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    Dear Aveyond, I will never forget you !

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support. I look forward to being inspired again. it was so much fun!
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    After a long time I'm beginning to miss drawing Aveyond stuff again... Here's Agas. As of AV1 (too lazy to draw armour): Agas is half-human half-hellhound-shapeshifter-something demon (I should come up with a species name at some point...) The demon half being Saurva. Complicated father-son thing. As of AV3: Long story, it was meant to be a fanfic, but I never got around to writing. But basically the daeva were just manipulated by Ahriman and once Ahriman is gone, they're let go. So they're just minding their own business off-screen in the Demon Realm during AV3 😁 I dunno if there's still old members who still remember the Old Old Old version of the daevas that I used to make... uh... around 2010-ish? I don't know I ever got around to posting this Te'ijal. It's old, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the thread (or I just skipped past it somehow):
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT) [FROZEN]

    I just opened the download button, a bit earlier than I planned. You can visit the itch.io page and download the demo. https://anhdook.itch.io/ahrimans-prophecy-reboot It's just a short game, about 30 minutes of game play. I think it's enough for a teaser. And please note that I couldn't compress the Audio folder at the moment, so do not delete it or make any changes to it. Also, I'd love to hear your feedback about it, and please let me know if you find any bugs. Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas!
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    Thank you all for your support! I created a page on itch.io for the reboot, where you can download the demo and the full game when it's finished. The download isn't available for now, I'll open it in the Christmas Eve in my time zone (GMT +7) So, don't forget to get there to download the demo in the next few days https://anhdook.itch.io/ahrimans-prophecy-reboot
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    Geography of Aia

    EDIT: Minor update. I am just gonna put it here from my note before I lose it. I base this on Aveyond 2 and 3. Kingdoms of Aia.... Mainland: Thais Harburg Stormbend Quinn/Istir Naylith Gheledon Orc Empire Underwold Aveyond Witchwood/Bogwood Shaenlir (possibly shifted away from the Mainland. I still consider Quinn and Shaenlir are not the same kingdom even though both lies North West of Thais) Candar (possibly shifted away from the Mainland.) Isles: Tar Vedron Dragkthor Venwood Faiara Verashema Eredar Storybook Eldrion: Peliad Harakauna (Animalville) Tyobi (In my theory, it was once called Seri but shifted away from the Mainland. Another wealthy family inherited the throne hence giving it a new name.) Seri (Headcanon: The bloodline still continues after a new bloodline takes over Seri and renamed it Tyobi. The location is quite distant to Tyobi.) Shoal Leui Acropolis (the unknown kingdom) Underfall Arishta Isles: Veldarah Sedona Veldt (somehow shifted away from the isles before the mountain ranges formed) Northern Kingdom (least populated kingdom) Mysten Far (possibly the closest ally to Aveyond) The Vale: (once part of Arishta Isles but somehow magically transported) Oldwoods Ylisfar (underground just like in AV1) AV4: (faraway from the Mainland) Wyrmwood Halaina Tor Ravwyn Delamare Var'thor Mist Realm Windshire Ulrock Weeville That's it 😃 Unmentioned Towns: Devenshire, Thais Elden, Harburg Glenvale, Quinn Ryva, Thais Ravenwood, Thais Happily Ever After, Storybook Casket Hill, Underworld Ghed'arhe, Underworld Clearwater, Sedona Brumwich, Sedona Veniara, Veldt
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    I finally got to the end of the demo in the latest release and I have to say that I am impressed. It is definitely an accurate remake. Graphics are pristine and add a new flavor to an old classic. The music is perfect. The animated battles are really nice and blend the APv2 and early Aveyond battle systems perfectly. As I said earlier, overall, this is a high quality remake and it is enjoyable. I look forward to the full release.
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    I made an minor update for the demo. Please download it again and see if it works for you now. TBH, I hate it when my mistakes make players can’t enjoy the whole game.
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    Glad to hear she's enjoying her job, but sorry that she has stopped making games. I always loved the Aveyond Series since I was introduced to it.
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    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Here are some more!! Cruel Whale Guarded Clock Weak Angular Bottle Aaand I should probably be done now, I really don't want to overwhelm anyone's page but I'm so behind on sharing art here, ahaha. Soon. Soon I will be caught up. Maybe,
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    I decided to write a book !

    As we all know, the best part of Aveyond was it's storyline ! The mysteries, the quests, the dialogues, all that feelings, they created an amazing story, placed in a video game. And I think this storylines would fit perfectly in a book ! I am already working, but I would like to know what do you think, and to have the permission from the creator, @Amaranth
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    I can't believe it's already a couple days away from 2019!
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    The Aveyond series was absolutely great ! It is an important, magical and beautiful part of my childhood ! I started to play the games again this days, and I have to say that I am pretty sad that The Aveyond series are finished... also, I am dissapointed that it's popularity is low... this game deserves to be more popular ! I really want this game to be played by more people, and maybe, Aveyond Studios will try to continue the series again ! Do you agree ? Anyone, do you have any opinions or ideas?
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    So I figured I might as well critique just in case there are some minor things you miss when finishing to rest. It is just the demo though. Butterflies are on the same layer as the player, and therefore cannot be moved past. Bookshelves so far don't have content. A single tree in lower Elden can be walked through. I'll more than likely be back.
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    I played the demo version already. The nostalgia really takes you back (nevermind the fact I recently replayed the original game)! I did not play the most recent one you updated, but I see you already implemented some features I am suggesting. Comments about the demo so far: The graphics and sprite improvement is sharp, to say in the least. I really like it. The music also takes you back, (it seems that the music in AP is fast-forwarded? Compared to the original audio tracks) The accuracy to the original map, whilst adding your own twist is on point. I love it. However, I think Elden, as a tutorial area, should have some wide areas (rather than tight spaces around the forest)allowing Talia to skirt around monsters, whilst the more forested Devenshire provides lots of cramped spaces. The additional scenes during the prologue really surprised me. It was a job well done compared to the wall of text in the original game! It really adds to the flavour of the base game The way you explained the game makes it still very understandable for new players who directly play the demo, a solid introduction. The heal whilst in battle function seems to be nonexistent. But I understand, this is just a demo. Autosave feature is a saviour when a sudden crash happens (which often occurs in my original AP when I try to move the character and hit the esc button at the same time) The new turn-based system definitely changes the basic dynamics of the game (As a matter of fact, I don't play the other versions of Aveyond that much). Since this is a demo, I'll just suggest to balance the speed you level up and gold you receive for the time you spent battling monsters. It feels difficult for me to defeat the monsters by myself, even the flies. As battles become longer, it gets longer to level up and collect gold The new battle system means difficulty for fighting groups of monsters in the beginning. Going to Avrail's cave seems mostly evading monsters. There is no way Talia can 1 v 3 the monsters. I had particular difficulty getting back to Grandma after being named by Avrail. I was trying to avoid all the monsters, but upon crossing the bridge, where the path is only 1 player wide, forces me to face the lone Green Snake, which I seemingly unable to defeat unless I level up Talia (Leveling herself up alone is too grindy for a demo). Again, I think this is a balance issue. The gold sacks, although common in later Aveyond games, seem odd in AP? I don't know, maybe because I'm more used to the treasure chests, barrels, and vats That's all I see. I'll update it if I see fit.
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    Played the demo..... That was good! .... perfect for Christmas Eve😁 Can't reveal much hehe....
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    Wow! This is my childhood game, being revamped! Definitely looking forward to this. I truly appreciate your focus towards making the final game as accurate as possible to the original whilst improving and fixing features from the original!. A couple of suggestions I might give, based on Mike Leach's AP Strategy Guide V2: Fix the bugs in the original game: The Enchantress class' Fairy Fury spell was not unlockable in the game. The disruption ring from Tar Vedron Desert does not work clearly. Myrica Infusions are prone to causing a bug when reviving a character Dialogue boxes can sometimes be invisible, especially when levelling up characters You should be able to collect more than 12 salamander skins and then allows you to make more than 1 salamander skin armour, instead of doing it one at a time. Clarify some aspects of the game: Elements are not clearly explained in-game, such as how fire spells are ineffective in Fire Cave and how dark spells are not effective against Ahriman Some magical items have no clear effect: The good luck charm? What good luck was supposed to happen? This need explanation. Sometimes making the enemy "numb," "sleep," "silence," "attraction," "trap" does not affect the enemy at all. The Illusion spell is ineffective in making enemies run away, since they can still attack. Maybe tweak that with the turn-based system? What does it mean for some items to be "Holy and "unholy," or have the "magic" special feature (For example the charmed dagger has the "magic" feature, but we'll only know that it deals AoE damage after testing it" Clarify Frederick's animal transformation effects (Such as that the dragon mode will cause AoE, etc) and make redundant shapes more useful (The bee and slime mode does not have any difference in Frederick's attack power. Maybe add the ability for slime mode to cause poison? Unless I overlooked that in game. The Chicken mode is either for joke value or is useless.) Add/change features Maybe a bestiary of monsters? So we better know their vulnerabilities and what the best counter is After being married, either for Devin and Alicia or Devin and Talia, the rewards are not that significant, considering you are already into late-game. Maybe make it add exclusive items as the gift? Since Talia's grandmother will gift a tornado ring (for a tornado spell, which can be bought) and the Pendragons simply give rubies and diamonds (whilst you are at this time supposedly already rich) Remove the Priestess spell "create food" and replace it with something else, since it is wholly redundant by the time you become a priestess. Create a bread with 30 MP? Absolute travesty. Much better if what was created was something like an aquifolium. Or replace the spell entirely with a spell that deflects enemy attacks (That will be cool opposite to Witch guild's vampire blade) Ice protection in particular is quite redundant, since no bosses really deal ice damage, except Zorom's 2nd encounter & the Succubus. The ice sword you can buy in Glenvale is more expensive than the Templar sword but deals less damage. Make it cheaper for Devin. The enemies in the final set of rooms before facing ahriman drop gold which is redundant at that point. Maybe make them drop more healing items and disable them from respawning? The 2nd confrontation with the wicked witch that stole Grisilda's broom (forgot her name), should be made more interesting. Maybe drop a powerful single use weapon for Talia to weaken Ahriman (maybe reduce his attack power or speed), or a special spell that allows Talia to be temporarily invulnerable. That is all for now. I may add more as I replay through the game.
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    I also love the Aveyond games. Started getting them for my grandsons when they were young, now all are grown, some in college, some in the military, but they loved these games. Now I am playing them, and I really am enjoying them. Wished the forums were much more active as I have lots of questions. Love these games. Hope some other programmer would take up the ideas and revamp and develop them to todays tech abilities.
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    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Just SEVEN more inktober pieces! So I'll share those all today and then only have all the pieces I did after October to catch up on XD Prickly Stretch Thunder Gift Double Jolt Slice (the last inktober prompt!!!) Yay!! Inktober complete! And it didn't even take me 50 years XD
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    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    How long is too long for an art thread? Anyway here are more pics because I am really so far behind it's ridiculous: Scorched Breakable Drain Expensive Muddy Chop I think two more posts like this will catch me up. The end is in sight at last XD
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    @ReNoir She posted it on her Facebook. She’s now a senior software engineer in biotech industry, and she’s happy with it.
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    Honey Butter Chloe

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because why not?
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    Welcome back and HOLY CRAP you're talented!
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    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Ooooh godness it all looks brilliant!