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  1. The link between Acropolis and Underfall is clever, even though I've no idea in what manner this info is supposed help us learn anything useful about those two cities. As for the Greece-inspired names and alleged deities found in Aia, I don't really see the point in asking why they should exist in the Aveyond-verse: it's like reading a heroic fantasy book with different species -including humans- and asking : "Assuming Earth doesn't exist in this universe, why should Earthly creatures like human beings exist there ?" To me, the moment you start talking about fantasy, you should be able to assume anything is possible. I'm with d_a on this one. First of all, the only God that has actually appeared so far is Haurvatat; plus she appeared only twice, and in front of a hero party that was on a mission to save the world. From that basis we can't really say or even assume that she does that very often (I, in any case, would rather be tempted to say that she appeared because of exceptional circumstances -i.e. the fate of Aia resting on the shoulders of a teenaged swordsinger and her companions- ). Before Aveyond II, we've had no signs of miracles happening thanks to the Goddess, and before Av III, nobody seemed to know there ever was a link between the Goddess and the Oracle. And as far as I'm concerned, we do not know either if anyone in Aia has ever seen the Goddess in her true form. Now, if you put a bit of everyone's theories together, you'll find that: -the cult of the Goddess may or may not have stopped in Thais after Ahriman destroyed the Mainland (we don't know about that, since the absence of statues or churches doesn't necessarily mean the cult was totally abandoned). -there are multiple explanations as to why the old gods -even if they were real- were ditched in favor of the Goddess (If you didn't get them, then I suggest you read the last posts again). @d_a: I like your avatar theory and I think it actually fits the 'almighty' status of the Goddess better than mine (which is based on the assumption that her power mostly depends on her own creatures... which is kind of lame for an supposedly almighty deity, when you think of it xD ). Your Demon Realm theory, I found it even more interesting, since it more or less takes the opposite view most people's (including myself) idea of a demon. TBH I never really thought of them as neutral with a "dark element" rather than "inherently evil". I do remember about Aveyond being the link between the Realm of men and the Demon Realm that shall never be severed. But with my very "Abrahamic' vision of demons as you said it, it didn't explain why they of all creature would worship any god -even if said god happened to be their creator. But yeah, either way I think that ying-yang story makes sense and is quite original !
  2. @Indra: Aveyond is indeed a huge cultural and religious mess, but I don't think it's that illogical. After all, many beliefs coexisted at different stages of human history. As a matter of fact, peoples on one side of the world worshipped different gods than those of peoples from another side of the world and polytheistic, monotheistic or even animistic religions from different cultures often mixed up (eg. Isis the Egyptian goddess, who was adopted into the Greek pantheon in late Antiquity -fun fact: the name "Isidora" litteraly means "gift of Isis" and has greek roots-). And let's not mention all those ancient civilizations whose beliefs have been forever lost or long forgotten, in favor of the emergence and then the precedence of monotheism over polytheism. If we try and apply those events to the evolution of Aia in terms of religion, we could come up with something like this (do NOT take my word for it, it's just a messy theory) : -------------------------------WARNING: HUGE RAMBLE BELOW----------------------------------- *AP: The Goddess is worshipped on the Mainland, possibly the only region of Aia where she decided to reveal herself, thus leaving the rest of the world -including the Aristha Isles and maybe Eldrion- in the ignorance of her existence (we could make here a comparison with the God in the Old testament, who chose the Israelites to be his people and led them to the promised land, where pagans worshipped other gods). Which may explain... *Av1 (the "odd ball", as D_A rightfully calls it): The Mainland was obliterated by Ahriman and the cult of the Goddess never reached the Isles, where people have therefore continued worshipping their own local deities (no valid comparison with any religious text, here, since 90% of the "Chosen people" of Aia have probably been killed; I'm just pointing out the fact that in other parts of Aia, people are still unaware of the Goddess's existence, pretty much like many peoples all over the world didn't know about the one and only God of Israelites, and just kept on worshipping their own). Thais and Mysten Far are the only remaining places of the Mainland. The priestesses live secluded from the rest of the world, and the Thaisian survivors are too busy rebuilding their city and struggling for life -between the wasted lands that are very likely to be non-farmable and the frequent attacks of demons since Ahriman released his daevas- to bother rebuilding a church or re-sculpting statues to the glory of a Goddess who let the Dark Lord destroy their lands. Yet,there's an Oracle in the Aristha Isles, assisted by druids and priestesses, trying -I think- to maintain balance between good and evil. Among other things, we learn throughout Rhen's quest about the existence of other deities beside the Goddess, such as Haurvatat (real: appears twice) or Ahurani (mentioned only), and who could be either lesser deities under the rule of the Goddess, or ancient deities whom the Aristhan people always worshipped. I've often heard and read that gods take their power from their worshippers' faith in them, which roughly means that any god would be powerless in a certain place so long as there's no one in there to believe in them. My point being, the Goddess, IF she and the Oracle are one and the same, may only work as an oracle -and not a full-fledged major goddess- in Av1 because no one in the Isles knows/believes in her. Haurvatat, as opposed to the Oracle/Goddess, might be able to appear in front of the hero party and bless everyone exactly because there are people who worship her (maybe even among the heroes themselves). Anyway, moving on to... *Av2: Back to basics: the rightful heir to the throne of Thais came back and with her the faith of the Thaisian survivors in the Goddess. Temples and statues were rebuilt, the cult restored and exported to the Aristha Isles -where Queen Rhen Pendragon grew up and which she decided to establish long-term trade relations with- and maybe Eldrion (if Eldrion already existed). The Goddess took over the Aristha Isles and pushed the Isles old gods into the background, eventually. Over time, people have ditched the old beliefs and forgotten about vampires and whatnot (another biblical comparison: in the New Testament, the apostles travelling all around the Mediterranean basin -Asia Minor, North Africa, Europe etc- and even to India to preach the Good News, converting little by little more and more people to christianism) (apart from the emergence of christianism, polytheistic religions have gradually shrunk and disappeared in favor of the major monotheistic religions that are islam, christianism and judaism. Back when I was in high school, our philosophy teacher told us about the men sacrificing their old gods for one, unique and almighty God. In my opinion, same thing has been happening in the Aveyond-verse over the centuries) Which finally leads us to... *Av3: In line with Av2, the Goddess has remained the main deity, in the Mainland, Eldrion AND the Arishta Isles. Ancient deities have definitely been ditched for good and now all there's left of them would be blessed items, whose history no one living remembers anymore. Civilizations like the Amazons' descendants from Veldt MIGHT have disappeared, and tombs of old gods -i.e. Ashera- and abandoned druid shrines may be only here as a reminder to the people of Aia that the "Mother of all" has taken over and is here to stay. On a side-note: I had quite a WTF moment when I first saw the statue of the Goddess in the Demon Realm. I was like "How could demons even worship anything ?", and when I realised you had to steal from the donation box to get luck, I thought that maybe the statue was just there to mock the Goddess or something... But that's just me. And that has nothing to do with the rest... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My, that was long... ((to answer your off-topic question Indra: I've read somewhere on the forum that maybe the Mountain King might enjoy playing around with Aian regions' topography every once in a century ))
  3. Acropolis, with its name and architecture, might indeed be intended to remind the player of Greece, therefore the acropolis-i priests/mages (rather priests than mages, I'd say, since we're talking about blessings) explanation could work. The only problem is Archimedes and Zeus mail and Apollo bow are all in AvII and AvII only, which means we would have to assume Acropolis (or even Eldrion) already existed before AvII and III. Or, like d_a suggested in an earlier post, Zeus and Apollo etc. may be minor/local deities worshipped in one or several places of the Mainland after its "reconstruction", which fits more the item-blessing story, imo. From that basis, many explanations are possible: either the belief has been imported from the Arishta Isles (where there seemed to be no traces of any cult of the Godess) or from Acropolis (assuming the fact that Eldrion does exist during/prior to the events of AvII) or whatever. A little something that might mess things up even more than they already are: I was curious about Ashera's Tomb and where that name could have come from, so I looked it up on Google and I found that Ashera(h) happens to be a mother godess of Semitic mythology, who used to be linked with the cult of Yahweh (national God of Israel) and was believed to have inspired/been equated with goddesses from other cultures (Hathor in Egypt and a certain Ashira in Arabia, among others).
  4. I like Bushitto's face and the fact that he (with his sober clothing and apparently more reserved and cool-headed look) is actually the main hero rather than the flashy "Nobunaga-esque" Shinoki guy. As for your chibis, I'm totally digging those funny poses, especially Toyotomi's, haha (this one just made my day ).
  5. @d_a: Haha, your helmet just looks so freaking great (same for your jacket). Are the fish and the tiger just plain statues or do they actually have some kind of interesting backstory (like why they were built, if they have an important meaning) ? And that katana you're holding; is that a real one ?
  6. That AU sure looks, well... AWESOME (and extremely funny)! And Ahriman queen bee/captain cheerleader of Aveyond High with Lars supposed to be his boyfriend, that just cracked me up. You definitely need to write something out of it, that story's way too fun.
  7. @Mopiece: Oh I'm not upset about this, I just used it as an example to prove my point, which is whatever huge happens in America will instantly get more coverage than any other big event around the world, be it unusual or "daily news" (and indeed, the situation is very unstable in both Iraq and Syria, but we can't talk about an "Iraqi civil war" yet: you don't really have a combo of car/suicide/roadside bombings and shootings causing so many deaths and injuries everyday in Bagdad, even though attacks remain common in that part of the country). It actually makes sense to me too, that the Boston events were more talked about; just not exactly for the same reasons that it makes sense to you.
  8. I don't think the "inherently evil" explanation works for most people having a grudge against the USA (or countries refusing to establish dialogue with the USA, for that matter). I see it from the point of view of a non-American person, so our opinions might differ. But as far as I'm concerned, the general mistrust felt by many people around the world towards America is rather due to certain things said and certain decisions made in the past and the present, which generetad not only hate but a very strong rancor, same rancor that gave birth to organisations like Al-Qaida in 88 (after the invasion of the country by the URSS military forces). I'm French so I only know the bare minimums about the US military policy, but I think there are quite a few examples to illustrate my point; like Bush's "either you're with us, or against us" speech followed by bombings in Afghanistan in 2001, the "axis of evil", the "rogue states" declaration, the shift towards a unilateral policy (among other things, the war in Iraq without the consent of the U.N), the decision not to withdraw troops from Iraq after Hussein was eliminated, the story about those WMD's in Iraq that many considered to be a pure means of justifying the war etc. Add to that the number of civilian casualties caused by those wars. What I mean, is that some countries bear a strong grudge against the USA, or simply fundamentaly disagree with American foreign and military policy too much to accept any contact. In some of those countries, there are people that will feel angry and bitter enough to allow themselves to be corrupted by terrorists' twisted values and principles, or even create their own terrorist movement. Besides that, America not only is a superpower but also has significant ideological dominance over the world: when something big happens in the USA, the entire world knows it by the end of the day (9/11 or more recently the Boston bombing; people will remember the 15th april 2013 as the Boston bombing day, when meanwhile in Iraq bombing waves killed 55 and caused 300 injured less than two weeks before the 1st elections since the withdrawal of US troops). Basically, terrorism means using people's terror for one's own benefit, often through violence. My point being, an attack that will best serve their purpose (whatever that is) will be an attack against America ("The World's Police" ), sadly. And to go back to what I said in the beginning, I'm not convinced even terrorists (or at least the leaders of those terrorist movements) trully consider the USA evil, but rather use it as an excuse for justifying their actions (like islamist terrorist groups use the Coran and twist its meaning solely to serve their own purpose). PS: Oh and to answer the question of the topic: as to WHY terrorism exists, I've no idea, but what I know for sure is that it's 99% of the time linked with greed and a lust for power.
  9. I've no idea what the model for your drawing looks like, but your WIP looks great. I imagine the actual colors of the bird are brighter than that, but it doesn't really matter. Looking forward to seeing the finished version No much to say about your sprite, except that it looks fine. But yeah you're right, they don't look creepy at all xD. Maybe a paler skin tone and wall-eyes (kids with pale skin and wall-eyes are always scary, lol) ? Don't know...
  10. @Blurble (just realised that I've been forgetting the first "l" all this time, haha): I think I get what you mean. I do understand the reason why forcing an unwilling woman's hand, and not the other way around, has been established as a taboo, and the fact that said taboo turned out to be an actual means for women to protect themselves against such harrassive acts, no problem with that. The thing is, in the context of the Aveyond I, I went on the assumption that the girls of the hero party are part of those "few" women who are actually able to physically (if not magically), push off those kind of over-zealous men (which, as a matter of fact, is true, when you take the game for reference), AND that their male comrades are fully aware of this and thus realise that those girls are, by extension, also able to force attention on them or any other man if they ever feel like doing so. That's why, in spite of the seemingly funny side of Elini's or Tei's actions (using a love potion a.k.a depriving someone of their right to choose who they would -or wouldn't- want to spend the rest of their days with / stealing a man's soul and using it to blackmail said man into marrying her), the whole thing just disturbs me a little, when I look back on it now. Aaand, I'm off topic. Again. Anyway, about Saurva: nothing complicated about him, really. The playboy-ish, sweet-mannered kind of guy. Mastered the art of smooth talking (which he takes great pride in) and prefers using words when possible rather than wasting mana (quite unusual among the daevas, and among demons in general), even though scorching everything within a radius of 10 miles when he feels like it doesn't hurt from time to time. His natural craftiness and skills in verbal persuasion led him to be over self-confident and consider himself the smartest daeva in the room, when he's in fact not as smart as thinks he is (he's undeniably intelligent, though). Well, good luck with all that!
  11. Totally agree with Burble on this one: the fact that Tei'jal is a girl implicitly encourages us to think of her harassing behaviour towards Galahad as something not only acceptable but even funny & cute, when it's actually just as creepy and disturbing as male Tei'jal's advances. I kinda felt the same way about the Elini/John couple(even though it's a bit... okay, way more subtle): Pirate John may be a womanizer/Casanova/lady-killer/whatever, he still doesn't wan't anything to do with a Veldtorian woman, which of course didn't stop Elini from chasing after the guy... and eventually using a love potion on him when all the rest failed. Way to go, girl. Well, the genderflipped version most certainly differs from the original pairing (since men's status in Veldt is very different from that of women) but, yeah... That's just my two cents. In any case, it's a good thing that genderswap project thingy helped to point that out, imo (and thank you Kirroha for having the idea!). By the way @Burble: Your analysis of the R/L dynamic shifts brought by the gender flip is very accurate, interesting and easy to comprehend. Plus, I really really enjoy your writing style: fresh, lively, modern... And it fits the "sort-of-medieval/fantasy" setting of Aveyond surprisingly well (and yes, I read your R/L long fiction too, and I loved it). Looking forward to reading more from you ! PS: Could you write a little ElinixSaurva (like, the first time she summons him)? If you need a little help: I like to think that she often trains on her own, away from the other members of the party, especially when she wants to practise controlling a daeva she's recently defeated/learned to summon (because daevas are, of course, harder to control than lesser demons). In my mind, there are two types of summoning: -the "material" one: when the summoned demon appears in his physical form and full possession of his powers. -the "spiritual" one: when the summoner only invokes the "spirit" of the demon, spirit being just a fancy way of calling the magical powers of said demon; the body of the summoner then becomes the vessel for those powers. Less powerful than the first one but a cool alternative for unpredictable/very-hard-to-control demons. Depending on the type and number of demons you wish to summon, you might want to use either one on the other... Aaaand that one info was completely useless.
  12. Even though eyes aren't easy for you to draw, you should force yourself to do them: you can only improve by practising :b The shadows are fine, but you should try and do like d_a did with your first drawing: use a wider range of colors when you do the shading to add more contrast (don't know if that's the right way to say it) and also add highlights (to make it look more tree-dimensional). Other than that, it looks great... AND the kanjis and hiragana are well written imo. x)
  13. Aaaah, so much cuteness and colors in all your drawings: I love it! My favorite is definitely your OC Avera (or Areva?)
  14. @SilverDragon: I have to say I agree with d_a; I don't think anybody, especially not a beginner, would get any sort of tips from those amazing artworks (not without WIPs and some annotations at the very least). ^^ @d_a: Haha sorry; I didn't know exactly what you found weird about the kanjis, so I assumed it was the way they were superposed that bugged you. Well not everyone knows how to write kanjis properly (strokes order etc). Even so I think Mero' did relatively well (I mean you can recognize the the kanjis when you know them).
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