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  1. Choises in dialogue

    You can do this by doing the following: customize your dialog menu (the prefab) to contain the total number of choice options you want available. (each choice needs a game object) create a custom action based on Show Message. Modify the Add Choices field to accept more choices. You will also need to connect these new game objects to the new choices. Try to build this, but if you get stuck, let me know. I'll have time this weekend to build something for you.
  2. Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    You are correct, @Specter. We used GitHub for version control.
  3. Aveyond Resources

    I had a bunch of them on RPG Maker Web. You might be able to find them if you search for Amaranth Games on that site.
  4. Picturis Scribarum

    I'd like to wield one of those!
  5. You can do this absolutely. Open the Project tab, Hierarchy tab, and Inspector tab. Open your Project tab and navigate to HeroKit > Hero Engine > Assets > Resources > Hero Templates > Menus In the Menus folder, you want to modify a prefab called HeroKit Dialog Box A. Drag this prefab into the Hierarchy Tab and select it. In the Inspector tab, mark the checkbox on the top right to make the dialog box visible in the scene. Make your changes in the scene. When you are done, return to the Inspector tab and unmark the checkbox on the top right and select the Apply button. I'm going to make this even easier very soon (by May 1). Here are the plans: In the HeroKit Settings menu, the default menu prefabs will be attached to form fields. You can replace the default prefabs with your own and the game will use these. I'm also going to introduce actions that let you swap between different menus on the fly during gameplay. If you get stuck, let me know. Also make a backup when you have created your menu. When you update HeroKit, it might blast the changes you made.
  6. Also, add an action so that people can swap forms when desired.
  7. There needs to be a menu where people can attach their custom menus. These menus will open instead of the default menus and the original menu actions should work with these new menus. Menus that need this support: Items, Journal, Save, Load, Options, Start
  8. There needs to be a tutorial to show creators how to modify and design their own dialog boxes.
  9. I discovered that if the onTrigger collider was attached to a model, the Hero Object for that model was not getting referenced. I've fixed this and will push an update the asset store today with a small feature change so you don't have to add an additional collider to a model that already has a collider to check for physical collisions. In the meantime, open your HeroKitCommonRuntime.cs script. To get this script, use the search bar in the Project Tab. It should come right up. In this script on line 1058, change this: hko = (collider.attachedRigidbody != null) ? collider.gameObject.GetComponent<HeroKitObject>() : collider.gameObject.GetComponentInParent<HeroKitObject>(); to this: hko = (collider.attachedRigidbody != null) ? collider.attachedRigidbody.gameObject.GetComponent<HeroKitObject>() : collider.gameObject.GetComponentInParent<HeroKitObject>();
  10. If On Trigger is set on visuals, the engine attempts to get the hero object from visuals child object instead of parent. Fix.
  11. Ant's Journal

    This week, I'm building the unit tests for the databases. Unit tests are a quick way to check to make sure that everything is working properly if I make changes to the system down the line. Getting ready to tackle the in-game side of development, but taking a breather this week. The databases were a big project. I'm looking forward to getting things done as I have game ideas that need this add-on soon.
  12. Hi everyone, between releases, I'm going to update this thread with where things are at in the development lifecycle every few days.
  13. @mal07095, I'll create a sample for you tonight.
  14. See below: https://forum.unity.com/threads/herokit-easy-game-maker-released.440703/page-2#post-3458819
  15. Roadmap

    The databases are 90% complete. I'm going to leave them this way until I've got the live scenes connected to them and working properly. I've updated the roadmap with new features and adjustments.
  16. Roadmap

    This roadmap is an overview of what we're working on next. Most of our time is going towards developing HeroKit RPG (the next version of HeroKit). HeroKit RPG will let you develop games similar to Diablo. We aim to make it as easy to use as the famous RPG Maker. ✔️= Done ⭐= In Progress Roadmap: HeroKit RPG - System Database (core values) ⭐ HeroKit RPG - Connect Character in database to Hero Object via Action ⭐ HeroKit RPG - Create core HeroKit RPG specific Actions for Characters HeroKit RPG - Connect Items and Equipment Databases to Items Menu (nothing complex) HeroKit RPG - Design nice RPG Menus (epic, to be split out when time comes) HeroKit RPG - Create more HeroKit RPG specific Actions for Items and Equipment HeroKit RPG - Connect Skills to Hero Objects (epic, to be split out when time comes) HeroKit RPG - Flesh out Formula Database and connect it to Characters on Hero Objects. HeroKit RPG - Character Database (heroes, monsters, npcs) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Items Database ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Affixes Database ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Sockets Database ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Weapons Database ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Ammunition Database ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Armor Database ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Abilities Database (fireball, triple slash, etc) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Elements Database (ice, fire, etc) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Conditions Database (poisoned, slow, etc) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Meters Database (mana, exp, health, etc) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Stats Database (strength, defense, etc) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Classes Database (mage, archer, etc) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Races Database (human, orc, etc) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Alignment Database (good, evil, orderly, chaotic, etc) ✔️ HeroKit RPG - Currency Types Database (good, evil, orderly, chaotic, etc) ✔️ Researching: HeroKit RPG - Quest Database (get milk, etc) HeroKit RPG - Loot Database (34 gold, 2 gold + 1 monster hide, etc) HeroKit RPG - Shop Database RPG Turn-based Battle Screen RPG & Crafting Menus Timeline integration Cinemachine integration Playable API Releases: Version 1.08 (March 1, 2018) Version 1.07 (January 2, 2017) Release Candidate 1.06 (December 3, 2017) Release Candidate 1.05 (November 8, 2017) Release Candidate 1.04 (October 24, 2017) Release Candidate 1.03 (October 9, 2017) Release Candidate 1.02 (September 19, 2017) Release Candidate 1.01 (September 1, 2017) Release Candidate 1.00 (August 10, 2017)
  17. Need to add important key fields to a main menu. For example, the Level meter is necessary if you want characters to only have items when they reach specific levels. This meter needs to be identified somewhere in the system. Same with any other important meters and fields (maybe currency?)
  18. Databases that can have a type need a way for the creator to only view items of a specific type in the menu view. (Items, Weapons, etc)
  19. Action Menu

    There are lots of actions and there will be more for each genre kit. A separate editor window is needed that will display actions based on which folders they are in. This window should open when the creator clicks a button next to the action field on an action form. Continue to allow creator to drag and drop actions as well.
  20. Ant's Journal

    @ChiaPet, you will absolutely be able to change the character name when desired. You can select as many starting abilities as you want. You can select which stats and meters the character will use, but the default values for these fields will be determined by the class/subclass/race/subrace. The highest value is used if these values conflict. Currently, I'm planning the next major phase of the project. There are odds and ends to clean up with the RPG databases (show items of specific type only) and a few open issues that I want to revisit after I've connected the databases to live game data (flesh out formulas and formula graphs). I believe I've found a very simply way to attach a character via hero action to a hero object. I'm looking at the idea from a few different angles this week and thinking about what could go wrong with this design. After things are polished up and I've created a way for you to connect a character in the character database to a hero object in the scene, I'll tackle a few actions specifically for HeroKit RPG (ex. change character name). After that, my focus will be on menus and then on skills. Skills may be complex.
  21. Need a way to work with dynamic formulas. (think curves)
  22. If a first value is not selected in a dropdown list, nothing is show in the field. Always show the first value in the list.
  23. Ant's Journal

    Okay everyone, here is the next screenshot for the Character Database. This is what you can do Select the character type. This could be hero, monster, npc, etc. Name & description Starting class (main class and subclass) Starting race (main race and subrace) Starting alignment Starting weapon and equipment Starting abilities. Starting stats, and meters (checkbox for the ones you want character to use) I've begun the process of refining the system. I'll be posting tickets in the bug reporting forum soon. There are lots of small details that need to be addressed. Also, I'm not 100% happy with how stats and meters are managed in the Character, Class, and Race databases. They will likely be tweaked.
  24. Ant's Journal

    The first draft of the Character Database is finished. It needs lots of cleanup. I'll be working on this next.
  25. Ant's Journal

    @ChiaPet, very good summary.