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    Ant's Journal

    This week, I'm building the unit tests for the databases. Unit tests are a quick way to check to make sure that everything is working properly if I make changes to the system down the line. Getting ready to tackle the in-game side of development, but taking a breather this week. The databases were a big project. I'm looking forward to getting things done as I have game ideas that need this add-on soon.
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    You can do this absolutely. Open the Project tab, Hierarchy tab, and Inspector tab. Open your Project tab and navigate to HeroKit > Hero Engine > Assets > Resources > Hero Templates > Menus In the Menus folder, you want to modify a prefab called HeroKit Dialog Box A. Drag this prefab into the Hierarchy Tab and select it. In the Inspector tab, mark the checkbox on the top right to make the dialog box visible in the scene. Make your changes in the scene. When you are done, return to the Inspector tab and unmark the checkbox on the top right and select the Apply button. I'm going to make this even easier very soon (by May 1). Here are the plans: In the HeroKit Settings menu, the default menu prefabs will be attached to form fields. You can replace the default prefabs with your own and the game will use these. I'm also going to introduce actions that let you swap between different menus on the fly during gameplay. If you get stuck, let me know. Also make a backup when you have created your menu. When you update HeroKit, it might blast the changes you made.
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    @Mu11berry oh gosh, thank you!! @Scrivener of the Gods this art is adorable. I really love how you drew Yemite’s face! @Honey Butter Chloe this was fantastic! I got super excited when I saw the description and it did not disappoint! I love Stella’s brief firmness/determination to go through with her plan (and honestly to keep finding that dastardly kitten), especially contrasted to her more childish personality for the rest of the fic. It was really sweet! @Queen-of-Ice101 This fic was so cute!! I love how you framed it around Rhen missing home. I liked her immediate change in tone from real sad to super excited. It was great to see Rhen and Lars doing a fun teenager thing like setting up for a holiday and dancing together in the midst of a quest! @Danin this art looks super cool! I really like the specific shades of all the colors you picked and Mel’s expression! Also, the detail on Lydia’s dress! @EsmeAmelia okay, hi, this is gonna be a little long because I absolutely adored this, thank you so so much!!! you combined like All of my favorites into something super domestic and cute. First of all I LOVE how you characterized Mel and Stella, and I love where you put them in their relationship. I really liked the undercurrent of them not knowing whether Stella's skated before or not and how you incorporated her memories into it. I thought the way you wrote their interactions was super sweet and absolutely perfect - Stella as fun-loving and encouraging and Mel's frustration and nerves and the two of them working together. Also I'd like to specifically say the description of "Stella's high and charming laugh" was so cute. I also loved how you wrote Te'ijal and Galahad! I always really enjoy reading your fic for them. Particularly fond of Galahad's overconfidence and Te'ijal cackling at it. I thought Stella & Mel gossiping about them afterwards was cute too, and I enjoyed watching the four of them all interact together! Stella being a good friend and helping Galahad out (and I LOVED the detail about Mel thinking she was stronger than she looked). To close, I'm gushing at both of my OTPs holding hands in the same fic, even if it is just for ice skating, as Mel so helpfully pointed out. (On that note; Stella's ~knowing look~ made me beam). Thank you so much for the fantastic gift!!
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    The only available features are the background of the dialogue box, the alpha value, and the font color when running dialogue. However, I would like to change the design of the dialogue box with regard to the title location, font and etc. I wonder if there is a prefab in canvas, otherwise there is a way. Thank you for helping me.
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    Form where you can attach custom menus

    Also, add an action so that people can swap forms when desired.
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    Add Tutorial for customized dialog box

    There needs to be a tutorial to show creators how to modify and design their own dialog boxes.
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    Thank you so much! I'm floored at how much you enjoyed it!
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    2017-2018 Winter Exchange Submissions!

    Hi, everybody! This is the official thread for the 2017-2018 Winter Exchange submissions! Go ahead and post your own submission and tag your recipient! If some submissions don't get posted for one reason or another, don't worry; we'll have them up in a timely fashion! I'm gonna go ahead and say that posting full text and images is totally fine, and posting links to fanfic sites or art-sharing sites is also fine! Here's my submission for @Mu11berry!!
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    I would like to interact with NPC using trigger. In the example scene, only the interaction with the collision is shown. But I want to using trigger. So I added another collider to 'isTrigger' but it doesn't work. I tried adding it to both the hero block and prefab, but it didn't work. Please help me!
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    I discovered that if the onTrigger collider was attached to a model, the Hero Object for that model was not getting referenced. I've fixed this and will push an update the asset store today with a small feature change so you don't have to add an additional collider to a model that already has a collider to check for physical collisions. In the meantime, open your HeroKitCommonRuntime.cs script. To get this script, use the search bar in the Project Tab. It should come right up. In this script on line 1058, change this: hko = (collider.attachedRigidbody != null) ? collider.gameObject.GetComponent<HeroKitObject>() : collider.gameObject.GetComponentInParent<HeroKitObject>(); to this: hko = (collider.attachedRigidbody != null) ? collider.attachedRigidbody.gameObject.GetComponent<HeroKitObject>() : collider.gameObject.GetComponentInParent<HeroKitObject>();
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    On Trigger not called on visuals

    If On Trigger is set on visuals, the engine attempts to get the hero object from visuals child object instead of parent. Fix.
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    In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    Oh, boy! Real life has gotten very busy and I have gotten very behind, so it's been a while since I've commented - on the bright side I'm excited to have so much of this fic to read! (Aaa, thank you!!! I would love to set up an art thread, I will this summer, I think.) ALRIGHT here we go chapter by chapter! Cheese: I’d like to begin with I love the description of not-milk being “left to fend for itself”. OH MY GOSH, the concept behind this chapter is hilarious and I love it. I’m so glad someone is talking about the fact that there are altogether far too many paintings of cheese in Sedona. Aww, Rhen being touched by the marion bell painting is really sweet. DAMEON’S RIDICULOUS JOKE, OH MY GOODNESS. Rhen’s inability to keep her cool throughout the ENTIRETY of the conversation is charming and adorable and funny in it and of itself. I really liked Rhen and Te’ijal and Elini’s conversation about the silly duchess painting – especially the concept of hiding an army in a dress, pfft. You really got across their characters extremely well and conveyed how a lot of those old art pieces really do look kind of ridiculous. Lars saying “You are all what’s not funny” made me FLAT OUT CACKLE, oh my god. I absolutely entirely lost it at Galahad and the window oh m ygoodness. “Even if anything.” Was absolutely hilarious. Dameon taking the blame was nice of him BUT SAYING RHEN’S LAUGH IS LOVELY WAS ACTUALLY REALLY CUTE AND SWEET, I’M SMILING “He had lost something, too.” OH GOSH. I’M SO SAD. You did really well the tone shift here. I love how them looking at this painting and reminiscing kind of ties into how Rhen reacted to see the marion bell earlier in the night. Something to Remember: Awwwh, this one was nice and sweet. I really like how you presented that conversation through Rhen’s perspective. The ending with the flower was super cute! Return: Oh, gosh. This one has really lovely, beautiful imagery and sets such a melancholy tone. “It finally moved without her” was quite frankly a gut-wrenching line. I love how you write Rhen reflecting on her old life and lost childhood; it’s extremely well-done and compelling and really makes me feel for her. Also I love her connection to water and the sea in particular! Again, you’re really good at tone shifts! A little ironic because the last one I complimented was happy to sad and this is vice versa. I love how Rhen cheers up and finds energy and joy in the sea, it’s such a charming, happy thing to read. I really like how her responses to water in the past and now in the present both show she’s changed a lot while fundamentally the same person. For instance, the specification of water as violent but so is she/the water isn’t violent now, when as a kid she didn’t even think of that. The brief mud/sludge flashback with Dameon was real charming and cute! I really like how you incorporated the whole party. Galahad checking up on her and Te’ijal burying herself in the sand and Elini and Lars building a castle together, aaaaaa. Also Dameon collecting shells is nice, I like how that shows a certain sense of detail? All of your characterizations in these little moments are perfect for them. AND OH MY GOD I JUST GOT TO TE’IJAL GRABBING GALAHAD’S HAND AND I’M GIGGLING, this is even better than I thought it was for her and I already loved it! Okay, ‘nother tone shift note: I love how we go from Rhen’s internal monologue as seeming quiet and pensive to her seeming way more excited and bubbly when talking to Dameon (ie, exclamation points). It’s super cute and speaks bounds to their relationship. Cold Encounter, Warm Heart: GOSH DAMEON TAKING A HIT FOR RHEN IS A LOT. Oh gosh, gosh, I love him like potentially on the brink of death and all he can do is replay this big, identity, life changing conversation he had with her. “She was the only stable thing he knew” is so much on like, an emotional level. Ahhhh! Bonus eee: Te’ijal and Galahad w/ the soul was an excellent touch! I always love the background party stuff. Te’ijal playing w/ Elini’s hair is adorable! I love Lars’s snark at Dameon; I like how you write their dynamic. THEM ADMITTING THEY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER IN CONTEXT OF THE CONCERN AND FREAKING OUT IS SO EMOTIONAL... I love big emotional stuff like that but I love how you still made this scene like, cautious and nervous and soft, it’s really sweet. Smiling Hurts: DAMEON MAYBE BEGINNING TO CHANGE HIS MIND IS MAKING ME YELL!!! GOSH. I like how even now it’s still gradual and he doesn’t know for sure. Dameon not knowing how to trust people and yet trusting Rhen is so emotional, I really love the way you write these two and the connection you give them. I love how she’s changed his perspective so much it expands to everyone else, and I love how he reflects on her and all the good she’s done and the happiness she’s brought him even if he doesn’t know how to respond to it and aaaaaaa I really love Rhen smelling like metal and leather and magic. What a good combination for her, oh man. “Why do you only wear one earring?” “Why do you only shave half your head?” I LOVE THIS THAT WAS SUCH A CUTE AND SWEET ENDING TLDR; this fic is always super charming and sweet and I'm always happy to read it! thank you so much for continuing to share it!
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    Here's mine for @darwin https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12794006/1/First-Time-Skating
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    @mal07095, I'll create a sample for you tonight.
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    2017-2018 Winter Exchange Submissions!

    @PiPeter, have a gift!
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    Oml I have so much excited spazz for you Berry, you shall be seeing a review from me on fanfiction.net very soon~ My gift was for the exchange was for @blue-water52 and I hope you like it!! This is called Homemade Holidays
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    For MissArtisticDraws on dA. Hello everyone, I haven't been around lately, have I? I'm currently cringing at the writing... But I know the thought's the one that counts, and Moonie would throw a fit if I were to rewrite this... How does one hide posts!?!? Edit: Fixed! Thank you, @Ishti! --
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    Here's mine to @moonpeace. For obvious reasons she's seen it.
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    You lost? Here's the maps!

    Here are my anotated maps for Ahriman's Prophecy. World map Elden Ferry Devinshire Providence Devinshire Wild Dog Cave Thial Mountains Pass Thial Mountains Thais Kingdom Thais Grunwich Vineyard Wyrmwood/Haunted Forest Wyrmwood/Haunted Forest Tree Glass Key Cave Animalville Wyrmwood Pass Candar Kingdom Candar Dyuti Shrine Dwarf Mines Bleached Tooth Desert (Circus) Witchwood Swamp & Village Glenvale Providence Glenvale Ice Caves (Sleeping Princess) Enchanted Castle Mysten Far Monster Hideout Southern Peninsula Underworld 1 Underworld 2 Underworld 3 Old Man Treasure Hunter Tar Vedron Desert Tar Vedron Dragon Cave Fedir Forest & Venwood Fruit Market Water Cave 1 Water Cave 2 Whisper Woods/Faiara Providence Faiara Dreamer's Cave Dreamworld Zorom's Dungeon