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  1. Had a doub;e nostalgic moment. I was recently fooling around with Wizarding World (ex-Pottermore), and I found this old Hogwarts AU of the daevas. 

    The old gnag are more or less entirely different people, so I did a quick sketch of the new cast's Sorting.


    Nanghaithya: Has always been a sneak mad scientist, though he’s even more nuts now. In HP AU, he’s almost 50-50 Slytherin Ravenclaw, but he demanded to be put on somewhere that his cousin isn’t so he can show him up, and his cousin is Ravenclaw, so Slytherin he went. Personal hobby is raising an army of moving cacti as pets for some reason. ALSO WITHOUT HIS PURPLE HAIR HE LOOKS LIKE ALL THE ANIME FANARTS OF SNAPE I'VE SEEN ONLINE yeeeesh. But... that's really just what he looks like... sans the dreadlocks. It's a daeva thing so I got rid of it in this human AU.  

    Zarich: Used to just be a dorky almost airhead kid. Now is also kind of a mad scientist, just in a different way from Nanghay. Far less sneaky, so Ravenclaw it is. Zarich is a Grim Reaper in my Aveyondverse headcanon, but that don’t work in HP-verse, so I’m not sure how to translate that... Divination? Oddly has a very strong investment in researching Dementors? You can't be a half-Dementor in the HP universe...

    Tawrich: The idea was he’s smarter than he looks. In the original AV he’s literally a skeleton, so he’s mostly just chaotic. Now he’s more of a loud piratey sort of character, so off to Gryffindor he goes. Has too much energy, probably plays Quidditch.

    Indra: She... used to be an animal rights activist for some reason. I'm pretty sure I was just being random. Now she's kinda a menace, and actually the sort-of-power-hungry one. Hence the obvious placement? As she can see visions I guess she's good in Divination in this AU. Probably good at Charms and DADA, and has invested interest in dangerous non-hex spells. I really have no idea how HP categorizes hex VS non hex. But I imagine she's into modifying benign spells to have unpleasant effects without going into outright "dark" territory. 

    Saurva: Used to be 75% the reason why I made the HP AU a thing in the first place. His old design used to be based off Alan Rickman, and it was really funny to imagine if he was around in the actual story timeline. Now... well, not really. He was a Gryffindor for being a dragon nerd who wants to be a dragon wrangler. He still is into dragons. The only difference is that he's more obnoxious in this incarnation. He's a bit like Gavin in AV2. 

    Agas: I honestly prefer to have the daevas all in more or less similar grade level. He gets to be sort-of Saurva's distant relative in this AU I guess. Old!Agas is a prat. I imagine he's somewhat similar to Sirius Black in some sense. Without all the pureblood baggage. This new Agas is mostly mild-mannered and nice... sort of, outside of the Ahriman business. That's an entirely different story. So Hufflepuff. Is it just me or does he look kind of like Malfoy, but not a snob though?

    Aesma: So uh, way back when I don't have much impression of Aesma, even in my completely made up headcanon. Just that Aesma hates everything and is a bit of an elitist, so that's why I sent him to Slytherin. Now Aesma is... a she. And a bookworm. A very grumpy bookworm. Agas's tutor in the Aveyondverse, because Agas is the baby of the group there, but in the HP-verse they're probably just very good friends. 

  2. Did a random Gyendal awhile back... 


    IDK just felt like drawing Gyendal all out of a sudden I think his shoulderâs not right but oh well Replaced his lame shirt with kariginu-like attire, except with less huge sleeves.

    And another one + Agas 


    As previously mentioned, Agas is Saurva's son so... 


    It was easier to draw 'em mostly human/elf-looking and super pretty but, well, to be fair they ARE "demons". 

    Compare to the "old design" of Saurva LOL:

    Warm up doodle before I draw other things The reason why I have a fascination on characters with wavy hair and hooked nose LEL⦠I designed this incarnation of Saurva based on Alan Rickman, and I donât remember if itâs because I thought he looked...

    On 4/30/2019 at 7:15 AM, Queen-of-Ice101 said:

    Aaaah awesome to see you back on the forums :D

    These are awesome as per usual!!  I love the three daevas, are you planning to bring back the whole storyline you had around them?

    ... Wow, old message that I forgot to respond to 😥

    Trying to write something with Agas at the very least. Writing progressing slowly just because I can't concentrate :'D 


  3. After a long time I'm beginning to miss drawing Aveyond stuff again... 

    Here's Agas. 

    As of AV1 (too lazy to draw armour):


    Agas is half-human half-hellhound-shapeshifter-something demon (I should come up with a species name at some point...)

    The demon half being Saurva. Complicated father-son thing. 

    As of AV3: 


    Long story, it was meant to be a fanfic, but I never got around to writing. But basically the daeva were just manipulated by Ahriman and once Ahriman is gone, they're let go. So they're just minding their own business off-screen in the Demon Realm during AV3 😁

    I dunno if there's still old members who still remember the Old Old Old version of the daevas that I used to make... uh... around 2010-ish?


    I don't know I ever got around to posting this Te'ijal. It's old, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the thread (or I just skipped past it somehow):


  4. Nice tiles! I think I recognize Pandamaru's tree in one of the maps. And Celianna's tiles in te hParallax. I dig those maps. Pndamaru aand Celianna makes fabulous tiles.


    Though, I'm a bit worried about the forest and the cave maps. They kinda look very big and empty. It may look small in the editor, but it feels big and tedious once I actually start walkign around in it. It's tiring. I mean, those are older posts, so I guess they might be obsolete, but... :|

  5. Oh, I was very much aware of that. And I suspect one of the other reasons that Boyle/Myst is not meant to be is because appearances matter. Despicte being hundreds of years old Myst looks 14 or 15, and I'm being rather generous here. Boyle could easily appear to be her grandpa, and obviously Amanda would want to avoid creepy implications to appeal to a wider range of target audience .

  6. I set up Ingrid with Hi'beru because Ingrid kept on beating him up and it was funny. Alas, as per my usual fare as the lord of crackships, I ship Boyle with Myst ever since Windy Valley, so I just can't stand the idea of Ingrid getting to Boyle.

    I was a bit baffled Phye was even an option, to be honest. He barely said anything to Ingrid. I personally don't mind, but it was still random as heck.

    Also, one thing that I've been confused throughout the game... Hercules was revealed to have been... something else... in Aveyond 3. Why is he suddenly back to being the faux hero that he was pretending to be? Continuity? Hello? And I was a bit torn about how the final battle went. To say it was anticlimactic is an understatement.

  7. 05. Myst: I have found SOMETHING sinister between Myst and Boyle. It's like Myst is the ~mistress~ who wants Boyle? It's like she had this ~dark side~ and I liked the fact that she has some sort of *attitude*. It even made me wonder if MYST CAN STEAL BOYLE D: D: D: from Ingrid. It seemed like a plausible idea at first, and I was feeling pretty sad for Ingrid or something. It's just every time there's a broomstick/potion-making, Myst and Boyle talks about things and they're left ~ALONE~ and Boyle tells ~STORIES~ which makes this little girl wraith FALL IN LOVE. It's probably my own imagination working but I LOVED IT ANYWAYS. I love Myst's DARK SIDE *devilhorns*

    Oh good, I'm not alone in this. I was afraid I would have to declare myself the lonely king of crackships.


    Longer review when I ain't mobile. But just a couple of points:

    1) Oh dear, the mist realm is the most tedious portal system ever!! I didn't mind it, but it's a bit of a hassle.

    2) YES FOR THE OLD MEN IN THE CREW!!! Although I was kinda surprised to find that Boyle isn't even 30 yet. He looked about 45.

    3) Those cheekis are really cute. I want one. In real life.

    4) I love the puzzles. It's reminiscent of John WIzard stuff, actually. Was this a collab, by any chance?

  8. If you were a character in an RPG, what kind of person/creature would you be? 


    For me, I would want to be a small sorceress of some sort, female, silver silk robes streaked with purple and yellow, with a magical bow that has a mind of it's own strapped to my back. Like Rhen, I'd have purple hair, long and in an intricate braid with a net of silver holding back my hair. 


    I'm trying to decide if the bow means "bow and arrow" bow or a ribbon bow...


  9. I do a lot of things that requires handiwork, but I mainly draw. I draw and draw and draw and draw and there's never enough time :P


    The other stuff include origami, knitting, crochet, sewing.  Sometimes I cook weird things.


    I have the attention span of a gnat and I no longer can handle prose, unless it's REALLY interesting (I've taken a liking to Japanese detective novels and theology books). So nowadays the reading I do are mostly just "otome games" (dating sims) and manga. Particularly food/cooking manga.

  10. What exactly is your point? There's nothing wrong with Dameon's showing up at the Sun Temple. He IS the Sun Druid. That's where he's supposed to be all along. Dameon doesn't need Ahriman telling him "Okay, this is the plan for luring Rhen to the dark side". He isn't stupid. He can make his own plans.

  11. Gyendal x Mel is hilarious and I will totally ship it, because I read D_A's headcanon about how in TDP Mel's sudden idiocy and repeatedly falling into Gyendal's traps was just because she was totally into him. Laughs


    We kinda left those two alone a lot. Who knows what might have been going on off screen, you know? I mean, we were supposed to believe Dameon and Rhen's love because "unseen interactions"...

  12. tumblr_npj62mB0Ix1r7k0jco1_500h.jpg

    Nah, just kidding. I'm just drawing the 4 things I like to draw the most from the beginning of my drawing career until... well, now:

    - Phantom of the Opera --> 2005-2008

    - Aveyond 1 (mostly daevas, particualrly Agas) --> 2008-2011

    - Aveyond 3 (mostly Gyendal) --> 2011-2013

    - Samurai --> 2013-now


    The one who is out of place is Agas. He's the only one in this lineup who doesn't have black hair, ahahah.

  13. So I wandered back here because I got a note to beta-test the new forum. I had to make a new account, and I decided to keep my old name because I'm too used to it to change. 


    I prefer to go by "agas", if you please, because there's actually someone else going around by the name of "daeva" online. We're actually sort-of-friends too thanks to our shared interest in samurai, which made it even weirder.


    Anyways. I got here thanks to my sister Adept. She's the one who first played Aveyond (yay Yahoo Games) and I hover behind her back to watch her play. Then I played too. I have been luring in the forums since the site was still that old purple site, but never did sign up to Amaranthia until it got the major revamp and looks almost like this new one. 


    don't remember why the daeva thing happened. Back then my favourite wasn't even Agas, it was Nanghaithya. Agas just has the shortest name and I'm a lazy bum. I'm not as crazy about daevas as I used to be, but I'm still rooting for the daevas to return in Aveyond somehow. If not, there's always still my crazy-long-winded-AU-continuum in which Agas is married to Rhen and they're Mel's ancestor and stuff (I have weird ideas, i know, so sue me).


    I'm mostly floating around just browsing posts now because I got nothing interesting to say, hahah :P I post art at the Herbert Art Gallery thing, I guess, and the AV4 updates thread. 

  14. Well just said Oda Nobunaga is your references then lol. Cause his face and hair looks like a samurai to me. O.O

    You do realize that I can change the person's features on my painting, right? :D My reference can have afro hair for all I care, and it wouldn't matter. I'm painting, not tracing, you know! :P If I don't like the model's nose, I can draw the nose differently. If I want their eyes to look different, I can use a different person's eye as reference.


    But when I said "young actor", I meant the one with the stars XD 

    The scary one isn't. That IS meant to be Nobu. But the reference is just a regular pin-up poster of some famous actor LOL: 



  15. Nonsense OTPs:


    - Agas/Rhen: [insert a long-winded AU saga here]. It's really a long story. But it started actually becoming a legit ship that isn't just crackshipping when I characerized Agas as something of a second Dameon, LOL (you know, because Dreamland can be used to talk with people, as seen in AV2). Except he's not aware that what he's doing is a problem. Because demon logic/circumstances/reasons. 

    - Eithera/Saurva: Because daevas. And druids. And stuff. *points to the long-winded saga mentioned above* 

    - Gyendal/Mel: I forgot why this happened. Maybe just to be spiteful? But really, it would make for a very hilarious fail interaction because both of them would be in denial about the whole thing. 


    Sensible ships I'm more or less okay with:

    - Lars/Rhen

    - Te'ijal/Galahad

    - Ava/Gavin

    - Edward/Stella: Never did get the "it's boring" reason. Nobody seems to have the same issue with Ean/Iya. A calm couple isn't a bad thing.

    - Spook/Mel: As in if Spook was a person on his own, not Gyendal. Before I did the GyenMel ship, this was what I'm into.


    Do not want:

    - Edward/Mel: Everyone keeps saying how cute it is and how it's perfect and I just can't see it. This ship reminds me of all those shonen manga with a derpy main hero who eventually makes the tsundere girl who hated him fall in love with him. I really hated this kind of interaction in manga, and I dislike it here too. 

    Gyendal/anyone who isn't Mel: I'm very strict with my OTPs.

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