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    Hello I feel bad :/

    Welcome! I think this series and community is a big part of all our lives! I discovered this game series over 10 years ago and loved it ever since! All the people on here are great!
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    Introduce Yourself :)

    It's been 2 years (?) since I've last posted in the forums, so yeah, idk if the forums are still active but just dropping a hello
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    Did a random Gyendal awhile back... And another one + Agas As previously mentioned, Agas is Saurva's son so... It was easier to draw 'em mostly human/elf-looking and super pretty but, well, to be fair they ARE "demons". Compare to the "old design" of Saurva LOL: ... Wow, old message that I forgot to respond to 😥 Trying to write something with Agas at the very least. Writing progressing slowly just because I can't concentrate :'D
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    Hello I feel bad :/

    Sameee! I was 9 back then, now I'm 21! ❤️
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    Free RPG Maker XP Sprites and others

    I made those a few years ago, I have no use for them anymore so I thought that they would come in handy for game makers. There are more to come. Have fun! Link: https://crartfting.blogspot.com/2018/08/personal-creationgiveaway-19-fairies.html
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    Alternate Aveyond 2 facesets (Fanmade)

    Er~ I made these facesets because I have nothing to do XD And yes, they were made in RMMV. 1. Ean Okho 2. Iya Tiki 3. Rye Zoyle 4. Jack 5. Nicolas Pendragon 6. Ava One Eye 7. Gavin Morven 8. Emma Willow