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  1. I hope this necropost isn't so bad, but I want to share this: The sword named "Masamune". The name's been floating around various Japanese games (most famous probs being Sephiroth's sword in FF7). I'm inclined to think that Amanda picked up the name from those already-existing games, and if she does, I really belive the Japanese wasn't referring to Masamune Date when they named that sword. They meant Masamune the blacksmith. He was very famous for revolutionizing smithing methods and it makes swords a heck lot better, hence why the Masamune sword is a very powerful sword in games.
  2. Because... my vision of Sims are stuck in the very doll-like Sims 1 (and the sparkly pretty ones I see littering the 'net). There's one or two exceptions in Sims 1, but I hardly find Guan Yu-like sims unless I go out of my way to look for them or pure coincidence. And I stand corrected. I was thinking of certain burly individuals (Shingen Takeda comes to mind), and I didn't do a count between pretty VS non-pretty.
  3. Yeah, true that. What I meant is just that she has this Sim-esque doll-like look to her, unlike the manly bearded guys who look so macho and all that.
  4. @Rogue: Indeed, she is adorable! She looks kind of like a Sim, but... that's not a bad thing, right? XD ... Now I feel awkward about my WTH set.
  5. That would be because... Nobunaga Oda is a REAL LIFE person. His crest is real. His FACE is real. So unless the character designers went out of their way to make him look nothing like his real self, of course the crest and face would be similar! And that's your 10-second history lesson.
  6. For charity! Wow, you're awesome. This sounds like an amazing story idea too.
  7. Um, dude, what are you talking about? Did you even read my post? Ninja Love is an otome game for mobile devices. How is it even anywhere close to Sengoku Basara? Sengoku Basara is like a WTH version of Koei's Samurai Warriors, so... eh. I find Nobunaga a fascinating person, so I enjoy any portrayal of him, be it evil or good. I really prefer that he's not portrayed as evil, but as long as they make him cool, I can stomach it.
  8. @Cakey: My college has quarter system. My first quarter this year started in January and ends in March. I just had a week-long quarter break last week and this Monday was the first day of school for Spring quarter. So it's an entirely new term/period/etc. @thha_luth: Nope, that wasn't Sanada Yukimura XD Since you don't seem to recognize the crest... well, the one with the moustache is Nobunaga Oda and the one you called Sanada is his son Nobukatsu. I didn't make Nobunaga, by the way. That's from an otome game called Ninja Love. I just drew Nobukatsu because even though he's a minor villain, I still like my villains to have faces, dammit.
  9. Eh, Sakuracon is a small con all things considered. It's a regional con that probably don't get much attention outside the area. It's not a huge nation-wide thing. It's more targeted to the local community.
  10. Coincidence! Here in Seattle we just had Sakura-con over the weekend. There were so many Homestuck cosplayers like no tomorrow. That's a cool cosplay, by the way, Ruffi... I like the horns. They're cute
  11. Because this is April Fool and my first day of school, Imma change my set to something completely different than my usual fare for once. http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/Avvie_zps42a7f867.gif[/img] http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/Expansionlogonotextsig_zps8fe95780.jpg[/img] Hurrrr~ For the record, I did make that "game logo"-styled sig. What is it for? Stuff.
  12. Aren't all the pictures digital, Kirro?
  13. Could be just space-filler decor. Like, I honestly thought it was a pillar/part of the house at first.
  14. But you still aren't dating, so same difference. Why a picture that implies a romantic couple?
  15. It says "Na ze", meaning "Why". --------------- Meroko & An: That couple set is making you guys look more like you're dating, not just "friends"
  16. I've been flailing over this dating game called "Shall We Date? Ninja Love" by NTT Solmare lately. I'm right now trolling (again), but I'm keeping myself closely in check so I don't somehow end up with another crackship that is really dumb. It's one of those games where the heroine has no eyes, and they're trying so hard to keep the heroine vague that you hardly ever see her face at all. She's usually seen from the back, or otherwise covered up by the guy so much you can hardly see her. So I draw her with eyes. And being an awesome ninja because she is a Ninja Princess sent away at birth to keep her safe. http://24.media.tumblr.com/ac083a2e2b258b4569bb98efed958a43/tumblr_mjjxem6jOo1r7k0jco2_400.jpg[/img]
  17. The rest of the answer goes to PM, but this needs a public answer because I want to make something clear. The way Meroko is wording the post sounds like I'm being irrational and impinging on his human rights of free speech. I never said "you don't have the rights". You have all the rights to say that, but I also have the same rights to be unhappy and yell at you. I do not like you calling Blond Guy "Old Agas" because that implies that you still think of him as "D_A's previous version of Aveyond Agas". Like I said before, this character is still around. He simply ISN'T AGAS. That's what I've been saying all along. You are very welcome to say you like this guy, but just don't refer to him as "Old Agas". Call him "blond guy" or "Blondie" or whatever else you deem appropriate. His character and personality has nothing to do with "being Agas".
  18. Oh, don't go out on a limb for my sake :roll: Really, though, stop acting like you're in the right and I'm just a wangsting wailer. I have repeatedly told you to DROP the "I love old blond Agas" thing. You've been doing it not just once, but MANY TIMES, especially when I first rebooted everyone. Every time you said it, I told you to not do it again. I already stated what my reasons for pulling them out are, and I don't like you calling him "blond Agas" or saying that you like him better than the current rendition of Agas. Guess what? You just did it again. It's very ridiculous and tiresome by now. It's especially annoying because I already announced that he is NOT "Agas" anymore when I rebooted the daevas. If you can't listen to me the first, oh, 5-10 times, then I have the right to be pissed.
  19. @Meroko: Say that again and I will tell him to punch you. I'm seriously TIRED of you making remarks about "old blond Agas" :roll: I've made enough notification that said none of the old cast are gone. They've just packed their bags and left Aveyond-verse to live in a new universe. Agas is Agas. Don't like it? Too darn bad.
  20. Because when I said I'm too lazy to fix it, I lied. The one pasted on the post is still wrong, though.
  21. There are 2 different Avvies. One is the one actually sitting on my posts, and then there's the one I embedded on the post to show people what set I was currently using.
  22. Huh. Really now? Meh. Don't care. Too lazy to fix.
  23. Yeah? What's wrong with that word? It's perfectly correct. There are 3 suspected criminals, and the police went and caught them.
  24. First Seed Material in English
  25. That is true. RAR can be a little screwy sometimes. As said above, I like RARs and ZIPs, but I've had a number of games that ended up being corrupt inside the RARs, and it was really a hassle :S
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