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    I have some updates for you guys and I also want to answer the questions some people asked me. Firstly,... WHAT’S NEW/CHANGED? - Keep all characters in the party - Turn-based battle system - New side quests - New areas to explore - Some minor additions to the story ----------- Next, please welcome our heroes back! ----------- Finally, I've been working on this project for a quite long time and I know that some people are very excited for it. But it would take some times to get this reboot done and also to make it as perfect as possible and I'm also busy with my real life. So, I have thought about making a short demo for it, then you guys can try demo while I'm finishing the whole game. But I'm not sure if I should create it or not. So, I will let you guys decide it. (Vote here: https://tinyurl.com/apredemo )
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    Prompt me!

    @Ishti Gyendal was in the girls' bathroom again, smoking. "Ugh, seriously, go back to the boys' room," Lydia said. He hadn't even opened the window. Now she was going to smell of smoke. "It's more interesting in here," Gyendal said, blowing a smoke ring at her. "You're a gross pervert," Lydia said. He sniggered, but she decided to ignore him. Some people were hopeless. She looked at herself in the mirror, trying to decide if her hair needed fixing. No, she looked perfect. She should probably head back to Trig soon, before Mr. Mathers started to get suspicious. He was so boring, it was like his superpower. But as long as she played up the dumb ditz act he was always willing to give her plenty of extra credit. Lydia didn't like studying-- she wasn't a nerd-- but she did need a good enough GPA to get into an Ivy so she could choose a really rich husband. It was at times like these she wished her parents were rich enough to have donated a swimming pool somewhere or something but no, life was perpetually unfair. "Say, Lydia," Gyendal said, too casually. "What." Lydia said, not bothering to look at him. God, she couldn't pee while he was here. She'd just go back to class. "If I said I had the answer key to Mrs. Green's final, what would you do?" "Report you to the principal, you cheater," Lydia said. "What if I was willing to share?" Gyendal said. "And get caught? No thanks," Lydia said. She wasn't an idiot. "Fine, if that's not the right incentive, let's try this-- I can help you get revenge on Edward Pendragon." That got her interest. Edward Pendragon, super rich, captain of the football team, and a total loser who had dumped Lydia-- publicly!-- after they'd been going out for only two weeks. "...Let's hear your plan, first," she said, slowly. --- The plan was long, convoluted, and terrible, but Gyendal insisted it would work. Lydia's part in the plan was giving Mel a makeover. Mel was... Mel hung out with the absolute bottom of the social ladder, the total pariahs. June was a ten year old in high school, which sort of spoke for itself, and Yvette was known by all as the "Bird Girl" after the incident in tenth grade from which she'd never recovered. It was a bit surprising because Mel herself could probably have gotten along fine with several other cliques around the school. She had a certain weird charisma. She had agreed to go along with Lydia's offer of a makeover only after Lydia had half-lied that it was for a bet. She'd insisted on checking a mirror every five minutes, too, which would have been hurtfully suspicious if Lydia was inclined to feel hurt. She suspected it was actually an under-handed dig, not just an appropriate level of caution. Mel's hair, which she'd cut into an unflattering short haircut there was very little to be done to salvage (and she'd refused to let Lydia try), was, at least, very thick and smooth and soft. Lydia tucked a loose strand back behind the headband and stepped back to admire her work. She was, clearly, a genius. "Unfortunately no amount of good looks can overcome serious personality flaws," she mused out loud, thinking of Mel's horrible taste in friends. "Tell me about it," Mel said. --- ...Somehow Gyendal's brilliant plan ended with Mel becoming prom queen and Edward making a public declaration of love for her, which she threw back in his face. Lydia found the loss of a title that was rightfully hers infuriating, and the satisfaction of Edward's humiliation was completely erased when he came in the next day holding Mel's hand, the two of them blushing furiously. "Wait, wait! There's a stage two to the plan!" Gyendal said, raising his arms protectively when she marched over to find him. "I promise, it's brilliant--" Lydia considered the likelihood that it was worth hearing Gyendal out and finding out what he had planned next. Then she kicked him in the balls.
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    Prompt me!

    "So..." Edward said, "is this the end?" "You've asked that twenty times already," Mel said, through gritted teeth. "And the answer is still no". "Twenty-three", June said. "Twenty-three what?" Mel snapped. "He's asked twenty-three times. I've been keeping count," June said. "Why have you been keeping count," Mel said. "Because I'm boooored," June said. They all were. There was only so many times you could cycle through this damn basement, which kept resetting into new but somehow identical formations, none of which brought them any closer to the exit, before you started to go out of your mind. Actually, that was probably what had happened to the former owner, who was apparently now threatening to unleash a magical bomb, destroying the castle and the three neighboring villages. Mel and Edward had been on their way to a honeymoon by the beach. Mel was going to sip pina coladas and watch Edward flail around in the water like an idiot, and Edward was going to drag her to petting zoos and talk her into bringing home an animal she didn't want while Mel complained about him being an idiot who never thought through the long term implications of thinks that shedded scales and pooped everywhere. It was a good plan, Mel had been looking forward, so of course on the way they ran into June, who'd been sent to deal with the rogue magician. Why couldn't Mel ever catch a break, seriously. And now there were ten minutes left on the giant, ticking, glowing, spectral red clock that had been following them around cackling evilly to itself ever since they'd entered the castle, and soon they were probably all going to be dead. "Edward," Mel said. Her throat felt dry, suddenly, and she swallowed. But she wanted to force the words out anyway. "Edward, whatever happens, you know that I--" "FOUND it!" Edward crowed triumphantly, and pulled back a hanging tapestry they must have walked past twenty-- twenty three-- times already. The glowing red clock hissed in dismay and transformed into a glowing red man. "What were you saying, Mel?' Edward said, even as he was drawing his sword and she had both daggers out. "Nothing important," Mel said. He didn't need to know that near death experiences made her almost waver on the question of pets. There was no knowing what he would do with that knowledge.
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    Midterm season soon...

    Midterm season soon...
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    I love your header!

    I love your header!
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    Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic (first story, really) but Aveyond 1 has always been my favorite videogame. Not even my love for final fantasy could beat it 😆 If you know the Aveyond fanfic "Uncertainty Principle" by Blurble, this was heavily influenced by it. So if you see anything similar, I'm sorry in advance (bows) I tried my best to make it differently. Anyways, I LOVE THAT FANFIC! Thank you very much to Blurble for that 😀 So without further ado... Rhen x OC or Rhen x Lars Fanfic!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1 Above the grassy hills of Aveyond, While a soft breeze was calmly blowing, In the temple of the sun where light was blindingly shining, Decisions were made, Thoughts not conveyed. "I'd like to marry Dameon." The purple haired swordsinger said, as she looked expectantly to the sun priest, her eyes wide and shining. 'I love him. I really do. Even Danny could not make me feel the same way he does.' Rhen thought it through. It was obviously the best choice. She didn't want to be a hermit. She would probably miss her friends too much. She'd rather be dead, than live alone for the rest of her life. Going back to Clearwater was clearly crossed out. Nothing was there that she wanted to hold on to. Her parents, or adoptive parents, had lied to her all this time, she had forgiven them though. But she no longer wanted the life she used to dream of. A life as a housewife... thats not anything the present Rhen wanted now. Third option, and still not appealing to her at all, was being the queen of her real parents' kingdom. She had no intention of ruling anything, much less a kingdom. She was nothing but a girl who saved the world, how would that help in restoring a broken kingdom? The only bright side in that though, is being with Dameon, who was presently smiling widely. No one knew though, what thoughts were currently running through his mind. But... There's actually a fourth option, however she didn't know how, exactly, she felt about it. The Oracle clapped her hands in a slow and gentle way. She approached the couple and said, "Congratulations to the new king and queen of Thais! You have my blessings." Everyone clapped along the old woman enthusiastically, their faces however showed different kinds of emotions. None of them were truly happy for the two. Tei'jal and Elini looked at each other, then stared at a certain green-haired boy. Galahad and Captain John looked directly at the sun priest, who still kept his big smile. Mad Marge clapped the loudest, but had an indifferent expression. Lars clapped weakly, and had a strained smile on his face. His head was full of questions, full of regrets, full of emotions. Wasn't he a choice? Even if he was only a best friend to her, why was he pushed to the sidelines? Why didn't she choose him? He should've asked for the answer. He should've told her everything. He should've been given a chance. 'But I never really DID stood a chance, huh? No matter what I do, it will still be Dameon who she will choose in the end.' He thought bitterly. The clapping slowly went to a stop. Lars immediately went forward and hugged Rhen. The swordsinger hugged him back. She knew what her choice meant. She knew that this would mean she would hardly see her friends anymore. But she won't regret it. She was sure she won't. "I'm sorry Lars. It looks like I can't fulfill my end of the bet after all." Rhen told Lars as they broke away. Her head bowed down, unable to look at him in his eyes. Her head whipped up in surprise, however, when she heard him laugh at her softly. "Then that only means one thing." He said smiling at her. "I'm going to win and I have bragging rights over you." Rhen laughed at his antics and stuck out her tongue. "Fine, I admit defeat this time. But do me a favor." She said seriously. "Please-" "Abolish slavery for me." Lars cut her off. "I know. It has always been what you wanted. And who am I to say no to the queen of Thais?" He grinned cheekily. "Thank you Lars." Rhen said with full honesty. "Anything for my best friend." Lars replied. "Well then, I hogged you for too long, your fiancee is waiting." He said while shooing her away. She only laughed in response and faced her other party members who came and congratulated her and Dameon. After that, Elini and Tei'jal immediately went to Lars' side. "Human, it is unfortunate that it is the sun priest that she chose. The summoner and I had always chose you for the girl. However, the girl appears to have other plans." Elini nodded in approval. She suddenly smiled, and had a certain glint in her eyes. "But do not worry, northener. We are willing to help you gain her heart." Elini showed him a bottle, half full of a special pink liquid. The two women grinned at each other, a plan formulating in their heads. Lars smiled at the two. He appreciated their concerns, and their slightly evil plans. But. "I only see her as a friend. Even if I did see her as anything more, I don't deserve her. All I want is to stand by her, to keep being her closest ally. I won't be able to forgive myself if I did anything to hinder her happiness." Lars told the women. "But we all see how much you care for the girl. It's impossible for it to be only friendship." Tei'jal said, slightly surprised that her intuition could be wrong. "I agree. You love her, she does too. I have no idea why the two of you are pushing each other away." Elini crossed her arms, while Tei'jal nodded in approval. "I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Don't you see that she loves Dameon?" Lars asked the two. "T-that's just infatuation. Surely she'll leave him before the wedding." Elini said, not entirely sure herself. "No matter what happens, I will support Rhen in whatever situation she'll be in. Whether today, or in the future." Lars said with resolve and left the two to their own musings. The women stood still for a while, looked at each other, and shrugged. "I still find it hard to believe that those two fail to realize how they are meant for each other." Tei'jal thought out loud as they both watched the boy walk out of the temple. "They have spent years fighting, laughing and colliding with each other. Yet, they always seemed to find a way to numb their own thoughts and feelings." Elini added, as each of their party members moved to congratulate the new couple. "I'm still team Larshen though." Tei'jal said. "I am too. Except it's team Larhen." Elini countered. They glared at each other for a bit, then laughed. Elini then moved and stuck close to Captain John, who had started to tiptoe out of the room in an attempt to escape the Veldtian woman. Likewise, Tei'jal encircled her arms around Galahad, preventing him from moving away. The two women proceeded to congratulate the couple, with their men in tow. With one same final thought before they said their goodbyes, Tei'jal and Elini looked at each other. 'Having a man by your side is still the best way to go.'
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    I probably shouldn't say it again, but I like your style.
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Welp, cannot wait for that!
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    HeroKit Listener UI - OnSubmit

    Fantastic! I’ll post this to our Facebook page.
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    Remembering Aveyond

    I think my first Aveyond game was Rhen's Quest, or it might have been Ean's? In any case it was before Lord of Twilight came out and I've been loving these games ever since. I am now going on a rotation playing them lol. I start with Ahriman's Prophecy (in which I do choose priestess for Talia so it'll be canon, even though I prefer enchanter), and then continue with all of them. They are such beautiful RPGs and I love the story. Every gameplay (and there've been soooo many of them), feels like the first, and I enjoy the story start to finish.
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    Honey Butter Chloe

    Chloe's Edits and Art!

    Oh hey, I'm alive! I'm sorry I haven't been on here a lot. I've recently been extremely busy with school, and during breaks, my focus tended to shift to other fandoms such as Trauma Center or VOCALOID. However, that does not mean that I no longer love Aveyond, as I still do and I'm glad to be a part of this small 'kind'gom. (Thanks, Moonie!) To express my love for Aveyond, today I present to you something strange... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LLpFEZ_vIMRMarQxMnSG3-Mkhc6XhtyA/view?usp=drivesdk A pile of ink and pencil markings. Just kidding. This is basically Emma being coerced into dressing up prettily and fake-smiling by Iya. As a result, Rye nosebleeds at the sight of his wife and Iya is very pleased with herself. Who wouldn't like a relationship like that?! I personally think Rye x Emma is really a very underrated ship, especially because there are so many possibilities for them in terms of their relationship and various headcanons that one can make out for them since they have the humour and attitudes of 'humans'. While they're supportive of one another, they're not afraid to laugh at one another, and I personally think friendship is the foundation to a long-lasting, loving marriage, which they already have in-game. As a conclusion... Ship Rye and Emma more. They're such a cute pair!
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    Danin's Castle of Strangery (Art!)

    Welcome to my castle of art. I'll say it right now, I am NOT a professional, but I hope my inane scribbles bring some people joy. :3 Here's a derpy sketch I did of Professor Moo from AV3, getting delusions of grandeur after way too many years hatching other people's pets, because we all know he's the most likely candidate for villain of AV4. Feedback is welcome; don't use this stuff without my permission, etc. etc.
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    Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    So. I got bored, and started getting into one of my anti-Dameon moods, and, well,see for yourself:
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    Danin's Castle of Strangery (Art!)

    Hey everybody, I got inspired and did some more sketches!
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    Weird bugs in Aveyond

    First one I noticed is the Galahad - Teijal one. If you do not pick her up, she normally doesnt show up in the manor except galahad is the leader. Almost like she is tied to his soul. Second one : Normally Rhen gets her sword swinger outfit when she graduates if she doesnt, she wears the red outfit all game. Or does she? Well after wearing the ball dress, she changes to a sword swinger outfit she never had? (Where did you get that Rhen) Third one - The first daeva is susceptible to confusion, when means you can take him out without attacking and at any level. Fourth one - Agas stops attacking after timestop or something (Almost like he ran out of mana, probably should have bought some covely balm)
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    Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    What have I done.
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    Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    Oh my Naylithian french fries... I need to fix the ears.
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    Prompt me!

    @Blurble Gimme that sweet, sweet modern AU Lydia!
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    Danin's Castle of Strangery (Art!)

    Aw, look at this dusty little art corner. Time to shake off some cobwebs, I think. To start, here's Talia Maurva, one of my favorite characters from AV1. This art was inspired by the Aveyond 31 Day Challenge, hooray! Also here's a pic of her butterfly minion:
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    Get the Aveyond 4 Strategy Guide!

    I bought mine at Big Fish Games. Same walkthrough as here. I am also very, disappointed . It tells me, that when going to the Inn to sleep after talking to the mystic in Tor, Boyle would go to dream land while sleeping. This is NOT happening for me. Also, NO maps, is very frustrating. And no mention of the Goodie Caves at all. These are the reasons for buying the Guide, not to miss anything. Unfortunately, I feel this Guide is a total waste of money. Sorry to be so negative, but I am on a fixed income, and don't have this kind of money to waste.
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    Aveyond 4 and its ending *SPOILERS*

    Hi all, if there's already an official place for people to discuss the ending of the game, let me know and I'll delete this. I just wanted to hear all your thoughts. Mostly, this was my favorite Aveyond yet, although apparently I hoped for a few more threads to untangle that never did. Ingrid and Boyle - I chose their ending mainly because of an accidental attraction point gain, and I went with it. Even so, I thought there was probably more potential for that match to add up with a few reveals I expected and didn't get. Here was some clues I thought would add up: 1. When the group is captured by goblins, Ingrid starts to say something about the curse and is stopped by the action. 2. Ingrid prevents Boyle from confessing his true feelings under the effects of the blabbermouth potion. I was hoping for an ending in which Ingrid reveals the curse was fake all along, and Boyle admitting he always knew. They both would have kept up the charade rather than admit their feelings, as both characters are just more comfortable expressing rage and vitriol than share their secret squishy hearts. That at least would have been a consensual relationship I could get behind. As it stands, if the curse is real and we know nothing of Boyles true feelings, it's a very sad ending. Boyle's a prisoner for life to someone who actually doesn't care about his feelings, and due to his loyalty to Fang (and eventually Mist, after a little development) he's a much better human being than Ingrid deserves. ='(
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    Aveyond 4 and its ending *SPOILERS*

    I thought the Ingrid-Boyle ending was decent for both their characters. Cursing someone to marry you is a very classic Aveyond witch thing, and seemed like a suitable way for ex-villains to woo each other. If they weren't both ex-villains, I might have more of a problem with it. Furthermore, I do think Ingrid secretly cares about Boyle. If I can dive really deep here and throw out some guesswork, I think Ingrid has self-confidence issues (Her powers aren't that strong, she is outshone by her sisters, etc.). This is supported by her asking her Boppity Woods sister if she's the most beautiful witch she's ever seen, as well as not wanting to talk to her child prodigy sister Lorelai. If this IS the case, then I'd guess that she's secretly scared out of her brains that Boyle hates her/doesn't love her/would reject her at a moment's notice. Hence why she doesn't want to hear his true feelings at Grunhilda's. (Not that I'm saying Ingrid is some lovelorn maiden - she's tough as nails - but tough people aren't immune to insecurity.) A couple other thoughts: -- As Valkyriet said, Ingrid does seem genuinely concerned when Fangder nabs Boyle. -- As Faruheist brought up, Ingrid nearly reveals something about the curse when they're about to be eaten by goblins. I don't quite remember the dialogue in that scene, but I think she was about to reveal how the curse could be broken. If I can go out on a rickety limb here for a second, I wonder if the reason she was going to say that is because she loves him unconditionally, therefore making the curse completely ineffective from the start. But that might just be my inner romantic. And it definitely bears saying that just because you love someone, doesn't mean you're allowed to walk all over them, or in this case, enslave them. If it were any other two characters, or (goodness forbid!) real people, I'd be a lot more concerned, but the two of them already act like an old married couple, and I'm pretty sure Boyle can handle anything Ingrid throws at him anyway. Still, between Ingrid + Boyle and no marriages whatsoever, I kind of like the no marriages ending better. XD Just my personal taste. I haven't tried Hi'beru or Phye yet. I may be back here when I have.
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    Get the Aveyond 4 Strategy Guide!

    I paid for the walkthrough expecting detailed maps of all areas and am very disappointed that there aren't any. I can happily spend hours levelling up but hate trying to find my way around and missing even the slightest thing. Please make available all maps for download if you can. Regards, Susan.
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    No, I meant that you can at the very least use Looseleaf to customize the look of your playable characters or certain NPCs. Since you said you don't mind just having the resource pieces, I assumed you didn't mind having to do a bit of legwork in graphics editor like Photoshop and the like. After all, once you put together a sprite, editing the colours is jsut a matter of sliding around the Hue bar in the HUe/Saturation option. Like I said earlier, Mel's vest, and presumably her hair and bow, were picked up from Looseleaf, the Photoshopped onto an RMXP template. (with some extra colour/shape editing) It's more time-consuming, but allows for more customization. Alternately, you can try this software I recently found, Game Character Hub. It can work VX and XP sprites, as well as do tileset tinkering. It's for sale, but there's a demo that you can download. See if this thing works for you.
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    There's a lot of faceset generators out there. Here's a few of them: Facemaker KHMix Lovely-Moro Portrait Illustration Crysa's female character Celianna's Lunaii's Erangot's For the next ones, you need to own VX/Ace: Celianna's tkool's/Mine's Skye's