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    Announced makeover of Aveyond 2

    Evil!Mel is the best! :evil:
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    Transparent of the tilesets

    Yeah, it looks like something that happens if you cut JPG. What tilesets do you use? Maybe I can fix it for you.
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    Transparent of the tilesets

    The link is broke nfor me. Can you show a new link so I can see what is wrong?
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    Announced makeover of Aveyond 2

    Click here for Aveyond 2 cover And here for Aveyond 3
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    Announced makeover of Aveyond 2

    Weeelll.... AV3 is also getting minor fixing and all the chapters are going to be released in ONE single bundle. Maybe Amanda wants to get ALL the games fixed up to be released all in one go.
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    Sprites and Facesets (RMVX Ace)

    What exactly are you asking for? Facesets? Sprites?
  7. Profile does not reflect proper status. Right now Mel is dead and Edward is very much near death, but because the profile says they're still fine, I can't use Cassia leaves :S
  8. Not sure if this counts as an issue, but... After getting the "put leopold out of business" quest, that Gart guy just flew right over to that dark corner :S Also, even though Leopold is still in business, there's a second Leopold saying that the bistro has closed: ETA: After the cutscene of Lydia's coronation and Gyendal's escape, I'm thrown back to the Eldrion ferry dock? I was at the bridge near Stonetooth earlier before the cutscene started:
  9. Wait... it's a demo version? And it wants me to pay. Can I somehow superimpose this to my already-paid version? Like copy-paste the map files or something or another?
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    Doodled doodles (?)

    Those people seem familiar, yet I can't put a finger as to WHO...
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    This Universe Makes No Sense (Aveyond Fanart)

    It's daeva time... Also, I've developed a liking for dating/otome games. So, just for giggles: Karagh and Nasatya are space-filler mooks in my crazy universe, but eh... I need 6 names to fill the slots Karagh is a "stray human" who is one of Agas's underlings and is the "principal" of sorts in the Demon Realm army training centre. Nasatya is, well, almost obviously yet another member of Nanghaithya's clone army.
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    ABC in Demon Realm (part 1)

    The ABC drabblet collection that people sometimes do. Partially inspired by diamondmist's daeva ABCs. Generally post-AV3. Posting this in increments of ten because I'm too tired to write more at the moment. Note: If someone is referred to as “their”, but it's just one person, it means that the being in question has no gender. Dang English for not having gender-neutral singular pronouns. I try to summarize any necessary backstory so you won't be head-scratching and going all “Whuh, what happened there?”. If I missed any explanations at all, feel free to ask me. -------------------------------------------------- A is for Alcoholic Tawrich never spent a day without alcohol when he was human, and the lack of a digestive system in his skeletal demon form would not make him break that habit (well, there was no such thing as “days” in the Demon Realm, so he just asked for a drink to be delivered to him whenever he felt like it, but still). It's always funny to watch the faces new attendants make when they saw him drink, the liquid running through his hollow body and splashing all over the floor. B is for Burden It was one of those moments when Agas found himself wanting to torch the entire pile of paperwork before him and be done with them. He was a daeva. He could damn well do that if he so wanted it, but Aesma's constant insistence that Agas take care of everything properly had been ingrained in him so deeply that he couldn't bring himself to do it. How he wished he could. After the whole Ahriman fiasco, the reports he had to deal with had multiplied by a dozen, most of them about uprisings in various districts. Not to mention the pointless paperwork, completely unrelated to security and/or the armed forces, that the other daevas sometimes tried to dump on him. Those he promptly sent back to the responsible daeva. Stamping yet another document with his seal, Agas wondered just why would anyone even want to take over the world. In his opinion, the burden one had to carry far outweighs the merits of being in power. C is for Children “Will you stop doing that?” Indra snapped at the little creatures on the floor. The green creature looked up from the slime puddle it had been splashing in. It stared back at her with its big, round eyes and giggled. Then it began to make bigger splashes. Its twin, a lighter shade of green, ignored her and continued poking at a slime blob it had in its hand. Indra scowled. The green creature had, for some reason or another, suddenly spewed a load of slime from its mouth. It then proceeded to jump into the puddle and play with it, spraying the slime everywhere. Thankfully the pale green one didn't make as big a mess as its twin. Muttering expletives, Indra turned the slime puddle into a ball, trapping the green creature's body and leaving its head sticking out on top. The creature wiggled around inside the solidified slime, then tried to jump. The slime, stuck to its body, jumped with it. The creature giggled again. “Good riddance,” Indra muttered, watching the creature bounce out of the room happily with its twin trailing behind. Ever since she first saw Agas, it was firmly planted in Indra's mind that “children” meant “useless, loud beings that only served to give you a headache”. If she had believed in karma, she would have said that her current predicament was a result of bad karma. Except she didn't, so the only reasonable reason why she was stuck with these two uncontrollable brats that tumbled out of her body was caused by the goddess pulling a prank on her for some reason or another. D is for Druid Sometimes Nanghaithya wondered what would it be like if he were a druid. Rashnu had always said that between the two of them, people would be more inclined to believe that Rashnu was the daeva and Nanghaithya the druid. Maybe if he asked nicely enough the Oracle would let them trade places for one day. E is for Exercise If Gyendal had known that agreeing to join the army unit would mean spending more than half his time being practically enslaved, he would have chosen the dungeons. Not too long after his sister sent him flying into the Demon Realm, he had been arrested for being in possession of the Staff of Destiny, which was apparently a forbidden artifact. After a grueling interrogation, he received additional charges for assisting Mordred Darkthrop's attempt in taking over the world. The guards had then told him that he could get off lightly because it wasn't his fault that he stumbled across the staff or that he didn't know that participating in world domination was against the law, but he still had to accept punishment as a warning to be more careful when dealing with Demon Realm's inhabitants. He had been given the option of being thrown to jail or serving under ther military as penance when he was arrested. He didn't like either option, but there wasn't much he could do. Gyendal had decided to choose the military because he thought he might have a better chance at escaping. It was a choice he regretted when he received the schedule of menial duties he was supposed to perform. “It's exercise, because you didn't pass the physical test,” the troop leader had told him when he protested, “Daeva Agas' orders.” As it were, the so-called exercise involved lugging huge sacks of goddess-knows-what and feeding dragons with them; cleaning up dragons' pens; hauling eggs of these odd bird-like creatures from their nests to the incubation huts while dodging the angry parents' attacks; cleaning up in libraries and laboratories; and many other weird activities. It wasn't his fault that he wasn't very strong physically. Father had always insisted he focus on training his magic and physical training is for the women. (At some point he had suspected that there was something wrong with that logic, and he regretted not following his instincts) He made a mental note to find this “daeva Agas” and make a complain at some point. F is for Flames Saurva was so frequently seen wielding fire that to many it had practically became a part of him. Heat followed him wherever he goes; he was not only guardian of the flame, but the flame itself was him, some would say. Not many knew of the fact that that could nbot be further from the truth (really, he did not purposely make fire burst from the ground when he accidentally stepped a little too hard). It wasn't like he had trouble controlling his power. No, not at all. It's just that the element was a little too attached to his emotions that it could manifest itself at the most unfortunate of times. While he didn't mind the skewed perception others had of him, Saurva would much rather that he was not identified quite so closely to fire. He hated the heat, and he would rather his quarters were not heated up so much by eager-to-please attendants, dangit! G is for Gossip “Do you know if the gossip is true, sir?” the officer asked in a whisper, barely containing the eagerness in their voice. Tawrich set down his tankard. If he had eyebrows they would be raised. His officers never talked about rumours. At least not directly to him, even when he was “officially off-duty”. Every once in a while he would declare himself “off-duty” to go down to the local taverns or the army's barracks to drink. It wasn't as much fun drinking alone. At first, his presence created an awkward atmosphere in the establishment. Partly because of the mess he always makes when he drinks, and partly because he was a daeva. It took everyone some time to get used to Tawrich being there and not act all strict and formal around him. “What gossip?” Tawrich finally asked. “About daeva Indra.” “Never heard of any,” he said with a shrug. “What's it about?” The officer scratched their head. “Uh, I heard it from one of the capital's patrols. Something about the daeva Indra giving birth?” Tawrich's jaw dropped. “I mean, with all due respect, the daeva Indra looks like she was one of those water elementals. Them elementals don't usually spawn children,” the officer added nervously. If Tawrich had eyes, he would have blinked. Then he proceeded to laugh uncontrollably. Maybe he would inquire about the truth later. Emphasize on “later”. After he's done laughing. Which would take quite a while. H is for History In the beginning, the daevas were simply guardians of the elements. They took care of the realm and preferred to remain secluded. For a long time, Ashth Pereth was under the rule of the Sun King. Then everything changed when the king was assassinated. Ashth Pereth was thrown into chaos as lords and generals waged war to claim the right for the throne. So great a war it was, that the lands were rent asunder. Mountains were flattened and islands drowned and great chasms split the earth. Two daevas fell in the battle, and the realm was nearly destroyed from the war. The goddess, fearing that the war will destroy both the realm of Man and Shadows, whispered a solution to one of the new daevas: to gather the seven daevas and use their powers to stop the war. The young daeva listened and did as the goddess told. No army could stand against the full extent of the guardians' combined power, and so the great war was stopped and the realm was saved from destruction. The daevas divided the lands amongst themselves and worked together to rule the land. Under the rule of the daevas, Ashth Pereth was rebuilt and returned to its former glory. I is for Inebriated Earlier, Tawrich had met Aesma in the library to ask a question, but could not stop laughing long enough to form the words. Aesma suggested that Tawrich come back later when he has calmed down a little. Naturally, the blasted skeleton took it as an excuse to drag Aesma out for a drink. Somewhere along the way, Kelloth and one of the new human recruits somehow got dragged along. Aesma had insisted that he get to order the drink, because if he was going to be forced to drink it better be something he enjoyed, and Tawrich obliged. He chose his favourite: the Akatash brew. Made with the wyrd vegetables and the lava-like waters of the swamps native to the Eastern wastelands, served cold. It had a distinctly strong taste that was hard to find anywhere else. The drink arrived, and the daevas helped themselves to some. The humans stared awkwardly at the liquor and didn't take any. “Now, what was the question?” Aesma asked. Tawrich seemed frozen, and at that moment Aesma really hated the stoic skull that betrayed no expression. Tawrich suddenly shook his head, then swayed on his seat and nearly fell off. Aesma stared. Tawrich, having managed to stable himself, stared back. Then promptly began to sing. The humans looked at each other with pained expressions on their faces. Kelloth then mumbled something about Agas and hastily walked out of the tavern with the newbie in tow. Aesma couldn't blame the two for escaping. Everyone in the tavern was staring at them. When he caught the words “kisses” and “sunshine” and “flowers” among the song's lyrics, he realized that Tawrich was drunk. For the longest time, he had been under the impression that Tawrich couldn't get drunk because the liquor would just splash through his body and not have any effect at all. Now Aesma knew that the Akatash brew does, in fact, still have alcoholic effects on the skeleton. I need to keep this in mind, Aesma thought as he cast Motion Freeze on Tawrich and hauled him away. J is for Jealous It's a common knowledge that Demon Realm's magic items were generally more advanced than the magic items from the human world. Nanghaithya could never figure out how his enigmatic cousin Rashnu managed to create things that were far more complex than anything Nanghaithya had ever seen. His cousin was the only one who could ever make him feel like a novice all over again, and as much as Nanghaithya hated to admit it, he was jealous of Rashnu. ------------------------------------------------- Indra has babies! Gyendal is serving penance in the military! Saurva hates fire and Tawrich is a drunkard! Oh my word! That Gyendal one is something I've mentioned before, but I wouldn't blame anyone who hasn't come across it yet or have forgotten. The Indra one... Um. Because somebody gave me ideas and I thought it would be funny to write how bad of a mother my Indra is. Compared to... well, some other mommy!Indras that may exist out there somewhere *cough* Also, short history of Demon Realm. Or rather, the "daeva court". Woohoo.
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    House of Ravenfoot

    Rather than making separate one-shots for each story, I decided to just dump all whacky stories I have involving the Ravenfoot family here. Table of Contents - Memento of the Past (you are here) Gyendal finds something from his days as a human. - ---------------------------------------------- Memento of the Past I found an old book of mine in a forgotten corner of my library. The date scrawled on the inside cover was 800 years ago. My first reaction was to try and remember something from that time, and I couldn't. I supposed 800 years was too long a period of time. As I flipped through the pages, a piece of paper fluttered out of the book. I picked it up. It was a sketch of a man who seemed oddly familiar. I frowned. I could not recall anything about the man in the picture. Perhaps I knew him from 800 years ago? The man in the picture had hair covering his ears and his mouth was closed, so I could not tell whether he was a human or not. I turned the paper over. To my delight, there was a note written on the back of the picture. I began to read it, hoping it would shed a light on the man's identity. "Many happy returns. Your sister told me today is your day of birth. Maybe it does not matter anymore because you are a vampire now, but I don't see anything wrong with celebrating. I give you this picture of yourself as a gift. Or rather, what you might have looked like had you cut your hair short and not try to make it look like your sister's hair." Well, that explained the familiarity. I flipped the paper over again to look at the picture. Did I really look like that? I realized then that I have no idea what my own face looked like. As a vampire, I have no reflection on the mirror, and I have not seen my own face for as long as I could remember. Still, the man in the picture had a... sappy expression that I thought does not suit me at all. It looked ridiculous. whoever drew this had to be making fun of me. I turned the paper back to read the rest of the note. "Te'ijal agreed with me when I said you would look better this way. I suggest you try it someday. In case you were wondering why I did not give this to you in person, that would be because as of the moment I'm writing this, you are still passed out in your coffin for darkness knows what reason and there is no telling when you would wake up. Regards, Mitra Darkthrop" I stared at the signature, reading it over and over to make sure I was not seeing things. Was the sender of this picture related to Mordred Darkhtrop? Or did they just coincidentally share the same surname? Who was this person and how did I became familiar with him or her? The way this Mitra wrote the note suggested that he or she was quite close to me and my sister. Just then, I felt something flash in my mind. It wasn't an image or words. It was an emotion. Respect. Mitra Darkthrop was someone I had deeply respected. I tried to probe further into my brain, but I found nothing more. Odd. How could I remember that I respected Mitra Darkthrop when I could not even remember who he or she was? I slipped the picture back into the book and tucked it into my robes. I have to find out about Mitra's identity. Perhaps druid Rashnu might know something. He has been in Ghed'ahre practically forever. Hopefully he has not disappeared again so I can ask him questions. ================================================== I do not like writing in first POV, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Gy has a snobby, stiff way of talking in my head, and it is not fun. Mitra's supposedly even MORE stiff. BLAAAAH. So the fic is something I wrote on the fly when I'm done drawing this picture. That's what the "portrait of Gy by Mitra" looks like. Story supposedly happens somewhere in LOT or GON when he's sitting around doing nothing while Mel and co runs around the world. This is part of my crack AU, as per usual. Mitra Darkthrop is a pointless ancestor who doesn't really have anything to do with the Mordred kerfuffle of AV3, though.
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    (Aveyond 1) Equilibrium

    Taking a break from AV3. It's a seriously insane chunk of the fandom, I tell you. Too deliciously creepy for my own good. And... back to AV1 to strengthen my grasp on my own ideas on the matter. So. Story. A rewrite of my old AV1 AU fanfic. That story was conceived to be "lulz on crack, masquerading as a coherent story". I figured that I should actually make it a proper, sensible story, now that I actually consider it my personal canon and that everything ties in with "the future" (AV2, AV3, and beyond). Hopefully this makes more sense than the old one. Table of Contents - Prologue - Chapter 1
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    This Universe Makes No Sense (Aveyond Fanart)

    Something from my old long-winded AV AU... Kinda miss Rhen's Quest, so I've been replaying the thing, and this is somewhat related. Cezeph is the spirit who gives the Sword of Shadows its power. Viseph is... her "partner" who lives in another sword.
  16. I dunno if this was posted here before or not, but I recently found this development tool: https://sites.google.com/site/irmproject/ Supposedly it can make RPGs for Android. I haven't tried it yet. Anyone has anything to say about this thing?
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    Is that the pitter-patter of little feet I hear?

    Saw the adorable little bundle a while back... Congratulations Amanda and Bryce!!
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    Beyond Aia (Non-Aveyond fanart)

    For non-Aveyond fanarts, woohoo. Table of Contents: - Anebriate (Tales of the Drunken Paladin) - Eduardo portrait (Pirates in Love) - Sebastian and Claude (Kuroshitsuji) - Ryler Dhacian sketch (Skyborn) - Eduardo, I choose you! (Pirates in Love) - Magical Diary stuff - Naesala (Fire Emblem)
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    Beyond Aia (Non-Aveyond fanart)

    I'm too lazy to explain. Just a fan-character design for Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou. http://37.media.tumblr.com/1b591be4f5813b102bb062f48034c57e/tumblr_n42zrppfp01r7k0jco1_500.jpg[/img]
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    Summary: Gyendal thinks Mel is an idiot for sending Yemite off to go find Edward. ------------------------------------------ He had been waiting for this moment. He had immediately seen this loophole the moment Mordred gave him the order, and he eagerly awaited the result. It was the only reason why he followed through on that blasted order that he so loathed to obey. The reason why he didn't really bother devising a new plan to take care of the dark disciples. He could if he had wanted to, but why bother when he could just sit back and let things take care of itself? Gyendal leaned back against the doorframe, listening to the conversation Mel was having with the darkling inside. He couldn't deny that he was a little anxious. Had he been anyone else he might have been giggling with excitement, but he wasn't anyone else so he settled on crossing his arms. The darkling was saying something about how she – it? – had been appointed as the queen's personal servant (through some sort of howling contest, where he was unfortunate enough to be dragged in as the judge). Funny creatures, those darklings were. They truly did care about nothing but to serve “the queen”. He had to brainwash the bunch he took to Veldarah so that they would not question the way he was treating their “queen”. He had to laugh when Mel's first order was to get her out of there. He had been expecting that. Naturally, the darkling told her no. And now, this was it. What he had been so eagerly waiting for. Gyendal found himself holding his breath in anticipation. Go ahead, Mel, tell your little darkling to get rid of the dark disciples, he thought, grinning. You just heard what it said. All the darklings are under your command. Tell them to get rid of those hooded maniacs. His smile fell when he heard her ask for the stupid prince to be brought to her. No. No. NO. She wouldn't... She can't be seriously thinking – But she did. There was a poof, and he knew the darkling had left. Gyendal remained rooted in place, feeling as though his insides had frozen. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. His mind repeated over and over, but he couldn’t tell if he was cursing Mel or himself. She could have gotten rid of those stupid disciples and it would have done them both much good. He should not have hinged all his plans on an assumption. She should have at least asked for someone more helpful, like his sister or her husband. He should not be feeling this despaired over one glitch in his plans. With a sigh, Gyendal dragged himself away from the wall, still feeling rather numb. The musty air in the cathedral must have finally gotten to him. Oh, the woes of needing air to breathe. His steps toward the door were sluggish and heavy, however. His mind swirled with wordless thoughts. His heart was pounding hard in his chest. How peculiar. Perhaps he has caught an illness. He had not had a good sleep in goddess knows how long. He rubbed his forehead. Here he thought he had long since adjusted to not being undead. No matter. He would pick up an elixir in the village. Maybe a little food too, just in case. He would need a clear mind to plan his next moves. This time, he would not fail. ----------------------------- A/N: Yanno, this seemed to be originally meant to be something longer, but I TOTALLY forgot what I wanted to do with it, so I just cut and tidied up the bit I left off with and ended it there. What Gyen is feeling is how I usually feel when I'm like "OMG. OMG. OMG. NO, this is NOT happening. NO. NO. NO. NO!!! I'm dreaming. I'm seeing things wrong. NO." So. No shipping intended with that (not really anyway).
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    I like this shorter version, though. My writing is a bit better now and the stuff I cut out were REALLY dumb. Even if I had remembered what I wanted to do with it, I probably would have still done the same.
  22. Won't harp about samurai or ghost kimono here 1. What do you generally feel upon finishing the main game? Ha! I knew Yuki was Taira! Wonder why they didn't kill Ryuji, though. 2. What did you feel upon playing Another View? I should've known this was the case. Kirro likes psycho girls with horrible pasts. 3. Any favourite character(s)? Yuki. Though I kinda wished she was actually evil for real. With none of those angsty "save me" remarks/thoughts 4. Favourite music track? I absolutely loved Marc's compositions! Yuki for Snow-Falling. I love that traditional flute sound. 5. Take a random (hopefully non-spoilery) screenshot! https://24.media.tumblr.com/a6392f12e3f81ebfa30dbb6c25ab09e9/tumblr_n2fk8buBpO1sckaego1_400.jpg[/img] If you ever make a sequel I hope you will ruin their lives even further Call me evil, but for whatever reason I was actually laughing at their misery.
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    Ravenfoot (AV fic)

    Will we hear about their dad?
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    Demon's Revenge

    I like the green one. The blue one and the purple one are too dark and make the title's text "sink" into the background. The text in the green one sticks out because it's bright letters on a dark background.
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    Beyond Aia (Non-Aveyond fanart)

    It's a fan-character, even though it's my own design, so I guess it counts as fanart? Still WIP tho.