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    @Mu11berry's in-depth playthrough and commentary of AV2 has led me to do some thinking on my favorite and first Aveyond game, and I've come to a realization on why it stands apart from the other AV games (for me, anyway). Aveyond 2 is ultimately a story about building people up so they can help others heal. All of the games have this element of character development, but in AV2 it's literally the entire plot. In AP the 'collection quest' is building a weapon, in AV1 it's defeating the daevas, in AV3 it...jumps around a bit, but it's still focused on defeating Gyendal more than anything, and AV4 doesn't have one I think? But SotM is so different thematically from the others I'll just leave it aside. But in AV2, it's about restoring Iya's spirit, making the protagonist's character development and growing strength into something literal, rather than being about destroying or defeating a villain. And as far as the final battle goes, all the others are fairly straightforward - defeat the evil villain with the help of your party so good prevails. Not that I have any problem with this plot - it's a classic for a reason, after all - but it makes me appreciate AV2's final battle all the more. First you have to defeat the Snow Queen, the antagonist of the game...but you don't really defeat her, you redeem her. The Snow Queen is Ishtar, the nymph of compassion - which is exactly what Iya showed when she gave Ishtar the love blessing at the end. Ishtar took Iya's spirit, so now Iya has to give Ishtar her spirit before she can receive the final blessing and go home. See the parallels?? Giving, not taking or defeating, is the answer. And even Heptitus, the real 'big bad', isn't a standard villain either. As the nymph of wickedness, Iya needed her blessing to be whole again, just as much as she needed Ishtar's blessing. And as the nymph of wickedness, she's really expected to do these kind of things anyway And at the end, rather than punishing her children, the Goddess shows forgiveness and gives them an additional chance to redeem themselves. The characters in the party reflect this theme as well. Ean is the main character and party leader, but his main goal is to help Iya with her journey and to unite the kingdoms behind her. This struck me as odd to have a side-character as the protagonist, but now I realize it fits with the theme of supporting and building others up. Nicolas' story is almost a microcosm of the plot as a whole, since he grows so much as a person once he's exposed to the world. He wasn't really a bad guy - spoiled and selfish and naive yes, but not truly evil - but like Ean and Iya, his journey (and Ava, bless her) turned him into the best version of himself. It wasn't about breaking the haughty, it was about turning him into a better person. Aaaaaand I'll stop ranting now
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    And so begins the ranting. Imma just post everything for AV2 as comments to this status so I don't spam everything, but I don't want to deprive Moonpeace of any of my ranting. First off, the draammaa of the opening music!! So beautiful. And poor poor wart, he got turned into a human T.T Te'ijal understands his pain.
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    As writers, our words weave worlds, but is that always going to be true?
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    Happy New Year, everyone! I've been thinking a lot about how I should improve my writing, and most of my beta-readers have suggested that I work on how I develop my plots, so that's my New Year's resolutions for this year!! Hopefully, it doesn't go to the trashcan 20 minutes after I make it. XDXD
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    I got the rest of the Aveyond games for Christmas and I am SOOO EXCITED!!!! Imma play alllll of them and probably share all my intense feelings of triumph and despair and pure joy throughout, whether you all want to hear it or not XD XD
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    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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    Okay but: Post-AV3 AU where Mel/Gyendal is canon, and Yemite lives with them and is lowkey subsumed into their relationship over time. Edward/Stella is also canon. Since Mel and Ed are BFFs, they regularly get together to gripe (and gush) about their nonhuman partners. Might have to incorporate some of this into one of the fics I'm writing
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    So here's the status for Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight ie Gyendal ie Te'ijal's brother ie Why must it happen this way "Welcome to Aveyond!" says the little blue screen. Aaah I'm home T.T Mordred calls the orb "my pet" that's so creepy What is it with these blue haired guys tryna be noble and heroic? Okay but I would totally play a game about Rayina gathering her own ragtag group of heroes and rescuing her husband from this madman-- I mean her father-in-law. Why must it end this way T.T Aaand now time to propel Mel recklessly towards her dark destiny. Sorry, Mel. On the bright side you get to meet Stella later? Ahahahah I went on the wrong balcony and Gyendal's sprite is just kind of glaring down at me Gyendal what if I don't wanna talk to you Bye now I'll just live in the night forever It's fine Okaayyy fine I'm going to Darkthrop Keep. Hahahahaha it has a mailbox. I guess just cuz you've been dead for 200 years doesn't mean you don't want your mail delivered I forgot how cocky Mel was XD XD But for her it's just endearing. I guess cuz she's pretty much the bottom of the foodchain already so it comes across more as spunk and a healthy respect for herself instead of disrespect for other people. I love that the corpes disappear after I check them. It just makes everything so much nicer (and prettier, it did kinda ruin the landscape when there were just red splotches everywhere) Aaaahhh they rearranged the menu on me I forgot. I couldn't find "items" for a good few minute ahahahaha Uuuuggggghhhh back to Gyendal. It's like talking to that stupid slave trader in AV1. I know I gotta, but I don't wannnnaaaaa Te'ijallllllll yaaaaaaaas!!! I love how Mel runs behind her XD XD Te'ijal saves Mel, fights Gyendal off, and tells Mel to run. But does Mel run? Of course not. You lil rebel Mel: I'm not a fool! Te'ijal: >.> Jack: >.> Me: >.> WE JUST JUMPED OFF THIS BUILDING. AAAHH But it's so adorable how Te'ijal calls Mel rabbit. Also a little creepy but really. So cute This apartment is 20gp. Now I know why Mel was so excited about a measly 90 XD Yayy for not being homeless!! Thought I had found Edward. Was actually Oscaar. With two a's. Okay but how Ulaf says "Another one?" Like, how many students has Te'ijal sent over in his lifetime? And why? Obviously they weren't all Darkthrop descendants. I need these answers. Eeeeeyyy there's good ole Ed. Snooping into everyone's business as usual XD I love him. Inviting us to hang out with the cool people (or probably the nerds actually but XD) He's a good kid Aahh yes. That one student who is perpetually late to class and yet persists in pacing his/her quarters. There must be at least one in every game. (But actually what are all these beds for?? I have to rent a room and I did in AP too so idk who's sleeping here) WHY AM I TAKING A NAP IN A TREE?!? I BOUGHT AN APARTMENT. MEL. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS. Found Ely's house. Aaannnd here comes Edward to "help" me. He's got a lot of Devin in him XD Door closes as soon as Mel approaches it. First response is to blame Edward. Not a very trusting person, is she? Oh Mel <33 THESE STUDENTS ARE SLEEPING IN THESE BEDS!! WHY CAN'T I SLEEP IN A BED??!! I TOOK A NAP IN A TREE!!! Aahhh I love how excited Mel is to become a spy. It's so cute and endearing. *6 months later* *I get to play as Te'ijal* *Yeeess I forgot this part I'm so excited* I found the Vampire Guild and there are ashes everywhere? I'm just a bit concerned is all. Galahaaaaad. Just listen to your wife T.T Welp those skeleton guards killed me twice but I prevailed in the end. Shoulda bought some healing items for dang Galahad Back to Thais. Mel is late to class. I bet she's real good friends with that other perpetually late student. Ah, the cutscene where Mel tells me how much she hates Lydia. In case anybody hadn't caught on that she'd be important later. Mel is so embarrased about buying the dress though ahahaha I love her The red dress actually looks nice on Mel and it's just a nice change cuz the last dress I bought. No. No. When you're all dressed up for the fancy ball but you have no idea where the castle is ahahahahaha Aah here we are. There's a line of statues so this must be it. Apparently Edward sucks at school? That's so cute? Why did I not know this? Can I keep him? Mel is so mad that he's royalty XD XD IT'S OKAY MEL HE WILL STILL BE YOUR FRIEND STOP FREAKING OUT Also Mel looks so much like a duck when she's angry I can't take her seriously Aaand here comes the part where Edward proves he is actually Alicia reincarnated as her own great great- etc grandson ie "I don't want to get married! I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset!" or something like that WE JUST WATCHED STELLA HECKIN FALL FROM THE SKY!!! (that's so oddly romantic. Edward can seriously say that stupid pickup line about "did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" XD XD) "I'm a condemened man on his last leg!" XD XD Aaand he is also Nicolas, with all the drama his station requires and then some Goin with Edward to find Stella~~~ (I'm pretty sure, maybe I remember wrong ahaha)
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    Just want to say that although our fandom is probably the one of smallest ones out there, it's also one of the most loyal. ^0^ Always continue to support Amanda and her team, guys! They deserve more than what we're giving them now