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  1. Ant

    Choises in dialogue

    @disya75, what version of Unity are you using? What version of HeroKit are you using? This message is directly tied to the new ability to save settings in the HeroKit settings menu. Can you open any HeroObject and click on the button in the upper-right corner? In theory, this warning should go away after you do this. If it doesn’t let me know.
  2. Ant

    Choises in dialogue

    I've updated the tutorial. Can you start from the beginning? Before you do, make sure to install the two unity asset packages I've attached to the post. One of them is a core script that needed to be changed in HeroKit. The new version of that script will ship with the next version of HeroKit (1.11). Let me know how things go.
  3. Ant

    Choises in dialogue

    @disya75, let's use these steps to add an extra button to the dialog box. If you need more buttons, just add more using the steps below. Step 0: Download the two attachments at bottom of this post While building this tutorial, I discovered there was some hard-coded stuff for the buttons in a core script. This has been fixed so that you can work with as many buttons as you want. The updated script (UIDialog.cs) is attached below. If you have HeroKit 1.11, you do not need to download this script, as it will appear in this version and greater versions moving forward. I've attached a sample working project with four buttons. I built this tutorial as I built that project. The attachments are in Unity Asset Files. If you download and click on these, the files will install into the proper locations in your currently open Unity Project. Step 1: Create Your Dialog Box with Extra Buttons Step 2: Attach Your Dialog Box to HeroKit Step 3: Create a Custom Action for Show Message Step 4: Modify the ShowDialogBFields script (add one button) Step 5: Modify the ShowDialogB script (add one button) And your done! Give yourself a huge pat on the back! Try out your new action and let me know if it works. herokit-dialogbox-4-choices.unitypackage herokit-uidialog.unitypackage
  4. Hi Skyrunner, I’ll send a PM
  5. Let me know when you’ve got it ready and I’ll take a look.
  6. Ant

    Make Projectiles and hit player 2D RPG

    Take a close look at the section called “Save the hero objects here.” It looks like you are trying to save the hero object you’ve hit into a variable that doesn’t exist. Tweak this and everything should run fine. I’ll add some clearer error handling for this.
  7. Ant

    Choises in dialogue

    I’ll have something to you by the end of this week.
  8. You should be able to add the prefab to a state and then have access via actions to the animation controller attached to the prefab. Can you take a screenshot of the prefab’s inspector tab? I’d like to see if the animation controller is stored there.
  9. Ant

    Make Projectiles and hit player 2D RPG

    It should be up now. Can you check? It usually takes 2-4 business days for Unity to turn asset updates live.
  10. I’ve added a plan here: If you have additional suggestions for how you would like your scenes managed, let me know.
  11. Creators may not want all scenes to apear in the scene list. Creators should have the ability to block HeroKit from adding scenes to the scene list. Possible fix: only include scenes in a specially named folder.
  12. This is by design so that you don’t have to worry about doing this, BUT I can see how this might pose a problem. I’ll change it so that it only pulls scenes from your HeroKit Project folder.
  13. Ant


    @callmedan, I think this would be a cool feature to have. After I finish the basic RPG features, I’ll see what I can do to make this happen or make it easy for you to create this.
  14. Ant

    [*] Change Start Menu

    coming soon
  15. Ant

    [*] Change Options Menu

    coming soon