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    Come with me. We'll leave here... We'll escape from this world.
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    I often need someone to be the void in which I scream about my love for Aveyond.

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  1. Omg! Can you guys imagine what an Aveyond-themed Halloween party would be like? :rhen_omg:

  2. I love your header! :kawaii-wave:

  3. The things I would do to go back to 2008 and stay there forever... :rhen_sweat:

    1. NickyLOL48


      Sometimes me too, but after all, I was 6 back then and phones were built to last! XD

    2. lovely-girl


      That's the point! We were so young and had nothing to worry about. 

  4. I don't know how I'm supposed to motivate myself to go through another semester... :rhen_sad:

  5. lovely-girl

    Remembering Aveyond

    That's really cool!
  6. lovely-girl

    Remembering Aveyond

    Hehehe I know right! Thanks :3 She's also on here, her username's dark-witch. I think you can find her in my followers. I think she forgot her password or something though so she hasn't been on here since 2014, but I'm always updating her . One thing I also love about Aveyond is how our fan base is small, not overrated, but it brings us together
  7. lovely-girl

    Remembering Aveyond

    my sister and I used to play it together so we both helped each other with everything! I remember we also used to take turns on reading
  8. lovely-girl

    Remembering Aveyond

    I was 9 years old when I first found Aveyond (20 now) on a game website somewhere between 2006-2007, and nothing's ever been the same since. It was Aveyond 1, I was (and still am) so fascinated by how everything about it and how the storyline was so different compared to any other game I've played before. I remember being terrified every time I was in Thornkeep because of the earthquake the Snow Queen and her husband used to cause and so many more great memories. I never got to finish Ahriman's Prophecy which is still on my bucket list, but I just can't get around using the keyboard battle on there. AV2, AV3 and AV4 are also amazing. However, AV1 will always have a special place in my heart.
  9. lovely-girl

    Remembering Aveyond

    You should definitely try finishing Aveyond 3! I loved the ending to the series, but I was quite bummed that Uma and Nox did not appear again in Aveyond 4. I could definitely relate to telling your classmates to play it! However, I never succeeded at recruiting anyone. They never liked it which I find so horribly weird. What is not to like about Aveyond?!
  10. Truly upset I couldn't reach any of the goals I've planned for the summer vacation. Back to university now and have this semester and the semester after ahead. I'm not sure why I didn't force myself to play lots of Aveyond since I haven't played in a long while, I ended up being so lazy. Hopefully, I can work it out next vacation. I don't know why but my page is like my journal lol. Excuse me! Can't wait to play Aveyond series again. :sword::sword::sword::staff: :staff::staff:

  11. Does anyone want to talk?:kawaii-down: 

  12. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this needs a forum but can anyone suggest PC RPG games, please? Anything similar to Aveyond or something like that! I miss playing them and can't really get my hands on something interesting. 

    1. Hanahime


      Hi! I suggest Skyborn, and Ella's Quest, if you haven't played them yet :rhen_love:

    2. lovely-girl


      Omg thank you so much!  :rhen_love: 

  13. lovely-girl

    searching game

    Oh... well, no idea then. I don't really play such games, sorry I can't help.
  14. lovely-girl

    searching game

    A girl with long purple hair... All I can think of is "Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest"? Not sure about the best friend part though.
  15. lovely-girl

    Learning about cultures

    This is such a beautiful forum :') I'm half Syrian half Egyptian, but I've never been to any of these two countries. No idea why. Was born in the UAE so clearly don't have a big idea on how my culture is like 😕 But my mother tongue language is Arabic!