciated their concerns, and their slightly evil plans. But. "I only see her as a friend. Even if I did see her as anything more, I don't deserve her. All I want is to stand by her, to keep being her closest ally. I won't be able to forgive myself if I did anything to hinder her happiness." Lars told the women. "But we all see how much you care for the girl. It's impossible for it to be only friendship." Tei'jal said, slightly surprised that her intuition could be wrong. "I agree. You love her, she does too. I have no idea why the two of you are pushing each other away." Elini crossed her arms, while Tei'jal nodded in approval. "I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Don't you see that she loves Dameon?" Lars asked the two. "T-that's just infatuation. Surely she'll leave him before the wedding." Elini said, not entirely sure herself. "No matter what happens, I will support Rhen in whatever situation she'll be in. Whether today, or in the future." Lars said with resolve and left the two to their own musings. The women stood still for a while, looked at each other, and shrugged. "I still find it hard to believe that those two fail to realize how they are meant for each other." Tei'jal thought out loud as they both watched the boy walk out of the temple. "They have spent years fighting, laughing and colliding with each other. Yet, they always seemed to find a way to numb their own thoughts and feelings." Elini added, as each of their party members moved to congratulate the new couple. "I'm still team Larshen though." Tei'jal said. "I am too. Except it's team Larhen." Elini countered. They glared at each other for a bit, then laughed. Elini then moved and stuck close to Captain John, who had started to tiptoe out of the room in an attempt to escape the Veldtian woman. Likewise, Tei'jal encircled her arms around Galahad, preventing him from moving away. The two women proceeded to congratulate the couple, with their men in tow. With one same final thought before they said their goodbyes, Tei'jal and Elini looked at each other. 'Having a man by your side is still the best way to go.'
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    searching game

    Oh... well, no idea then. I don't really play such games, sorry I can't help.
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    Heeey! I'm a bit of an Aveyond veteran, been a huge fan for few years now, but the only times I've ever been on a forum is when I get stuck in a game. I was feeling bad after not being able to be a part of a passionate comunity. I know some members from the Discord server, and I know there are a bunch of talented people in the comunity. I wanted to make things right and join the fun. Soooo yeeeaaaah..... Anyways, thanks for having me here! ❤️
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    Gotta be the center of attention at parties, you know me! XD
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    I see you have decided to join us. Fashionably late, as usual. Welcome!
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    Of Fate and Choice (Aveyond 1 Fanfic)

    Chapter 4 It hurts. Rhen wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. She wanted to throw out everything she could put her hands on. But she didn't. So this is heartbreak, huh? She felt empty, and cold. Then she felt a fire in her bones. Anger. She felt anger and disappointment. 'What should I do now? I won't have a wedding without a groom. And I certainly don't want to be queen now. I only accepted it because of that stupid bald-headed priest!' "Who left right before your wedding." Rhen's mind whispered to her. 'Who cares about that man. And who cares about what the Oracle told me to do. I'm going to make my own destiny, my own future. And with that thought, she tried getting out of the ridiculously large wedding dress. It was quite harder than she expected. 'I'm wasting time just taking this thing off! Should I just slash it?' She thought. It would be such a waste, but she didn't really plan on having that huge a gown so... good riddance she guessed? She hacked and slashed at it, effectively getting it off of her. She changed into her sword singer outfit, which felt a lot better than the the gown, and grabbed her things. She knew she couldn't go out the door, no, there would be too many people. She felt a slight breeze and faced the window. Yes, that would do. She looked out of the window. 'I'm three floors above the ground, but that won't do anything to me.' And so, she jumped. As she rolled onto the grass, she felt alive once again. She grinned to herself, thinking of everything she can do. 'But not yet, not until I'm out of this country.' She stood up and ran as fast as she can, not minding the looks she received from the people waiting to see their queen's marriage. They didn't recognize her. She felt bad for leaving the people, her people, but nothing felt better than being free. 'Just like when I was a slave. Now that I think of it, maybe I can fulfill my end of the bet.' She grinned, feeling her hair whip across her face. She ran and she ran, until she reached the docks. She slowed down to a complete stop as she saw possibly a hundred ships at the bay. 'This many people came to see my wedding?' Guilt once again made itself known to her, as she thought of the many people who came to see her and Dameon's wedding. 'Who cares. Anyway, I'm not the one who left because I didn't feel anything.' She tried asking some of the men who were still on their boats, but none of them wanted to sail away without finishing the wedding. Exhausted, she went inside the dock's only store. As she pretended to look at the wares, she thought, 'They surely know that I've escaped by now, and Dameon too. I feel bad for leaving, but Devin is there, he'll handle it, along with Talia I'm sure.' She snickered to herself thinking of what will happen to the two. But she can't stay any longer, she needed to leave the country. She opened her bag and tried looking for something she may be able to use. 'Yes! Who knew I still had travel runes! Fortunately, its for Veldarah.' She shrugged. 'Oh well, lucky me, since I was planning on fulfilling that promise I made awhile back.' She grinned to herself before walking out of the store and walking towards the forest. 'School of War and Magick, here I come.' And she disappeared.
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    Ishti, what have you done to Lydia? JK thanks for welcoming me. Glad to see we have another place where you and I can chat. Renegade is awesome! Nice work! ❤️
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    Hahaha, there you are! Welcome to the forum!
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    searching game

    A girl with long purple hair... All I can think of is "Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest"? Not sure about the best friend part though.
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    Rhenegade - an Alternate Canon Fanfic

    New spinoff! This one does absolutely require a readthrough of Rhenegade. It takes place between chapters 25 and 26. You can read it after chapter 25, or really anytime after then! It's about Danny. I always wondered what he gets up to during his adventures away from Clearwater in canon, so now, I've written a bit about him and his struggle to find himself in Rhenegadeverse. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/15775572
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    Exotic animal

    Thank you so much for replying so quickly and with the screen shot to boot!. Now I can go forward. x
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    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Aww, thank you @Mu11berry
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    Of Fate and Choice (Aveyond 1 Fanfic)

    Here's Chapter 2!!!! Finally finished it. Enjoy! Chapter 2 It has been three months since they all separated, and it the wedding was only a day away. Each of them had already received an invitation. Captain John was assigned the job to pick everyone up, since he was the one who had the dragon. He had no choice in the matter, seeing that it was the queen of Thais herself who requested this, as a wedding gift she said. And so, he picked them up one by one. He first picked up his wife. They got married against his will, he said, and he continues to escape her clutches to sail, or ride a dragon, across the seas. Elini does not allow this, and continually chases the pirate and captures him, every, single, time. He was on the run the time Rhen went to him. He didn't know how she found him, but she also requested that he pick his wife up first. And so, he got reprimanded by the Veldtian woman once again. They were now on their way to pick up Mad Marge. She was given the house in Sedona, much to her delight. The mad woman had already turned it into a famous pub. They had a hard time trying to convince her to come, but she ended up agreeing once she heard there were Thaisian drinks that were going to be served. The three of them picked up the vampire couple next. They only found Tei'jal in the vampires' house. "Do not worry about my husband. He is only in the woods, probably shouting more endearments for me. He is so sweet, no?" The vampire sparkled in delight. "You call that sweet?! I shall tell you about the things men did for me back in the day!" Mad Marge cackled as she told her stories. "That is nothing close to what my husbands did just to marry me." Elini pitched in. Captain John sweatdropped at the women's antics and slowly went outside to find the knight. True to the vampiress' word, Galahad was slicing and thrusting his sword on the trees around him, shouting 'Evil demon, monster!' and other words normal people would cringe hearing. But alas, Captain John was no longer a normal person, remembering everything that they've been through before defeating Ahriman. The pirate leaned on a tree, waiting for the knight to notice him. It only took a moment before Galahad turned to him. The knight automatically asked how he fared and the men exchanged troubles about their wives. After both parties' finished their conversations, they went to fetch their last member. They flew to Veldarah, where the said member had become a teacher. They found him teaching his last class for the day and decided to wait outside of the school. After a while, they noticed a man with a patch of green hair walking towards them. The men greeted him, locking his head in their arms and rubbing his head, to the sorcerer's annoyance. But he allowed them to do so for a while, since they haven't seen each other for three months. After the men had their fun, the women, specifically Elini and Tei'jal, slipped their hands under Lars' arms and dragged him to the nearest private area, which was the back of the school. "So, have you moved on yet?" Mad Marge immediately questioned the young sorcerer as the other women let him down. "Me? Moved on? From who?" Lars asked, feigning innocence (according to the women's eyes, at least). Elini stared at him, unamused. "Sorcerer, it is not healthy to deny a fact that each of us, except for the sword singer, had known since we bought the house in Sedona." "What fact? I know nothing of the sort!" Lars continued to evade their questions, much to the irritation of the vampiress. "If you do not stop with that stupid denial, I will not hesitate to bite you neck." Tei'jal snarled, showing off her fangs. Lars, gulping, put his hands up in surrender. "I only like her as a friend! Why do all of you insist that I love her?!" Lars said, feeling helpless. After all, a vampiress is threatening you, who would dare go against that? "You say you don't love her, do you?! Then why are you so overprotective of her all the time?!" Mad Marge hollered. "She's my best friend! Of course I would be protective. But I am NOT overprotective." He said, crossing his arms. "And I have no plan on going to the stupid wedding. I would only see a stupid Peta and a stupid baldy." Lars raised his chin in a royally pain in the ass way. 'She didn't even bother inviting me in person. I had no contact with her for three whole months. What kind of best friend does that?!' He thought while shaking his head mentally. "You're not going to the wedding?! Then we shouldn't have wasted our time going here. I could have copie- tasted the Thaisian beverages by now!" Mad Marge catched herself and huffed as she glared at the young man. "Well if you actually informed me that you were coming, I would have told you in advance!" Lars stomped his feet. "Lars, you are not going?" The young man turned to look at the Veldtian woman. "If you would just agree, we already have a plan to make Rhen fall for you." "I don't WANT Rhen to fall in love with me! Don't you see how much Dameon means to her?" Lars said, exasperated. "On the otherhand, I'm just someone who treated her like she was less than the dirt on my feet for the months she'd been my s-slave!" Lars stuttered when he said that dreaded word. Every time he says, thinks, or even hears that word, all the guilt and pain he locked within himself keeps bursting out. He remembers every kick, slap, push he ever did to HER. Her, who opened his eyes and introduced a bigger world that he could never have imagined. Her, who didn't let him down even when her own life was at stake. Her, who smiled so forgivingly, so gently, at HIM. Him, who had abused her physically and mentally. Him, who would have saved himself at the slightest hint of his life being in danger. Him, who still couldn't forgive himself for everything he has ever done. After a short moment of silence, he said once again, "I'm still not going to the wedding." "You stupid little boy!" Elini suddenly burst out. "Why can't you see that you have treated her better for the last two years of our journey! You know her better than anyone else! You have seen her at her best and at her worst! You've been with her for the longest time! And now, if you do not wish to break her heart at her wedding day, come with us, and show her your support as a friend, an ally, someone no longer her enemy." She told Lars. Lars stared open-mouthed at the woman's outburst. He contemplated her words for a few moments then sighed. 'She's right. I don't even have a proper excuse for not going to the wedding. After everything I did to Rhen, this would be the least I could do.' He thought. "Fine, I see your point. I'll..... go to the wedding." And with their final member in tow, they flew on their dragon and went to the place once called the Blasted Lands.
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    Remembering Aveyond

    I think my first Aveyond game was Rhen's Quest, or it might have been Ean's? In any case it was before Lord of Twilight came out and I've been loving these games ever since. I am now going on a rotation playing them lol. I start with Ahriman's Prophecy (in which I do choose priestess for Talia so it'll be canon, even though I prefer enchanter), and then continue with all of them. They are such beautiful RPGs and I love the story. Every gameplay (and there've been soooo many of them), feels like the first, and I enjoy the story start to finish.
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    Honey Butter Chloe

    Learning about cultures

    @callmedan Malaysia actually isn't just Malays. The government likes to promote something called '1 Malaysia' which means that all of us, no matter what race or culture, will always be one. And so, there are Chinese, Indians and Bumiputera here too. That's why we have so many celebrations and also public holidays for each one. And so, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated here as well! Which answers your question. Yes, my ancestors originated from China and they came here to do business and whatnot.
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    Get the Aveyond 4 Strategy Guide!

    I bought mine at Big Fish Games. Same walkthrough as here. I am also very, disappointed . It tells me, that when going to the Inn to sleep after talking to the mystic in Tor, Boyle would go to dream land while sleeping. This is NOT happening for me. Also, NO maps, is very frustrating. And no mention of the Goodie Caves at all. These are the reasons for buying the Guide, not to miss anything. Unfortunately, I feel this Guide is a total waste of money. Sorry to be so negative, but I am on a fixed income, and don't have this kind of money to waste.
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    Get the Aveyond 4 Strategy Guide!

    I paid for the walkthrough expecting detailed maps of all areas and am very disappointed that there aren't any. I can happily spend hours levelling up but hate trying to find my way around and missing even the slightest thing. Please make available all maps for download if you can. Regards, Susan.
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    No, I meant that you can at the very least use Looseleaf to customize the look of your playable characters or certain NPCs. Since you said you don't mind just having the resource pieces, I assumed you didn't mind having to do a bit of legwork in graphics editor like Photoshop and the like. After all, once you put together a sprite, editing the colours is jsut a matter of sliding around the Hue bar in the HUe/Saturation option. Like I said earlier, Mel's vest, and presumably her hair and bow, were picked up from Looseleaf, the Photoshopped onto an RMXP template. (with some extra colour/shape editing) It's more time-consuming, but allows for more customization. Alternately, you can try this software I recently found, Game Character Hub. It can work VX and XP sprites, as well as do tileset tinkering. It's for sale, but there's a demo that you can download. See if this thing works for you.
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    There's a lot of faceset generators out there. Here's a few of them: Facemaker KHMix Lovely-Moro Portrait Illustration Crysa's female character Celianna's Lunaii's Erangot's For the next ones, you need to own VX/Ace: Celianna's tkool's/Mine's Skye's
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    Waiting (short story)

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new here, so please be patient with me. I'll try not to step on any toes, of course! Waiting... It was really all very amusing. Most things were amusing, in fact, if you had the right perspective on them, and she usually did. Of course, her husband disagreed with that assessment entirely, loudly, and as often as possible. That was very amusing too. How long now? It couldn’t be more than a few hours, and that was probably very optimistic. Familiar darkness hung around her like a shroud, but it wouldn’t last forever. The ominous promise of the passage of time tickled along her spine. She would have shuddered, if it wasn’t so wonderfully incongruous. Here she lay, bound, helpless on cold stone, counting down the final minutes of her life, when for so many years, she had hardly been aware of the sand in the hour glass at all. What did such things matter, when mortality had fallen away from her, and death had broken its solemn promise? Her hands were numb, pinched painfully under her own weight. She laughed softly… laughed more as it came back to her, bouncing from the unyielding rock. He would have glowered at her for that, or chastised her outright, if he wasn’t feeling charitable. “Demon spawn,” she chuckled. Her husband… “Galahad…” He was the most amusing of all. Te’ijal was not surprised that he had left. He had, after all, been trying to escape her … mmm, almost, since he had met her, and had wanted her dead before that. She grinned in fond memory. His expression when she had stolen his soul was priceless; something to cling to for the rest of her days… day. Well… night. It was waning fast. She would slip away with the shadows at last… only with much more fire and heat and anguish, probably screaming too. It was almost a pity Galahad would miss it; he would have enjoyed it. Te’ijal sighed and tried to shift to ease her discomfort. Why suffer more than she had to, anyway? Why dwell on his absence? She was quite expert in not dwelling… in any sense of the word. Her lips curved in wry appreciation. Her Turning had been a far crueler ordeal than anything she’d inflicted on her husband, who had done nothing but dwell in the past. One thing easily said about her husband: he knew how to hold a grudge. There was something to say about his ability to hang on, and how fine a balance it made in their …unconventional marriage, when she was so skilled in letting go. Yes, Galahad had been a good choice. She had no regrets about him. Perhaps that was why this was so funny: Now, at last, their positions were reversed. He had let her go without a second thought… and she could not help but hold on to unkind hope. She’d had no true claim on his soul since she’d Turned him… and yet, he had stayed. Was it only for his marriage vow? His word as his bond, like any noble Paladin? Perhaps it was because he simply had nowhere else to go… lost little vampire that he was. Could there be anything more than that for him? Maybe… maybe? Grey. The darkness was relinquishing its grip on the world at last. A temporary setback, if Gyendal had his way. Te’ijal closed her eyes… this would not be pretty. Yet… she opened them once more. She had always enjoyed the light. A strange fascination in a vampire. She smiled at her approaching destruction, giddy amusement creeping over her bound form. Ah, Galahad… she had always enjoyed the light. ----------------------------------------------- And, just a little about me... I'm an unadulterated Te'ijal/ Galahad shipper. Their relationship is just too much fun not to play with. I'm in turns excited, and afraid for whatever will happen in GoN, but in the meantime, I thought I'd post this short little vignette. I'm toying with the idea of writing more of it, or maybe posting a longer story I have in mind. I lean towards the dramatic, I'm afraid, so keep that in mind, eh?
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    Waiting (short story)

    Well, here goes nothing! Hope it was worth the wait! I'm not sure it captures the spirit of the other two chapters... part of the problem of writing two stories at the same time, I suppose, but! Hopefully, you'll enjoy it! ---------------------------------------- Dawn was breaking. It was over, and she felt absolutely ready to see that sunrise. She wondered what it would bring… and if there would be another. It had already occurred to her that there was a faint possibility of her surviving this night, if her brother had already been successful in finding the girl. The end of the world of light. She had another reason then, to be glad of the dawn, rather than simple enjoyment of the beauty of its light. It was also hope, and not only her death. It was still that, but at least it was more than that. The darkness that dwelled within her was already recoiling in horror, shrieking silently at her about the pain in which she would soon be writhing. Te’ijal breathed deeply, fighting the fear it awoke in her. She was glad her husband was not here, of course, but suddenly, she missed him badly. “Oh Galahad… my crumpet. You were delicious. I hope you knew that.” A distant clang flagged at her attention for a moment, but only a moment. The world was out of her reach now, for good or ill, and none of the reasons she was bound here mattered anymore. She tried valiantly to shut out muffled shouts and frantic footsteps. “I don’t care… I don’t care… I don’t care… It's done...” At this point in her existence surprise was not so much of a surprise as a charming novelty… He was there. He was really there. She could not believe it. After gaping at him briefly, she realized she had cried out. “Galahad! You came!” She was far too happy, and astonished, to see him, to worry much over the abject emotionalism of her greeting. His hands, oh, really, his hands, were on her shoulders, fingers digging into her painfully. Was he… was he shaking? Maybe that was only she… “Hold still, wife. I shall cut you free!” Bound as tightly as she was, she could hardly do anything more, but she doubted she’d have been able to move much anyway. He cut her free with such haste she felt relief it was also with great care. He slid an arm under her back and lifted her. It was painful to move after being tied for so long in such an awkward position, but she hadn’t much time to think about it. Daylight broke over them. Blazes! He would die now; they would both die. “The sun! It’s too late, my crumpet. We are both dead.” Te’ijal clung to Galahad tightly, eyes squeezed shut. She didn’t want to watch anymore. Suddenly, something cold was being smeared over her face, a bottle pressed into her hand. It had been centuries… but Te’ijal remembered that sensation. “You need it, husband.” “Do not address me so, witch. I need nothing but respite from your wickedness.” “I’m a vampire, not a witch, and so are you, which means you need this. Here… I can help you.” “Don’t touch me.” “Galahad, don’t be so stubborn. You are what you are now. Just accept it.” “You did this to me.” “Well… yes, that’s true.” “Why?” he snarled. She couldn’t entirely hide the smile. Every time her knight growled, it made her want to purr. “IOh, I don’t know… maybe it was a kind of whimsical joke?” she suggested helpfully. “You were much more fun than that pirate. I am glad now, that Elini got the love potion. I like you feisty.” “I should have killed you when I had the chance.” “Probably, duckling, but Rhen would have been a bit inconvenienced. I’m an excellent archer, and we do still have a world to save.” “Why?” Ooh… he was really angry now. Probably shouldn’t keep playing with the soul amulet right in front of him. It was such fun to dangle though. A pleasant reminder of her ultimate game of "Got your Nose." “Just because you want to die doesn’t mean the rest of humanity does, husband.” She distracted him with the pendant long enough to dab a significant glob of sunscreen on his nose. He reacted predictably. Pity that. “Hey! I told you “no”! I am NOT going out there as a vampire. I am not going to *be* a vampire. I am simply going to die. Right out in the sun. *You* should have killed me.” “But I’d much rather play with my food,” she teased, taking advantage of fast reflexes to smear the cream over his scrunched up face. He took a wild swing at her but she dodged it easily and pressed his fist to his chest, leaning over to brush her lips against his. “Don’t you touch me! Ugh! Monster! Villain! Demonspawn!” “Yes?” She licked her lips thoughtfully. Even his mere lips had an appealing taste to them. She remembered the feeling of his hot blood coursing down her throat and her breath quickened. He was so wild filled with hatred for her. It truly seemed to burn through him. Such raw passion… She caught his tense wrist and began liberally coating it with the protection he wanted to reject but had to have. He belonged to her now, and she meant to look after him. “I hate you, from the depths of my soul,” he said wearily, surrendering to her will at last, at least for the moment. “I know,” she told him gently as she delicately brushed each finger. He lay there quietly, eyes shut against the world, and particularly, against her. She frowned a little, not liking this… defeat, carved into the lines of his face. “Don’t take on so, husband. You will get used to the change… and perhaps even to me.” “I wish that you had killed me.” “Luckily, you’re not the one in control.” She opened her eyes again, feeling an odd sensation of life coursing through her. This was not what she’d expected at all. He was here. And not at all alone. Mel was there, with the Crown Prince of Thais, and another slightly bewildering girl. There was something … not quite right about her, but Te’ijal could not determine the source of her unease, so she dismissed it. Maybe she simply needed another puzzle to solve, to distract her from the great mystery of his presence. It simply defied everything that she knew about him. The way he had cradled her… love potion? She peered at his face, but he kept his eyes turned away from her. He called her aggravating. “We are safe,” she announced, gathering herself to her feet. “Come, we must retreat to the study. We have much to discuss!” They did indeed, but she knew she would not get the chance to discover what was truly weighing on her. He would not catch her eye despite her best efforts, and seemed to be completely focused on the Orbs and the trouble her brother was bent on causing. Only when he suggested Gyendal had been spying on them all along did she manage to get a close look at his expression. It was plain to see he was not under any love spell… at least, not one directed at herself. Just as well… he would never had admitted to it actually working on him anyway, and would have tied himself up in knots trying to fight it, or failing that, trying to deny it. “Yes, it appears we did his work for him.” She looked at him searchingly. “I am glad you are here. What prompted you to return to Harburg?” For a split second, the man looked almost panic-stricken, but Mel inadvertently rescued him. “Things have become… complicated,” the mortal sighed, making a face at fate before introducing them to Stella and Edward and catching them up on the latest difficulties. They agreed to undertake the journey to search out the quarter keys together once she had reassured the children that with the sunscreen the little rabbits had fetched, she and her husband would have no difficulties with the light. She had thought Galahad would be pleased to walk in the sun once more, but he seemed more miserable than usual. Even her efforts to jog him out of his sulk by giving the mortals friendly reminders that they were wonderfully edible did not succeed in getting a rise out of him. She’d stalked the new girl for awhile, but other than entertaining her for a while, it wasn’t effective. This day she thought she’d never see was turning out to be a long one. When they’d finally made camp, and all the tidbits had dropped off into fitful slumber, Te’ijal scaled the tree where her husband was keeping watch. Though he could not have failed to notice her approach, he did not acknowledge her presence at all. Galahad was visibly troubled. “One more regret, husband?” His eyes flickered briefly towards her before resuming their restless scanning of the horizon. Eyes, sharpened as they were by the Turning, were less effective than his other senses, but old habits died hard... and particularly so where her husband was concerned. He was so loathe to abandon the last shreds of his humanity. It mystified her… but it was a mystery she preferred to hold on to, as she did not want to wallow in the regrets that so haunted him. When he wasn’t angry with her, of course. “Husband?” “Leave me be.” Ah, he always found a way to make her laugh. She stretched languorously out on the tree limb, balanced on one side, dangling one arm lazily over the branch. When he still did not look at her, she prodded him with her foot. When he frowned at her, she smiled brightly at him. “Thinking romantic thoughts about me, husband? No, don’t deny it. I can tell. It is only natural, after sweeping to my rescue on a white stallion.” There was a long moment when he did not respond. She contemplated poking him with her foot again, or perhaps kicking him out of the tree entirely. That would get him worked up. And if it didn’t… well, it would validate her concern. She stretched her leg closer, but he turned to her fully, very abruptly. Another surprise for her. “You know full well we walked.” Of course she knew. Horses were none too fond of the undead, a fact that had added insult to injury for Galahad when he discovered it shortly after their wedding. She found it mildly comforting that he had risen for the bait however, correcting her on such a frivolity. Perhaps her crumpet was finally ready to grumble at her. “Ah, pity. Well, you were very brave, nonetheless, my knight.” He didn’t answer her again, so she sighed quietly and attempted to kick him out of the tree. Nearly succeeded. “What are you doing?!” “Shh… you’ll wake dinner.” His eyes flashed angrily, and he looked quite ready to throttle her. Te’ijal felt better already. “They are *not* dinner! Stop kicking me! And stop tempt… stop. Just… stop. I’m tired.” “Why did you come back, Galahad?” she asked quietly, deciding to abandon the tactful approach. He shot her an annoyed… and vulnerable glance before staring hard at the horizon, as thought trying to conjure some sort of monster to battle it out with. No doubt he would have preferred that to answering her question. “I can hardly just stand by while your kin takes over the world.” “You don’t need me for that. You know what’s going on as well as I do now… and you would find it easier to destroy Gyendal than I would. You didn’t come back for the world, did you? You came back… for me.” “Don’t make me regret it more than I already do.” “So you do regret it.” An impulsive choice… that was something she could understand. It was easier to believe than anything… more. That was… risky territory. “… You are a creature of evil, worthy of death many times over… but,” he closed his eyes, shifted so his back was braced against the tree trunk. “But… there are others more deserving, and for the moment, perhaps the world is better off with you in it, than without.” She regarded him silently for a long time, affectionate smile teasing at her lips. “I missed you, Galahad.” His eyes opened slightly, pinning her with an intense gaze for a moment, before they closed again. “Only a little regret, demonspawn.” As satisfied as she could be, Te’ijal climbed along side of her husband, and, ignoring his grimace, draped his arm around herself to watch the moon rise.
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    Waiting (short story)

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it! Here's part two-ish, from Galahad's point of view. Some of the dialogue is Amanda's(Isn't she talented!), and I took some liberties of my own. Enjoy! --------------------------------------------- “I need a drink.” The night air was cool, as dark as his soul had become, but with a peace that eluded him. It was deceptive anyway. With the evil undead stalking the night, spinning Gyendal’s fearsome plans, there was no real security here. Galahad meandered his way through the quiet streets, the rare passerby retreating from him upon witnessing his grim expression. As always, he was torn between wounded pride and somber satisfaction. He wished no company this night, so their departure left him one less burden to carry. However, there had been a time, long, long ago now, when men had cheered to see him coming down the street, when old grandmothers and young maidens had called out glad praise as he passed. Now… now, he was feared, and rightly so. “Good evenin’ si… uh…” The man, a servant by his dress, bowed quickly and turned on his heel, vanishing as quickly as he came. There was another feeling too, as Galahad watched him flee. Relief. He was hungry. He was always hungry. He hated it; he hated himself for it, and for the creature of evil he had become. Most of all, he hated her for it; his wife: the vile witch whom had destroyed all that had been good in him. She would die soon, as she deserved, and he would be released from her bonds at last… but there was no comfort in that knowledge. It… unsettled him. Surely, he should be jubilant as his long whispered, bitter prayers would finally be answered. His enslavement to her will was over. But Galahad was not happy as he reached the noisy tavern, entered, and took up a stool, and an ale. He did not like the way it had all come about, he decided. Yes… that was it. He had no regret for her death, or the manner of her death; it was long overdue, but it was the … the weakness of his own part in it. By rights, he should have been the one to end it, and he told the men who had gathered around him for their entertainment exactly that, giving no mind to either their amusement or commiseration. They could not understand. They were only prey, after all, whispered the ravenous beast within him. Galahad’s lip curled in a sneer and he gave better ear to their sympathies, defying the beast in all its forms, as he had from the moment it first invaded. It was necessity; little else but fury and defiance had kept him from murder… and satiation. “I learned too late that I loved the woman,” wistfully chuckled Morten, lips quirked up in smile, rheumy eyes filled with regret. Galahad wanted to laugh, and nearly managed it as he dismissed the man’s point and his wife’s value in one breath. However, it was not with no strength of will that Morten had managed to hate his own dear Nora for so long. “You, my friend, are a stubborn one, to be sure. I will tell you this: The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference. You’ll find that the presence of one strong emotion often indicates the presence of another.” “Believe what you want, old man,” the cursed paladin growled. “Belief is easy to come by after many ales. She deserves death. She is death. Not for the first time that evening, men roared with laughter. Morten and his companions were not ready to give up, however. One, Silas, spoke up. “Is there nothing redeeming about this woman?” Redeeming?! Te’ijal was nothing but demonspawn, a dark temptress who… Something lurched inside of him. Te’ijal… He almost never referred to her by name, in thought or with voice. Even the title, "Wife," was preferable. It had not been intentional, at first, but was simply a product of his rage at her ruthless trickery and theft of his soul. Over the centuries, however, many of which had been spent in escaping her, her name had become an evil to him, and Galahad had determined not to speak it, as though it invoked her presence. “Te’ijal...” Galahad closed his eyes, remembering other voices that had spoken her name. He thought of Rhen, who had become such a noble and prosperous queen, fighting with a valiance that had won his respect as well as his oath of protection. She hadn’t much cared for the latter. He recalled the timbre of her cries as, in battle, she gave strident orders and called out warnings. Rhen was less wary of Te’ijal than the others were, a product of her naïveté, he had once believed. The girl… the sword singer, had even seemed to have a certain fondness for the vampress. He remembered her daring, in a rare, quiet moment, to question, even chide, Te’ijal for stealing his soul. He also remembered the vampire’s light laugh and promise she would release his soul at the right time. None but she had known the price that he would pay for that. Anger closed in again, exciting the demon within… but he mastered it with a skill born of long practice. It was not quite the battle it usually was; her name was echoing through him, and it strangely quieted the hunger. They had once fought another demon, together, and all the world had been saved. Lars… ah, there was a memory… Lars, that arrogant mage who had grown so much by the end, it was he who had told Galahad that Te’ijal had joined the company for the adventure of it all. If she hadn’t been a monster, he would have found her courage commendable. Instead, he had derided her spirit as childish, a mockery of the seriousness of their endeavour. She had laughed in his face, and called him scrumptious. He clenched his fist. She was so… so… impossibly irritating! Nothing mattered to her. Nothing. Nothing of good, of right, of truth… justice… She had helped to save the world. She was trying to do it again… and would now die in the attempt. Why? A “soft spot for her dinner” was not a satisfactory answer. It was the best he was ever likely to get; he knew that, no matter how he pressed her. Te’ijal’s reasons for Turning him, for marrying him, were just as elusive. Galahad would never know now. She would be nothing but ashes in an hour. One miserable chapter of his life over, and as for the future…? Perhaps there was none. Only a longer piece of an eternity of night. Why…? Why? Too many questions, and too late the hour. “…She stopped a demon from taking over the world. Now she’s trying to stop a vampire from enslaving humanity…” His confusion must have shown in his reply to the men, who chuckled and slapped him on the back. “It sounds like your wife’s bark is worse than her bite.” Te’ijal had more of a bite than they knew. And yet… she had never fed from a human… that he had seen… in all the years of their marriage. Never… Had he simply… not seen it? Or had she been fasting, as he had? The question haunted him. Why…? All the uncertainty, the unnamed, unformed tension solidified into a desperate need for action. He knew what he had to do… as for why…well, that could wait past the dawn. She could not. Galahad sprang to his feet, knocking the stool to the floor. Feeling more like his old self than he had in centuries, he announced, “I have to save my wife!” and raced for the door. The lack of time, the presence of the guards, these problems would need to be solved, and solved quickly, but he could think on his feet. He didn’t know how he would save her… but he had to try. Like a knight, like a true paladin, he raced to the rescue of the woman in distress. His wife. His... Te’ijal. He prayed he would not fail.