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    Upgraded MySQL

    If anyone notices there are issues with posting, editing, reading, let me know. Everything should be fine... 🙂
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    Hello I feel bad :/

    Sameee! I was 9 back then, now I'm 21! ❤️
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    LHMH2019 (Lemmy)

    Hello I feel bad :/

    Hope you'll find fun on the forums! We can use more people when a new topic comes up.
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    Hello I feel bad :/

    Hello everyone! I've been a fan of Aveyond Studios for a loooong time (Before AV3!). I don't think I've ever participated in the forums before. I've always thought that there would be OTHER people keeping our community alive. Then I realised that I was wrong. I'm part of this community and I want to help to keep it going. So I've decided to post and reply and just be PRESENT because it matters. If you love something you gotta help it grow in any way you can. I'm gonna be more active from now own :D
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    Scrivener of the Gods

    Ask Anything!

    NOOOOOOLOLOLOL Can you stand the PPAP dance?
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    Thank you ! ❤️ Good luck in the college and have a good time with AP after !
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    LHMH2019 (Lemmy)

    Thinking back

    Probably the mirror interactions in Aveyond 3: GoN. It was refreshing to see a different side of the party members that wasn't all "WE GOTTA SAVE THE WORLD FROM AN EVIL VAMPIRE DUDE". XD
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    LHMH2019 (Lemmy)

    Ask Anything!

    Hmmm can it be from Aveyond? If yes then Mel, she always seems so cool and funny. If it needs to be from an anime then ehhhhh, I don't have one since I rarely watch it, sorry.:< Can you do any cool tricks?
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    Maybe Ean with black hair? Lol. I just feel like he looks so generic like me. xD
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    You can do it! Wishing you the best of luck. I haven't finish AP either. I will when I'm done with college in a few months because I know I need to be free for this Welcome to the forum!
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    Confused with builds

    Here is an old link to an old version of the site. The goodies still appear to be working, and there is a faceset goodie that allows you to use whichever faceset you want. http://web.archive.org/web/20080428035139/http://amaranthgames.com/modules/wfdownloads/viewcat.php?cid=14
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    @Seraphus Lol, what a coincidence :))) I am glad to see that I am not the only one here who is in this challenge. I will try to find your vids and well, good luck ! I am surprised about Aveyond 3-1 , and don't give up on Aveyond 2, maybe there is a way to actually do it !
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    @Kaiso Sadly, I can't say anything about Ahriman's Prophecy. I played all Aveyond Games, but not this one... tomorrow I am gonna get my laptop back and I will try to play it :) Now, about Rhen's Quest, about the chickens... I think you are talking about the ones from the forest between Ghalarah and Veldarah. Why are they so hard ? You just, don't have to encounter them untill you get to academy, take the outfit and a good equipment. You even get a Warning when you go in the forest after Rhen gets her token, to not FIGHT ANY CHICKENS. But about Ahriman, I have to agree. It can be really hard, if you don't have a good strategy. I remember that there are some good strategies, like the Plague spell ( It can deal massive damage to him) or Teij'al's Final Embrace. I beat only once Aveyond 4, I still don't know too good everything about it, but I will replay it some day. Sooo, Yep, I know it can be really hard, but, idk, I will still try, maybe untill I will realise that it is impossible, or maybe I will be victorious 😅
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    @lovely-girl I understad, I understand... and I know you can still die, but still i am so determined to omplete this challenge :)) because I know I can and well, if you encounter lots of battles and you have a good strategy, I think you can really do it. Also, about your idea, I know I cna do that, but, you see, I am talking here about a SERIOUS gameplay with ABSOLUTELY no death :)) . I was re-playing Rhen's quest to win this challenge, but I remembered that I never tried Ahriman's Prophecy, sooo I am going yo play it, then return to the challenge Thank you for joining this topic ! ❤️
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    Why aren't there any new posts on the Aveyond Studios FB page? The last post was in March 😕 I've always looovvved their game suggestions. Speaking of other games, whatever happened to John Wizard games? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember seeing "Amaranth Games" in the end credits of some of their games (under Special Thanks?). OOOH and Scarbeck (a character from John Wizard's Stargazer) had a brief cameo in Aveyond 4 .
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    "Downloading" goodies?

    Here you go. The goodies section is at top of the page.