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  1. Amaranth

    Hello. NoviceGameDev Here

    Hi roefu, Iโ€™ll send you a dm.
  2. Hello there! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I really appreciate all the work you've done, and you've inspired me with my writing so much. I owe a lot to you!ย ๐Ÿ˜ƒ My favourite Aveyond game is definitely Ean's Quest, and I loved the open choose your own ending/choices mechanic that was involved. I loved the characters, the music, the natural development, everything! I also love how Jack was incorporated into the game to not only tie into Ahriman's Prophecy, but to also serve a purpose helping Iya's party!

    Anyways, I'm sorry. I could fanboy about the games all day! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm currently making a short Pokemon challenge video on YouTube, (I record my whole Pokemon Adventure, then cut out all of the minutial parts so it's only one video). In my video, I found a Chimecho, but had a lot of trouble figuring out a nickname for her. I read on Bulbapedia that Chimecho had an amaranth-coloured pattern on it's body, which then led to me thinking of Amaranth, then Aveyond. So I ended up nicknaming her Aveyond!

    I would like to ask, could I please briefly mention/show a bit from the Aveyond games in my video? I will not be making any profit from the video, and I merely just wish to show support for a franchise that really helped me growing up. Plus, it will bring a lot more recognition to the Aveyond games!

    Anyways, have a good one! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Amaranth


      Thank you for the compliment! I loved working on the Aveyond series. You can absolutely use the content in your video. Can you post a link for the community when youโ€™re done? I bet they would love to see your work. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    2. Jhettsta


      Thank you so much! You're awesome! I really appreciate it. Of course I'll post a link up. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Also, if I may ask, one thing I've always been confused about. How exactly do you pronounce Ean's last name? ๐Ÿ˜… Is Okho pronounced like "Ock-hoe", "Ock-yoe", "Oak-hoe" or "Oak-yoe"? I've never figured it out. Please excuse me there! I should probably learn it before I accidentally pronounce his name wrong in the video!


  3. I love that old screenshot!
  4. was there an issue with the site? I tried to access it for a few days and it kept telling me site not available. Thanks!

  5. Amaranth

    Upgraded MySQL

    If anyone notices there are issues with posting, editing, reading, let me know. Everything should be fine... ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Amaranth

    Dear Aveyond, I will never forget you !

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support. I look forward to being inspired again. it was so much fun!
  7. Amaranth

    Unity 2018.2.6f1 HeroKit not Loading with Errors

    A simple fix IF you have access to the source code for this other asset is to move the offending CameraController class into its own namespace so that it is not overwriting the original one that comes with Unity. Out of curiosity, what asset caused this issue? It might be worth flagging this issue with the author.
  8. Amaranth

    Unity 2018.2.6f1 HeroKit not Loading with Errors

    Brandon, re-install HeroKit in a new project without any other third-party assets and let me know if you get the same errors. I looks like something is overriding the default CameraController class. If you would like, you can also PM me a dropbox link to your project so I can take a closer look.
  9. Amaranth

    HeroKit Listener UI - OnSubmit

    Fantastic! Iโ€™ll post this to our Facebook page.
  10. ย 

    I am not ablr to sell stuff from robins store. I was able to join 2 covens and problem started after quest given for second spell. Hope I can help. Thanking in advance.


    P.S. I am not able to email u

  11. Amaranth

    QTE and Multiplayer System

    Absolutely (on the formulas)! I will warn you that Iโ€™m taking a break from development until August/September (job/vacation stuff), but I canโ€™t wait to get back to finishing this feature. Multiplayer could be a huge project. What is most likely to happen is that I will let someone build out this feature and sell it themselves.
  12. Glad to have you onboard, Vog! Thank you for those links. From what I see, this should be an easy integration. In HeroKit, you can assign a model to a state. Your model (a prefab for your character) should have an animation controller and motion controller attached to it just as they appear on page 2 of the PDF guide (very nice, btw). Once youโ€™ve done this, and youโ€™ve configured the motion controller, everything should just work. If something doesnโ€™t work, let me know. If you need to update a property or variable attached to motion controller at runtime, take a look at these actions in core > script component. Let us know how things go!
  13. Amaranth

    RpgController 2D (script) is invalid

    @ChibaShouten, can you tell me which game object had the RpgController2D turned off? Was it the one that you wanted to destroy? I know you've found a workaround, but I want to make sure the Destroy Hero Object is working properly. That action should have deleted the game object from the Hierarchy tab, but it sounds like it may have done something else.
  14. Amaranth

    RpgController 2D (script) is invalid

    Iโ€™ll take a look at this tomorrow and see if there is some rogue code in destroy object.
  15. Amaranth

    Setting up a hero - Some questions of approach

    I think you're on target here, but you'll need to play around with the system to see what it can do for you. You can't have multiple states on one hero object running at the same time, but you can have multiple events inside a state active at the same time (you can turn them on and off with bools and integers). You should also be able to set up combos as you've suggested. Let me know how things go.