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  1. I think that may have been the problem? Cursed armor would screw up your attacks. Check if you have any other cursed items on, like cursed helmet or boots or weapons. And does this still happen WHILE you wear different armors?
  2. Dug up an old set from ye olde tymes. See how the date says 2010? That's when I made this. That was OLD. I didn't mention the guys by name, so it doesn't matter that they're not who they anymore, hurray! I really hate how much my art LE SUCKED in the sig, so eh. ETA: If you can't read the prisoner tags, Blondie's say "Pervert", Purple's say "Deviant", and Redhead's say "Pedophile". http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/Prisoner-Avvie-HQ.gif[/img] http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/Prisoner-sig.gif[/img]
  3. More sidequests that does not involve "pick up/deliver stuff or random people". A minigame sidequest, is it possible?
  4. Poor Sterling. What kind of cruel kids tear off butterfly wings? They're going to grow up psychopaths, I tell you! *over-exaggerated flail* Nah, I pull off ants' legs when I was small myself so I have no right to say that...
  5. What Mopiece said, but more importantly, I want an option to NOT make a Start Menu folder. I don't like excessive folders in my Start Menu. I keep all my games in one folder so I don't need shortcut folders in my Start Menu.
  6. And garbled mispronounciations, I bet :S Just so he can have an excuse to tattle on others' names (I am summoned a lot. Why don't YOU all get a turn?).
  7. I would've added more mushrooms, coz I just recently got this marvelous set of mushrooms and trees, but there's no more space >.
  8. I really would've loved to run away with this, but I just can't wrap my head around this one :S I just... don't quite get it. Unfortunately. I can ramble on and on and hope you get something out of it, though. ---- Yay for mind-melding. "To summon a daeva you have to know their name" has been my headcanon explanation of why the daevas are so very hard to summon. Regular demons only need their species name to summon. I like the idea of Nanghaithya being the one who ratted Rhen out. It's totally like him to do that. Well, that mean streak is more my new Nanghaithya than the old one. As in, "Let's see how many times I can troll my fellow daevas so bad and get away with it". The old one is more like, "Oh, you're in trouble? Good luck. Want some tea while you try to figure it out?" Considering his name is the hardest one to spell/pronounce in real life I'm surprised he got summoned plenty in that universe. Maybe because he's cheaper to summon (thinking of the in-game mana cost here)? Or he could do more stuff? My other headcanon is that the daevas' powers are very elemental-based and as the master of earth, Nanghaithya has power over metal, earth, rocks, and plants, so he's pretty darn powerful. The only reason why he lost so easily is because he had ulterior motives. But if you consider my old interpretation canon... I'm suggesting Zarich as the rat too. Zarich is kinda derpy like a little kid sometimes and can be fooled into giving out information by being very clever about how you ask. Or just bribe him/her/it (anyone know for sure what a gender-neutral pronoun is? I know that gender-neutral pronouns has been invented in the light of the LGBTQ community gaining more prominence in society) with Nanghaithya-related stuff because Zarich is a major fanboy of Nanghay. --- Actually, speaking of old. How old is old? This only matters in regards of Agas and Saurva, coz everyone else don't change for the most part until I went complete 180 on them all. The Saurva with the eyepatch has a mean streak, impatient, and rather sadistic. The Saurva without is solemn, taciturn, and has the patience of a freaking saint. The Agas I was using in my fanfic (you know, the one that had him dream!dating with Rhen) is already transitioning toward what becomes the current version I'm using now. Very young, underage by demon standards (but still old, like 800-900-ish human years), somewhat innocent, and is generally a nice guy (and is Eithera/Saurva's lovechild, did I ever mention that?). The more outdated version that I used to poke fun at a lot and was involved in the kitty-cat mess and terrorize Rhen is older (4000+ years), but very bratty and obnoxious and totally has no shame. --- Weirder Ahriman stuff has happened, so I don't mind. I remember once coming across references to Talia/Ahriman stuff that I sure hope is just an idea being thrown around, NOT an actual thing.
  9. I get this nagging feeling at the back of my head that I have somehow poisoned Blurble's mind. Oh goodness, I don't even understand how this backstory work so I have nothing to say, LOL I like the idea, Rhen is daeva... and... she and the other daevas are... friends? Co-workers? Just fellow-species who know each other? And I'm especially confused about that bit that brought up Agas in the chapter. They were just doing stuff together when Rhen is all out of a sudden summon? They were in normal-AV-verse and Agas cast Reality Shift and everything turned into an AU? I don't even know what "a libertarian chaotic society" means. Guess that means the old version is defunct?
  10. Aww, don't be so down on yourself, Slimm. You make pretty maps! You can do it! The materials are the stuff we can find in the forum resources. All I did was "add stuff until it makes sense or there's no more space", LOL
  11. Ditto Mickychi, unless that PDF only pertains to USA citizens.
  12. LOLWHAT? So Lars is not human, this is a weird place, and... WOW. Familiar. Huh. This looks like it's gonna be fun.
  13. "Wedding Banners" compilation. Might as well put them up all here. Theme: "Dark Temple" The one that started it all... This is not even part of my "fixed headcanon", man... This is just some trolltastic scene I put together... for giggles. I don't even remember why I made that GyenMel kiss sprite to begin with. Theme: "Magic Cave" Agas/Rhen. Because they're the only "healthy" ship among my crackships, so to speak. Probably because Agas is about as much derp about the entire kerfuffle as Rhen is. This is not so much a wedding as it is a "super complicated magical mumbo jumbo treaty ceremony". They DO get married in my headcanon, but they just added this extra ceremony on top of the marriage just because. I won't bore you with the explanation unless you guys ask for it. TL;DR: it's some kind of "I swear I won't kill you" vow; Aesma is the "priest" because only a daeva and/or their acolytes are allowed to perform the ritual; Eithera, Saurva, and Devin are there both to become obligatory witnesses and parents of the married couple. Theme: "Light Temple" Moonja asked for it. I thought, hey, why not? I have spare sprites lying around. Wasn't particularly trying to recreate the church from the wedding scene in AV1 because that was a battle background just stuck there as parallax. That is not awesome. Let's all pretend this is the Oracle's temple. Not the Sun Shrine, but the Oracle's temple/shrine. You know, like in AV3? Materials taken from RMXP RTP, RMVX RTP, and Pandamaru's resources. Theme: "Nature" Treeeeessssssss.... TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS... Shaz's request. Complete with the very unhappy Lars scowling in the back. She specifically asked for that too. This was originally supposed to be a fairly simple scene. An outdoor scene, with a flower arch maybe, some little flowers on the ground, and maybe one or two bushes and trees. But NOPE. I open my tree collection and I just can't stop adding trees and bushes and flowers to the scene. I picked up a load of wonderful foliage map pieces a while back, you see. Every time I see them I squee and just want to cram as many of them as possible into the space.
  14. I have been making some AV wedding banners for people in Facebook. A Lars/Rhen for Moonja, a Dameon/Rhen for shaz, so now I made Agas/Rhen for myself. Plus, I owe it to myself. A/R is the only couple among my three crackships who are properly and happily married. Gyendal + Mel + wedding = does not compute. Eithera + Saurva + wedding = LOGIC ERROR, PROCESS FAILURE. I also recently made Rhen along with Mel for RMVXA, so I want to showcase them. That pudgy little squashed chibi sprite IS cute, so sue me. Y'all are probably tired of the other set already. I aboslutely adore Agas's black irises http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/AgasRhenbanner_zpse71af260.png[/img] MUSHROOOMS. I LOVE MUSHROOMS. Mushrooms are my next favourite RPG Maker tile chips after trees and foliage and other greenery. Poor Devin is probably scared and/or confused. Talia would've gone for moral support, but she isn't allowed to be there. The magic ceremony has strict rules about who may be in attendance, shh.
  15. Welcome back! There's nothing there yet I'm intrigued, though. Your writing is always awesome. I like how it's all deep and meaningful and still overall super fun :D *is very jealous*
  16. I'm not sure what is a "viewing mode", but you can switch to Window mode by pressing Alt+Enter
  17. There IS one. For RMVX Ace. I don't know if an RMXP one exists. It's here if anyone want's to know or needs it
  18. The Disney stuff are nice. You said you drew while watching the movie? Awesome!
  19. Oh well. Never needed such a thing so I never tried looking. I only briefly remember scripts from VX that allows player's sprite to change according to armour, but not sure if that involves gazillions of sprites too or not.
  20. Moonpearl has a sprite generator built into RPG Maker. You could try asking him/her about it.
  21. It goes hand-in-hand. Excess of sprites = you have to code in a bajillion number of sprites to take into account the numerous changes.
  22. Don't Mediterranean houses have white rooftops because they're open floors instead of roofs? And white because white = deflects heat and all that.
  23. Not really. You generally have, what, 6-8 armor per character? That could easily be done with Frankensprite. Even if it's tedious, if they're getting paid then there shouldn't be any issues. Rather than having pointless "Oo, let's buy a dress and play Barbie Dolls with the characters!", like we did with Lydia, might as well just have the characters' clothes change when they change armor. The only problem here would be if they do NOT like how the armor looks on the person. Then they'd have to either sacrifice power/defense to wear the clothes they think look best on the character, or suck up the fact that the armor looks horrid but gives them the power/defense they need.
  24. Rather than pointless changing outfits, I prefer "Make the sprites change when they change armor".
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