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    I think this is really great and well thought-out! One challenge I think I see is how you'd implement a working example of this type of character system for the community/customers to use as a starting point. Does Ant need to include art assets? Should we as the community crowdfund/crowdsource those assets? Or do we share the creation of this example and the related documentation with Ant, who would really just be responsible for the functionality in HeroKit and help with hints on that documentation effort? <Insert my prior suggestion for a community wiki here. >
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    Thank you! I certainly hope so! It's not the most advanced character creation solution, but it's definitely a simple one I think people would appreciate as it will get the job done for a character creator, and could easily be used for other things as well. (Equipping new weapons, character wearing plot or game based clothing, ect.) I think the flexibility in simplicity is important! I think Hero' kits databases and lists would make it easy to add new customization features too! (Like if someone made a new hat, and wanted to add it!) and could also open up doors to other gameplay ideas. All someone would have to do is make sure their art matches their base armature/mesh when they bring it into unity. (Clothes rigged, scales, blendshaped and origin'd correctly. Textures mapped correctly too!) The Hero kit layout would definitely make keeping track of those global variables a lot easier too. As more complex character creators have a LOT of those. [Edit] Also looking back to my list. Maybe the Rigged and Static clothes lists should be under the main body? Then it could follow the blendshapes easier?
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    @AK-i, This is excellent work and I'm sure Ant will find it enormously helpful... I certainly do! Thank you!
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    Ant's Journal

    @Duffer123, this is something that I'll address once the databases are finished. This is probably something that will closely be tied to formulas. I finished refactoring a number of existing fields this weekend with the bitmasks. Currently, I'm adding databases for element types and condition types.
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    Heyya! Another long time no speak. I wanted to make a flow character of a sort of basic character creator and how it would work. (Please forgive any typos and what not, I kinda whipped this up quick) I think that Hero kit could achieve this With something like: Character (Also the root.) Armature Main Body (weighted to Armature. Not swappable/hideable) Materials/submaterials database Blendshape database Rigged clothes/parts Database (weighted to Armature. Swappable/hideable) Materials/ submaterials database Blendshape database Static clothes/parts Database(attached to single bones) Materials/ submaterials Blendshape Slider database (With the blendshapes they affect? Not sure on this one) Game devs could then have multiple "characters" to match the race/class/ect someone chooses if they so please! This is all suggestion, of course... Just have Customization on the mind again and was brainstorming a bit, ahaha...