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  1. Amaranth

    Hello. NoviceGameDev Here

    Hi roefu, I’ll send you a dm.
  2. I love that old screenshot!
  3. Amaranth

    Introduce Yourself :)

    The last one got to 36 pages, so it's time to start fresh. Please tell us about yourself, things you like, and how in the world you found our community.
  4. Amaranth

    Upgraded MySQL

    If anyone notices there are issues with posting, editing, reading, let me know. Everything should be fine... 🙂
  5. Hi everyone, after you've played the game, we'd love to hear your feedback whether it is good, bad, or green. Also... how long did it take you to complete the game? Who was your favorite character? What ending did you choose? Share your stats!
  6. Amaranth

    Post art and resources here!

    Hi everyone, I'm going to phase out the Collegium. Go ahead and start posting your art here. If you have existing art in the Collegium feel free to re-post it here. If you need a place to upload your art & gets links, my advice = PhotoBucket.com.
  7. Amaranth

    Dear Aveyond, I will never forget you !

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support. I look forward to being inspired again. it was so much fun!
  8. Hi everyone, some virus protection programs have incorrectly added our games to their virus list. This is due to the 1-hour trial we attach to our games. You'll know if your anti-virus software added your game to the list because your game will suddenly be gone from your computer. To tackle the problem, I need anyone who has a problem with their anti-virus and one of our games to list the following things in this thread: 1) Anti-virus name 2) Anti-virus version 3) Game that anti-virus deleted 4) Date when the deletion occurred
  9. Amaranth

    Unity 2018.2.6f1 HeroKit not Loading with Errors

    A simple fix IF you have access to the source code for this other asset is to move the offending CameraController class into its own namespace so that it is not overwriting the original one that comes with Unity. Out of curiosity, what asset caused this issue? It might be worth flagging this issue with the author.
  10. Amaranth

    Unity 2018.2.6f1 HeroKit not Loading with Errors

    Brandon, re-install HeroKit in a new project without any other third-party assets and let me know if you get the same errors. I looks like something is overriding the default CameraController class. If you would like, you can also PM me a dropbox link to your project so I can take a closer look.
  11. Amaranth

    HeroKit Listener UI - OnSubmit

    Fantastic! I’ll post this to our Facebook page.
  12. Amaranth

    Get Scene Name

    Description Get the name of the currently loaded scene. Fields Save the scene name here - Choose the variable, global, or property that should store the scene name (string field B).
  13. Description Disable a component on a hero object, game object or child game object. Fields The type of object that contains the component - If the game object has a hero object attached to it, select Hero Object. Otherwise, select Game Object. The game object that contains the component - (Game Object) Choose the game object that you want to work with (game object field A). The hero object that contains the component - (Hero Object) Choose the hero object that you want to work with (hero object field A). Is the component on a child object - If you want to work with a component on a child attached to a hero object, mark this box. Name of child object - Choose the name of the child object (string field A). Name of the component - Choose the name of the component to disable (string field A).
  14. Amaranth

    QTE and Multiplayer System

    Absolutely (on the formulas)! I will warn you that I’m taking a break from development until August/September (job/vacation stuff), but I can’t wait to get back to finishing this feature. Multiplayer could be a huge project. What is most likely to happen is that I will let someone build out this feature and sell it themselves.
  15. Glad to have you onboard, Vog! Thank you for those links. From what I see, this should be an easy integration. In HeroKit, you can assign a model to a state. Your model (a prefab for your character) should have an animation controller and motion controller attached to it just as they appear on page 2 of the PDF guide (very nice, btw). Once you’ve done this, and you’ve configured the motion controller, everything should just work. If something doesn’t work, let me know. If you need to update a property or variable attached to motion controller at runtime, take a look at these actions in core > script component. Let us know how things go!
  16. Amaranth


    Font Patch Use this patch to correct your fonts if text does not show up correctly in Ahriman's Prophecy. 1. Download the patch here: http://aveyond.com/downloads/font_patch.exe 2. Put this patch in the directory where you have Ahriman's Prophecy installed. (same folder where RPG_RT.exe is at) 3. Double-click on font_patch.exe to run it. 4. Re-open game.
  17. Amaranth

    RpgController 2D (script) is invalid

    @ChibaShouten, can you tell me which game object had the RpgController2D turned off? Was it the one that you wanted to destroy? I know you've found a workaround, but I want to make sure the Destroy Hero Object is working properly. That action should have deleted the game object from the Hierarchy tab, but it sounds like it may have done something else.
  18. Amaranth

    RpgController 2D (script) is invalid

    I’ll take a look at this tomorrow and see if there is some rogue code in destroy object.
  19. Amaranth

    Setting up a hero - Some questions of approach

    I think you're on target here, but you'll need to play around with the system to see what it can do for you. You can't have multiple states on one hero object running at the same time, but you can have multiple events inside a state active at the same time (you can turn them on and off with bools and integers). You should also be able to set up combos as you've suggested. Let me know how things go.
  20. Amaranth

    First install - debug log

    Nope, those are warnings for small things (variable created, but not used). I’ll get those cleaned up in the next release.
  21. Amaranth

    Choises in dialogue

    @disya75, what version of Unity are you using? What version of HeroKit are you using? This message is directly tied to the new ability to save settings in the HeroKit settings menu. Can you open any HeroObject and click on the button in the upper-right corner? In theory, this warning should go away after you do this. If it doesn’t let me know.
  22. Amaranth

    Choises in dialogue

    I've updated the tutorial. Can you start from the beginning? Before you do, make sure to install the two unity asset packages I've attached to the post. One of them is a core script that needed to be changed in HeroKit. The new version of that script will ship with the next version of HeroKit (1.11). Let me know how things go.
  23. Amaranth

    Choises in dialogue

    @disya75, let's use these steps to add an extra button to the dialog box. If you need more buttons, just add more using the steps below. Step 0: Download the two attachments at bottom of this post While building this tutorial, I discovered there was some hard-coded stuff for the buttons in a core script. This has been fixed so that you can work with as many buttons as you want. The updated script (UIDialog.cs) is attached below. If you have HeroKit 1.11, you do not need to download this script, as it will appear in this version and greater versions moving forward. I've attached a sample working project with four buttons. I built this tutorial as I built that project. The attachments are in Unity Asset Files. If you download and click on these, the files will install into the proper locations in your currently open Unity Project. Step 1: Create Your Dialog Box with Extra Buttons Step 2: Attach Your Dialog Box to HeroKit Step 3: Create a Custom Action for Show Message Step 4: Modify the ShowDialogBFields script (add one button) Step 5: Modify the ShowDialogB script (add one button) And your done! Give yourself a huge pat on the back! Try out your new action and let me know if it works. herokit-dialogbox-4-choices.unitypackage herokit-uidialog.unitypackage
  24. Amaranth

    Custom Characters with complex animations integration

    Hi Skyrunner, I’ll send a PM
  25. Amaranth

    Custom Characters with complex animations integration

    Let me know when you’ve got it ready and I’ll take a look.