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    Aveyond Character Interviews

    Interview with Yvette (by @shaz, posted 03-Jan-2010) Today we visit the animal village of Harakauna, to talk to shapeshifter Yvette. Interview with Yvette Yvette, thank you for your time. Please have a seat, make yourself comfortable. Welcome, you are. All those other humans will need seats too, yes? Other humans? Yes, the ones behind you. Waving to us, they are. Perhaps they want to have a party? I turn around, to see who Yvette is referring to. There, steadily advancing up the hill, is a throng of Amaranthians, shouting, waving their arms in the air, some carrying picket signs, all looking none too happy. They were too numerous to count, and after seeing what looked to be a noose in someone's hand, I had no desire to take the time to count them. Uh oh ... Something is wrong? That, my friend, is not a party. That is a lynching mob! Listen, if you don't mind, we'll do this interview next week instead. For now, I suggest you find somewhere to hide. Yvette giggles, then shapeshifts into a bird and flies safely out of reach. I take one more look at the crowd, turn, and run, wishing I could be a shapeshifter too ... Managing to stay just out of reach of the angry mob (it's true what they say - fear, wings, feet, all that stuff!), I dodge around barrels, between buildings, around the corner of the store, and run smack into Spook! Slightly dazed, it takes me a moment to formulate a plan that might allow me to live to see another sunrise. I grab Spook's arm and swing him around, into the open area, to face the onslaught! Still in a state of shock, Spook offers no resistance. "Look everyone, it's Spook!" Instantly the crowd freezes. Arms are lowered, signs and other objects for inflicting pain are dropped, and faces are transformed from anger to awe. "Spook!" I repeat. "Spook ..." the crowd murmers in a subdued tone. Their eyes have all gone glassy. It worked! Spook (quiet, but miffed): "What do you think you're doing?" Shaz: "I'm doing an interview with you." Spook: "I've already told you, no." Shaz: "I don't care." Spook: "If I refuse?" Shaz: "Then things are going to get ugly. Besides, this isn't multiple choice. I'm not asking you." Spook: "Very well, you may have your interview. But be warned, you will be in debt to me." Yes! It worked! My having Spook's arm twisted into a potentially painful position behind his back may have been a contributing factor. Spook (slightly nervously): "What's wrong with them?" Shaz: "Don't worry - they're fine. Just smile and wave, and no-one will get hurt." Everyone, Spook has finally found time in his busy schedule to grant us an interview. So, without further ado, I present: Interview with Spook Spook, can you tell us your occupation, and where you live? My occupation changes to suit my needs, and my home is wherever I need to be to do it. Er ... okay. Folks, that translates to "I'm a thief, and I live in Peliad". Spook smiles and raises an eyebrow. I believe you met Mel by helping her out of a tight spot? The kid was new in town and having a bit of trouble, so I gave her a hand. Out of the goodness of your heart? Even someone in my occupation is capable of doing selfless things. It led to several more opportunies to help her, so I did. Mel already has a number of companions helping her on her quest. What do you offer that they don't? Trust. Respect. A chance to grow. June and Yvette have their own reasons for being here. The Orc and the Prince are here because they think Mel needs to be protected. They think she's weak. She's capable of much more than they give her credit for, and I'm the only one who accepts that. You don't think she needs protectors? No. To find this item she is seeking requires speed and stealth. Nothing more. Mel and I excel in those areas. If we didn't have the others slowing us down, we could complete her quest and move on. What would you move on to, after this quest is over? I've been thinking a great deal about that. Mel is tough, and smart. She and I could do great things together. So you envision a future with Mel? You know about Mel and Edward, right? Yes, and I know the Prince is jealous. I represent everything from her previous way of life - a way of life he is trying to take her away from. That's very ... insightful of you. You don't mind, then? No. Mel can have more than one best friend. She is happy with that. The Prince is taking longer to accept it, but he will. Well, you certainly have interesting views on things, and I would not have expected to hear this from ... From a thief? No, I suppose you wouldn't. Perhaps there is a lesson here, in not judging people based on their appearance. So true. Well, Spook, I thank you for your time and your candid responses. I release my more-relaxed grip on Spook's arm and allow him to leave. He glances back at the crowd, smiles a little nervously and waves, then turns to walk past me. As he passes, he whispers into my ear, "Remember, you owe me. Be prepared to deliver when the time comes." I watch Spook leave, then turn back to the crowd, still standing, glassy-eyed, and staring after him. I have no idea what favour Spook will ask, or when, but I'm not too concerned. Spook, I can handle. A crowd of crazed Amaranthians ... that's another matter entirely.
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    Question about refunds...

    Wanted to update, but I got the refund! Thanks so much Amanda!
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    Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    walkthrough build c

    You can use the Build B walkthrough for Build C, as there are very few changes regarding the storyline and quests, and they're rather minor.
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    Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    walkthrough build c

    Build C walkthrough? I think, for the most part, you can refer to Build B's walkthrough. since there're only some very minor additions here and there.