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  1. Ant's Journal

    @Duffer123, I've got a few answers and questions. I need to clarify on this. When you say passive, do you mean something that affects the target after the attack? For example, being slowly poisoned after getting hit with a poison attack? If not, can you tell me more about passive abilities? How does this sound: Optional animation to prepare ability Optional animation to cast I plan to use a radius, so a simple circle (see next quote notes). By chain effect, do you mean that an ability can trigger other abilities when used? For example, an ability called Icy Fire might first cause a fireball, followed up by an ice shard attack? II have a field called "How ability is used" with these options: Projectile launched at target (one target) Everything within radius around caster (multiple targets) Directly on target (one target) Will these work for you? If you need something else, can you give me an example scenario? I can add a target limit, but I want to make sure we're on the same page of thought. Conditions will handle this elegantly. You can attach them to an ability. "Pause time between use" field should cover this one. I've added notes about progression below and how I think it can be handle with less complexity. The base chance of effect is indeed something that can be passed into a formula. Not sure about progression. Let's discuss it below. This is something we'll need to set elsewhere because it's possible that different classes could require different min meters/stats, etc. Most likely, this will happen in the Class database. For example, a Wizard class might be able use a Firestorm ability at level 5, wisdom stat at 24. A Paladin might be able to use the same ability at level 10, wisdom stat 32. Class is going to handle a lot of things and this is likely to be the home for these settings. I like this idea. But I also see lots of complexity with this. Would this work: An ability has an exp meter attached to it. As you use the skill, the exp meter fills up. When it reaches max... You select another ability to take it's place. (example Ice 1 becomes Ice 2). This will give the illusion of a level system, but also give you more interesting ways to morph skills. And you'll be able to customize meters, stats, and formulas for each level of an ability. If we do this, I can add an additional ability type drop-down list. (Ex: Spells - > Ice 1). So, if you create Ice 1, Ice 2, and Ice 3, you would assign Ice 2 and Ice 3 to Ice 1 in the drop down list. Then, when you use a filter to search for anything linked to Ice 1, all three of the Ice abilities will appear. Maybe. Can you give me a scenario?
  2. Ant's Journal

    Targets are: Caster Other Characters Caster and Other Characters I like the idea of having a random target. I'll add these: Random (Other Characters) Random (Caster or Other Characters) @callmedan, can you tell me about the party system you plan to have with your game? Will it be one player party system? Multiple party system (like Aveyond)?
  3. Ant's Journal

    I've made a few changes to the ability menu. Added field: Time for incantation Added particle effect for projectile Removed variance (you can add it to formula) Removed stats (you can reference them via formula). If you want to temporarily change the stat assigned to the target, attach a condition. Added formula drop-down list. This list is attached to the new Formula Database, where you can create formulas to use with skills. Formulas are not defined yet. I want to build out more of the system before tackling them. The menu is getting quite long. I wasn't able to get all of it in this screenshot. If you can think of anything else you think should be added, let me know.
  4. Ant's Journal

    @ChiaPet & @Duffer123, I've been thinking about how formulas could be implemented and have an idea that I think will work. I'll post a WIP soon.
  5. Forum changes coming!

    @callmedan, I've added these to the site. You can find them in the emoticons under Aveyond.
  6. Picturis Scribarum

    Love them!
  7. Ant's Journal

    Finished first draft of the Abilities Database and Abilities Type Database. There are a lot of open variables here and I believe this will be one of the most complex menus in the entire system. There are a lot of things to think about, several which @Duffer123 mentioned: Who can an ability be used on? (caster, one enemy, multiple enemies, caster and enemies, etc) How can the ability be used (projectile? radius around caster? directly on target) Should a particle effect be used for both caster (the casting) and ability? Caster may need to have an animation play during casting. Casting may take time. An ability may need time between castings before it can be used again. I need to research particle effects to see how they can be used to send an event when they hit a target. Lots of stuff. Here is a basic look at what I've got so far. Keep in mind this is rough, rough draft:
  8. @AK-i, can you tell me more about the ideal character designer you would like to use? I would like to hear about issues you’ve run into. This feature is something that could fit nicely into the RPG Designer.
  9. Ant's Journal

    @Duffer123, items, weapons, and armor is stackable. Ammo always stacked. Can you give me an example for hero properties and variables? Right now, you can add variables to each database, but hero properties are reserved. Min stat requirements is going to be set via class, since some classes might have access to the same item at different levels, etc. Range is a good idea for distance weapons. I’ll add this to weapons that require ammo. Elements and all types are defined by designer. You have full control over weapon, armor, item, ammo, etc types. I’ll show you the main control panel soon where you can access all of these databases. I have been thinking about filters for databases, but this will come later. I have a few ideas, but thoughts are still simmering around how best to implement this feature. Looking forward to Abilities, too. Complex, but fun.
  10. Ant's Journal

    @Duffer123, glad you noticed ammo was missing. I've added an Ammunition Database and Ammunition Type Database. I've made ammo stackable by default. There is also now a field in the Weapons Database where you can mark the weapon as something that requires ammunition and the type of ammunition that the weapon can use. I want to keep this to one ammunition type for now (arrows, bolts, bullets). Actions field can be used to customize even further. An easy way to deal with ammunition might be to have a specific portion of the inventory menu dedicated to it. Maybe how you order the ammunition determines which is used first, second, third (if weapon supports the ammo type). Also added a wait between attack field in Weapons. Very much needed. Let me know if you see anything else missing. Up next will be Abilities. I'll have notes, thoughts, etc about them tomorrow.
  11. Ant's Journal

    Added the Armor Database and Armor Type Database. If you see something that you need, let me know. After I've finished the first rough draft of the RPG Editor, I want to go back and give you the ability to group armor into sections. But right now, we have lots of ground to cover. Next up is the Abilities Database (spells).
  12. Ant's Journal

    @Duffer123, absolutely. This will likely exist on the player (there will be a db for this)
  13. Ant's Journal

    @callmedan, Not dumb at all. I’ll also add a checkbox for this.
  14. Ant's Journal

    @Duffer123, I’ll add a checkbox for them tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.
  15. Ant's Journal

    I finished with the weapon type database and weapon database tonight. If you want to attach things like sounds and particle effects, you can do this in the actions section. If you've got any questions, post them. Note that I've added weight for objects and % of success to conditions. I haven't added a slot size modifier. Instead of doing this, I would like to have the size of the icon dictate how many slots are needed for an object. So, if you have some armor, it could take up 4 menu item slots if the icon is large. Or maybe a sword would take up two slots.