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    Post art and resources here!

    Big art, but I drew Rhen (using her more realistic art as a reference) a few days ago!
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    A corner of Dreamworld and the Guardian of Dreams.
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    I just got insp for a plot for that dark!Mel multichap fic I've been thinking of writing. It might be a little while before I start it since I want to finish most or all of my WIPs first, but I'm excited
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    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Faiara interior screenshots I added graphic effects in this reboot.
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    Who is Mu11berry's favoite druid? Hmmmm, hmmmm, whoooo could it beeee? Oh yeah, maybe, the purple one??? XD But actually, besides just how pretty and sparkly Daena is, I love the idea of wisdom being something the Oracle felt needed to be protected. Wisdom is so often overlooked, or confused with knowledge, or otherwise defamed or devalued, but a wise person can do so much good in the world. Also, RhenxDameon headcanons, okay~ The truth is a big part of their story and you need a little bit of wisdom to discover the truth. Okay I'm fine now, I will stop being sentimental. Maybe. I based her robe design on her sprite, but I changed it up a little just for fun. ("Fun..." Yeah, that's what it's called). Lastly, while making this I realized she lives in the Moon Temple, and the sign thingy over her treasury is a moon, and the moon has nothing to do with wisdom that I know of but it does have to do with darkness. *coughRashnucough* So maybe I ship it a little >.> So yes, here is my entry for day 3 of @Queen-of-Ice101's challenge. I originally wanted to do Talia or Dameon but I realized I will be drawing them for lots of other days, and also this way I have more options for who in tarnation to draw for the next day XD XD (but really how do I choose T.T)
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    I've been a long time lurker, sometimes poster. Some of you probably know by now that I'm crazy about Aveyond. Seriously. I love it so much, every few years I feel a compulsion to make another one, no matter the cost. Other than that? I love programming. And I love gaming, hanging out with gamers, and inspiring people to become game makers so I have more games to play. Recent drama: I just expelled a rat family from my attic and relocated them in my neighbors palm tree. Does that make me a horrible person? Anyways, the rats are happy, my attic is quiet, and I'm no longer a zombie in the day because they were keeping me up at night.
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    At long last, and after over a year of writing, Shadows of My Twisted Destiny is finally a completed fanfic!!!! Excited me
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    Forum changes coming!

    Making more small changes yesterday and today. Upgraded us to the latest version of IPB and I'm tracking down a bug that sometimes doesn't let you post when you use specific character combinations in your posts.
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    @Mu11berry's in-depth playthrough and commentary of AV2 has led me to do some thinking on my favorite and first Aveyond game, and I've come to a realization on why it stands apart from the other AV games (for me, anyway). Aveyond 2 is ultimately a story about building people up so they can help others heal. All of the games have this element of character development, but in AV2 it's literally the entire plot. In AP the 'collection quest' is building a weapon, in AV1 it's defeating the daevas, in AV3 it...jumps around a bit, but it's still focused on defeating Gyendal more than anything, and AV4 doesn't have one I think? But SotM is so different thematically from the others I'll just leave it aside. But in AV2, it's about restoring Iya's spirit, making the protagonist's character development and growing strength into something literal, rather than being about destroying or defeating a villain. And as far as the final battle goes, all the others are fairly straightforward - defeat the evil villain with the help of your party so good prevails. Not that I have any problem with this plot - it's a classic for a reason, after all - but it makes me appreciate AV2's final battle all the more. First you have to defeat the Snow Queen, the antagonist of the game...but you don't really defeat her, you redeem her. The Snow Queen is Ishtar, the nymph of compassion - which is exactly what Iya showed when she gave Ishtar the love blessing at the end. Ishtar took Iya's spirit, so now Iya has to give Ishtar her spirit before she can receive the final blessing and go home. See the parallels?? Giving, not taking or defeating, is the answer. And even Heptitus, the real 'big bad', isn't a standard villain either. As the nymph of wickedness, Iya needed her blessing to be whole again, just as much as she needed Ishtar's blessing. And as the nymph of wickedness, she's really expected to do these kind of things anyway And at the end, rather than punishing her children, the Goddess shows forgiveness and gives them an additional chance to redeem themselves. The characters in the party reflect this theme as well. Ean is the main character and party leader, but his main goal is to help Iya with her journey and to unite the kingdoms behind her. This struck me as odd to have a side-character as the protagonist, but now I realize it fits with the theme of supporting and building others up. Nicolas' story is almost a microcosm of the plot as a whole, since he grows so much as a person once he's exposed to the world. He wasn't really a bad guy - spoiled and selfish and naive yes, but not truly evil - but like Ean and Iya, his journey (and Ava, bless her) turned him into the best version of himself. It wasn't about breaking the haughty, it was about turning him into a better person. Aaaaaand I'll stop ranting now
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    I have a feeling I may have said this when I did my annual Star Wars rewatch last year, but Rhen is totally Anakin Skywalker - chosen one, most powerful in their generation, became a slave and then earned their freedom after their power was discovered, goes on a quest to stop evil forces but then (in the 'bad ending' of Aveyond 1, anyway) ends up joining them. It all fits
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    A Forum Game Project!!

    Hey everyone!!! So we another exciting idea/plan that all the creative brilliance must be given to @Honey Butter Chloe for I was just elected to create the topic because I have an overabundance of time and zero life to speak of XD After many hours of work and aggravation we finally have enough to release to share teasers and reveal our new game!!! This is an idea that Chloe came up with quite a while ago, that it would be so much fun to create a game to give back to Amanda, the mods and the community where the characters we played were actually us!!! We are currently creating a small fun adventure game where forum members have a chance to play as themselves through a quest! We do have an confession to make haha, we've been kind of leading you on for a bit. Some of you might remember the topic that was started a bit ago called If You Could Be...? where you guys were asked about what you would look like/be if you were in an Aveyond game. Well.....that was for this XD We also teased a tiny bit at the idea when Chloe released a status several weeks ago talking about how interesting it would be to have a game based off forum people just to see how people would react to the idea All credit for this goes straight to Chloe who is the creative mastermind behind this idea, I was just brought on to make shiny and colourful things XD Occasionally we plan to release some small teasers haha so keep an eye out!!
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    Lest We Forget

    Lest We Forget
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    Honey Butter Chloe

    ... Hi, hi!

    Soooooo... I can't say I'm new, nor can I say I'm an old-timer. But I saw that everyone was introducing themselves here, so I thought... Hey, why not? (After reading every single one XDXD) It could be fun! -- So, hey, hi, ho, hello, my name is Honey Butter Chloe, but please, just call me Chloe. It's the only place where I'll ever be called Chloe. (My classmates and teachers refer to me using my surname. ) As I've probably said in the last introduction I did in the old introduction thread, I've been a fan of Aveyond since I was seven years old, when I played with my elder sister. Now she's in university and I'm stuck as a first year in secondary school. (I'm twelve now xD) Since then, I've been a HUGE fan of anything Rhen x Lars and Edward x Mel, and (much to Berry's chagrin at times) a hater of Rhen x Dameon. BUT NOW I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED. This fanbase is nuts for their creativity. But yeah. Besides that, I write trashy fluff and random one-shots. When I'm not lazy. But don't read them they're terrible omg— And I draw. Chibis. Which is not at all professional. But I still do it anyway. I'm such a good girl. *Sarcasm* Soooo, I hope to get along with everyone! ^,^
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    Hello World~

    I'm not exactly new but I thought it would be fun to jump in and "introduce" myself anyway so here goes Hi, I'm Queen-of-Ice101 but since that can be a pain to type you can call me pretty much whatever haha. Some people call me Queen, or Miranda.....just never Elsa XD XD I joined the forums way back in 2015 when Aveyond 4 was being released so I could keep up with all the character reveals and stuff, but I ended up fading out after it was released since I wasn't able to get ahold of the games on mac. Then last July {I think????} I discovered the wonders of Aveyond fan fiction over on Fanfiction.net and remembered seeing a fanfiction topic on the forums so I cam back to haunt the new forums and share random work. I am now an official lurker, I've been hanging around since returning and constantly spamming random stuffs in the topics because I can~ I mostly write fanfiction right now, currently have two long multi chapter stories posted here {One completed the other one still in progress} as well as a huge collection or random oneshots and story shorts. I also post artsy doodles and other random projects that I start before quitting to move onto the next shiny idea haha. Fan fiction is the one constant thing from me though, since writing is my life I have a large pile of favourite characters but the honourable mentions that I have spammed the forums with work for would have to be Mel and Gyendal because sarcasm and all powerful magic are a truly wonderful combination in a character I am a crackshipper, my shipping world revolves around MelxGyendal because it is awesome and hilarious, though I have much appreciation for lots of cannon pairings and pairings like RhenxLars as well Thats pretty much it about me, I love talking about Aveyond as well as other random fanstuffs so I'm always excited to meet fellow fans and chat, the forum is a wonderful place for that:D
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    I am at the moment acting like a total spazz in excitement:D I really wanted RPG Maker MV after finding out it could run on mac but with it close to being a hundred dollars it was more of an "ah I wish" kind of thing. Nevertheless I put it on my wishlist anyway, and yesterday evening I got an email from Steam.... Guess what went on sale for 26 bucks?? RPG MAKER MV!!!! I now have a shiny new program that I am going to have a blast learning:D It will donate to me many a day of frustration, rage quitting, and excitement
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    I got the scholarship this year. My teacher just told me that 10 minutes ago.
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    Honey Butter Chloe

    A Forum Game Project!!

    Teaser number one~! (I'm in charge of the overall game-making with the database plus the tilesets, while Miranda is working on the sprites and occasional tileset resources).
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    Hmm, let's see... 1. For the dark guild, I'd like to suggest maybe the Underfall Guild? I feel like Vampire Guild is too specific, doesn't allow for witches/necromancers, etc., but dark creatures of all kinds congregated in Underfall, including vampires. Druids and Dreamers sounds good for the light guild. What about the War and Magick Guild for the in-between guild (like the school in AP and AV3)? I like Warriors and Wildmages, too. 2. I'd probably join the dark guild. Bring on the spooooky! 3. Ooooh ooh! What if being in a guild meant you could put spells in your signature (or special moves, for fighters)? Like, you could have a guild tag image, and then "My Spells:" and then a list of appropriately themed spells with a cool icon to go with them? 4. Alas, I don't have enough time to dedicate to running a guild properly. ;-; But I would definitely be interested in helping out when I can (brainstorming for events, making guild- or event-themed images, etc). Maybe I could be a deputy or something? XD I would love to apply my skills to this. And I'd be happy to make stuff for other guilds, too. I just wanna make things! Speaking of that, I got excited and made a guild tag mockup for signatures/profiles... What do you guys think? Colors and names can be changed accordingly. I was trying to go for a sort of retro-rpg feel. Comments? Suggestions? Am I on the right path here? XD
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    Scrivener of the Gods

    Picturis Scribarum

    Sorry, here ya go:
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    LOL a gift for the dear @Mu11berry in honour of her death by spazzy phone. When impatient Aveyond fans get to story writing and one of the phones spaces out the only clear logical conclusion is that they have died and thus it only makes sense to make them a grave~ Beeeerryyyy is now a ghooooooost
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    *Ahem* Here is a thing which is not for the challenge which I just drew because I am obsessed and it turned out sort of cute but also the scanner messed up the colors a bit but it's okay, it's rhenxdameon so I still think it's cute, so here it is: Why are they adorable T.T
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    Aw, look at this dusty little art corner. Time to shake off some cobwebs, I think. To start, here's Talia Maurva, one of my favorite characters from AV1. This art was inspired by the Aveyond 31 Day Challenge, hooray! Also here's a pic of her butterfly minion:
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    I am supposed to have done several assignments, a slideshow, a paper, a story that I said I would finish by yesterday, and a collaboration fic with Scrivener that I have to get working on... and what do I write? Freakin' THIS. Anyway, if you're unfamiliar with the Bee Movie script meme, I suggest you look it up if you want to understand this ficlet lmao ***** When Ingrid walked into her house after a long day of potion-making, the last thing she expected to see was a room full of bees. Boyle seemed to be trying to coax them back into the empty beehive on their bed, but wasn't doing anything more than swatting around and flinching whenever a bee flew too close. Ingrid cleared her throat, and her husband leapt back several feet, knocking over a cabinet full of potion ingredients and miscellaneous relics from Boyle's villain days that he refused to part with. "Need any help?" Ingrid deadpanned. She considered casting a spell on the bees to make them attack Boyle, but she wasn't in the mood to take him a healer tonight. Besides, there was always the chance the spell would backfire, and she wasn't in the mood to have Boyle painstakingly pluck bee stingers out of her skin either. "Bees," was Boyle's only reply. Perhaps he was too scared of letting one into his mouth lest he say any more. A crackling ball of energy formed in Ingrid's left hand. With a flick of her manicured index finger, she directed the energy into the hive, and the swarm of bees followed suit. Ingrid folded her arms, shifted her weight onto one foot, and aimed an annoyed glare in Boyle's general direction while she waited for her husband to right his clothes and regain his dignity. He would need it in order to explain what in all of Aia he was thinking when he let a hive of bees loose in their house. "Sit down, Boyle," Ingrid began in her best don't-mess-with-me-or-I-will-hex-you voice. "Not there, sit on the bed, next to the bees. Now, would you mind telling me who or what put a berserk curse on you, because I can think of no other explanation of why you would bring home a hive of bees!" "I was thinking, since I'm 'retired' now, apparently, that I'd need a hobby. And what better hobby than beekeeping? I met this wonderful traveling bee salesman in the market today, and he told me all about the health benefits of honey, and how the bees are endangered. If bees go extinct the entire world supply of food could-" "You fool, that's just a marketing ploy to sell more bees!" "Don't be so cynical, Ingrid. He also gave me this beekeeping manual - free with the purchase of one beehive, I might add - and it's all right here." Boyle rummaged around in the folds of his villain costume and pulled out a small white booklet, which Ingrid promptly snatched out of his hands. "'Bee Movie Script'," she read. "What's a movie? Or a script?" "I don't know, but he said it fell through from a portal to another dimension." He took the booklet from her and flipped it open to the first page. "'According to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees do not care what humans think is impossible.' Isn't that the greatest opening to any literary masterpiece you've ever read?" Ingrid kicked off her boots and sat down next to Boyle on the bed. She rested her chin on his shoulder as she angled the book so she could better read this so-called 'script' "Let me see that...'Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow, let's shake it up a little.' Boyle, what kind of drivel is this?" "You have no taste in art. The main character - Barry, he's called - is a talking bee. He's trying to choose his outfit, but they're all black and yellow. Because he's a BEE." "A talking insect, eh? That's not that funny." Ingrid's face suddenly split into a wicked grin. "Unless it's that time I turned you into a bug. Now THAT was HILARIOUS." Boyle began to pout in that way he does when one of his evil schemes doesn't go as planned and he tries to hide it behind a facade of villainous anger, but just ends up looking adorable. "You're never going to let me live that down, are you? All these months, I support this house, and all you can do is-" "I'm the one who works. You're retired, remember?" Ingrid interjected. "But the name. MY name. The great evil legacy of Wolfbane has carried us-" "Your name is Pendragon, and I'm pretty sure the royal family officially disowned you." "Well. I just. You. You're married to me, so technically they disowned you too!" Boyle threw his hands up in exasperation, looking over at the hive of bees as if he expected agree with him. Ingrid sighed again. She would never run out of sighs as long as she was married to this ridiculous man, who kept evil thrones in his living room and brought home hives full of bees and scripts from parallel universes. But he was cursed to spent the rest of this life with her, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Ingrid suspected that it would be a good idea to invest in a bee-proof veil to attach to her hat. "Hey Boyle, want to read some more of that Bee Movie Script?" "Okay."
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    So I decided to do something fun and I have created an Aveyond youtube account!! I made it so that I could save all sorts of Aveyond related videos in one place for fellow fans to access easier, and I plan to create random fan trailers and potentially more types of fan videos too to post on it!! I would like to eventually get more people on management of the account so that other active fans in the community can post their work there too, but thats just a pipe dream right now haha. Zee youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtI0b0EXAn9ROJwIfmoyaaw?view_as=public
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    Moonpeace's edits/aesthetics/art

    Boyle aesthetic! He's my favorite character from Aveyond 4 so I had to make an aesthetic of him. It coincides with one of the last prompts of Queen-of-Ice's 31 day challenge, but I'm too lazy to count what day I should post it on...maybe I should rethink my decision to major in math I'll definitely make more AV4 aesthetics because I forgot how much I love the characters til now! I want to replay, but I still haven't finished AP, lolol