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    Hi! Again!

    Wow it's been a while. Hi! I'm KTC. I was around a long (long) time ago, like Ahriman prophecy v1.5 ago lol. I'm actually surprised I remembered my password. Just dropping in randomly. Place looks a lot different from what I remembered.
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    Dropping by to say hi!

    Hello! 👋 It has been years since I last dropped by this place, and I'm glad to see new members here. I just wanted to say hi to everyone, especially the core team here. I was thinking of the Aveyond 2 characters and made me think of ye good old times. It's a bit sentimental thought for me, since I've been a member for over a decade. 😂
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    Show yourself if you want to, you can leave your friends behind 'Cause your name ain't Spook and since it ain't Spook, then fire me
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    Dropping by to say hi!

    Heeeeeeey @Stardale ! I remember you. I love seeing new people here too, I wish we can all go back to how active we were back in 2006+ 😕
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    It's okay if I double post? I'm updating with info I found while scrounging around the code with fresh rusty eyes. *bursts laughing for 30 minutes* Okay, so you know how fairy fury wasn't in the 2.xx game and everyone including me thought it would be hella hard to put back in the game? On closer inspection, it's due to a TYPO. Yes that's right, the most powerful spell in the game was nixed because of ONE. SINGLE. DARN. TYPO. ONE NUMBER! A variable was set to 9 instead of 8! THAT'S IT! I'm crying. 😂
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    Hi! Again!

    Thanks, I remember you too. Yeah, things are good over here.
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    Hi! Again!

    Hi ya! Long time no see!
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    Hi! Again!

    OMG! Hi KTC! *hugs*
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    Thank you all for your support! @diegorego75 The project is still frozen, FYI. Its status ain't changing unless I make an announcement and take down the word frozen in this topic's title. I don't know if it's because of my poor English or you didn't read my earlier responses, but I've said the project is frozen more than twice. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I'm no one to tell you what to do, but if you want to do your own AP remake, I'd be appreciated if you do it from scratch, not modifying what I've done so far. Regards.
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    Hello, we will be supporting you no matter what!! ❤️
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    Hello. NoviceGameDev Here

    Hi roefu, I’ll send you a dm.
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    Alternate Aveyond 2 facesets (Fanmade)

    Er~ I made these facesets because I have nothing to do XD And yes, they were made in RMMV. 1. Ean Okho 2. Iya Tiki 3. Rye Zoyle 4. Jack 5. Nicolas Pendragon 6. Ava One Eye 7. Gavin Morven 8. Emma Willow
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    ~> It worked for me so there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. ~> You don't need the goodie from the beginning for it to work as long as you haven't done the toad quest yet. Follow these steps: 1. Download the goodie and extract it. 2. Replace the maps in your Data folder with the maps in the goodie. 3. Start your game. 4. Finish the frog quest for Helga. Make sure you have Nicholas in your party when you do. 5. Speak to Gavin and allow Nicholas to leave. 6. Make your way towards the exit of Bogwood and you should see Nicholas speaking to Helga. Interact with her and watch the cutscene that follows. 7. Voila!~ Both Gavin and Nicholas are now in your party. Make sure you have properly extracted and replaced all the maps. Nothing else should go wrong.
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    Characters I entered into a character design contest in February. Didn't win, but oh well. The djinn/blue elf/whatever is coloured in Photoshop, the samurai dude coloured in Paint Tool SAI,
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    I made a Lars... I just reinstalled AV1 in my new laptop and I'm playing and I'm having fun...
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    I love the RPG Maker VX samurai pack. Not sure why people got bored of it. I haven't seen anyone use that pack in forever. I mean, if you make commercial games, don't you have to do some editing and making custom art anyway? So the limited size of the pack shouldn't discourage anyone from using the pack. Does that mean the developers are lazy or something? Or maybe they're just too under-budgeted to pay someone to tinker with the samurai sprites... Anyways. I'm just here to drop some of my edits because I'm trying to make a game with the samurai pack and stuff, and I don't have a detailed plan yet so I don't want to make a development thread just yet.
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    Oooh, you remembered those! Yes, "Aveyond fanart" counts. By the way... The newest Aveyond pics still show up properly in the "This universe makes no sense" thread, so there's still stuff to look at in the last pages. Everything else in the pages before are all screwy, so unless you have the patience to highlight the links and copy-paste them to your browser... it's better to just leave them alone. I rather feel bad about posting old material, but since you wanted to see them again... (AV3 LOT cover styled after the Twilight novel covers. The hands are supposed to be Gyendal and Mel. Why yes, I painted the hands myself. Dunno how I managed to draw dirty hands like that, but I did) (The Darkthrop Prophecy covers made for fun because I didn't like the official cover) (Gyendal, Evil Queen Mel, Uma and Nox, and Yemite) (The daevas as the Amaranthia guilds. Agas = Brotherhood, Saurva = Dragon Lords, Zarich = W&W, Indra = Enchanters, Nanghaithya = Druids) (Some lulzy fake cover for a non-existent game about the daevas. It's not real. Don't worry about it. It's a VERY old picture from 2010) (AV1 alternate cover just for fun)
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    Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    thistle root!

    As you come into the Woodlands from the World Map, head west until you see a river. cross the bridge, where you will encounter two chickens. climb down the ladder and you'll see the white flower plant thing. that's the thistleroot.