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    Aveyond is life.
  1. It saddens me that I can't be as active here as I used to be in the past. I always check the website whenever I can, but nothing can beat the old days when I had no responsibilities (other than having to beat Ahriman). Truly, this is a different world. University does take over your life. :/

    1. Mu11berry


      same here T.T 


  2. Aveyond for MacOS

    Thank you callmedan
  3. Aveyond for MacOS

    Is it possible to download the Aveyond series for MacOS? Also I'm sorry if this is in the wrong category, it's the first time I post a topic!
  4. I really wish the new website update would have Cottages like the old one :/ 


  5. Please take me back to 2008... I miss the old Aveyond days!


    1. Honey Butter Chloe

      Honey Butter Chloe

      I relate! I missed the old layout that I used to enjoy when I was a seven-year-old.

    2. Ainsleygb


      It's been ages since i played the game. it brings me way back when my family had a big fish member ship. 

  6. Hi Amanda! Any plans for Aveyond 5?


  7. Anyone know if there's any plans for Aveyond 5? I'm patiently waiting!

  8. Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!

    Please bring back the chat feature
  9. I'm tired of waiting for aveyond 4!

    Is there any chance that it will be released sometime this year and not 2016?
  10. Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!

    Even though the old one is always going to be the best and most unique, I still love the new look!
  11. The Rule of the Daevas

    I love it
  12. goodie caves?

    This game is just too cool! I played it like 100 times!
  13. Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    Another book? Omg i don't care when it will be released I just care how the game will be, I don't really have to think because i know it will be amazing as Aveyond: Lord of Twilight ! I really love how Amanda and Shaz and everyone work hard in this website! You've made a really good impression or how ever its spelled in my life !! =D xx
  14. Rhen's Life (In a slightly different dimension)[RxL]{FIN}

    It's awesome, I know i've commented before, But it's just awesome, Keep up the good work!