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  1. Hi everyone, between releases, I'm going to update this thread with where things are at in the development lifecycle every few days.
  2. Ant's Journal

    At this point, I’m not going to have affixes auto change the name of an item. I was, but the names could get very very long. So instead, the developer will need to follow a naming convention of choice when creating items. If I re-add the ability to generate random items, I’ll need to take another look at auto adding affixes specifically for those items.
  3. Ask Anything!

    I’d go to Tar Valon in the WOT universe and hang out in an Ogre Grove. You are trapped in a cave that may be the entrance to an ancient underground kingdom or the pit of doom. The entrance to the cave has collapsed. All you have is a stick, some matches, gum, and a knife. You have a small amount of magical ability of your choice. How do you get out?
  4. Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    Posting this to FB everyone. :-)
  5. Ant's Journal

    Are you guys familiar with relational and non-relational databases? A HeroObject has a non-relational database attached to it. It’s hierarchical. Instead of adding new levels to this hierarchy, I’m going to use a relational database structure to connect the non-relational databases. So, a group of fields in the affixes database will actually exist in another database called attributes. The attributes database will be linked to both the affixes and items databases. I’m going to test this tonight, but it should work. @Duffer123, affix type will determine what type of affix we are creating. If an item can have an affix attached to it, you can select the affix type. This will generate a list of affixes of that type. This currated list will appear in a drop-down list in the Items database. The details are still vague until I get affixes properly connected to items. The final structure will also be used for sockets and their attachments. You will get to add your own affix and socket types.
  6. Ant's Journal

    Glad to see you back, @AK-i. Hope the new job is a good one. I've created the Currency Type database. The first value in the list is your primary currency. Here is how you can assign currency to an affix: As some of you have mentioned, values assigned to affixes will also need to be available to items directly. I've been thinking about how to solve this problem and I think the answer is to modify HeroKit so that you can have properties under properties. I'm going to explore this issue over the weekend. @Zebbi, I also need to create another UFPS action, so that will be coming soon.
  7. Hi, these are false positives. Some overzealous antivirus vendors flag all products that use our DRM (used by many developers) as viruses. Windows Defender, which comes with Windows, is the antivirus tool I suggest using.
  8. Ant's Journal

    I'll get to the more complex stats soon. Right now I'll continue to clean up current fields. Tonight I created a separate database for Meters. Meters are stats like Health, Mana, Exp. Meters can have a base, current, and max value. Next on the agenda: Database for currency so you can change which currency (or currencies) to assign to an affix. @Duffer123 will meters work for your vitals? Next on the short list: elements (needed for resistances).
  9. Ant's Journal

    Guys, I've move stats into their own database. So now you don't have to have attack, physical defense, etc. You can have whatever you want. And you can add up to 20 of them. Check out how you can now add them in the Affix Database: Did you want to include Health and Mana as stats?
  10. Ant's Journal

    Can you tell me more about how you would like to see something like this set up?
  11. Ant's Journal

    @ChiaPet Here is a quick run through of your questions: Custom attributes: yes, this is something that needs to be added. Yes and this is VERY important. I will also be creating custom actions specifically for this system. @Duffer123 I've created a new database for Affix Types. You can now create specific affix types and assign these to affixes. I've also spent some time studying the Diablo 3 affix system. I'm getting rid of prefix and suffix (for now) and just allowing you to attach up to 6 affixes to an item. You will note below that you can't select an affix type yet, but this will change (I ran out of time tonight). Tomorrow, I'm going to update the database for Items so that you first select an affix type and then an affix that belongs to this type. Socket types will follow. The items database canvas layout looks a bit cluttered to me, so I'm also going to think about an easier to way to layout the fields. Maybe make sections collapsable, use stronger colors, etc.
  12. Ant's Journal

    You are correct, that should be prefixes and suffixes. They will both point to the affixes database. I’ll add the things that you need next.
  13. Ant's Journal

    Finished up for the night. Compound Items now work with affixes, prefixes, sockets in the Items Database. I'm also unlocking this thread if you want to add comments.
  14. Ant's Journal

    Here is a screenshot of the new Modifier Database. You can use a modifier as an affix or prefix. Affixes and prefixes can be attached to an item. Everyone who is interested in this feature, we will need to have a roundtable soon to discuss which fields you need for your games. I have added the fields I need for my games as a starting point. Today I'll be hooking up the modifier database to the items database so that you can build compound items. Once this is done, I need to add a States Database and an Elements Database. States will include things like Poisoned, Blinded, Silenced, etc. Elements Database will include things like Holy, Evil, Undead, Fire, Ice, etc.
  15. Opaline

    Let's discuss! ---DOWNLOAD GAME HERE--- The blight is rising and true heroes are needed to stop it! Gallow is a young boy that is pre-destined to become a True Knight, one of the world's most treasured titles. When he is summoned by the Crusaders and forced to leave his village of Hermon, the pain of losing a friend is too hard for Liza to endure, and she can't resist the urge to secretly follow him. But when a legendary monster attacks them both at night, she realizes that she, like Gallow, may also have more in her than meets the eye. Can the two of them have what it takes to preserve the world from the rise of the Blight? ---DOWNLOAD GAME HERE---
  16. Ant's Journal

    There will be separate databases for the types of items you can have. The first three will be: Items, Weapons, Armor. Right now, I'm working on the Items database. Yesterday, I added the ability to create three item types: Item, Compound Item, Random Compound Item. Here is an overview: Item - A simple item (no affix & prefix) Compound Item - You select a base item, a prefix, suffix, and sockets Random Compound Item - You select a base item and possible prefix, suffix, and sockets. If this item is obtained in the game, a random item will be created with the data you provided.
  17. Item Database - thoughts

    FYI that I'm working on this now.
  18. GetFloatField > Add Slider

    This also needs a field for the live action. Right now, only int is supported.
  19. Slider code was not in GetFloatField. Add this: // if this is a field, draw field (1=number) if (data.fieldType == 1) { //data.fieldValue = SimpleLayout.FloatField(data.fieldValue, 149); if (!sliderData.useSlider) data.fieldValue = SimpleLayout.FloatField(data.fieldValue, 149); else { data.fieldValue = SimpleLayout.SliderField(data.fieldValue, 250, sliderData.min, sliderData.max); if (data.fieldValue > sliderData.max) data.fieldValue = sliderData.max; else if (data.fieldValue < sliderData.min) data.fieldValue = sliderData.min; } }
  20. Ant's Journal

    I added a new custom action for UFPS called Create Moving Platform UFPS. Attach a hero object that contains this action to a platform that you want to move. You can find the action here: A few things to note that are covered in the topic above: You will need to create a path. You will need to comment out two lines in UFPS's vp_MovingPlatform.cs script. The next 7 days are devoted to the RPG Editor.
  21. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Jack is cute! Awesome stuff as always. :-)
  22. Roadmap

    1.07 is live on the asset store. This was a maintenance release. Release Candidate 1.07 Change List Finalized and cleaned up 2D support. HeroKit is now fully functional for 2D games. What's next? I'm building an RPG editor that plugs into HeroKit and building custom actions for UFPS and Opsive's 3rd person controller.
  23. Roadmap

    We use 2-3 week sprints to deliver new features for HeroKit. This roadmap is an overview of what we're working on next. Roadmap: RPG Editor - Layout design (working) RPG Editor - Affixes, Prefixes, Suffixes, Sockets (working) RPG Editor - Items Database RPG Editor - Equipment Database RPG Editor - Skills Database (fireball, triple slash, etc) RPG Editor - Elements Database (ice, fire, etc) RPG Editor - Conditions Database (poisoned, slow, etc) RPG Editor - Leveling Database (experience to get to lvl 1, 2, etc) RPG Editor - Classes Database (mage, archer, etc) RPG Editor - Hero Database (Rhen, Lars, etc) RPG Editor - Enemy Database (werewolf, zombie, etc) RPG Editor - Quest Database (get milk, etc) RPG Editor - Loot Database (34 gold, 2 gold + 1 monster hide, etc) RPG Editor - Shop Database RPG Editor - Races Database (human, orc, etc) RPG Editor - Alignment Database (good, evil, orderly, chaotic, etc) RPG Editor - Damage Database Researching: RPG Turn-based Battle Screen RPG & Crafting Menus Timeline integration Cinemachine integration Playable API Releases: Version 1.07 (January 2, 2017) Release Candidate 1.06 (December 3, 2017) Release Candidate 1.05 (November 8, 2017) Release Candidate 1.04 (October 24, 2017) Release Candidate 1.03 (October 9, 2017) Release Candidate 1.02 (September 19, 2017) Release Candidate 1.01 (September 1, 2017) Release Candidate 1.00 (August 10, 2017)
  24. Steam game explosion looks like it's starting to wind down. http://steamspy.com/year/ In a few months.
  25. Ant's Journal

    Things have been a bit slow with the holidays, but I'm more than ready to get back to work. I've cleared my desk of 2D projects with the submission of HeroKit 1.07 to the asset store and the installment of this tutorial: Now that 2D is finished, all of my focus is on RPG Creator and whipping out a few custom actions for UFPS and possibly Third Person Controller. Add/Update Color actions will also be added to to HeroKit core, but I'm waiting to implement this because there are likely many places Update Color can be applied and I'm making a list.