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    I often need someone to be the void in which I scream about my love for Aveyond.

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  1. Hello lovely-girl! Thank you so much for the follow. 😊

    I've loved the Aveyond games since I was a child, but no one else around me had ever heard of them. It's great to finally become acquainted with awesome people that also have a love for the franchise! 😃

    My favourite game is Ean's Quest. I love how complex and unique it is! It's so well written! I loved Bogwood, Seri, Happily Ever After, Casket Hill, all of it! Plus the unique character designs were just beautiful. I'm sorry, I could nerd out all day! 😂

    It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. What's your favourite Aveyond game, and why do you love it so much? 😊

    1. lovely-girl


      Hey there @Jhettsta ! First, I apologize for the late response. I got busy with university and projects!

      Same here, I played Aveyond as a child with my sister. No one knew about it, it was like our little secret.. and it still is. We love that only we know it. We feel extra special, as Aveyond is honestly mesmerizing. 

      I love all Aveyond games to be honest. But if I had to choose my all-time favorite, it will be Rhen's Quest, because that's where it all started for me. I played it probably more than 500 times... hahaha :kawaii-happy: 

      and of course there are so many reasons that I love the series but I guess it's mainly because it's very special, no other RPG out there is like it. You feel like you're in a different world when you're playing. God bless Amanda for creating this masterpiece! :kawaii-meh:


      Have an awesome day! :rhen_love:

  2. Omg!!! I thought the website was gone forever! What happened?

    1. Kaiso


      Yea me too. Idk what happened but i think its okay now maybe??? haha lol 

  3. lovely-girl

    Super old registration keys not working

    Hey! I was wondering if the issue was solved?
  4. Hello everyone.

    I was wondering if any of you have gone through the loss of a family member, and if yes, how did you deal with the grieve? 

    1. Kaiso


      I never had to gone through the loss of family members like my parents or sibling but i had an aunt which always took care of me when i was young when my parents was away. She passed away when i was 11. Its was sad cause she was very nice to me. I was sad but at the same time not sad since i was a child. But nowadays, sometimes i remembered her vividly that i started to cry coz i wished i could have been nicer to her. During that moment, i usually just prays for her. After that, my emotion would gradually subside.

    2. Mu11berry


      Hey, tried to message you but the site won't let me. So I just wanted to let you know I've been through what you're going through and if you ever want to talk I'm here:) I don't feel comfortable going into specifics here but if you want to PM me on here or instagram (i'm aveyond_obsessed) or any other site, I will gladly listen and help how I can.

      I'm afraid there's very little advice I can give you, everyone has to get through grief differently. What I can say is, it's okay to be sad and even angry, let yourself be honest with your emotions. And if you need help, don't feel afraid or ashamed to get it.

  5. Just 8 more days until the summer semester ends and then I can play Aveyond 1 again!

    1. lovely-girl


      6 more!!! 

  6. I'm too tired to explain what I'm feeling... 

    1. Kaiso


      Hope that its nothing major. Take your time if possible, and get good rest.

    2. lovely-girl


      Thank you so much for your concern @Kaiso. I appreciate it

  7. lovely-girl

    Count down to 0 (From 2015)

    Maybe because there's a lot of gap between the comments. Anyway, 216.
  8. lovely-girl

    Have you ever tried the "No Death" Challenge ?

    You can do it! Wishing you the best of luck. I haven't finish AP either. I will when I'm done with college in a few months because I know I need to be free for this Welcome to the forum!
  9. lovely-girl

    Have you ever tried the "No Death" Challenge ?

    It is indeed very possible. I finished all the games but of course, you'll die during the battles. I think you just need to have a very high level and good equipment, and even when you do you will still die. Just make sure you save the game before the battle, and every time you die, when you re-play the battle you will try different techniques.
  10. Your birthday is in 2 days! Happy early birthday @Kaiso :rhen_love:

    1. Kaiso


      Oooh!! this is very heartwarming 😭😭. Even my cousin didn't wish my birthday. Thank you so much. You made my day. I didn't expect to receive a happy birthday here. Haha thanks 🤣 @lovely-girl

    2. lovely-girl


      You will never not get a birthday wish from me! I'm the queen of remembering birthdays :kawaii-lol:. I knew I was going to be too busy to go on my laptop on your birthday so I wished you an early one :D Hope you had a wonderful day! :kawaii-down:

  11. lovely-girl

    Hello I feel bad :/

    That's so awesome!!! When I started playing, I started with my twin sister (@dark-witch) I played Aveyond 1, 2, 3 (all chapters) and 4. I tried so hard to finish Ahriman's Prophecy but couldn't, not because it's hard but I'm not very familiar with the RPG version it was made with as I started with Aveyond 1 before Ahriman's Prophecy. However, my sister finished AP and I always sat with her when she played so it's kind of like I did hahaha I'm so upset that Amanda isn't doing games anymore! I wish there'd be an Aveyond 5, 6, and so on You're welcome!! I'm always on here so we can always talk
  12. lovely-girl

    Hello I feel bad :/

    Hello @Danzy, Don't feel bad. To me, my love for Aveyond is always there, during my daily life, in my personality and how I treat people. I think many people may find this stupid but I really am so affected by Aveyond especially due to the reason that I first played it when I was very young, I was about 9 years old (I am now 21). And so it's played a big part in forming the person that I am today. The forums were a lot more active back then and just because they're not as active as before doesn't mean it's your fault but it's wonderful how you want to keep it going! All of us who are still active are aiming for the same thing Have a wonderful day, and welcome!
  13. Hi everyone,

    can I please get a safe link to buy Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest as well as Aveyond 3: The Lost Orb for macOS?

    Thanks! :rhen_love:

    1. lovely-girl


      please help !

    2. Queen-of-Ice101


      If you go into the aveyond for mac channel Spectre has a link to the Mac games!


  14. lovely-girl

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because I'll be able to say I banned Scrivener of the Gods !
  15. A life without your mother is just so horrible... I miss you.