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    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Weelllll hello there fandom~ I'm back again. I forgot to share the thing I made for @Queen-of-Ice101 here so hi, I will do that now Inspired by Shattered Truths by Queen. The description of the armor near the end was A++++++, highly recommend, would read again
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    Submitted 1.06 to the asset store today. It should be up in a day or two. This was a huge update under the hood. Let's go through the changes. Release Candidate 1.06 Change List Previously, the physics systems were separated for player controller actions and movement-specific actions. This caused problems for hero objects with player controllers that needed to also process movement-specific actions. This has been fixed. All 3D player controllers use the same physics engine that all 3D movement actions use. All 2D player controllers use the same physics engine that all 2D movement actions use. You can now blend movement actions with your player controller actions. To test the new system, try adding a Jump action to a hero object that also has a player controller on it. Have the hero object jump when the spacebar is pressed to see how it works. I made some significant modifications to the 2D player controllers and movement system. 2D actions have been split into 2D Platformer and 2D RPG sections. 2D Platformer contains actions specifically for platformer-style games like Terraria with 2 directional movement and gravity. 2D RPG contains actions specifically for top-down rogue-style games with 4 or 8-directional movement. I've also reorganized the sample games so that you can see how to use player controllers for these types of games. Small, but significant fixes: You no longer need to Set Jump Surfaces action before you use the Jump action. It should just work now. We've fixed the model display problem in the State window in Unity 2017 with the help of the Unity team. This was a rather longer-than expected release cycle due to the refactoring of the entire HeroKit movement system. Future release cycles should not take as long. What's next? We're going to start building out the RPG system for HeroKit, update our 2D documentation on the site, and create a few of your must requested custom actions (color picker, Opsive's third-person controller, Opsive's UFPS controller).
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    New Year!!

    Happy New Year everyone! I’m on Pacific time, too, so we have a few hours to go. My resolution is to get at least one if my old games converted to Unity, create an RPG Maker like editor for HeroKit, and to take my workouts to the next level. Wishing you all a great 2018!
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    HeroKit Creator's Guide

    Getting Started HeroKit Components HeroKit Editor Hero Block Hero Object Hero Property Hero Action Hero Listener Menu Templates Troubleshooting
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    Ant's Journal

    All of the 2D and 3D movements have been refactored so that the physics in each action blends together with the others. You'll be able to use player controllers with special movements smoothly soon. The rest of this week is dedicated to cleaning up code and deep testing. I should have another build uploaded to the Unity store this weekend. There will be one more 2D build after this one that will include tutorials and a site documentation update.
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    Heya! I'm not exactly new, not exactly old, except kinda? I'll explain later but first of all, I'm PiPeter, and i started following Aveyond when i was 12 (6 years ago, darn i feel old). One of my dad's friends was a massive keyboard warrior and got me introduced to forums when i was 10 , and then eventually another friend of his introduced me to Aveyond 2. To be honest, i was AMAZED by the amount of english i couldn't read. However, I loved the game. It was visually appealing, and child me really liked the gameplay as it was my first RPG maker game. I did get stuck however at one point: The Beast's lair. Looking back now, I feel silly , because I kept thinking: "Maybe I can find dynamite in the house in the forest", "Maybe I can find dynamite in the city of love?". I remember having vivid hatred for the beast, because I found out later that he was hiding the dynamite, but i rage-quit the game without me even knowing the game tells you the beast has it. 1 year and a full playthrough of Bookworm Adventures later, and i went back to it. After trying 4 or so times, i finally got it and I finished the game. I then tried to 100% it over the course of many days and then I noticed something. When you start up the game, it said "Amaranth Games" (Which is what the site went by at the time). I decided to look into the forum part and I kinda liked it, so i made an account (Sorry @Aisling Yinyr Ngaio for making an account while 12), and I kinda liked it for a while, until the site sorta silenced out. I came back Once every year, followed the development of new Aveyond games aaand yeah . Aveyond was the main reason I didn't have to worry in English class, and my first introduction to RPG's. And that about sums it up. I used to have another account (PiePeter), but due to provider reasons, i lost acces to that e-mail account. So yeah, good day.
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    Guild Tags!

    Hey guys, I got the guild tags done! I made a big version and a small version of each. What do you think? Any suggestions are welcome!
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    New Year!!

    Happy New Year everyone! I'm doing my final project in the coming semester, so my resolution is get it as best as I can.
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    @Mu11berry's in-depth playthrough and commentary of AV2 has led me to do some thinking on my favorite and first Aveyond game, and I've come to a realization on why it stands apart from the other AV games (for me, anyway). Aveyond 2 is ultimately a story about building people up so they can help others heal. All of the games have this element of character development, but in AV2 it's literally the entire plot. In AP the 'collection quest' is building a weapon, in AV1 it's defeating the daevas, in AV3 it...jumps around a bit, but it's still focused on defeating Gyendal more than anything, and AV4 doesn't have one I think? But SotM is so different thematically from the others I'll just leave it aside. But in AV2, it's about restoring Iya's spirit, making the protagonist's character development and growing strength into something literal, rather than being about destroying or defeating a villain. And as far as the final battle goes, all the others are fairly straightforward - defeat the evil villain with the help of your party so good prevails. Not that I have any problem with this plot - it's a classic for a reason, after all - but it makes me appreciate AV2's final battle all the more. First you have to defeat the Snow Queen, the antagonist of the game...but you don't really defeat her, you redeem her. The Snow Queen is Ishtar, the nymph of compassion - which is exactly what Iya showed when she gave Ishtar the love blessing at the end. Ishtar took Iya's spirit, so now Iya has to give Ishtar her spirit before she can receive the final blessing and go home. See the parallels?? Giving, not taking or defeating, is the answer. And even Heptitus, the real 'big bad', isn't a standard villain either. As the nymph of wickedness, Iya needed her blessing to be whole again, just as much as she needed Ishtar's blessing. And as the nymph of wickedness, she's really expected to do these kind of things anyway And at the end, rather than punishing her children, the Goddess shows forgiveness and gives them an additional chance to redeem themselves. The characters in the party reflect this theme as well. Ean is the main character and party leader, but his main goal is to help Iya with her journey and to unite the kingdoms behind her. This struck me as odd to have a side-character as the protagonist, but now I realize it fits with the theme of supporting and building others up. Nicolas' story is almost a microcosm of the plot as a whole, since he grows so much as a person once he's exposed to the world. He wasn't really a bad guy - spoiled and selfish and naive yes, but not truly evil - but like Ean and Iya, his journey (and Ava, bless her) turned him into the best version of himself. It wasn't about breaking the haughty, it was about turning him into a better person. Aaaaaand I'll stop ranting now
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    Ant's Journal

    The rest of this week is dedicated to fixing bugs, migrating the creator's guide to this site (right now it's in a PDF), and releasing the final version of HeroKit for 2D and 3D. Once this version is finished, my focus will be solely on building the RPG Creator and creating your custom actions.
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    I have a feeling I may have said this when I did my annual Star Wars rewatch last year, but Rhen is totally Anakin Skywalker - chosen one, most powerful in their generation, became a slave and then earned their freedom after their power was discovered, goes on a quest to stop evil forces but then (in the 'bad ending' of Aveyond 1, anyway) ends up joining them. It all fits
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    Ant's Journal

    Finished refactoring most 3D movement actions. You will soon be able to blend your 3D player controller actions with custom movement actions like jump. Like with 2D, I had custom movements completely separated from the player controllers. Now the two systems work together. Going through the first series of testing today. I CANNOT wait to start building RPG-specific things for HeroKit. The time is almost here.
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    Ant's Journal

    Made good progress with the platform movement actions last night. Originally, the ability to control a hero object with a platform controller or via movement actions (platform movements) were completely separate scripts. I didn't like this because most of the code was the same, so I created a third helper script (movement2D) that contains all of the settings and functions that are needed by both platform controller and platform movement scripts. This is important because when something happens in the platform controller AND the platform movement scripts, the resulting physics needs to blend together. So far, the platform controller script is complete and I have "move left" and "move right" actions for the platform movement script complete. Next, I'm going to add "jump" to the platform movement script. This script will eventually contain additional platformer-specific actions (attack, defend, crawl, climb, etc). BUT, don't expect a bunch of these actions soon. I have to get the basic functionality complete for platformer movement and top-down RPG-style movement. The good news is that you will be able to add these yourself via your custom created actions.
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    Lest We Forget

    Lest We Forget
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    So I had two art pieces to share today but one of them was to fill the Aveyond prompt meme so I shared it in that thread but now I just have one piece for here so XD XD I should really plan these things better. Their first meeting, when he kisses her hand, and then she blushes, and he smiles~~ Argh it's so adorable, I cry a little everytime. It's just that she hasn't been complimented or respected like that for longer than a year and she's so precious and genuine, and this is probably the first time he has smiled in a long time, and they are just-- Perfect. P.S. Have some more sparkles
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    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Rodania Thank you!! I love all the fancy stuff you did with the text XD @everyone HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I have a thing to share with you in celebration of this most spooky of eves. Ahem !!!!! Aren't they so cute!! I mean terrifying obviously. I mean... I'd better shut up XD Anyway, their costumes were my roommates' ideas. My roommates know nothing about Aveyond and these were the suggestions they gave me so I obviously couldn't resist haha. I enjoyed drawing sulking Te'ijal and happy Galahad, they should do this more often XD And I have another non-Halloween thing for you guys too: I found a sparkly brush. I regret nothing. NOTHING. Here is Dameon holding Rhen because sometimes it's nice to have someone just hold you and listen and let you cry. And Rhen's been through so much and it was making me sad so. Clearly I had to draw RxD. I tried a new method for this. I traced over my sketch and then drew under the tracing instead of drawing right under the sketch so. Maybe I'll do this again, maybe not >.>
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    Introduce Yourself :)

    Thought I'd re-introduce myself again (formally) since I've went on hiberation for like 3 years (uni life devoured my teenage years why thank you) and I doubt anyone here remember me (or if they're still here lol and I totally should stop writing in bracketssss) Ahem, hi, I'm Meroko. In my early twenties rn. Am a dentist in the making. AV1 was my fave old school rpg and unsurprisingly it still is. Am also a huge fan of To The Moon, Ib, The Witch's House and almost every Japanese horror rpg (if you guys are familiar with vgperson and her translation works) I'm still in contact, on other social platforms, with some of my very best online friends I made here. It's amazing how friendships do last So yeah /off to explore the forums.
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    Ant's Journal

    Building the editor for the new HeroKit RPG menus. Getting the default structure in place right now. More to come soon.
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    Scrivener of the Gods

    Druids and Dreamers

    ~Welcome to the Light~ We are the ones who follow the wells of the Goddess, this guild is the home and solace for mages who work for the greater good. Those who join our ranks will have access to unlimited knowledge, freedom to create and share their great magical endeavours. Our members who move within our temples and hidden realms come and go as softly as the feathers of a baby dove, but do not think us passive, for the stars that make us whole are purely fire. We will not hesitate to destroy those who seek to harm the battle of the world. Our origin stretches even further then the memories of those who lead this guild, founded when Aia's days of eternal night were ending. Our first were cleansed of darkness by the twinkling of a thousand stars. Our mages come in as many beings as one can picture with even more specialties, but we are known to fall under one of three main rankings to which all other magic is classified beneath. Found in the depths of our library or flying through bright skies are those that wear their magical ability like badges of honour, elimnating any who would dare cross the Goddess, and helping the righteous. They are unrivalled in their knowledge and power of the most pure magic known to Aia. No curse cannot be destroyed, and no blessing removed. Only a fool would be willing to challenge the incarnate power of all creation. Yet even with these kindly qualities one cannot find a more vengeful mage within this guild. Priests and priestesses will end all that threatens the wellbeing of any innocents, especially those they most care for and for the cause that guides them. The Shadow Masters and Mistresses speak of being driven. The butcher drives, the shepard guides. Beings of pure dream for many, loved for their appearant presence and godly power, you’ll never see these formidable guardians watching. Standing apart by their very existence they live for the peace in the world, even if war must bringb it about. They are known for their miraculous capabilities that over the millenia make them some of the most knowledgable mages to walk in the light, and they do most when needed by many. However do not misunderstand their choice to serve all societies with weaknessed, for druids are some of the most protective. The best defense is a good offense. In a world where magic and mystique are the norm there is no other mage quite like those who use their magic to guide, provide, protect and create. These powerful beings have the unusual and unique skill of breaking the tapestry of illusion cast by those that seek to deceive and destroy. These mages can more often than not be found killing the nightmares of the innocent, and creating those for the wicked. With this power they are dangerous and ruthless enemies, but also the most loyal of friends one could ever want with their willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of those they love. The dreamers are truly skilled, the only ones able to keep safe the world of the sleeping and bridge the gap none other can cross. Do you feel the call of one of these? The beckoning you cannot resist? For those of you who are drawn to the light, who thrive surrounded by magic and purity, and who wish to protect the world from the most evil forces to influence the world, then become one with light and make yourself at home with us, we welcome you with open arms. Our Members, as of the date: He Who Speaks With Creation: @Scrivener of the Gods - High Priest @Mu11berry - Druidess of the Million Suns
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    A Forum Game Project!!

    Oh my GOSH, this is so cool. I wish I'd seen it sooner!! @Honey Butter Chloe, my personal philosophy is that if someone isn't paying you or relying on you to give them something, there's no need to apologize. You're working hard in your spare time; I know you still have school and stuff to deal with! You and @Queen-of-Ice101 have all my support!
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    MAPS, GUIDES ETC - The Darkthrop Prophecy

    Here are the maps for The Darkthrop Prophecy I had on my computer. They are not my work. I hope they help you. Almirk Jungle Ashera's Tomb Bluebeard Blueleaf Forest Clearwater Darkling Hall Demon Caves Demon Plains Dire Woods Dreamland Ghed'ahre Harakauna Marauder's Cave Marauder's Cave to Ashera's Tomb Mount Orion Mount Orion Cave System Mysten Far Riven Forest Sedona Shadow Aveyond Shadowwood Academy Sheian Lyr Thais Thais Castle Thieves Cave Thornkeep Thornkeep Well 1 Thornkeep Well 2 Underfall Veldarah World Map Wyrm Forest East
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    I don't need Rhen x Dameon... I need Rhen x Dameon.
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    So this is a fun little halloween doodle I did for Halloween:D I was bored and thinking about how funny it would be if one halloween Mel stole Gyendal's cloak an used it for a costume and then he found out and got all irked because he's all protective of his cloak and then decided it would be a blast to draw XD Isn't the best drawing I've done in my life but it was great for passing the time and sharing a laugh^^
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    FPS tutorial?

    Made the first portion of it. There are so many ways this could go. Let's start with bare basics. Download the ZIP attached here. Unzip project and import the unity package into your unity project (it's a sample game). In Unity, go to New Unity Project (HeroKit) > Scenes > City. Open this scene. In the Hierarchy tab, take a look at three things: Crosshair Canvas, Player, and Enemy. The Player and Enemy are hero objects. All of the logic is on the Player. Observe how I have these two Hero Objects set up. There is a LOT that can be done here, but this is the absolute basics. To play the game: Use your mouse to rotate the camera. Use arrow keys (or WASD) to move the player. Use the left mouse button to shoot. There is a red block in the game. If you shoot it, it will disappear. I'm going to put the final version of the tutorial on Youtube, but we have a ways to go. In the next update, I'm going to add fire animations, modify the camera, a few other things. If you have something specific you want me to add, let me know. Small steps to build something large and complex. FPS-Stage1-Tutorial.unitypackage.zip
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    Here is a prompt:D Elini is battling Ahriman who is trying to possess her to regain control of the daevas. However due to an accidental slip of tongue on one of the words...he is instead the one being possessed