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  1. It's the 3rd quest from Lorelai. I'm supposed to deliver her letter to the guard tower in Windshire but when I go there nothing happens. I'm talking about the building next to the prison, I tried visiting all other buildings but I got nothing as well...so what do I miss?
  2. OK, that is weird but it worked thanks Mopiece it still doesn't explains the situation with my blocked password though >.<
  3. You need to travel through Dragon Wasteland to get there, it's a desert looking place with centipedes that move on the map.
  4. Here is what pops out when I click and I tried all three links, I went to their site, entered my ID and password again and got the same result which ironically is not result at all. Don't know what happened, I sent a message to kingdom support with some info on the purchase and hope it'll clear the issue. The thing is I really don't have much free time so it is annoying that I can't play when I'm free >.<
  5. Great! For some reason my downloads are blocked..I'm so disappointed right now..wasted 20 bucks..great
  6. No, nothing. :/ well I bought it hmm..*checks e-mail* Dec 11th...and I think I downloaded from the 1st link from those three...I don't know how that helps cause I think the game is the same on all of those Sorry for the double post, Can't delete the previous one XD take care of that pls Fixed for you. ~Mopiece
  7. Oh Arggie, I think I figured out what was wrong :/ I think I have a huge bug. Here is the screenie of my cave...it is the same but it doesn't contain a chest or button :/ I wonder how is that possible
  8. yep I've missed a cave that makes sense and sorry Mopiece,, I didn't think that word was swearing >.< Thanks a bunch :3
  9. Hmm I really can't see anything, was there again. Can you post me a screenie or something? lol Sorry and thanks Arggie
  10. Well, I might be blind, or just tired but I just can't find that button for unlocking the door with bones. How many caves are there? Because I've been in three and no button there. Am I missing a cave?! Cause I've searched like 100 times and still can't find another one, and I've been stepping on every millimeter in those three caves and nothing...It's kinda frustrating cause I solved everything so far without visiting these forums...and now I'm stuck on something like this..darn Please remember that even minor swear words aren't allowed. ~Mopiece
  11. *waves* Hi..... everything is so confusing here :/ Well some of you know me, some don't, I'm one of those older members..not just in age but oldies on AM too Just came to see what's going on. I'm preparing myself for the new Aveyond by replaying all of the previous games, including AP, so I thought to visit this place that's kinda confusing for me right now
  12. *coughhiddenpassagethroughthewallcough* ...if I remember well XD
  13. You can get a walkthrough here if you are lazy to try it by yourself XD http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=18947 I'm 3 endings away from completing the whole game and I'm loving it..after that I'll write a short review
  14. I LOVE THE GAMEEEE..I got only 17 endings so far XD *off to play more*
  15. FINALLYYYYYY!! AZURE STRIKES AGAIN! I'm playing it..since I've played the demo before I love the changes mehahha can't wait to see more <3
  16. YAY!! This is one of the best RPG games I've ever played and it's totally free. Awesome characters and it's super interesting, I loved every second of it. I've opened a thread myself but it was merged with the game club *sighs* Personally I didn't mind the walking through tiles etc..because this game is free yet we have expensive games full with bugs so I have no idea what the big deal is. This game offers an adventure to it's players like they haven't seen in a long time. Keep up the great work! You should think about making a commercial RPG game (I don't want to start about some RPG games making and selling companies) I'd gladly spend my money on it!
  17. 1. Eannn... I don't hate Ean. I actually can't figure why people always talk bad about him. Ean is very different from other characters so it was kinda refreshing to see someone so simple like him. It's a character that you don't see like a main in a game so probably that's why people aren't fond of him. I like him because of that. Also I don't know why people don't like AV2 and call it weakest in AV series...I actually think AV3 is the weakest cause it doesn't bring anything new and the characters are just uninteresting. 2. I think that people are aware of monsters. There are NPCs in some towns that are telling you to beware cause there are monsters and things.
  18. Buahaha these episodes are getting more and more fun..can't wait for another one XD I can't stop laughing about the spam bot that mentioned viag... XDDD
  19. Swedish! Sadly there's no interest about Scandinavian languages here in my country so there are no language courses but if I have a chance I'd choose Swedish.
  20. So it's finally out!I really enjoyed Deadly Sin 2 and I have no doubts tat I'll enjoy this one too ;)For now I'm downloading the demo but I have no doubts that I'll buy it..as soon as I get my payment XD
  21. I just saw him on fb what a cutie pie ♥ I'm happy for you and your wife Arggie, I know that you longed for a child a long time ♥ And finally he's here The cutest baby on the planet ♥ Congrats )
  22. well if you see my review about Arevan:The Bitter Truth here on AM, you'll see that the only thing that bothered me was the story which took a wrong turn somewhere in the middle so that's why I've never finished your game and the spinning maps without any special purpose. I can handle the spinning maps but I can't handle an uninteresting plot. I've enjoyed games with bad graphics but great characters and story and I've left games with beautiful graphics because of the dull characters and uninteresting plot. Like Ivanna, Mopiece and iPink, grammar and spelling bugs can turn me off as well. I love great maps and music, but they are only on last place, because like I said if the story or characters are not interesting, it can be the game with most beautiful graphics or music in the world but I won't play it.
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